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Kagro in the Morning - April 29, 2016

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Today, David Waldman poses the question “How much time do you want to spend on Hitler’s mustache?” Normally, the answer to that would cost you a lot of money up front, but with KITM you can pay in installments! Please consider donating to our PayPal or Patreon accounts !

Greg Dworkin comes to broker peace between Democrats. Don’t lose your friends! Start planning your Trump concession speech parties you’ll have together. Think of how to fight the madness after the convention, up to the election. The Gop is owned by Trump, but the Gop doesn’t own millennials. Sanders' lone Senate backer says he should drop out before the convention if he's losing. “Normal America” Is not a small town of white people.

Greg is right, Gravis Marketing is a very bad polling organization.

Armando again demonstrates he can pursue political discourse and maintain safe highway speeds. He and David discuss the next steps of the Bernie Sanders revolution, the positive aspects of small political parties as advocacy engines, and how we can all can get to November together. 

At least 6 people have been shot by toddlers since Thursday — at least.

George Mason University gets another chance to name their school Lawy McLawface.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 28, 2016

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The infinitely complex David Waldman welcomes you to Fractal Thursday. His details never really repeat, they are just self-similar over an ongoing feedback loop.

Greg Dworkin has several names for John Boehner, who has a couple for Ted Cruz, including “Lucifer in the Flesh”. Ted Cruz picked his running mate, Carly Fiorina, to fix his electability and likeability deficits. Donald Trump brings back “America First”, in a “foreign policy speech” which was more disturbing/less funny than usual. Madeleine Albright wasn’t laughing.

Support from women has boosted Clinton, and somehow Trump recently. Do you have your woman card? Do you need this mansplained to you? If so, contact a man card member for details.

Bernie Sanders cuts back on his staff for the remainder of the primaries.

Speaking of feedback loops, look at how easy false reports could escalate into innocent people being shot. It can happen anywhere there are guns and mouths to shoot off.

The guy in Oklahoma that probably bought his deputy job, definitely is guilty of manslaughter. Oklahoma Is going after abortion doctors for doing their jobs, and an Oklahoma court says oral sex is not rape if victim is unconscious from drinking!

David looks inside the squalid living conditions for the migrants building Trump International Golf Club in Dubai.

A retired cop shows off his gun, giving his podiatrist an interesting foot injury.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 27, 2016

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David Waldman congratulates all of you who enthusiastically went out to vote yesterday, and hopes your voting machine was as turned on as you were.

What is Greg Dworkin’s diagnosis after looking at poll results? Not so good for the Sanders campaign, but a sunny prognosis for his ideas. Bernie nabs Rhode Island, Connecticut goes to Hillary, and guns are a significant factor. Hillary Clinton gets more votes by addressing voter priorities. John Kasich face plants even where people should like him. Cruz rides the FU train out — and has something to say to you! Time to look towards the election. How did those states get those crazy shapes?

Joan McCarter returns for her regular Super-post-Tuesday visit: Remember, every election is critical, don’t lose focus on the down-ticket.

Bob McDonnell argues that Citizens United means he’s not corrupt —  thanks Scalia?

After losing to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz pulls out a tape measure to reassure his followers.

Arianna Huffington is now the Uber of optimistic leadership we need.

Donald Trump demonstrates the art of the deal on himself

Moms again and again buy a gun to protect their family, stick it in their purse, and leave the purse with their kids. A toddler shoots himself, barely reaching adulthood before doing it again.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 26, 2016

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David Waldman urges you to get out there and vote, especially if your state has a primary today.

Greg Dworkin reports on his voting experience this morning, and how confusion can stymie votes. Bill de Blasio calls for election changes after New York’s voting problems. 

Donald Trump is more popular than ever! (with Republican primary voters) Ted “I got mine” Cruz and John “I don’t know what game I’m playing” Kasich had a deal, which wasn’t going to work. Not many “Bernie or Bust” or “Never Trump” voters will be changing their party in protest, because most figure Hillary Clinton’s going to win. Clinton knows her constituency, and concentrates on their needs.

Donald Trump is tired of acting presidential. Tired of the thoughtful reasoning on this show and feel the need for exposure to some silly and ignorant punditry? Here’s what to read. Jim Webb is tired of “political correctness denigrating, demeaning, disparaging Andrew Jackson’s not completely genocidal historical record.

David explores the primary battle for the Maryland Democratic Senate between Reps. Donna Edwards and Chris Van Hollen, and what it means to really excel at public service.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 25, 2016

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David Waldman notes the pop culture and political tsunami of Lemonade engulfing us.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the polls for tomorrow’s super-ish Tuesday primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island! It pretty much looks like it’ll be Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton in November. Trump could wrap it up before the convention, which is finally uniting evangelical & fiscal conservatives — against him. Bernie Sanders supporters head to Tuesday’s primaries thinking about their long range goals. Will guns be the single issue factor in CT? David and Greg look into how many independents, partisans, and leaners it takes to win an election. It’s time to lay down bets for the Republican and Democratic Vice Presidential horse race!

Greg’s Must Read of the Day: Al Giordano on the Bronx and NY pre-NY primary.

John Fetterman could have been the Bernie Sanders of Pennsylvania, but he’s not, maybe because of lack of support from Bernie Sanders. Democrat Donna Edwards may be hurting from lack of Democratic support

Some let their morals guide their financial decisions, some need a financial incentive to guide their morality, as Tamir Rice family to be paid $6 million from Cleveland.

Church on Church member violence escalated into a shooting, with no charges yet.

250 go to fight in Syria, ISIS starts calling in sick.

Congrats to the May-December romance, blossoming into marriage for the happy groom and former Senator groom.

Meteorite-fail blows a big hole in the ground in Maryland, not far from many fun places and people.


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Kagro in the Morning - April 22, 2016

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David Waldman brings you all the news that fits for Prince, and much, much more:

Greg Dworkin restrains himself from going outside language guidelines when talking about Jane Sanders embrace of NRA talking points against Hillary Clinton. Everything is political, and politics is about moving policy, and you need to know how the system works to change it. Sanders supporters are thinking it is about time to consider Clinton. Some of Bernie’s supporters have more steps of grief to go through. Either way, it is time to decide how to spend their money.

There are still more primaries to go.

Is the Stop Trump movement struggling? Not as much as the Republican party, as this ad demonstrates. The secretive conservative organization, Friends of Abe, are no longer friends of each other.

Back to Prince: Did the flu kill him?

It is Earth Day! Is the Earth too politicized

Daily Kos endorses progressive outsider Donna Edwards. David looks into what makes an outsider in politics, and how that is appealing

David sends us into the weekend with some #gunFAIL: A mass shooting in southern Ohio, with adults and children dead. A road rage incident perhaps triggered by an attempt to keep children safe.

Suicide rates for women triple.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 21, 2016

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Harriet Tubman. Yes? No? If not, why not? Greg Dworkin walks us through today’s Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: a second look at NY’s exit polls; what’s next for the Sanders campaign; a look ahead to the upcoming primaries and the TV ads that herald them.

Closing with a reminder from comments in the APR, it’s back to our political science inquiry into process versus substance, the “rules of the game,” how ingrained in both politics and governance various rules sets can be, and even the social dynamics of trying to join in the game itself.

And about that New York party “enrollment” law: how did various members of the Working Families Party feel about the situation? How might it be changed? There are at least three competing bills seeking to shorten that deadline. One seeks to cut it more or less in half, requiring 90 days lead time for changing a voter’s party enrollment. Another proposes cutting it to 25 days. And a third would simply permit registered but unenrolled voters to take the ballot of their choice on primary day. Which is the most progressive? Is that even an applicable term? Consider that the 90 day bill is sponsored by a Senator elected on the Dem/Working Families lines, who endorsed Hillary Clinton, the 25 day bill by Daniel Squadron (who’s taken hits in DK diaries in years past), and the free-choice-for-the-unenrolled bill is by Fred Thiele, a East End Long Island Republican who switched his affiliation to the Independence Party. Tricky!

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Kagro in the Morning - April 20, 2016

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David Waldman wonders why you all have to be so binary? To assist in healing the nation, David summons the entire KITM A-Team today:

Greg Dworkin, and Patton Oswalt, and John Hodgman call New York and the whole rest of the primary selection process for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. New York ended up being as important as they consider themselves to be, although many weren’t allowed to be as important as they wanted to be, which is not fraud or disenfranchisement, by the way. Also, as usual, it wasn’t the acreage, it was the votes that counted. Greg sorted out the relevant from the merely interesting New York exit polling, and promises a lot more to come in next couple of days.

Armando declared today is the day that Greg was the most incredibly, fundamentally, egregiously, wrong. Armando also did not like this article at all. Armando and David vow to delve further into the questions of exit polls, voter support, voter suppression, and the drivers of open and closed primaries. 

Joan McCarter joins the discussion of what makes fair representation, and how to improve it all, but first tackles the philosophical question of whether Congress even exists at this time. The House Freedom Caucus will graciously allow Speaker Ryan to have some spending votes. Joan also wants to emphasize that the future of the Supreme Court should be foremost in voter’s minds this election, along with getting rid of Chuck Grassley somehow. 

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Kagro in the Morning - April 19, 2016

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Some like their political analysis “Big Picture”, some prefer a more granular approach, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin grind it buttery smooth for you today:

It’s the Trump of primaries today, the yuge New York primary. What’s going to happen today? What about the New York City primary? Did all of the parties’ campaigning change anything? 3.2 million people could have read the directions more carefully, now it’s a big emergency.

How much was Bernie Sanders influenced by his high school, James Madison H.S., in Brooklyn?  They certainly have a big wall of distinction.  Erasmus Hall High School is not chopped liver, either.

Back to the bigger picture: He’s all about the vision. She wants to know the details.

Bernie Sanders does better with independents, as opposed to moderates.  Is Sanders’ movement much larger than the election, or does it really exist at all… yet?  

Does Ted Cruz want to be the Anti-Trump or Trump lite

Obamacare is helping a lot of people — the “Thanks Obama” crowd isn’t cheering though. 

Antonin Scalia’s death came just when all the conservative schemes were just coming together. Kris Kobach continues his evil plans in Kansas.

David reports on the sordid mess in the Virgin Islands, with their interloping Michiganders, Nazi shenanigansnepotistic Yobs, and ammo gavelers

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Kagro in the Morning - April 18, 2016

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David Waldman welcomes Tax Day, not the only day you pay taxes, but if you like 50% off your second entree, this is your day.  

Hillary Clinton likes it hot. Bernie Sanders did so meet the Pope

Greg Dworkin brings us the polling, and his analysis, without which polls are just polls. Key voting blocs form behind the Candidates going into tomorrow’s primaries in New York. Trump, Clinton and Sanders can find friends in New York, although Hillary Clinton looks like she’ll upset Bernie Sanders. Cruz does well in Orthodox Jewish areas, and probably the Amish areas as well. The most powerful Republican voters are in the Bronx.

If you are in Connecticut, you better get un-unaffiliated soon

Mr. Art-of-the-Deal Trump fails and fails again behind the scenes, no matter how hard he whines. Armando joins David to think through the almost unthinkable: What will the RNC finally do about Trump? Armando also looks into today’s oral arguments in the Supreme Court on U.S. v. Texas.

A black man brought 3 forms of ID, spent $200, visited 2 states, and made 7 trips to different public institutions, but still couldn’t vote in Wisconsin.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 15, 2016

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David Waldman gives us an inside look at the national news and the local sales:

Virginia ad writers shy about misspelling penny, Penney.

Greg Dworkin calls in ready to rumble: Last night was the Brawl in Brooklyn featuring the Preacher vs. the Teacher, the Showhorse vs. the Workhorse, the Snarky vs. the Snide-y, at yet another giant title bout, and for once not Washerman-Schultzed off a prime time week night. Whether the candidates wanted to fight or were goaded, many worthwhile topics were explored, including a surprising exchange on Israel. Will this daring move help or hurt Sanders in New York? Bernie Sanders’ Jewish coordinator becomes so overladen with profanity she can’t hold her job.  Bernie Sanders leaves NYC for Vatican City.

At least Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump have made up.

Armando calls in to discuss a judge’s ruling that victims’ families can sue the manufacturer of the military-style rifle used in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act has been a big issue in the debates, at least the Democratic ones.  

Armando and David also discuss why candidates need to support the people that agree with them, why to look down ballot if you want to change things, and how candidate lists may not work for fundraising.

You house is filling up with eyes, ears, and empty pockets.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 14, 2016
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Kagro in the Morning - April 13, 2016

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David Waldman brings us the political, slightly removed from political, skirting the realm of the political, etc. news of today, but none of that horse race stuff.

Greg Dworkin calls in with the serious and respectful horse race stuff. What does Bernie Sanders need to win? Is a contested Democratic convention the way to go? The super-delegate debate continues. The reforms of today, may need to be reformed back tomorrow. Keep your eyes on the prize

Jeff Merkley becomes the first Senator to endorse Bernie Sanders.

Tom Hayden, bonefide lefty, used to support Bernie but then he changed his mind.

The Senate and House just aren’t interested in doing anything for the nation, and Joan McCarter has a bunch of stories to illuminate that:

Still no votes on the Supreme Court vacancy. A deadlocked Supreme Court could make the 2016 election even more chaotic. Chuck Grassley met with the nominee, but that doesn’t mean he plans to do any more than that. “Supreme Court Justice Mike Lee” is just one good reason to get the Senate back to Democrats. 

Primaries are now showing the voting problems coming to all of us in November.

The Yargle-bargle revolution begins in Colorado with people who own matches but no rule books or calculators.

It is now the point in the process for Donald Trump to blame his failures on his enemies.

The federal judge overseeing Dennis Hastert's hush money case will consider lies by Hastert at his sentencing.

Bowing to enormous pressure from the public, David finally addresses the the Clinton/de Blasio “CP Time” joke incident, declaring it “dumb”.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 12, 2016

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David Waldman reviews his Ten Year Plan for KITM. Making a million dollars was definitely either the first or last step of the plan, and that is where you, our loyal listeners come in! Please donate to PayPal, or go to Patreon, or get a PayPal Subscription if you enjoy the show regularly. At least tell people about the show, share the podcasts and review us up on iTunes and Stitcher and then everyone will note how well-informed and hip you are.

Newt Gingrich never let scruples get in the way of a million bucks. David explains the Gingrich grift in detail. How far can campaigns go to influence a Republican delegate? The FEC doesn’t know.

Boy, if we only knew about the men who led the impeachment of Bill Clinton back then. Like Newt Gingrich of course, and also the Jerry Sandusky of the Republican House, Dennis HastertAndy Richter knew Hastert when Denny was the Jerry Sandusky of his high school.

David tackles your burning Wyoming delegate questions. Did you know of the many different kinds of delegates, the many ways of counting delegates, the ways one can fight for, buy, steal and earn delegates? You will by the end of this show!

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Kagro in the Morning - April 11, 2016

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David Waldman and KITM continue to cater to those on high-nuance, shill-free diets:

Lend your ears to Greg Dworkin, who comes here to praise Bernie Sanders, not to bury him, as the Sanders revolution will continue to thrive. The best place to start the revolution is inside, not outside the gates. Wall Street is definitely the root cause of inequality, but who gets first dibs on the guillotine? Super-delegates can not stop the will of the people.  

Kim Davis and Bernie Sanders would be two of several people the Pope could choose to meet.

The circus sets up in New York, where Trump has always been the biggest clown. Bernie Sanders is still short of his target in NY. The real fun is coming to Cleveland — will people notice if Trump is secretly switched with Paul Ryan? The Trump campaign balances their delegate persuasion dollars between gift baskets and axe handles. Roger Stone says it’s not a threat to just give out delegate room numbers, is it?

Art-of-the-Deal Trump loses huge on every political deal going down. Donald Trump says he gave a hundred million in donations, turns out $0 is his money.

Black Lives Matter activist and Baltimore, Maryland mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson is guest on this week’s Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny! Go there and check it out!

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Kagro in the Morning - April 8, 2016

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David Waldman reminds us that it is April. Even though we are a little more than a week into it, you can still start off your month with a monthly subscription to KITM via PayPal, or Patreon!

Speaking of money and politics — Without visitors and no one to hold him back, David lets loose with a full-on governmental process show! Find out how the insiders get it done by being inside, rank and file, and part of the infrastructure: It looks like Donald Trump’s weak operation is one of those big reasons he’s not going to get the Nom. Trump takes a break to try to fix that, by hiring insiders with experience. Bernie Sanders takes steps to rebuild his bridges. Bill burns Hillary Clinton’s bridges. Cruz may not need friends if he has delegates. Could Republican delegates be bought? Can Democratic super-delegates be bought? Yes and yes (sorta). David tells you how, and why that’s OK, or at least expected.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 7, 2016

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David Waldman is fully qualified to be President, let’s see any of the others try a daily podcast!

Donald Trump predicts the size of his 1yr. old daughter’s breasts, demonstrating both his sense of humor and judgement.

Greg Dworkin predicts the size of the Gop nomination apocalypse. Ted Cruz learns how much New Yorkers value him. Cruz found votes, but has a real hard time finding friends. Some of the most liberal congressional districts in the country will play an outsize role in determining Donald Trump’s success.

How many bridges are feeling the Bern today? People are still talking about Bernie Sanders’ visit to the NY Daily News. Now they are talking about Sanders saying Clinton was not “qualified” to be president. Listen to today’s show to see just how close David predicts what Sanders’ response would be.

Armando maintains his history of 0 auto accidents while calling into KITM. Armando suggests going to the original sources before making judgements.  

If you are frustrated by the national news, focus on the international: Will the Pirate Party take Iceland, for instance?

Governor Rick Snyder may face racketeering charges over the Flint Water Crisis.

Donald Trump will use mafia tactics to cut the national debt. Where does Trump find his ideas

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Kagro in the Morning - April 6, 2016

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David Waldman rides his wave of KITMentum into Wednesday’s show:

Antonin Scalia law school changes its acronym from ASSOL to ASLS—so there, jokers. KITM stands only for good things.

Greg Dworkin is so into the game it takes him a while to get back into the race: The robust turnout in Wisconsin doesn’t mean disenfranchisement was still not happening. How does Wisconsin bring the contenders closer to the target? Obama is approvable! Democrats are favorable! Republicans, not so much. Ted Cruz stinks so much, he needs surrogates to even talk to fellow senators. How unpopular is Donald Trump? Well…  Just don’t get in the way of Trump’s thugs.

Bad reviews still come in for Bernie Sanders’ New York Daily News interview. He has defenders as well.

Clinton and Sanders differ on their effect on down-ballot races. 

Listen to the podcast to hear Skype crash and Greg & David attempt to play over-the-radio Charades!

Joan McCarter brings us the latest DC news: Paul Ryan really didn’t want the House Speaker job, can he really not want himself into the presidency? He continues to fail his way through the Speaker job, by promising to hurt more people harder.

Chuck Grassley attacks Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on the Senate floor. A Florida Woman attacks Governor Rick Scott at a Starbucks.

Where’s the next Flint Water Crisis? Anywhere.


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Kagro in the Morning - April 5, 2016

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David Waldman waits for you to finish reading the Panama Papers and get back to him, hopefully in the form of a funny meme.

Bernie Sanders is clear on the problems, a little foggy on the solutions in his latest interview.

Greg Dworkin brings us the not super, but pretty big Tuesday primary in Wisconsin news: How do voters weigh the issues? It looks as if maybe Donald Trump took a hit last week. In Wisconsin the challengers to Trump & Clinton are ahead, but will need big wins in Wisconsin, followed by a lot more big wins. Scott Walker’s voter ID law works as designed. Tim Robbins wishes all states were winner take all

Are whites leaving the Democratic party because it isn’t white enough? Are white voters flocking to Trump because of race? The Alternative Right are actually standard racists. White resentment is fueling opposition to gun control. Where does all the white rage go when Trump loses

It’s not the economy, stupid, it’s those other guys.

David goes into various process topics involving the primary/caucus process. It seems that all solutions would have an equal number of complaints.

Trump reveals how he’d get Mexico to build the wall — that wall would be every bit as sturdy as his logic. Speaking of sturdy logic, here’s Sarah Palin.

After a motorcycle ride, a guy wants to clean out his gun.

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Kagro in the Morning - April 4, 2016

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David Waldman invites us to see how badly he does KITM when he is really tired. (He hides it well.)

Greg Dworkin wonders if any of last week’s petards could finally hoist Donald Trump. Trump emerges from the smoke stronger, even more furious. Not even Trump can break the Gop.  Oh, well, maybe Wisconsin will do the trick.  

The Right throws up their hands and admits that they do have a core of racists, although they call them “alternative”

Turns out Panama Papers aren’t just for rolling. They are like Wikileaks, except way bigger. Or the DC Madam’s phone list, except about money. Either way, you’ll be hearing a lot more about them, so here are the numbers

Armando calls in with big, breaking news: In an unanimous decision, the Supreme Court handed conservative challengers a loss Monday in a key voting rights case. The case is Evenwel v. Abbott, but Armando notes ties and similarities to Reynolds v. Sims, Baker v. Carr and others, so have that wikipedia handy!

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Kagro in the Morning - April 1, 2016

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David Waldman says it’s not April Fools Day — April Fools! It is.

Greg Dworkin, still a bit cranky from yesterday, has much for you to discuss and ponder this weekend. Donald Trump beautifully, classily sabotages himself, and his entire party. Donald Trump is still the choice of the self-immolation wing of his party. For everyone else though, Trump is collapsing, the Electoral College isn’t even close. The mass media fades, The Overton Window breaks, and the Trump followers float away in their own bubble

The hot streak continues for the American job market. The Right finds many, many things to thank Obama for.

Will some Democrats remove their nose in a principled response to their faces? David suggests that if you find an outsized, unearned, unfair influence, roll up your sleeves and put some work into uncool, dumb, thankless wastes of time until you eventually earn a position that garners respect and aggravates future generations. Here’s how Democrats will (probably) unite behind Clinton (if she’s the nominee)(Thanks Donald!). Sandersism is here to stay. Is Clinton getting a little Sandersy?

Rosalyn MacGregor brings us Part II of her swing state Michigan blockbuster dispatch: Budget cuts contributed to the Flint Crisis. Michigan cities crumble because elections have consequences, and voters get what they didn’t pay for. The emergency manager that helped bring leaded water to Flint keeps getting passed around the government. Governor Snyder remains clueless.

Both Donald Trump and his campaign manager hit hard, play close to the lines — and occasionally step over them, disregarding the foul calls, except the manager is now under arrest.

Marco Rubio is hanging onto his delegates, as he, Romney, Ryan have their own little convention plans. Oh boy, the DC Madam’s phone records could factor into the election! tech writer unsuprisingly is actually a hive-mind


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