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Kagro in the Morning - December 30, 2016

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David Waldman presents the final KITM of this sucky year. Did you make your New Year’s resolution yet? How about a donation to our worthy cause? Who knows, it could be tax deductible, which sure beats losing weight, or running every morning!

A handgun in Maine might resolve to be more careful, after accidentally tragedizing a local man to death. There is no word on whether the victim had time to contemplate his life choices. Charges could come this week for a deputy whose weapon, while not quite empty of projectiles during an experiment involving a force machine, yadda yadda a woman’s neck.

Our upcoming Leader of the Free World can say ”Islamic Terrorists”, and “Mexican Rapists”, but has an severe impediment involving “Russian Hackers”. Thankfully, Barack Obama has just the solution, although Trump doesn’t seem like the guy who’d take therapeutic intervention well. A couple of Russians being ousted were pretty eager to leave as it is. More important to Trump is of course, will China be his friend?

No one is more religious than Donald Trump. Still, there will be many at his inauguration vying for second place.

Corporate media finds the sweet spot—smart people can read the article, dumb people can read the headline. Paul Ryan’s plan to crackdown on streaming might be unconstitutional, but remember, business as usual is over.

And, our friendly Canadian Correspondent Brian Munroe reports that Canadians differ from Trump on their view of public health care!

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Yes, we are all aware that among the many things the PEOTUS will be in violation of when he is sworn in on January 20th, one will be the Emoluments Clause of the constitution. We at KITM expect a certain level of constitutional scholarship from our listeners, you know.

However, for this administration, you are going to have to step up your game.

Armando joins David Waldman in a wide-ranging pondering about the nature of a constitutional democracy. Why is our only national representative elected not so democratically, with electors? What is the actual point of having an electoral college

Meanwhile, the guy elected by the minority of the people will present his unique vision on unifying the majority of the country in a couple of weeks, by governing with the aid of the majority of the government, who were also elected by the minority of the people.


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Kagro in the Morning - December 28, 2016

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Well, it’s that time again to toss away our regrets like old wrapping paper, vow to become better at uplifting those around us and start shooting each other with our presents. ‘Tis the season for abject lessons in gun safety... Unfortunately, David Waldman will have plenty more #GunFAIL as we head into the season.

Although it seems that so many famous people dying would have to be “fake news”, real news just isn’t what someone wishes it to be. Greg Dworkin urges us to make standing up to bullies our objective for 2017. That includes not being a sycophant, too.

Armando reminds us that the most important thing to remember this year is that Donald Trump is Crrrrraaaaaaazzzzzzyyyy. But, if we make it all the way to an election, we should consider evenly apportioning Congressional districts to the electoral college.

It looks like Russia hired internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans, and may have been interested in our Troll-In-Chief for years prior to the election. Yes, we knew about this for a while, but did not connect the dots, it seems.

Rosalyn MacGregor reports that a billionaire actually came up with a way to make Kalamazoo, Michigan Great Again.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 27, 2016

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OK, so the present’s not so great. Therefore today David Waldman looks toward the future, where it may not be so great either, but we don’t know that for certain! We might all get through this future together if you drop off a donation at Patreon. If you are a regular, then you know you need us, and we sure couldn’t do it without you. Thank you!

David wonders about the legality of drones on the highway, and the legal gray area between a car assisting a driver, or a driver assisting a car down the road. Or is it up to the roads to assist the drivers and the cars?

High-tech teens hit the malls, the after-Christmas sales, and each other, all across the country, including a mall just a couple miles from me. Donald Trump expected more cheer would herald his coming.  

The GOP takes steps against social media observing what they’re up to.

Greg Dworkin lets us know that today may end up being pretty good... compared to tomorrow. What will Trump do when the economy goes south? Lying, and pretending it isn’t his problem are definitely on Donald’s palette. Stealing is available too, with that Supreme Court seat slipped in his pocket, and over 100 judicial vacancies right there for the taking.  

Dr. Tom Price, a big supporter of the AMA, and big money, but not a big supporter of the HHS, and patients, is of course put in control of the latter.

Did you know you can access KITM with one hand, while simultaneously donating blood with the other? Give one last gift this holiday season!

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - December 27, 2013 airing December 26, 2016

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It's an "encore performance" of our December 27, 2013 episode.

We're (briefly) back from the holiday break, having been captivated by the post-Christmas tweeting of photos of people displaying the new guns they got as gifts. Particularly those shown with their fingers on the trigger! Greg Dworkin wraps up his picks from the week's news, including Brainwrap's data on ACA sign-ups (over 5.75 million), Christopher Flavelle's "Somebody Has to Be Wrong About Obamacare," private sector Christmas package delivery problems, the NYT's "With Health Law Cemented, G.O.P. Debates Next Move," WaPo's "Hey Dems: the only way out on health care is through," and Susan Demas' "I know who the next president will be!" We reviewed the early returns on post-Christmas #GunFAIL. Kenzo Shibata's "Why the Left Must Embrace Affluenza." Dartagnan's top-recommended diary, "Why No Wall Street CEOs Were Prosecuted For Causing the Financial Crisis." Josh Tauberer notes 50% of the U.S. population lives in 1% of the land area. Think about that when looking at red/blue Congressional district maps. Lastly, we start looking at Jen Dziura's "When 'Life Hacking' Is Really White Privilege."

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Kagro in the Morning - December 23, 2016

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David Waldman did not present KITM “live” this morning. He presented a special “live-like” pre-recorded KITM heading into the holiday weekend...  Hey—what better way to address the unreality of the media world that created the character moving into the White House? 

The Apprentice seemed to be “reality” simply because it was labeled as “reality TV”, and originally the show, and the character of “Donald Trump”, were designed as comedy. Once audiences started believing the “reality” of “The Apprentice”, and “Donald Trump”, it wasn’t so funny anymore. David looks at how the reality was manipulated on The Apprentice, and how it is really not funny anymore.

Now, the government is casting regulars just like a TV show

That doesn’t mean that the Trump team is neglecting their twin goals of destroying government and enriching themselves. White House counsel pick Donald F. McGahn will defend the swamp by promoting agency dysfunction through gridlock and delay. At the DOJ, civil rights lawyers prepare themselves to take on the Least Racist Person in America.

You might have heard it first in those Jade Helm 15 emails from your uncle, but discover it second here: Clinton-era directive for natural disaster relief is enabling militarized police to come down on you, hard.

The War on Christmas has been won, except for the continuing battles on the War on Jews. A white supremacist website calls for reinforcements in Montana.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 22, 2016

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Greg Dworkin’s round-up called the tune for today, as is so often the case. First order of business: explaining why we spent yesterday talking about cilia and mucus.

Now, back to our studies. Learn all you can about Trump voters, but don’t lose sight of what they did. And don’t confuse the sources of their confusion, either.

Your daily dose of divination on the future of Obamacare, as researchers race to save data from the plundering Goths.

As with most things Trump, the longer we stare, the worse the story becomes. This time: how he’s choosing his cabinet.

Not all scientists are repulsed by Trump. But those who aren't are repulsive to the rest.

North Carolina’s Republican legislative coup rolls on, leaving Charlotte Dems holding the bag.

The FBI’s warrant for the Clinton emails was garbage, but lol yolo. And no, this is not normal.

How did America fall for this wave of “fake news?” Maybe it started with falling for “reality TV” that was never real, either. And neither were most of his biggest applause lines. But if The Wall isn’t happening, and he’s not going to “lock her up,” or “drain the swamp, then how do we know his supporters who love their Obamacare and are sure he won’t touch it aren’t right?

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Kagro in the Morning - December 21, 2016

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4 more days until Christmas!  Of course, it’s 30 days until Donald Trump can pass out drone strikes. Donald’s to give, the question is not if, or when, just where.

David Waldman recommends against loaded guns, or cases of mumps as last minute gift ideas.

Coach Greg Dworkin calls on us to play to win. It’s not the time to be timid. The Democrats brought a knife to a gun fight. But, even Republicans are afraid of the Trump enforcers.  

Voters really did switch to Trump at the last minute, and the FBI is under pressure to explain what they call a “warrant”, and what others call “appalling”. Mitch McConnell wasn’t prepared for this kind of success.

Those Trump Boys are at it again. Half a million or so buys a chance to hunt with a Trump. Alas, the offer was pulled back before Dick Cheney could take them up on it.

Joan McCarter tells us more about paying to play with the Trumps. Politico gives Breitbart goons and the fake press a forum to make threats against Congress. The Trump team half-asses a half-blind trust.

Bill O’Reilly stands up for White Nationalists.

Trump’s doctor says it’s no big deal if Donald’s health is bad, he has other patients.

President Obama scrambles to save the world in the days he has left.

A police officer lends his gun to a school robot that might have had a beef with the shop teacher.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 20, 2016

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David Waldman joins us in pining for the fjords as we approach Winter Solstice. Maybe we are just stunned. No one ever accused Trump followers of not having the ability to follow. Trumpsters know how to stick with their comrades. Democrats, meantime model the latest in sackcloth, while continuing to throw stones

Greg Dworkin coaches us to play politics as a team sport, that you can’t win if you don’t participate. Colorado is exploring how to keep its Obamacare marketplace after the Obamacare repeal. Maybe the states will figure out how to save Obamacare.

Good news everyone—there was almost NO voter fraud

After election day, the tributes start to amass at Donald’s feet. Ivanka wants some Kuwaiti cash too. How can emoluments be a conflict when the Trumps like them so much? After all, there was a time when emoluments were such a corrupting influence that they would bar a candidate from office rather than risk damaging the constitution. If anyone cares anymore, Donald Trump is constitutionally tainted from Day One. He might even well be… well uhm...

Trump zealot over-zealously steals public property to impress Trump for Christmas.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 19, 2016

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December 19 probably won’t be awfully infamous, but it does have the potential of being pretty memorable. By the time you read this, the electoral college vote will probably be history, and maybe just another bitter little memory. It depends on how moral our faithless electors will decide to be.

David Waldman describes how rival factions fight for power under Trump, as rival security teams watch each other for false moves.

Greg Dworkin helps us come to grips with President Elect Narcissist. Yes, Trump should seek help, but what adverse symptoms could we experience from his disorder? No mandate will mean a short leash, should Donald choose to wear one. The problem is, Trump supporters are as deluded as he is.  What do all of us sane people plan to do? Poland picks “Law and Justice” over sanity.


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Kagro in the Morning - December 16, 2016

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David Waldman wouldn’t mind a little “coup” now and then. We aren’t playing tiddlywinks. Not most of us, at least. This is a unique situation, requiring extra measures. It’s patriotic to stand up for one’s beliefs, and to use revered institutions for their intended purpose, while we still have a chance.

North Carolina Republicans know how to run a coup without regrets, and are reconstructing Jim Crow while they are at it. Donald Trump and Dylann Roof want America Great Again, and seem to be taking two paths from the same source. Did 4chan start all of this?

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Kagro in the Morning - December 15, 2016

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David Waldman and the staff here at KITM Worldwide thank you for your support. Money is essential for our continuance. Think of us as the Uber of political blog/radio shows, in that like Uber, we could use your money. We prefer Patreon money, and those YouTube ad-taps. Help us out and we’ll keep telling you things you need to hear!  

Le Trumpe Grille gets a review in Vanity Fair, inspiring the PEOTUS in the usual way.

Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller, set to do good things for white America, has been upfront on his beliefs for a long time, and has been Trump’s resident ideologue.  Politico author Julia Ioffe gets a little too upfront on her opinions.

The person that was hunting climate scientists has been properly counseled, don’t you worry.

Speaking of shredding democracy, David takes an in-depth look at how the losers in North Carolina plan to win by legislative fiat, using a series of bills to create a unprecedented virtual coup of the new Democratic governor.

There’s still time to put together your betting pools on when the first accidental shooting will take place in the Hanover Colorado school district.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 14, 2016

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Do you want answers? Do you want the truth? David Waldman can both handle and ship the truth, straight to your device at KITM’s special holiday rate

Check with Donald Trump for record deals on stocks!

Trump's National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn, who called for Hillary Clinton to be jailed, gave secret information to foreign military leaders. Flynn didn’t just miss the “c” embedded in emails, he had his own forbidden internet connection installed in the Pentagon. He’s done this stuff for a while.

Greg Dworkin persuades us to his conclusion that it is necessary to not be swayed by pundit opinion of “what’s important”. Every piece of resistance is important. Together we can stop Trump. You know they’re doing it too. Time to fight like Republicans. Who are we anyhow?

A couple small spanners become lodged in Trump’s gears: GOP-backed law forbids Donald Trump from using the Presidency for personal profit. The General Services Administration says Trump is in breach of contract with the Old Post Office.

Overseas, the Brexit betrayal approaches, but who will be blamed?

Joan McCarter comes with early Christmas tidings. Trump voters figured their vote would put them at the head of the line, but are dismayed to find the GOP plans to eliminate the line. Republicans plan to end health insurance for 1 in 4 people. They will repeal $28 billion in savings, and thousands of lives. That’s not so many people when you think about it.

Let’s see, is there any good news to share? Muslims in Silicon Valley, and Energy Department employees do not yet need to be hidden in the attic... The 21st Century Cures Act is signed into law. Thanks Obama!

No one moved the US embassy in Israel because they didn’t want to be seen as playing favorites, but playing favorites is Donald’s favorite thing to do.  

It has been 4 years since the Newtown School Shootings. Let’s work for a better future.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 13, 2016

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You wouldn’t believe the callers entering KITM Tower, seeking an audience with David Waldman… but look—Kanye West is spotted at Trump Tower!!! You know, Kanye would have voted Trump, if he voted. OMG, who would ever vote for a lunatic cry-baby celebrity big-mouthed egotist, even as a joke? The Democrats on the other hand, are ambivalent

Greg Dworkin snaps us back to today’s mess: President Obama indicates that there are 'clear relationships' between the Trump campaign and Russia. There are actually many clear relationships to explore. Of course, some questions need to be asked to clear them up a bit more. Some Republicans remember the Russians are not our friends.

Even without Russian help, there is plenty of U.S. to destroy, and cash to be made. The rush is on for Donald and the GOP to take out Obamacare before most of the country can stop them. Besides Obamacare, does anyone care about health care?

Did sexism get Trump elected?  Being a jerk makes Trump satisfying to oppose, but remember to oppose his policies too. If Trump ever really “governs”, how might he govern? You could ask Trump, but on the other hand, no you can’t.

We should also remember why the popular vote counts, as well as the vote counting, and hope the electors will remember too. A reasonable person could make a good case that Comey flipped the election, as well.

David returns back to the horrors of Trump Tower...BOO! Paul Manafort was there all the time

Welcome to our new Psy Op’d world. How will your life be ruined? Keep your head. Don’t be mislead by the propaganda about propaganda, propaganda.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 12, 2016

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On KITM today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin take us back to September ‘16, when the days were warmer, and the future looked bright. Now, winter is coming.

Hillary Clinton warned us about Russian hacking the U.S. election, so did the DHS. Donald wants to know why he wasn’t told. Of course he was told, he was just too “smart” to listen. Republicans just hate government interference, their own more than Russian’s. Good reason to skip briefings no one wants to hear about. Here is the evidence to prove the Russian Hack. Whatever could Trump and Russia see in each other? Here is a round-up of known Trump-Russia ties.

How can intelligence agencies talk to the enemy of intelligence? Here is a look at Donald Trump's war with the intelligence community.

Will any more Republicans brave Trump's wrath to sign onto the bipartisan call for the Russia hacking probe? Can Comey make it up to Clinton now?

Can the press back up the calendar from winter, back to spring? (No.) Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America. Is Teen Vogue our Jon Snow?

White evangelicals hate the sin, but love Trump.

David tries to make sense of Mike Flynn, who alienated superiors and subordinates, embraced conspiracies and told staff "I am always right”, all of which seemed to really work out for him.

Is there room anymore for a good idea for government? If so, Matthew Yglesias has got one.

Young white stupid people buy a gun, and then, of course, can’t resist live-streaming.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 9, 2016

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David Waldman takes us through our 30th day of recovery and into the weekend:

Meet Foster Campbell, Democrats’ last hope to flip a 2016 Senate seat, and carrying a populist message for 4 decades.

Meet Wilbur Ross, who once bailed out Trump in Atlantic City and is now his pick for Commerce secretary.

Meet Donald Trump, enemy of all that the Tea Party told you they hold dear. Trump may not accept money from whichever job he’s moonlighting at, although it does look like he might really need the cash. His donors try to help him out in any way they can. Who cares about Donald Trump? Not many it seems. Here’s what happened to a private citizen he found caring too much.  

Josie Duffy Rice brings us a Brennan Center report asking How many Americans are unnecessarily incarcerated? The prison population is declining, but so slowly that it will take 70 years to get back to where it was 20 years ago. Keep an eye out for Josie’s own piece on the topic, coming soon!

And, some other reading & info for the weekend:

20 points to remember for the next 30 days and beyond.

Meet the villians of Trump’s D.C. and New York Lairs

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Kagro in the Morning - December 8, 2016

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If you didn’t catch KITM “live” today on one of the many fine providers of Netroots Radio programming, you can still enjoy our podcasts on YouTube! Click on a bunch of ads while you there, would it kill ya?

David Waldman reaches deep into his bag of Christmas Zeitgeist to find a story about a lad, fat-shamed by Santa Claus

One of Trump’s earliest supporters and biggest donors, Linda McMahon is tagged to head the Small Business Administration, which sure seems like pay to play. Donald Trump’s conflicts of interests remain, and will continue, and shall expand for eternity, give or take $6 million here or there. It’s not like we didn’t know that long before now. Trump’s side job, the Presidency, continues for the time being.

Dana Rohrabacher hones his Secretary of State skills cross-examining Moldovians. A guy knows the truth about John Wayne and “safe spaces”. When gun owners get greater protections in employment than anybody in the LGBT community, is it time to arm the LGBT community? For every criminal killed in self-defense with a gun, 34 innocent people die

Van Jones believes Trump sucks worse than people even know, but places Trump’s followers in a basket of adorables.

Hillary Clinton wins, and continues to win. Let’s talk about the double standard against liberal legitimacy in our politics, and discuss Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead

David continues on the details of January 3, High Noon. A lot hinges on Joe Biden, as usual.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 7, 2016

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David Waldman takes on the tough job of helping us over another Wednesday hump. It’s even tougher after Trump steals your patented over the shoulder look. Donald Trump wears the greatest horns, though. Donald knows you love him, but he still has some complaints. Trump is a pretty sensitive guy, as Boeing stockholders and employees are finding out.

The U.S. Secret Service is the hot, new “amenity” at Trump Tower.

Greg Dworkin had news and punditry all rounded up, but was unable to call in. Hillary Clinton did not ignore the working class. Policy and experience didn’t matter. The press failed the voters. Still, after all that, it looks like we got a pretty typical presidential election outcome. At  least we know the Bathroom Bill cost Pat McCrory his job.

Joan McCarter calls in to discuss the nitty-gritty of American politics, including what hopefully history will recall as the Waldman Gambit. While we are all looking at the big clown show in the center ring, Ohio slips a “heartbeat” abortion bill to Gov. John Kasich to sign. In Washington they aren’t so handy, in fact they aren’t agreeing on how to repeal Obamacare, let alone replace it.

Actually, half of the votes for advancing to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen came from outside the Freedom Caucus.

A 70-year-old federal law forbids anyone who has served on active duty in the armed forces in the last seven years from holding a senior defense post. The Republicans don’t need rules where they’re going, so they are eliminating any when they get in their way.

It’s the Moral vs. Faithless electors vs. Donald Trump and for the Unknown Republican in the Electoral College.


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Kagro in the Morning - December 6, 2016

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Yesterday we talked to you about donating via Patreon to KITM, and you did! Thank you! Did you donate because we reminded you, or in the hope that we would remind you less? Well, our present goal is $15 million this yearDavid Waldman insists he doesn’t need that much, but I ran up a couple cards, so please turn a million of your friends onto the good we got here and everybody will be better for it!

Bob Dole organized Donald’s call with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. This doesn’t seem the recommended, normal way of diplomacy, but bombs didn’t drop yet so maybe we’re OK? Trump still uses his phone for special occasions, but do you miss out if he blocks you on Twitter?

David discusses January 3, High Noon. The flood of trolls on his twitter feed indicates that his targeting might be close. David recommends calling your Senator, Vice President, President, Mayor to push them along on this, and other issues.

Speaking of trolls, here’s a bot that trolls Twitter’s worst Anti-Semitic trolls, and probably Anti-Semitic troll-bots as well.

More good news: This loser finally leaves. Jake Tapper deserves a drink, and a free pizza.

Bad news: This loser returns. The broken, frustrating polling system continues to be broken and frustrating.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 5, 2016

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If you share our perspective, if you appreciate our perspective, or if you at least appreciate listening to the perspective of KITM, consider donating to the KITM Patreon account. For just pennies a day (or even dollars per day, you high-roller you!) KITM provides and supports a unique perspective that really shouldn’t be so unique at this time. Help us get our word out!

David Waldman reports that the good guys finally won, and won huge. This is what victory over the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock looks like. Of course this is not remotely over. Catch this episode of Hopping Mad which goes into depth on Standing Rock.

Greg Dworkin helps with the round-up: Jobs are more than a paycheck, employees are more than commodities. What we need to learn to stem Authoritarianism and save the Constitution.

Here’s a reason charter schools don’t mention vouchers. Donald Trump has every reason to not release a budget. Donald Trump has every reason to keep white people thinking about race. When will Trump voters realize they’ve been had? Remember and resist Trump’s agents of Idiocracy. Trump continues with the bigly euphenisms

Radical clerics Miqqal Fahleen and al-Aqs Yehones inspire violent martyrdom, ping pong. Trump National Security Advisor decreases national security and safety through fake news. Gov. Paul “Little Trump” LePage tries out the fake news approach.

Gov. Pat McCrory (Loser, NC) sets up the opportunity to pack the state Supreme Court with new Republican justices, a trick that could climb to the nationals.

Unanimous partisan resistance won back the House of Representatives and the Presidency for Republicans, by the way. David suggests a noon, January 3, 2017 bare-knuckle solution—details in an upcoming Daily Kos article!

This powerful video will make you rethink everything you think you know about school and bullying.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 2, 2016

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Welcome back Buzz Aldrin, a guy that has seen some stuff.  

David Waldman invites us to join Buzz and him for new experiences and enlightenment. For instance, as the days grow shorter and Donald’s tie grows longerwhat lessons might we learn?  

Greg Dworkin brings us another installment in “Know your Kellogg”, this time the horse breeder, not the masterbator preventer. Wholesome goodness, not like those alt-brands.  

The Donald Trump taunting tour began last night, setting a tone of unification, against everybody else, along with some more “old-fashioned” lessons. Kellyanne Conway also wants kindness and understanding, for herself. Trump voters now see they are in line to get theirs, thus stopping them from giving an F... But, wait a sec, this supporter finds out the world might not be on the end of her stick!

Carrier employees also get a taste of Goldman Sachs Populism, as new facts float to the surface. The GOP runs Obamacare off the cliff, as an incentive. Infectious disease epidemics and antivaxxers meet in Texas.

For the time being, Trump gets some money to play with. Thanks Obama! The Trump economy, pre-inauguration, heads in the right direction. Trump’s voters haven’t had a lot to do with that until now, and probably won’t in the future.  

Josie Duffy Rice invites you to remain open to being aghast, as long as you are still inspired to keep fighting, because the time to fight is when it is not yet you being slapped around.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 1, 2016

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In just 50 days Donald Trump won’t need to leave Trump Tower to shoot someone on 5th Avenue! Yay! In the meantime, tune into David Waldman and KITM, and we’ll discover things we need to know, things they don’t want us to know, and things no one ever knew in the first place. And remember, if you like us, you can pay us, either by… paying us, or you can try tapping the ads in our YouTube casts. What else are you going to do?

Greg Dworkin calls in, to help us figure things out. What if we “normalize” Trump and debate policy? What if we point out that Trump and his appointees aren’t really populists and there will be a Terrible Political Price to pay? (The same price that captured three branches of government?) Maybe there was a point somewhere. After all, Trump was right, the election was rigged.

It looks like the problem most in the GOP had with Obamacare was the first few syllables. Greg and David discuss how the polls have changed on healthcare recently. Trump inherits a nice economy, and appoints people to move it to the Caymans. Mnuchin is the guy that tries to take a 90 year old’s house for a 27¢ error. Mnuchin is the guy that made millions foreclosing on many, mostly with a “racial component”. And, look, he has a crooked foundation too... Sad.

But… CARRIER! A pretty good stunt, but what to do next week?

Here and there justice slowly prevails: A US District court in North Carolina threw out the current legislative district map, ruling that 28 districts were unconstitutional racial gerrymanders. And a small Trump fish gets fried, but it’s a start.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 30, 2016

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David Waldman realizes the job may be a little bigger than he thought, relying on our trust and support in times like these. Donald Trump on the other hand, who trusts him? He has people pretending to oppose him, and people pretending to support him. He pretends to not know the difference between entering a blind trust, and occasionally averting his eyes, between "ISIS says this" and "ISIS did this, between handing out tax breaks and well... he does know about that. 

Jason Chaffetz has no interest in investigating Trump. John McCain has no interest in talking about Trump. Bahrain is very interested in Trump. Trump’s conflicts of interest are everywhere. Will he ever care about the one in Washington DC? For a hint, look to Maine.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the news and punditry. Policy, not just politics is screwing us all. Greg reminds us that the AMA is not in it for the patient, they are a lobbying group. 77 Percent Of Doctors say the AMA does not represent their views. The AMA has always opposed “socialized medicine”, the GOP opposes Medicare And Medicaid. And so, the GOP and AMA strongly support the nomination of Tom Price to be HHS secretary. What does Price support and oppose? Chuck Schumer says Price is not right for America.

Republicans probably will have to put something in the hole they make eliminating Obamacare.  

Is Steven Mnuchin the type Donald Trump fans love to hate? Does Trump have a fragile hold on America? Or was 1000 jobs good enough for everyone? Are happy endings just interludes between inevitable tragedies?

Sen. Bob Menendez is indicted for employing corruption before it was cool. He still has friends in New Jersey.

KITM Canuck Correspondent @canuck_pundit Brian Munroe tells us about the Santa told a little girl that Hillary Clinton made his naughty list.

John R. reports that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is headed for a felony fraud trial after the high court refuses his last appeal.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 29, 2016

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Remember how they’d throw a Flag Desecration amendment on the ballot every two years? Federal, state, local—it pulled the ticket-voting R’s to the polls forever. (Mitch McConnell didn’t like the amendment, probably liked the votes.) Donald Trump can roll an oldie into his playlist, but should we talk about it, or not? Or not-not, or not not-not? David Waldman refuses to give this folderol more than 50 minutes attention today.

Trump does have a knack for rallying his followers.

Meanwhile, Greg Dworkin sounds the klaxons for the end of democracy. Alt-Right White Supremacists rejoice, and also continue their angry victimized whining. The Anti-Bernie is now in power, and is just one of Trump’s free passes. Did you know the Donald Trump plans to get rid of Obamacare? Yes indeed, and as HHS secretary, Tom Price is the best pick for that job. Then on to Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Greg remembers the successes of the HHS Pandemic Flu Leadership Blog. Yes, Newt Gingrich wanted Medicare to wither on the vine as well. Trump continues hiring precisely the people needed to carry out his plans.

Forget the conspiracy stuff, forget the Russians, disqualified ballots accounted for many more votes than Trump’s win. How to listen and respond to calls for an audit and recount.

There is a whole bunch of crazy going on in Trump Deputy-NSA designee Kathleen McFarland’s family.

​David Brooks addresses the imminent threat of the Alt-Left.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 28, 2016

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David Waldman tries to revive the tired old concept of “reality” today. Good luck with that business model!

Greg Dworkin is back to join the search for factual substance, but first has to confront unfounded claims, conspiracy theories, baseless assertions, and false allegations. People understand what’s going on, but will we all eventually fall into the nightmares Trump produces? David and Greg discuss how to fight the nonlinear war on a shared truth, including the distinction between evidence-based and accusation-driven reporting. To win again, do we need to remember how to keep hope alive?

The Trump administration isn’t the only one pushing lies. Close friends and associates help carry the load too. No conflict of interest exists for those in on the big scam. Many Trump hires have their own pet scams, several bring their delusions and scandals with them, too. These are the kind of people that think Bridgegate was “kind of badass”. They probably think this guy is too.

Even The Onion longs for the quaint embarrassments of W.’s administration.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 25, 2016

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Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving!

Noise levels were through the roof at KITM World HQ, so I had to cobble together some story reads for you in stolen moments of quiet. I couldn’t just leave you all alone out there during the Trump transition!

There’s plenty more on Trump’s astounding conflicts of interest, this time specifically with respect to Argentina (with thanks to Susan Simpson), and the Philippines.

And of course, we have to sip from the firehose of real news about fake news, with special focus on one of the most bizarre bits of fakery around.

Back on Monday, with our regular schedule and lineup!


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Kagro in the Morning - November 23, 2016

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David Waldman hosts the a Pre-Thanksgiving Day KITM to help his listeners make the best decisions over the holidays.

There’s lots to be thankful for. Our choice won! (the popular vote) By a lot! Their choice has not destroyed the world. (not before being sworn in) And he still might not! Not without help at least. Ben Carson claims to be unqualified, but as far as Trump is concerned he’s the only one for the job. What? Steve Bannon paid with charity money while running Breitbart? That sounds corrupt AF.

There is a lot more to the Trump Argentina story. You might not get to hear the rest of it. Obama was trying to tell you.

Armando and David discuss Schrödinger’s Dictatorship. What if Trump wasn’t elected? No, seriously, maybe he wasn’t elected. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. Clinton should request recounts just in case. Let’s look at the ballots.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 22, 2016

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Let’s all join David Waldman and KITM in this season’s holiday tradition of mercy and forgiveness… on Thursday. But for now:

Trump, again, lures the press into another humilating ambush, again. Joe Scarborough is yet another media plant. Trump brags he was wrong all along, and you didn’t stop him, yet again

With a world full of suckers in his grasp, Trump sees an opening to raise the stakes. Let’s talk about Trump Tower in Argentina. Time to take over the UK! Time to take over NYC! When in Washington DC, graft and avarice stay at the Trump International Hotel, downtown. Trump loots millions of dollars traveling to the places he loots millions of dollars from.

Soon to be humiliated and betrayed, Tulsi Gabbard thinks she’s going to get something. Loser Pat McCrory has lost the election, but has a lot of sore loser friends.

Armando wonders if we should attempt to reason with those who never had an intention of being reasonable, coming to the conclusion of NO. Donald Trump’s business dealings test a constitutional limit. The Emoluments Clause has a history of being tested, and a lot of thought put into it.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 21, 2016

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David Waldman prepares you for the very last Thanksgiving you have to eat with those people. Their turkey was dry anyhow. You can try to avoid conflict. You can talk about the arts instead. Or that big out-of-town show presently in rehearsal, soon to hit the road for appearances at a town near you.

Facebook outlines ideas on how to put Mom and Pop entrepreneurs out of business

Greg Dworkin was called away to folks in need, so he couldn’t visit KITM today, but you should check out this interview Greg made with the author of American Maelstrom: The 1968 Election and the Politics of Division (Pivotal Moments in American History), Michael A. Cohen

Are we in this mess because of “economic distress” or that “racist, misogynist” etc.? Either way, let’s say Obamacare is repealed. Let’s say Medicare is abolished. There is more than peanuts this time at stake. There may be “conflicts of interest” to discuss. Conflicts nationally and worldwide. Plenty of cash to be made though! The opportunities are endless!  Too bad there is no way to check this. Too bad there is so little time to fix it. At least we got $25M out of him. Maybe a bit less...

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Kagro in the Morning - November 18, 2016

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David Waldman sticks to paleo-facts in the post-factual world:

Milo Yiannopoulos doubledefines doublespeak. Bridgegate gets a flip, twist, and is re-projected. White nationalists get normalized in the US, just like they have been in Europe. Our Incoming national security adviser owns his own brand of facts. With all the lies in the chaos how can people find the big lies? A future president feeds a big lie to the media, and they gobble it up. They do figure it out, long after it is too late. The rot continues when we let our friends carry lies.

In the fog of lies, things are still getting done. Bad things. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III is in charge of handling cases of discrimination and inequity. This Islamophobic, anti-Semite gets national security. And another nightmare is hired! Meanwhile Ivanka got to preview her latest jewelry line to the Japanese Prime Minister.

Josie Duffy Rice is back to remind us there is still hope to get it right. Trump is too busy to go to trial, so he’ll just settle out of court.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 17, 2016

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Senator Ben Sasse wants to know who’s paying rioters and if it is covered under right to work laws. Tweet him some wisdom. Some people are A-holes for free. Or for a discount at Starbucks. Or as a form of satire or something. Some have have practiced it into an art, some have just begun. Steve Bannon is the #1 royal A-hole, but he doesn’t want to play one on TV.

A professional Facebook fake-news writer thinks he might have overshot the mark.

We can’t all elude or abdicate our responsibilities. Maybe we can think of ways to have fun with this. David has an idea!

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Kagro in the Morning - November 16, 2016

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It could be worse. It will probably get worse. But now is the time to start fixing it. 

David Waldman relates the latest kicks in the teeth: A lot of nonvoters are mad at the election results! Trump lied, people died, now this guy is commerce secretary? Here’s how bad it is. Steve Bannon wants you to get used to his level of corruption quickly. The press will figure it out in 10 years or so. Italians somehow feel schadenfreude

Greg Dworkin helps with the latest thinking on how to move forward. The nation is sort of split on this, but no mandate.

Firings! Discord! Disarray! Stasis! And, some panic. Who do you believe, the lyin’ media or Twitter? Well in that case, good bye media. This administration is not the smart place for smart people to be. Our side plans to become more aggressive, probably. They are thinking about it. Chuck Schumer may not be thinking about it. Will The Constitution save us all? Time for 25th Amendment remedies

It sucks when the best news Joan McCarter has is that maybe Lindsey Graham and John McCain are our best chance for justice. Mitch McConnell might nuke the filibuster. Lindsey Graham, again, might hero up. Paul Ryan returns, ready to erase Medicare. You can bet women's health care is not going to survive.

Remember when we were horrified by something like a teacher being accidentally shot in front of her class?

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Kagro in the Morning - November 15, 2016

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Wow, doesn’t it feel like a lot longer than a week? It has been only a week. David Waldman confirms this, and you can trust him to stick to the facts.

Greg Dworkin also supports reality, and tries to find it in the new administration. What if Obamacare isn’t being repealed, although they say it is? What if marriage and reproductive rights are curtailed, even when they say they aren’t? What truth? What facts? What reality?

Did you know that Facebook publishes fake stuff? They can’t hide from that anymore. Google and Facebook are beginning to address the problem. Google is cutting off the money incentive, but Facebook is scared of a right wing backlash. People are rightfully frightened of a right wing backlash, or whatever you call the lashing they give...after they win an election. Who would guess frustrated boys with low self-esteem could become offensive and violent?

Well, maybe voters want change, not ideology.

Armando brings us our word of the day: Emolument. Especially interesting is its use in Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution. Hey look, the Heritage Foundation used to be interested in it as well.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 14, 2016

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Welcome to another day of “How did we get here, and whose fault is that?” Today with some added “And what are we going to do about it?”

1. Don’t normalize this, or him. Never let yourself forget. Never let anyone forget.

2. Donate, get involved do even more. That includes KITM!!! Think of showing Peter Thiel what’s what and moving your money to the patriotic Patreon. That includes all those things you normally do, but maybe some others, like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

3. Hold on—to your beliefs, standards, integrity, friends.

David Waldman pulls all of this together and explains it to us for two hours, as well as he always does. (Really well!)

Greg Dworkin analyzes the new data and punditry, with his keen eye for such things.

Armando keeps us all honest, in these interesting times.

Losing with more votes sucks. He doesn’t know what he is supposed to do. They don’t know what they are doing. But at least they are white. Which might be OK for some, not OK with others, about half at the moment, until enough wool is pulled over enough eyes. The corruption will be endless, but scandal-free once scandals become outlawed.

F**k 2016.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 11, 2016

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David Waldman makes it to the weekend! How about you? If you are still with us, congratulations, and thank you. We’ll figure this out together. Join the fun!

Let’s see. Where did it go wrong? How about FaceBook? Rumors and fake news blew away newspaper endorsements, for sure. Mark Zuckerberg thinks that FaceBook users would be crazy to get their opinions from Facebook. Yes siree Bob! Is the Facebook Bubble rural?

Howard Stern told Trump that the presidential run was going to F up his life, but so far it only made him President of the United States. Trump fills the swamp with well-seasoned vermin.

So, Why settle for more? Pick up some light reading this weekend. Megyn denies passing Trump notes, although maybe Trump passed Megyn a mickey.

After the weekend, hold your kids tight before you send them to school. Kids have to reach way back to their grandparent's slurs, now that America is Great Again. Maybe DT will tweet something. Meanwhile HUAC returns for their parents.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 10, 2016

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Disarray! Yes, we all lead a busy life, with all of the requisite muting, blocking, unfollowing, unfriending, and banning to do, but why not take a couple hours off and listen to our Captain David Waldman navigate KITM through this sh*tstorm? We are all kind of in the same boat, although some of us may not think so

As usual, Greg Dworkin helps to rationally make sense of it all, although, wow, there is not much consensus on what’s going on. The two Americas are accelerating away from each other. Will this shut up the elite? Or do the technocrats go to the guillotine first? Were white radicals frustrated that they weren’t scoring with girls moved to take over the US?

Did we make deplorables too mad? Is it still OK to call them deplorable? Is it not PC to blame the Russians for this? The election stunned even the Gop pollers. Why were the wrong right?  

Nate Silver says “I told you so”. More humor: Jimmy KimmelSeth Meyers, Samantha BeeBill Burr.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 9, 2016

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If you think David Waldman and Greg Dworkin have a tough job bringing you KITM today, you should try listening to them. It’s excruciating. But, it is possibly necessary, and probably deserved. So, let’s all hold hands, join together and confront this head on.

Greg’s got some polls, and thoughts on how we lost, and what we lost. Data died last night. Follow Brad Heath’s thread for revealing maps and charts. Trump won a two-to-one victory in counties where the unemployment rate has improved the most since 2010. Trump's support in counties with the highest non-white population dropped to 30%, a modern low. The Rust Belt went a lot deeper red this year. Don’t blame blacks and Latinos.

We are getting a better idea of the motivations and identity and anger of Trump voters, and some insight into the identity and pain on our side as well. Half of America lost its f**king mind. Donald Trump knew how to connect with his voters.

Joan McCarter is so tired. Republicans keep the Senate, and the Supreme Court. Mitch McConnell finally says Donald Trump’s name. At least Kelly Ayotte is out. Tammy Duckworth is in. In WV a Democrat won. What’s his secret?

Tuesday shouldn’t change the narrative. Ana Navarro wants to give Trump a chance, Mark Cuban wants to give Trump a chance. Markos Moulitsas, not so much. The Trump camp has kept a list of enemies.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 7, 2016

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David Waldman has pre-recorded today’s KITM. He’s back after the election on Wednesday to analyze the post-Trump America, as November 9 will either be “Post-Trump”, or “Post-America”.

Russian hackers aren’t hacking into the voting results. They are attempting to hack into our trust in voting results. Vladimir Putin’s Russia is backing Donald Trump, because nobody in the US can break trust more effectively.

Why won’t Trump back down from his support of Putin and Russia? Because not backing down is Donald Trump’s only consistent characteristic.

It is hard to trust intelligence officials, when a guy who used to be the U.S. military's top intelligence official passes along FWD: FWD: FWD: emails on Twitter, which are manufactured by teenagers in the Balkans.

Then there’s Donald Trump’s foreign policy and energy expert on Russia, Carter Page, who is not known by Russia experts nor energy experts nor Russian energy experts, and appears largely unknown to Trump’s own campaign. He is described “a gray spot”, a man whose story never quite adds up, and a guy making some money from Donald’s name dropping. How useful is this idiot to Russia & Trump?


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Kagro in the Morning - November 4, 2016

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Welcome to the last “LIVE” Kagro in the Morning before the election! There will be new shows, pre-recorded for your enjoyment on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, November 9, David Waldman will return, depending on election results back to the KITM microphone or as exalted leader of the post-apocalyptic Northern Virginia tribe. 

Greg Dworkin does his best to help us acquire and maintain meaning in this chaotic world. Armando calls in to assist, and correct when needed. Overall, it looks like maybe, possibly, not wanting to jinx it, well, Hillary is ahead. Things are looking better all the time. But, there are still days to go. Armando, Greg and David examine the battleground states, especially Florida, Florida, Florida. Black early voting turnout is down, but only because it is a smaller piece of an ever larger pie. Latino turnout is booming. Donald Trump can’t count on those ‘Missing White Voters’. Anyhow, missing nonwhite voters may matter more

One of Donald Trump’s wives gave a speech about bullying. Sam Stein brings her up to date on what Donald’s been up to.

Bjørn Olav Megard places his bet for Tuesday.

Josie Duffy Rice brings us the latest DA misconduct. Tampa DA charges disabled mother for stealing, despite video evidence that she was framed. Josie recommends that you check out “Charged: The DA VS. Black America” playing on BET. Josie also recommends that you submit an educated vote on your local DA race. If you have any questions, please feel free to email her.

News from the world of sleaze: Harvard cancels men’s soccer season due to sexually explicit ‘scouting reports’. Roger Ailes told Megyn Kelly multiple times that he could advance her career in “exchange for sexual favors.”

Coming up next week: David looks into why Vladimir Putin’s Russia is backing Donald Trump, and how the FBI turned into Trumpland.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 3, 2016

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For all of you out there wishing not to be tortured any longer, wishing a winner be declared and it all just be over already... well that was last night. Some might not be completely happy, but it is time to move on. Cleveland will have another chance some other day.

David Waldman stayed up last night but is back ready to rig the election for Hillary Clinton. You too can rig it all. Simply find people who wouldn’t or couldn’t get to the polls this year. Call them, knock on their doors, help get them to the polls. Each vote that you help happen is just like voting twice, but without the jail time! Hurry, Republicans are working on making voter registration illegal, too.

Greg Dworkin knows what all of you nervous nellies out there need: Data. Listen in today for lots of datathoughtfully perused. Unaffiliated voters are a big, confusing piece of this year’s pie. The Clinton campaign probably has a handle on this.

Still, chances are something bad could happen. In Ohio, a spelling error could cost you your vote. Your spouse could leave you for voting against their wishes. A masked man could satirically threaten you with a knife. There will be unprecedented fear-mongering… OK, worry a little. If you see firearms at your polling place text “guns down” to 91990.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 2, 2016

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We are 6 days out from the election, at least that is what the so-called “experts” in the media would lead you to believe. David Waldman and KITM are no exception. Leading you to the polls is not a crime by the way. 

#GunFAIL is all over the place: 8 cops or retired cops have accidentally discharged their weapons in the last 10 days, 14 GunFAILs in Ohio during the last 16 days

Greg Dworkin has done all he can for you nervous Democrats. The polls are steady, and still looking good. Florida sees the rise of the Clinton Republicans. Blacks & Hispanics are up in Florida. (Still more whites in Florida.) African American turnout is down, which may be a worry, maybe offset by the Latino vote. Lots more polls and analysis at The Abbreviated Pundit Round-up.

Donald Trump’s links to Russia are real. So are his ties to the Mob.

Joan McCarter lets us in on the secret House Freedom Caucus meeting, as they are in gerrymandered safe districts and have nothing better to do. A Clinton SCOTUS blockade is in the works, as is the Democrat nuclear optionfun times ahead. Of course, if we win the Senate, Chuck Schumer is part of the deal.

Richard Burr's 'joke' about putting a bullseye on Hillary Clinton calls his judgment into question. So does his past judgements.

Some Republican states are refusing to abide by court orders, by refusing to correct confusing, incorrect information, and actively lying to voters. Then there are those “ballot security” officers you could run into. Trouble voting? Not sure what the law is? Have a problem at the polls and need help? Call @866OURVOTE for fair, nonpartisan help! Wearing a ski mask and waving a knife will not help.

An awful person shoots police, but is not the right color to alarm the nation about it.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 1, 2016

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David Waldman quickly plows through the stupid stories, scaremongering, rumormongering, shadow casting and irresponsible speculation today, because we don’t have time for that. If you have time, vote. If you still have time, help others vote. Donald Trump encourages his voters to vote twice, just in case. A Trump supporter tries that.

Greg Dworkin is not sweating it. Swing state Democrats aren’t sweating it either. Which states swing? Should we sweat the rise of “No Party Affiliation” (as opposed to “Independent”) voters? Who knows

Back to the week of James Comey, and Russia. It seems as if Comrade Trump has been compromised, disappointing his friends who cultivated him, kept his assets liquid, entertained him and his associates... Trump destroys the US from within by cheating on taxes. How Donald Trump avoided paying taxes using other people’s money. Russian Oligarchs try cultural diplomacy In New York.  

Trump boob and lackey Chris Christie heads to his day in court as Bridgegate goes to jury.

KITM correspondent Paula Apynys covers a hunch about Republicans, cities and “Voter Fraud”.

Donald Trump’s companies destroyed emails in defiance of court orders. Hey, wasn’t he knocking Hillary for something like that?

 A week before the election is finished and Donald Trump goes merrily on his way.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 31, 2016

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David Waldman has barely a week remaining to determine how Hope Hicks does it. KITM reports from the political front line, as bombshells explode left and right.

Greg Dworkin steps forward to congratulate the winner, no matter who it might be. So far the polls aren’t being swayed, although pundits will have their theories, analysts their analysis and bird watchers their black swans. Fox Democrats quit Clinton, but they like quitting.

Then there is James Comey. Everybody is certain that James Comey screwed up. Comey is why we can’t have nice norms. Harry Reid takes off the gloves! (Harry never wears gloves.)

You can tell Trump’s lying when his lips move, but can he? Trump flunky Chris Christie was Trump’s VP pick, then Donald ditched him for Pence. Donald Trump’s companies destroyed emails in defiance of court orders. Donald Trump, who lies about golf, and skiing, claims to be the best baseball player in New York. And, of course, there is Trump and charities.

Taylor Swift has something that most victims of sexual misconduct never get: Photographic evidence.

Josie Duffy Rice brings her Friday visit to Monday to talk judicial elections and misconduct. Arizona prosecutor with more death sentences than 99.5 percent of counties is up for re-election. He also wants to preserve racially-biased marijuana prohibitionA Houston DA jailed a rape victim, covered up the destruction of 21,000 pieces of evidence—and now wants your vote. A Phoenix prosecutor’s office stands to lose millions of dollars if marijuana's legal, so he is against legalizing it.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 28, 2016
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Kagro in the Morning - October 27, 2016

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Tune into KITM today for David Waldman’s rant about rant-worthy Morning Joe and that guy not running for President, then stick around for more fun and smart stuff!

Greg Dworkin shakes us awake with that USC Dornsife / LA Times poll, reminding us to get out and vote, then get out the vote. Hillary Clinton, Democrats, the nation need our help right now, although, you know, she’s doing OK. Millennials are on board finally, Clinton has doubled her lead on CNBC’s latest survey. She’s making Trump voters anxious with her 6 point lead in the ABC poll. She’s ahead by 7 points in crucial Pennsylvania, and she’s up by a couple in the IBD/TIPP Presidential Election Tracking Poll, the poll that eventually ends up right. The Yale Record does NOT endorse Hillary Clinton, and they have several good reasons for not doing so.

This is all great news for Donald Trump. It is hard for them to imagine it being more wonderful. But what is really going on behind the scenes at Trump/Bannon Inc.? A look inside the Trump Bunker with 12 days to go.

Greg and David also discuss how Obamacare has played politically, and ask whatever happened to the conservative intellectual?

Three great reasons to GOTV: The Trump campaign’s three major voter suppression operations.

David takes us back up into the Trump Tower of terror. Expect the worst each time the elevator door opens. Watch out for the tongue!

And yes... we talked about the FIFA scandals & Chuck Blazer back in June of 2015. This is just one of four shows during which it was discussed!

Good news if you know someone on your Christmas shopping list that enjoys holding automatic weapons and testicles! (No word yet on the AR-15 Rusty Trombone attachment.)

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Kagro in the Morning - October 26, 2016

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David Waldman has voted! If you can vote early too, that could be a good thing. Once you bank your vote, then maybe on election day you can volunteer to drive voters to polling places!

All of us will have voted two weeks from now. Greg Dworkin still won’t let us turn away from the Right’s horrific final weeks. An assembly of idiots fell in with the strategic genius to make 2016 into a referendum on the question, “Are women human beings”? Newt Gingrich wonders why everyone is so obsessed with petty sensationalistic sex when we could be talking about Bill Clinton. Roger Stone already made fake badges for his poll busters, but they got caught before the fun could start. Everyone is getting in line to drain the right-wing swamp. Has Trump initiated Idiocracy, or just eliminated scandal as a measure of a candidate? Here are a bunch of graphics to help you understand.

Donald Trump sounds anti-semitic, and he kind of talks like a woman, but does he really speak to old people?

Of course, a lot of other people are running for election, also with two weeks to go. Clinton’s 12 point lead is helping down ballot, but it is still a dead heat for Congress. President Obama is unleashed and unmuzzled. Hillary’s secret weapon in Florida is no secret to Armando. Millennials have many good reasons to vote Clinton.

Joan McCarter brings all the insight you expect her to bring to the down ticket races, and helps throw a few tires on the Trump fire as well. The Russians are trying to throw shade on our election ... wonder where they got that idea? Harry Reid has laid the groundwork to nuke the filibuster of Supreme Court nominees, will Chuck Schumer deliver? Bill Clinton explains the whole Obamacare story you're not getting from the traditional media. Marco Rubio thinks his last name is enough to make other Latinos forget that he's backing Donald Trump in this election. It's not. Mitch McConnell tosses his oath of office onto the ash heap

Don’t tell Newt, but here are some new Trump sex scandals: When Kelly Preston and John Travolta's son died, Donald consoled Kelly by reminding her that she is so hot. Donald let his tongue do the talking with Paula Patrice.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 25, 2016
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Kagro in the Morning - October 24, 2016

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There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but we’re taking it one day at a time. The race remains, as Greg Dworkin reminds us, stable as always. The latest polls are rolling in. If the election were held today, you’d be able to vote today. You should look into it. This year has produced another right wing King of Crazy.

Clinton opponents remain convinced that Wikileaks will reveal the true banality of evil. And “oversampling” is the new “deem & pass.” Don’t miss out on your chance to lay the conspiracy bare!

It’s said that Donald Trump cheats at golf. And we know he’s at least a bit of a braggart about it. Thanks to his latest accuser, as well as a related story from last week, we now have some real data against which to judge his claims. No, golf isn’t important. But then, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone cheating quite like The Donald. With the possible exception of Kim Jong Il.

After a little more chatter about the antics of the deplorables, Armando visited to raise the issue of third parties and alternative voting methods. No experts, we. But here are some people who know the mechanics of how it would work. Though we still have our doubts about how much changes in terms of policy-making.


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Kagro in the Morning - October 21, 2016

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It’s not Halloween for 10 days, and Donald Trump is already horrifying millions. KITM is your Trump Terror headquarters going into the weekend, and today, David Waldman delivers the latest shocks. Jaws dropped in horror at an Al Smith dinner no one will ever forget as Donald Trump delivers his campaign eulogy. And, no one has recovered from Donald’s frightening and stupid refusal to endorse the election, except the elites on Morning Joe.

Greg Dworkin brings us more scary news for the Gop: Trump’s electoral map is getting tinier and tinier, because no one likes a loser. Donald self immolated at the last debate, but Hillary handed him the matches. Clinton probably finished off Trump, no not probably, it’s over. And not just for Trump. Kelly Ayotte is down 8 points now. 

Josie Duffy Rice makes her Friday KITM visit to remind us to always scrutinize the down ticket races, and to check with her if there is a DA race. Joe Arpaio isn’t the only bad public servant in AZ, they also have a really bad prosecutor, Bill Montgomery.

Russia has been preparing a vast, covert, and unprecedented campaign of political sabotage against the United States and its allies for more than a year. John Podesta and Colin Powell’s accounts were hacked when they clicked that e-mail link they shouldn’t have.

So, on to next week’s Trump scandals: A Russian-born, mafia-Trump-Putin-linked businessman came over to Trump tower for some undisclosed stuff, and dropped off 5 grand. The Trump Foundation moved 10 grand over to James O’Keefe. And, the Financial Times finds links between Trump and an international money laundering network. Meanwhile Trump’s kid steals lemonade at the In-N-Out.

David discovers the Red/Blue divide dates back to the early Cretaceous period.

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Kagro in the Morning - Octoer 20, 2016

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Wow, that debate. What can you say? If you are still stunned speechless, relax, David Waldman and KITM will take care of the talking for the next two hours.

Greg Dworkin looks at all the data, to better tell you who might win November 8, or he might feel like keeping you in suspense. Who knows, but Hillary Clinton did win the final debate. Viewers haven’t quite had time to fully absorb last night, but that isn’t keeping battleground states from flipping to blue. Now that Donald’s got no strings to hold him down, it’s time for revenge. That, whining, and incredible denial should keep Trump’s days filled for the next couple of weeks. Pity his minions. Then there is Ann Coulter.

Donald Trump is even losing close friends! He and Roger Ailes no longer speak, and his porn superstar on the side got married. Sad!

Weaning us from Trump, David determines how the “Advise and Consent” clause could, and could not, be used to appoint Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 19, 2016

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Let’s all join David Waldman in singing danke schoën that the last presidential debate will soon be in the past. Donald Trump weirdly snubs Barack Obama’s brothers Mark, Bernard, George and David while adding Malik to the debate guest list.

Greg Dworkin says all bets are off for this presidential race. Really—they’re already paying out. If you can still get in, the over/under is 400 electoral votes. Some think something’s rigged. Trump followers think everything is rigged. Democrats move to rig the election with votes. Trump surrogates desperately bet on Trump, while continuing to lose. Even then, there are still a couple left that think he’ll win. Those people are wrong, crazy, or both. Republicans certainly look at things differently. Meanwhile, Donald Trump goes on a presidential death march we’ve never seen before. After the debate it will be about 19 more days until the first woman president is elected, and the roaches will scurry away.

Joan McCarter visits with election news of her own. Time is running out for President Obama’s nominations requiring senate confirmation. A new Democratic Senate could fix that. If a Republican Senate stays, they will be united against Clinton also. 

Marco Rubio says please come to the polls, they aren’t so rigged, as opponent Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy picks up endorsements from the four big newspapers in Florida.

David plays headline lightning round: Donald Trump asks for witnesses to his groping, 6 people say OK. CBS orders Candy Crush reality series, Julian Assange can no longer play Candy Crush, Ecuador cut his internet. Police van rams, parks on protesters in the Philippines. Hillary really should’ve invited David Fahrenthold to the debate. Russian hacker, hoodie optional, picked up the Czech police and the FBI.

More often, people have been crowdsourcing gun violence research, which David has been doing for a while. A.V. Club has noted David’s bolstering prowess with KITM’s recent Very Special Episode. Aren’t you glad that you gave us/will give us some money now?

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Kagro in the Morning - October 18, 2016

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Today David Waldman lights the fuse on the KITM mind cannon. Just try not to give into astonishment when countless basketballs of insight dribble themselves into your brain!

As Greg Dworkin has told you so many times, (and now Chuck Todd backs him up!) the presidential race has been amazingly stable. Which means Hillary Clinton continues her lead, and Donald Trump continues his leadership fail. So, Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump widens… and Donald Trump’s failure to lead also widens. Therefore, as even white suburbanites flee “idiot” Trump, Clinton forces move into Arizona. Hillary Clinton has even captured the coveted K-12 demographic. And, it doesn’t look like much will be squeezed out of the Clinton e-mail story, either.

Republicans only can hope that Republicans not voting for Trump will remember to vote the ticket for someone. Meanwhile, the votes are already coming in and are being counted in Iowa, and North Carolina. Steve Bannon tries to harness the power of crazy people.  

Speaking of the crazy, David delves into the mystic, machine elf, psychonautic, glossolalia-spouting voting bloc. Sit down with a heaping bowl of your favorite entheogen and take the trip with him. BTW, what was Emily Weeks smoking when she implied the NC GOP firebombing was covering up illegal activity?  

Donald Trump shows a ready submission to sharper minds. But, was Howard Stern abusing him, or just playing him

Some Republican senators’ fundraising was hacked and sent money to Russia for months. Thanks Putin!

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Kagro in the Morning - October 17, 2016

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Those claiming that one just can’t degallimaufry a farrago clearly haven’t met the likes of David Waldman! Listen and Learn on today’s KITM:

We all know that Donald Trump is a tremendous, huge loser. He is also not going to be president. Greg Dworkin is here to tell you how, and why. First, Greg will walk you through the George Washington Battleground Poll. Then the Washington Post-ABC News poll, followed by detailed analysis of the brand-new national NBC/WSJ poll. Greg describes how, when one poll has Hillary up by 4, and another up by 11, Hillary Clinton is going to win the election. But what about voter intensity? Actually, intensity looks about the same for Clinton and Trump. But what about that 19 year old black guy screwing up the polls? No, he probably isn’t. But what about women propelling Hillary to victory? Oh yes, they are. But what about the rigged election? No! No! What are you, some kind of idiot?

Speaking of idiots, some of them firebombed a North Carolina Republican Headquarters building. Hillary and Donald got to show what they are made of. Donald Trump insults everyone’s intelligence with his choice of sexual assault witness.

There are still smart people left in the world, and David rounds up a few:

Armando calls in to KITM to call the bluff of an “insider” claiming James Comey perjured himself in testimony to congress.

Brian Munroe reports that It doesn’t matter who won the debate: America has already lost.

John R. asks, why have Texas prisons banned thousands of books?

And Rosalyn MacGregor reports on the Michigan gubernatorial race of 2018!

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Kagro in the Morning - October 14, 2016

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David Waldman brings us another highly informative, precisely pronounced KITM for Friday. Now you don’t need to read, hear or even think about Donald Trump until Monday morning! Just grab your gun and stare at a door this weekend.

But first, follow Greg Dworkin deep down into the most fascinating niches of the latest polling. For instance, values voters are finally giving up on Trump, as church goers shift from Trump to Clinton. The rise in anti-Semitism should scare away any remaining humanity. Big Donors urge the RNC to cut ties to Donald

To create a landslide, first the losing party has to lose support. Donald Trump is making that happen for mainstream Republicans as well as a lot of the base, which is being compacted into a tiny, hard, angry diamond. Is Donald Trump destroying our democracy? Or has that always been the Gop goal? Or is America just losing it’s f**king mind?  

Josie Duffy Rice takes a break from Daily Kos’ law beat to give her perspective on some things that aren’t Donald Trump. US prison incarceration takes the harshest toll from its citizens, both in raw numbers and per capita. What can we do about it? How do we address the issue of those convicted of violent offenses? David and Josie review California Prop. 62 and 66. Josie examines the actions around the police union contract negotiations in Portland. Social media companies secretly provided data to law enforcement surveillance programs during protests in Ferguson and Baltimore. The death of Ken Thompson is a blow to the cause of progressive prosecutorial reform.

OK, back to Donald Trump. Did you know he may have lied about donating to 9/11 charities?

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Kagro in the Morning - October 13, 2016

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How would you like to be Donald Trump today? If so, contact Donald, he can probably find a way to work something out.

Usually KITM is your source for the news, before it hits the “news”, but David Waldman Just can’t keep up with all of the new Trump accusations popping up!

Good thing Greg Dworkin is available to lend a hand, although he first wants to make sure no one is going to get sued. (Don’t worry) Check out the testimony of women caught too close to Donald’s fingers, tongue, leer, in the Abbreviated Pundit Roundup, then move on to Twitter where there will be more shortly. Are you still at the non-acceptance stage on the Donald Trump assault news? Or you might even be at the Kellyanne Conway or uncontrollable rage monster stage. If so here is an acceptance guide.

“The Tape” trebucheted the Clinton campaign last weekend. There’s lots of polls at APR. Listen to Greg to learn how to savor the fine nuances! For polling and psychology, Pennsylvania is a state to watch, as Hillary dominates the Philly suburbs.

As Trump accusations flood in, Trump troops fight on, and lose, in skirmishes. Donald Trump invests in 10 year olds with potential, checks in on the progress of 15 year olds, until he finds the right moment to strike. Donald has a certain preference, and certain preferences.  Assaulting a journalist was a big mistake.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 12, 2016

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Why would Donald Trump invest in beauty pageants and modeling agencies? Yes, that answer seems simple, but once you look beneath the obvious Trumpian layer of wanton, remorseless sleaze it all just becomes more dirty, sordid, cruel, misogynistic, and illegal. Today is the day David Waldman starts to peel away layers of that very rotten onion.

The bulk of this KITM is devoted to David’s annotated recitation of “We All Knew About the Trafficking.” The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1) by SwedishJewfish. This is a great introduction to the author’s other thoughts and narratives, as well the beginning of our deep dive into Trump’s golden cesspool to discover these Trumpettes: Chester the Molester, John Casablancas, Jeffrey Epstein, Eliot Spitzer, Roger Stone, and their many, many victims.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 11, 2016

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Coming tomorrow, the story David Waldman has been promoting his entire life! Not really, but he did spend some time recording a KITM to play tomorrow while he is busy. Find out all about Trump’s Model Management Madness! (Part 1) Wednesday!

Greg Dworkin is interrupted by his doorbell, until he lets her outside to hunt chipmunks and deer. Now if we can only figure out what that dump truck beep is all about...

Is Donald Trump Big League Toast? Yep. But let’s not say that out loud until the post debate polls are out at the end of the week. Trump has vanquished his rivals for the GOP's soul. The Gop is taking all this locker room and lock her up talk as well as could be expected. Alex Jones has decided Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are literally demons from hell

Meanwhile, it is pretty nice on the other side of the aisle, where they are making room for 10 to 20 house seats. And another historical first endorsement for Hillary Clinton, this time from the Cuban-American Latin Builders Association.

David examines the Newsweek article linking Donald and Vladmir, again. Is Trump a puppet, just a patsy?

Was Trump Billy Bush-Whacked?

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Kagro in the Morning - October 10, 2016

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On a personal note, about midway through last night’s debate I inhaled an actual Stink Bug, so unlike you, I only suffered through about 70 minutes of Donald Trump.

David Waldman was not so lucky. Tune into today’s special Columbus Day KITM to experience David’s torture as he is forced to verbalize all that happened this weekend!

Greg Dworkin calls in to help tackle the debate that wasn’t a debate. Greg sees pundits missing the point again. Still, the judges did go with Clinton, and for-real polls after the debate also went for Hillary. John Harwood discusses the debate with Stan Greenberg. David Frum reminisces about Clinton 90's experience and how it plays today. Donald did what he was hired to do: shake the Alt-Right fist at Hillary, Bill and Barack, but failed at his biggest stunt, so some still aren’t pleased. Did Donald do well enough to stop all the rats from jumping? Yes, Trump did well enough to keep the rats on the ship as it sinks, although a Gop chairman became unsure of his vote when Trump was so bad he made his dog throw up. As for the rest of us, Donald Trump is pretty scary, as he promises to rip up the foundations of liberal democracy and manipulate any genitalia because he can. Remember when Donald Trump took Billy Bush back to “a beautiful place”, but really couldn’t find it? The Trump video is having a hard time taking Donald lower than the basement he’s already in, but it is boosting Hillary.

So, Donald Trump was the big whiner of the debate. That crap used to get him somewhere. David looks into how Trump lobbied for tax breaks to abuse, then later complain about and run against.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 7, 2016

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It was a dark and stormy night.  

Last night, Armando and Vanilla Ice were in Florida riding out Hurricane Mathew. TodayDavid Waldman transmits KITM from an undisclosed kitchen near Washington DC, as deplorables think their deplorable thoughts, which is probably worse than not thinking thoughts at all. Republicans seek shelter way deep inside their bubble.

Greg Dworkin brings the sunshine: The polls are looking strong for Hillary Clinton, especially with Latinos, and the unemployment rate is the lowest in over a decade. Ah, but there are clouds: Antisemitism is the in-thing with the cool Trumpsters. Women remain scary and motivating to Trump voters as well. Somali immigrants give them jitters too. Katrina Pierson sums it all up for those that didn’t hear the dog-whistles. Michael Moore is so scared of Trump that he seems to have fallen in love. Bill O’Reilly did not sense enough Asian fear and hate, and sent Jessie Watters to Chinatown. New York responded. A man shot and killed his wife, and blames it on his fear of Black Lives Matter.

Breitbart chuckleheads attempt to smear Hillary as “combative” for trying to protect bunnies. Everyone loves bunnies.

How will Republicans reconcile and renew after Trump goes away? Or will they just cheerfully pretend he never happened? Is that a bazooka in Paul Ryan’s pocket?

Maybe Sunday’s town hall debate will turn it all around

You heard it here first, now read Part One of the untold story of Trump model management (and trafficking).

KITM has another correspondent! John R, JJR1971 to you, reports that Texas schools are still fighting decades-old desegregation orders.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 6, 2016

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Donald Trump is still running for president! David Waldman’s KITM is 2 hours long and he can only barely keep ahead of this mudslide.  

Mike Pence showed he was good at being unsoiled by Trump mud at the debate. Actually, few saw the VP debate. As a result, the whole concept of Mike Pence smooth talking his way to a win is fading away. Greg Dworkin reveals the strategy Tim Kaine used to win in the real world.

Donald Trump is sinking. Sunday’s debate won’t bail him out, so when do the rats jump ship? Congressional rats are especially interested in this question.

On the other hand, the wind is at Hillary Clinton’s back. Now it is close in Florida, Nevada and even Arizona, and if she can lock down Florida...

Yeah, yeah, the youth know about the election, when is that deadline again?

Donald Trump used this one weird trick, and absolutely no scruples, to turn a 916 million dollar loss into a profit! David looks into Donald’s Art of the Steal, and the several theories on what he was up to, especially this one.

Brian Munroe, also known as Canuck Pundit, becomes KITM’s Canuckospondit with a report on how Trump wife #2 Marla Maples could have done him in.

A Kentucky man and his AR-15 stop the tide of evil clowns. Actually he shot at a woman walking her dog.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 5, 2016

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David Waldman wants you to say things on KITM. It can be about politics, or the show, or pineapple. (David likes pineapple.) It can be 5 minutes to 25 minutes and range from sycophancy through calumny, he doesn’t care, he just wants audio files, soon!

David really needed some more pineapple last night, so he missed the Vice Presidential Debate. By tomorrow analysts will have untangled what they were saying, where they were looking, etc. and it still won’t matter. It’s Trump vs Clinton on Sunday!

Greg Dworkin felt it was an annoying debate with a moderator that lost control early, but Tim Kaine did one important thing: he showed beyond doubt that Mike Pence cannot defend Donald Trump. Pence’s head shaking will be fact checked to death today. Here are 6 things Trump definitely said, that Pence claimed he did not say. Bears have a rich pedigree in Russian narratives, but Mike Pence had to make up a Russian Bear proverb for the debate. Mike Pence brought Bill Clinton’s statements on Obamacare to the debate. Did Bill Clinton mess up? What did Bill actually say? Donald Trump calls tax avoidance “smart”, most Americans call it “unpatriotic”.

You know that Joan McCarter saw the VP debate. She came to KITM to give further analysis, including how nobody likes it when Mike Pence whips out that Mexican thing. Others treading water, hoping not to get too close to the Trumptanic undertow: Kelly Ayotte thought Trump was absolutely a role model for children, but reconsiders. And, Paul Ryan, a martyr for Trump.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 4, 2016

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Yesterday David Waldman was out Rosh Hashanah-Na-ing; today he discovers his new 5777 novelty glasses are really hard to see through.

Greg Dworkin promised us an avalanche of post-debate polling, today he delivers.  You will hear “Hillary Leads” so often your head will spin, believe me. As a matter of fact, Hillary has always led. But... what about Ohio?  As the Clinton electorate flees the rustbelt, leaving deploration in its wake, the electoral map shuffles. The service industry expands as manufacturing shrinks, but politicians lag. Young voters have always wanted the third choice.

Vanity Fair looks back at 30 years of observing Trump being Trump. Donald Trump cheated on his taxes at Every. Possible. Level.  This guy knows, because he has seen Trump’s tax returns.

Donald Trump used Trump Foundation funds for his presidential run. The Trump Foundation was used for just about any bill.

David looks into the big money to be had when the crazies get to fleece the insane.

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - October 5, 2015 airing October 3, 2016

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Greg Dworkin calls in with a list of topics and opinions that he hopes are wide ranging enough to get everyone annoyed with him. Pragmatists for Clinton! Maybe Hillary is likable, after all. You can't pay people to like Carly Fiorina, so she doesn't bother. Greg looks at the polls heading into IA and NH: Biden not much of an issue. Bush and Rubio close as Trump drops. Kevin McCarthy doesn't speak well at all, so he may not get the Speaker position. MARS attacks! David and Greg talk about the range of populists and the spectrum of populism in politics, which all share in common a tendency of losing in elections - so far. Guns, Campuses and Madness as it is reported Mom of Oregon shooter bragged about weapons she stockpiled. Now 4chan is threatening violence, putting colleges on alert. Sheriffs demand even more military weapons. And, an 11 year old shoots and kills an 8 year old because she would not show him her puppy. House Republicans, already fighting over the candidates for speaker, majority leader and whip, find themselves fighting over when to even hold the elections.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 30, 2016

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David Waldman did not stay up all night looking for Alicia Machado’s sex tape. If so, he surely would have come up “empty handed”. He is pretty tired though.  

Donald Trump spent the night coming up with Khan 2.0, which will at least tide us over the weekend, maybe even next week

Greg Dworkin again has to warn us to lay off the millennials, they still have over a month to think about it! Hillary’s doing very well as it is, returning back to her sunny forecast. Donald’s still has his insta-polls to keep his optimism high heading into his next massacre. Sadly, facts remain Donald’s bête noire, and his missing white voters remain missing. Donald Trump does not need to manufacture scandals, he has a couple real ones heading his way: Donald Trump’s hotel and casino company secretly spent money in Cuba in violation of the U.S. trade embargo, for instance, and The Trump Foundation lacks the certification required for charities that solicit money. The Trump Foundation just keeps giving and giving.

Kagro in the Morning gets to mention Howard Stern. Donald Trump has to quit mentioning unnamed sources.

Mitch McConnell regrets Barack Obama letting the senate override Obama’s veto.

Josie Duffy Rice returns to KITM to talk about Donald Trump's fearmongering and racist lies about crime in America, and the FBI crime statistics report for 2015.

A Saudi princess told her bodyguard to beat up and kill an interior decorator, he said “Sure thing Boss.”

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Kagro in the Morning - September 29, 2016

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Go ahead, sit here and listen to David Waldman further badmouth Donald Trump, in an indictment of our entire American society:

Greg Dworkin disputes that millenials are young, dumb and just won’t come to the polls, advocating patience as we approach the finish line. Several more scientific, accredited polls declare Hillary Clinton the winner of the first presidential debate. You know who lost? The guy that’s acting like a huge loser. Sez who?

It really is hard to escape Godwin’s Law lately, huh? Hitler maybe did, but Donald definitely has a “No Fat Chicks” rule. Managers at Trump properties had to hide and reschedule women that Donald was not attracted to. But, what thanks did he get? Trump was named ‘Grand Benefactor’ for a gala without donating a penny. Donald also gets a $1.5 million ring, free. You all can wait for the trickle.

Cleveland police union's looming Trump, Clinton endorsement vote causes fear among black officers.

Please welcome KITM’s newest correspondent, Paula Writer! Paula reports on NPR’s real-time fact-checking of the Presidential Debate, which drew millions of readers.

Armando calls in to talk about how Donald Trump’s company violated the US embargo against Cuba, which clashes with his South Florida schtick. His and David’s attention was diverted to a for-real train wreck in Hoboken, NJ reported this morning. So far terrorism isn’t suspected. (Except by Curt Schilling.) The school shooting at Townville Elementary in South Carolina isn't being called terrorism and some are pretty sure they know why.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 28, 2016

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David Waldman welcomes you to Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous and Not Squandering Money on Your Infrastructure. For the next debate Donald will have less champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but more thinking. Whose shoulder will Roger Ailes cry on, then?

Greg Dworkin feels good polling heading our way, just relax and let the number counters count them up. Here’s some numbers to tide you over: It took The Arizona Republic 125 years to find a Democrat to endorse. The debate had over 80 million viewers. It took 15 minutes to pick a winner. 8 in 10 agree Donald’s the loser. The 5 takeaways.

So, Donald trickled down, is Hillary shimmying up? She is looking good, and she definitely needs to wake up some sleepy voters.

Meanwhile, Chris Christie, who is toast, is becoming a star, and so is Pepe.

Joan McCarter lets us know that just because Donald Trump is stealing all of the limelight doesn’t mean those knuckleheads in DC aren’t up to something. Actually, they’re not up to much. The government has three more days of funding, counting today, so will Paul Ryan hero up, by doing a little for Flint, MI? David and Joan talk veto override.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 27, 2016

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David Waldman couldn’t stand the suspense of waiting for the world to tweet the debate out to him, and had to watch it himself. Good for him, It went so well it might be the only one they do this year. Donald Trump returns to defying conventions of civility and political common sense today, while attempting to erase the past, and expose the rigging, as the rest of us climb out of the rubble.

Greg Dworkin notes the changing tide of “common wisdom” as opinions change, and hopefully future polls change as well. Greg and David determine what can be learned from last night, and how it can be applied to getting this election won.

The next debate is October 9! (Actually the VP debate is October 4, won’t that be something?) What Donald Trump scandals can we look forward to between now and then? There’s the $2.3 million  owed to Trump that he directed to his foundation, and the $258,000 from he used from his charity to settle legal problems, and the 6 figure telecom job for which Donald Trump stiffed a National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesperson.

Don’t forget, Donald Trump isn’t the only Republican numbskull out there. Joan McCarter will have a binder full of them tomorrow. In the meantime consider Paul LePage’s binder

Until tomorrow, enjoy the soothing sounds of Donald Trump.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 26, 2016

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Should David Waldman watch it? Everybody’s going to talking about it tomorrow anyhow, but it does seem pretty important. Maybe he’ll watch it.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the polls, the really tight polls, the very tight polls. Are voters voting “for” anyone this year? Oh come on, half of US voters are waiting for tonight to make up their minds about these candidates? Donald Trump may have more to gain from this debate, depending on his performance, of course. Donald Trump either lied to Republicans or broke the law. Trump’s business ties could upend US national security. And there are those ties between Trump and Russia, plus a few more things. So, how is Hillary Clinton underperforming in her strongest segment? 10% of mail-in ballots are in from North Carolina, and here’s a look.

Key NJ Legislators, and David, look into a Chris Christie Impeachment. And one for Trump, just for good measure.

Might come up in the debate: Mass shooting in Texas. Probably won’t come up in the debate: Smoking weed while Canadian can get you banned from the US for life.

Two people are injured outside a gun show in Sandy, Utah. No surprise to the guy shot outside the gun show in Sandy, Utah in April.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 23, 2016

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David Waldman sculls different lagoons of consciousness today to explore unexpected subjects and bring new perspectives to this weekend’s conversations and contemplations. Hop on the KITM gondola:

Will tax returns give a hint of Donald Trump’s relationship to Russians? Or his relationship to his own money? Who knows? Good reasons to release them. Getting stiffed was a great promotion for a veteran’s charity—Thanks Trump

Donald Trump’s airline use is paid by you. The beauty part is Trump gets the markup on the fuel, the salary of the staff fueling the plane, the staff inside of it. This is how America gets Great Again. The Trump campaign controls every word from prominent CNN commentator Corey Lewandowski. The Trump campaign will make certain to control every word you say, even if you are just volunteering for them.

A study in contrasts: Inside the collapse of Trump’s D.C. policy shop. A look at Hillary Clinton’s policy shop.

David takes his opinions overseas with a look at Taiwan vs. China, as an U.N. agency snubs Taiwan, by recognizing Beijing's 'one China’. Hundreds of Taiwanese living in the US joined a Taiwanese delegation in a march in New York City. What are the issues for them, and us, and the upcoming President?

Are liberals keeping immigrants, medical marijuana users, and disabled from the guns they deserve? Are gun rights for whites only?

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Kagro in the Morning - September 22, 2016

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David Waldman dives for cover as Greg Dworkin and Armando climb into the KITM ring yet again! Today the two go toe to toe over polling. Yes, Hillary Clinton holds her usual stable lead going into the debates, Trump holds his usual second place, but it’s the details (and demographics, and the organization of the campaign) that count. For instance: NC's absentee mail-in ballots trends. So, pay attention to the details, and uhm, the big picture, or a few big pictures.

Donald Trump comes up with a big-government unconstitutional gun confiscation scheme. The Media just doesn’t know how to handle Trump, although they should have had plenty of practice. A University of Tennessee professor urged motorists to run over demonstrators blocking traffic in Charlotte, N.C. The WNBA Indiana Fever team kneels in protest and solidarity. A Trump campaign official never ran into problems with racism before Obama. Meet the Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and other extremists endorsing Donald Trump. Meet a bunch of them in North Carolina!

Rosalyn MacGregor spots the insidious “conservative” pre-emption trend in Michigan, this time targeting an already-hurting Flint.

Yes, the Trump Foundation is Donald’s wallet. Trump's campaign paid his businesses $8.2 million.

At least the Enterprise car rental company leaves ALEC after public outcry.

David gives his thoughts on the arms sale to Saudish Arabia, and Rand Paul's attempt to block it. Saudis are both the arsonists and the firefighters.

Campus carry inspires a lot of University doubletalk.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 21, 2016

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Early voting has already begun. Most people, even if they haven’t voted, have already decided. But if you are still on the fence about Donald Trump being a nut and a nitwit, dishonest and a douche, David Waldman has some stuff you need to hear!

Greg Dworkin also had very important and interesting things to say, but Skype sucks. Good thing he wrote it all down and sent the links: Donald Trump is a lying liar that lies and lies, and even cheats at golf. Still, he has a better chance of being president than you, just not as much a chance as Hillary Clinton. How much less of a chance is up for grabs. The number pollsters grab depends on their “secret sauce”, the method for “correcting” polling errors. David goes deep into the analysis of polling methodology.

Donald Trump prefers to use other people’s money as his own. So, he is fine that the Trump Foundation’s biggest donor Is a high-end ticket scalper’s money, not his own. Back in 2012 Joan McCarter connected World Wrestling Entertainment, or the McMahon Foundation, or maybe just Vince and Linda McMahon to the Trump Foundation, which as far as Donald Trump’s wallet is concerned is “Donald Trump”.  Joan knows about many more liars and jerks than Donald though: Confirmed liar Mark Kirk's website lies about his military service—again! Kelly Ayotte continues to weasel her way around ties to Trump, or even opinions about him. Senate Republicans avoid voting on a budget, to avoid helping out Flint Michigan, and it’s day 220 without a vote, or a meeting, or a hearing on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.

Donald Junior also prefers to use other people’s money, so much so that he proposed to his wife in front of a jewelry store, at a mall with a free ring, for publicity. Donald Trump likes publicity sometimes as well. More than a dozen Donald Trump businesses have picked up ”Star Diamond” awards from Trump friend (whom Trump doesn’t “know that well”) Joey “No Socks” Cinque.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 20, 2016

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Did you know David Waldman is the host of Kagro in the Morning, which you can listen to LIVE, 9AM Eastern or via podcast available on iTunes, LibSyn, and other content providers including YouTube? Did you know there are a number of ways you can donate to the production of this show? Did you know the buttons for all of those things are right on this page?

Donald Trump Jr. observes that life is like a bowl of Skittles. You never know what you’re going to get, and some are in sleeper cells waiting to kill you. All this stupid inspires Clara Jeffery to tweet intelligently.

Greg Dworkin remains the voice of reason for this election, but which candidate will voters turn to when they need a trusted authority? As for the campaign, everybody chill out, Barack Obama’s got this, and Hillary has the Mo again, and btw people are starting to vote already. 

The first presidential debate is next week! But, will it matter?

A Bush tells a Kennedy he’ll vote for a Clinton. Republican insiders who fear a Trump presidency need to actively endorse the only plausible alternative.

Chris Christie, who is toast, at the moment has his friend Donald, but not many more. Journalists are becoming less of a buddy to Donald Trump, after last week’s betrayal, and are returning to being nattering nabobs of negativity.

Hillary Clinton is over-performing Obama in Latino Decisions tracking poll. Armando calls in with insight on the evolution in Cuban American voting. Everyone tries to figure out the youngs, give up, and chase them off the lawn. What would Nader do?

In a preview of Joan McCarter Wednesday, weeks of Republican infighting over whether the House should move to impeach IRS Commissioner could have ended with a vote to table the impeachment resolution

Getting wound up thinking of the upcoming vice presidential debate? Read up on Governor Mike Pence and all of his baggage.


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Kagro in the Morning - September 19, 2016
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Kagro in the Morning - September 16, 2016

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David Waldman makes it to the end of the week, with Donald Trump spiraling out of control, further into deception, dishonesty, dumb-assery, and of course rising in polls. David annotates the latest Trump Campaign press release: 

“In 2011, Mr. Trump was finally able to bring this ugly incident to its conclusion (NO) by successfully compelling President Obama to release his birth certificate (NO). Mr. Trump did a great service to the President (NO) and the country (NO) by bringing closure (NO) to the issue that Hillary Clinton and her team first raised (NO). Inarguably, Donald J. Trump is a closer (NO). Having successfully obtained (NO) President Obama’s birth certificate when others could not (NO) , Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States. (Who the F cares)”

Armando calls in for a discussion of ethics, and competence, in journalism.

The Friday #GunFAIL news: Missouri retreats from gun safety. No matter what they do, more guns on campus will end up with more bullets in the campus.

KITM welcomes Daily Kos Staff, and lawyer Josie Duffy Rice who adds her special insight to questions of criminal justice and civil rights: This cop killed a mentally ill black man. Now he's a prosecutor. (In Portland. Where there’s already some police weirdness.) An era of change comes to Florida with the defeat of Angela Corey and Jeff Ashton.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 15, 2016

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David Waldman needs to vent. Almost every day. And we like that. If we didn’t have him we’d be just a nervous mess. That is why he created KITM, Daily Kos Radio's steam whistle! Don't let our valve clog - donate today!

Greg Dworkin was hoping for 2008, but now seeing a 2012 kind of win this election. Again they are saying it’s a tight race, but what do they know? Hillary’s lead is still solid. Greg reminds us of how Obama vs. Romney looked at this time, and examines how the demographics are breaking this time aroundDon’t point your finger at millennials. If you are looking for blame, maybe you should look in the mirror, or at your neighbor maybe… actually he’s probably not your neighbor, because who’d want to hang with that guy? Why most think the country is on the wrong track, despite positive economic indicators. The politics of Hillary’s pneumonia.

Donald Trump Jr. is against releasing his dad’s tax returns because people would just ask the wrong questions. Ivanka Trump left an interview because she was asked the wrong questions. Donald will let the kids run businesses while he is president, and promises not to ask them any questions.

David moves on from that crackpot to the nitty-gritty of other scandals: At Wells Fargo (WFC -1.59%), execs got rich sandbagging clients. Sandbagger in chief Carrie Tolstedt picked up $125 million. Scott Walker earns whatever karma comes his way after taking industry money and then acting to try to retroactively block lawsuits by children harmed by lead paint. Congress rolls up its sleeves and goes to work, for Exxon.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 14, 2016

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David Waldman tries to keep it quiet, but just two minutes into KITM is forced to reveal the respiratory illness he has harbored for almost the entire morning. Will he still be able to carry out his responsibilities in the future? Maybe it’s just a little frog in his throat. Anyhow, his body double isn’t ready to take over yet.

Greg Dworkin will not be revealing anyone’s health records live, but is happy to divulge Donald Trump’s foreign business ties. The Trump foundation may not be getting press, but it is getting attention from the law. Mysteries in the files of the Donald J. Trump Foundation are being solved. All this truth might shorten the lifespan of Trump minions.  

Eeek! Donald Trump has a 5 point lead in Ohio! Calm down, maybe there is an explanation. Hillary’s still got this. Here, look at some happy charts on the economy!

Joan McCarter reminds us that Donald Trump isn’t the only deplorable game in town. There are plenty of old pros in Washington derping it up. For instance, the Freedom Caucus Maniacs are stirring up yet another plot against fellow Republicans. That doesn’t mean they are ignoring Democrats, as they are planning never-ending investigations into President Clinton. And there’s always time to screw Paul Ryan! Maybe they can resist the urge to screw the whole US with another government shutdown, even if it means improving water or halting disease, or even funding Planned Parenthood. For the first time in more than 20 years the Senate has enforced a subpoena in court. The Democrats think they might have made a mistake slipping an Obamacare provision into a bill.

Has Scott Walker’s comeuppance finally arrived?

Donald Trump said he had the tallest building after 9/11.  He lied.

Trump promised to personally pay… Oh you already guessed the rest.

At least he has a got an excuse about that tax thing.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 13, 2016

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David Waldman defends the KITM Throne of All Fun from all challengers, while simultaneously sitting on the Thrones of Truth, Fairness and a balanced breakfast.  

Donald Trump gets bailed out of debts by equally orange billionaire Stewie Rah Rah. Maybe Stewart feels a closeness with Donald based on some shared experience or two.  

Greg Dworkin reviews Hillary Clinton’s rough week. Mike Pence almost faints when asked if David Duke is deplorable. Clinton was correct on Trump’s deplorables, she was also brilliant to mention them, as Donald Trump reminds us each day, and his followers remind the press constantly. The media still continues to botch the election. Watch Hillary drink water!

Even so, Hillary Clinton holds her narrow lead, which is wider than it looks. Donald Trump tries to math his way to a win through the rust belt, which might work for him if Hillary just stopped and quit right now. How did conservatives lose the Gop

David Fahrenthold told us how Donald Trump retooled his charity to spend other people’s money. David Waldman follows the money and giant novelty checks, from charity to charity, philanthropist to philanthropist, although $0 from Donald Trump’s pocket. Donald Trump puts what’s important first—and it's not running for president.

Roger Stone has his idea of what’s important. The Brothel’ that gave birth to Rupert Murdoch. Inside the Beaverbrook Brothel.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 12, 2016

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If only everybody took the weekend off like David Waldman, the world would be a better place. But no, and now look what happens:

Hillary Clinton is diagnosed with pneumonia, maybe a classic case of walking pneumonia, which could be caused by many things, and have different levels of severity.

Greg Dworkin says what you saw with Ms. Clinton was Syncope, a temporary loss of consciousness followed by spontaneous recovery, or in nonmedical quarters, fainting. George W. Bush fainted, his dad fainted, as have a more than a few others.

Let’s move on. Even Donald Trump wants to get back to the basket of deplorables narrative. Hillary Clinton was Politically Incorrect, but she wasn't wrong, and was actually being correct and accurate about a significant group. Who does ‘basket of deplorables’ actually alienate? Basket aficionados? Look for “Trump Baskets” to be on sale soon.

Is Trump Buchanan 2.0? Some Trump supporters long for the days of Bill. Millennials love Obama, but he isn’t running and they aren’t sure what to do

In news that won’t bother Trump supporters, and won’t surprise anyone else, Trump set up his charities to give away other’s money and to claim the credit for himself.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 9, 2016

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David Waldman believes that “an informed electorate is the cornerstone of democracy”, or something like that. What way to best serve his country’s national interest then, but to give his listeners two hours full of information to mull over the weekend?  

Who does he think he is, Bjorn Nittmo? Sadly the actual Bjorn Nittmo is suffering from CTEchronic traumatic encephalopathy, a disease affecting those receiving brain injuries, from football players to domestic violence victims.

Donald Trump Jr. may be dumber than his old man. Junior, and Infowars say Hillary Clinton wore an earpiece during the recent candidate forum. They are wrong.  However, Fox News did hack Media Matters’ phones, possibly others, maybe yours.

Gretchen Carlson is getting 20 million dollars because of her sexual harassment lawsuit with Fox News. Donald Trump has been involved in 169 different federal lawsuits, including one for sexual assault, for $125 Million. The woman in the case is not staying quiet, and can be found on twitter.

What’s with Donald Trump’s obsession with beauty pageants? Or stashing illegal immigrant models around town? What about

Facebook declares Vietnam war pictures are “nudes”, and deletes them, including a post made by the Norwegian Prime Minister.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 8, 2016

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Tune in today to figure out what’s bugging David Waldman on today’s KITM, then contact him ASAP, he’s getting pretty itchy.

The co-host of NBC Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, Matt Lauer, “moderated” a Commander in Chief Forum with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, pleasing no one, as twitter noted. (See even more griping on the Abbreviated Pundit Round-up!) Greg Dworkin, however found a lot to analyze, especially in how pundits differ on their coverage of the candidates. The New York Times cuts, pastes then cuts and pastesthroughout the night.  

The polls are tightening, but the election is still going to Hillary. The volatile voter range is 18-34 year olds. Do they need their president to know what Aleppo is?

Donald went full Trump last night. (Never go full Trump.) Should he be graded on a curve? Or should he be arrested? So, how might Donald Trump herald nuclear Armageddon? Find out more on the August 8 podcast of Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny!

David explores the The long and twisted relationship between Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

Keeping up on petty Republican vendettas, David looks into the Gop snits over the Democratic Gun Sit-in, and the Obama/Iran payment transfer.

Remember Evan McMullin? If so, you might be wondering who Nathan Johnson is.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 7, 2016

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David Waldman can’t help but notice that little cough you had lately.  Are you OK?  Are you sure it’s just a cough? Maybe you should have an attorney general check out your tonsils over drinks.

Luckily, Greg Dworkin is in the house, and it looks like you have insuranceonly 8.6% do not. Greg takes the nation’s temp and feels no dead heat. Well, maybe in Arizona, but that’s a dry heat.

As we roll into the final stretch, Greg talks polls, registered voters vs. the upcoming likely voter polling, what facets to ponder, and which secret sauces still need to simmer a bit.

Not just polls, but economic models are leaning Clinton. Meet the statistician whose beautiful mind is the invisible guiding hand for the Clinton campaign.

It appears that Donald Trump and Pam Bondi are more BFFs than they let on. The IRS may look into their relationship.

Dallas, Texas sees only one serious candidate running and picks their first Democrat in over 75 years.  

Here is a look at where the sick minds of conspiracy theorists and trolls intersected, at Sandy Hook.

Joan McCarter joins David in banging their heads on the wall over stupid, frustrating Congressional politics, over Republican vengeance on the Democratic gun sit-in, over Republicans poisoning Zika funding,  and doing as little as possible in order to sabotage Hillary Clinton's first 100 days. Marco Rubio continues being a hypocrite, and Paul Ryan stays worthless.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton gave a major speech on National Security.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 6, 2016

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David Waldman welcomes you all back from your three day weekend! (Two and a half for David after he produced Monday’s special KITM.)

Greg Dworkin salutes Phyllis Schlafly, a brilliant strategist who employed her talent to the wrong ends, but nonetheless someone we can all learn from

Greg and David talk RVs vs. LVs, how that might worry some, but not us smarties

I, personally, was like 50 feet from Hillary Clinton this weekend, but you don’t see me posting a headline about her coughing. Here’s five reasons why the media are piling on Clinton and giving Trump a pass. Does  a preference for Clinton throw journalists off their game? Dems bed-wet on minority/millennial outreach.

Donald Trump dismisses questions about his donating to Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, but somehow that doesn’t stop questions from being asked. David looks into the details.

Other than having attractive women lining up in little clothing fighting for his attention and gratitude, what does Donald Trump see in beauty pageants? Ivanka Trump: ‘No Way’ is my father sexist, because he hired me. Melania Trump also needs to explain her hiring. Donald Trump lives large on the donors’ dime

Over your nausea of last week’s Roger Ailes news? Act II of the Ailes saga may have just begun. Ailes lawyers up with the Right’s favorite lawyer.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 5, 2016

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Simple and straightforward today: In an all-new (but previously recorded) show, I share more detail and thoughts on the “investor-state dispute settlement” (ISDS) system, thanks to the excellent reporting of Chris Hamby and David Dayen. Two solid hours of solid reporting. And me, interrupting it!

It’s a topic that deserves all that time and more. And there will doubtless be more to come, too. I warn you now.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 2, 2016

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David Waldman takes us to the Labor Day weekend. Ride a bike, eat a hotdog, and even enjoy a special all-new, pre-recorded KITM show!

Will we still have hotdogs once there are taco trucks on every corner? Are votes on immigration moved by facts or feelings? When does Donald Trump’s speeches segue from hard-edged to hate speech? What happens when someone bases a campaign around “victims helpless before a looming threat from dangerous, predatory outsiders”?

Greg Dworkin does not view this as a “Jump Ball” election. Here are tips for reading polls like a pro. Meanwhile, one side is smiling, the other side is sweating. A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. Donald Trump’s black outreach is a scripted, one on one, post-edited, infomercial, rather than risking a press conference. Hillary Clinton doesn’t like press conferences either.

Read this blockbuster exposé of Roger Ailes in New York magazine. You won’t be able to put it down—David couldn’t, and he was doing his show at the time! Ailes doesn’t work at Fox anymore, Corey Lewandowski still works at CNN, but the two will be helping Donald Trump prep for the debates.  

Here’s some stuff to thumb through while the grill heats up: In 1838, Georgetown University sold 272 people to a plantation. Georgetown hopes to make up for their legacy by giving admissions preference to the slaves’ descendants

A parallel legal universe, open only to corporations and largely invisible to everyone else, helps executives convicted of crimes escape punishment. Part one of a series!

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Kagro in the Morning - September 1, 2016

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Armando visited KITM today. He talked with David Waldman for the entire show, but by the end they’d only scratched the surface of WTF is wrong with Donald Trump and media coverage of Trump and Hillary Clinton:

Yesterday, Trump went to Mexico, found a hand smaller than his, stood at a podium and did stuff just like a president.

However, he didn’t get a flag, he didn’t didn’t get a wall, and came off a little less alpha than some hoped.

So, Trump went back to the US, where people believe what he says, especially the New York Times, which tried a couple times to describe his 75 minute Klan rally, and Donald’s big pivot. He did solidify Latino support, though.

Anyhow, it’s back to usual for the news, as those big stories wander away.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 31, 2016

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David Waldman brings us some not #GunFAIL Florida news for once: Debbie Wasserman Schultz wins her primary, and Angela Corey and Jeff Ashton both lose.

Some rightist is concerned that Hillary Clinton’s anti-Alt-Right speech will somehow strengthen the Alt-Right.

Today Donald Trump hops on his plane with a briefcase full of Trump Tower Grill gift certificates, in hopes of meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Trump will leave a trail of unpaid bills so he can find his way home.

Trump Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon, who doesn’t live where he votes, moved to where he does not live. Bannon helped people living and working in Biosphere 2 to feel even more trapped.

Former Trump models say that they violated Immigration rules and worked illegally.

Joan McCarter steers the discussion away from creepy jerks to focus upon the rest of the jerk spectrum: Pressure grows in Maine to make somebody do something about Paul LePage. The Freedom Caucus jerks leave the Republican Study jerks, and the Republican House maniacs plot the political ruin of Paul Ryan.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 30, 2016

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Once the video version of KITM is introduced, you will be able to enjoy David Waldman’s editorial side-eye. Until then you can only imagine:

The National Anthem is the latest hot-take moment, but protesting during it has been a sports tradition for a long, long time. Donald Trump figures there’s room to ship Kaepernick out with the Muslims and the Mexicans.

Greg Dworkin will fight anyone that doesn’t agree the Marvin Gaye cover of the National Anthem is the greatest of all time. But back to Trump, who is chipping away at Hillary’s lead. Greg says whatevs, with the polarized electorate it is still a blowout.

With that writing on the wall, Trump forces move to delegitimize the Clinton presidency, the media, voting, courts, government, etc. Colin Powell’s foundation and Hillary Clinton’s are treated very differently by the media. Donald Trump blames the media for his lies. The AP pimps out its tweets to make money for the side it respects. In an effort at even-handedness, Facebook starts trending fake news. The New York Post is at least more self-honest.

The Clinton Foundation is quite different from the Trump Foundation, on the other hand, the Clinton Foundation works like Washington works all the time.

Race relations are getting worse due to tribalism. An accent, or home town can cause discrimination.

In today’s conspiracy news, along with hacking one side’s computers, and leaking one side’s emails, Russian hackers have been tied to state election systems, if not to rig the election system, then to increase the suspicion of a rigged system. But, even hackers make mistakes.

Did you know that about the time I started doing these summaries, listenership of Kagro in the Morning shot straight up? OK, possibly, maybe a coincidence. Nonetheless, we are all glad you showed up, and remember, if you like the show, tell your friends to tell their friends that they should start listening too!

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Kagro in the Morning - August 29, 2016

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David Waldman declares a winner in the 2016 presidential election, just not on the record. In the meantime KITM has some new awful things about Donald Trump, because Donald turns out more awful each day. At least 110 Republican leaders won’t vote for Donald Trump. Here’s when they reached their breaking point. In-between choking and divorcing his wife, Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon complained about Jews. Dr. David Duke is not “Dr. Love”. 

Greg Dworkin reminds us that it ain’t over till it’s over. Or maybe it is over. For the AP, Trump & Clinton will always be neck and neck. Here’s how the AP should have written its Hillary Clinton article. This is why Hillary Clinton doesn’t do press conferences. Here is Hillary Clinton's anger translator.

Like most of the crap Trump pulls, this guy raises a million bucks off of saps in a generally legal fashion. Trump’s own site won't let some cancel recurring donations.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick reacts to racism, people react to that. Perhaps he was listening to the National Anthem long mix. Are you racist for noticing racism?

In case you wondered, Donald Trump’s wall will be equipped with the latest in Tunnel technology.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 26, 2016

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David Waldman concludes this week’s KITM birthday bacchanalia just in time to commence the weekend revelry.

Maine apologizes to the world, the world apologizes to Maine for Paul Dick LePage. LePage doesn’t believe he’s racist, but is quite certain you are an (expletive). 

Greg Dworkin applauds Hillary Clinton’s latest ass-kicking speech, in which she points out that Donald Trump is a racist, supported by bigots, but Republicans don’t have to be Trumpists if they don’t want to be. Will the Republicans remain Trumpers after 2016? Donald Trump doesn’t want to be so Trumpish anymore, angering his Trumpiest voting bloc, betraying Ann Coulter, and quashing his chances of a baby being named Trump Palin.

A Russian mob-linked fan of Trump’s not “being an indebted politician” gives him $5,400 up front, then follows up with a visit for “confidential” reasons. 

Stephen Bannon, the Most Dangerous Political Operative in America, doesn’t really live where he votes from. A thing that his former employer had a thing about. Meanwhile Breitbart moves to France.

An Egyptian Agitator hosts crazy orgy levitating Breitbart-like tent revivals for CPAC at his house, and wants you to picture what they could be like. What will Fox be like without sexual harassment? Donald Trump’s ‘Apprentices’ had to agree to go nude.

Is Putin trying to horn in on the Egypt action?

St. Louis school sees 90% of their students' attendance increase because of washing machines.

Barack Obama makes a land-sea-air grab of one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

It’s a Vagenda of Manocide!

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Kagro in the Morning - August 25, 2016

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David Waldman’s, and Armando’s birthday is today. Mine is tomorrow! Mere coincidence, or perhaps evidence of an almost incomprehensible web of power and influence? Play it safe, donate now on the above buttons and we might look upon you kindly when the time comes.

Greg Dworkin (Whose birthday is not this week. Hmm... ) told us about the 400% increase in EpiPen pricing. One day after his report, EpiPen pricing is discounted!

The AP’s poorly written and researched, clearly misleading story on the Clinton Foundation is being reviewed negatively by many, and feels like an October Surprise, but not much of a scandal. The latest Clinton email scandal is also not a scandal. But now, Donald Trump has a script, and he’s staying on it, although he doesn’t really have any policies, or even a campaign to work with.

David and Armando finish out the show by borrowing Glenn Beck’s chalkboard, and connecting all of the evil, and all of the good dots betwixt Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation, David Rubenstein, The Carlyle Group, and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts!

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Kagro in the Morning - August 24, 2016

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David Waldman starts out KITM needing to debug his computer, finishes with debugging the family car, and in between:

Senator Joe Manchin’s daughter innovates the price of EpiPens 400%, pats herself on the back with a 600% raise.

Greg Dworkin brings his medical knowledge into the discussion, along with memories of EpiPen’s recently departed market competitor, the Auvi-Q auto-injector. But what about Donald Trump? Nothing is in Trump’s way of releasing his tax returns, no challenge clearing up his stance on immigration, and no problem with his polls, once you are able to see his undercover Trump voters.

Greg looks at the latest polling, indicating new battleground states, and discusses the methodologies and acceptance of the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times tracking poll, and the St. Leo University poll.

Armando pities the nonsensical fool (Greg’s) perceived support, and dissing of, certain polls and the hypocrisy of faux Goo-goos.

Joan McCarter visits to catch us up on House and Senate news. Check out the state-of-the-art  Daily Kos Elections page! Chances of taking the Senate, and maybe even booting Chuck Grassley are at 60%. Joan reports on several fronts of the Republican war on voting.  

With 500 Zika-infected pregnant women in the US, an opportunity to attack Barack Obama arises for Republicans.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 23, 2016

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David Waldman has some news for you today. Turns out, Donald Trump is pretty much a louse. That is, he’s a small parasitic insect, as well as a contemptible, unpleasant person. Sad!

Donald Trump jacked up his campaign’s Trump Tower rent once somebody else was paying it. Donald Trump sticks with the Trump brand, and Trump profits, throughout his campaign. Corey Lewandowski has his hand out too. The Trump campaign avoids black voters because Trump voters tend to avoid black people.

The Clinton Foundation could be shut down for resembling impropriety, shutting down the good it does as well.

In Texas, the Republican-led state legislature slashed funding to reproductive healthcare clinics, and the maternal mortality rate doubled.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 22, 2016

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David Waldman, only gone for a week, now comes back to such a different world. Donald Trump, Trumped by nimble navigators, serves up pivot cakes, passes out Play-Doh, and creates a safe space for bigots and racists, who are now free at last from political correctness. John Stoehr has about a hundred questions not being asked about Hillary Clinton.

Greg Dworkin is back too, with news and polls. Why is Donald Trump sticking with a 1980’s style campaign? Trumpism is a politics of loss and revenge, but what do Trumpists really want? A white nationalist media empire? A lifestyle magazine? A golf course? Or just to watch the world burn? Whatever it is, Donald will take a piece of it home.

Aw, a 12 year old Trump, isn’t he cute?

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - August 21, 2015 airing August 19, 2016

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An "encore performance" of our August 21, 2015 episode!

David Waldman shares a recipe for the most phallic possible food-on-a-stick. No, really. Along with thoughtful, in-depth political, constitutional, and polling analysis and discussion. Really.

Greg Dworkin: Donald Trump wins! And wins. And Democrats lose, even if Hillary Clinton wins.

But, that doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton is a loser.

Presidential regrets, they had a few.

Nuclear stuff, climate, are among things scientists smart about.

David examines the long history of and battles to repeal Birthright Citizenship.

Undercover police regularly spy on Black Lives Matter.

Algorithms regularly spy on you.

Woman being attacked by dog, so police taze & shoot her.

Bull penises - not just for humans!

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - August 20, 2015 airing August 18, 2016

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An "encore performance" of our August 20, 2015 episode!

David Waldman invites you to check out Deez Nuts, gives advice on how to manage a large endowment, and even examines some very interesting polls with Greg Dworkin: Joe Biden wins!

Greg reminds us that unalienable rights are fragile and could evaporate with the next shuffle of the supreme court. Trump ideas are not new, and have been under the surface for a while. "Certain Loser" lawsuit against the president strengthened by a supreme court decision.

A Republican president won't touch Obamacare.

Steve King'€™s big mouth finally cost him something.  

Are Deez Nuts a real challenge to Donald Trump?

Professor, Author Ian Reifowitz is David's guest and discusses the philosophical and practical reasons of where and when to invest your votes and political support.

How low will Iran Deal opponents go?

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - August 19, 2015 airing August 17, 2016

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An "encore performance" of our August 19, 2015 episode!

David Waldman today covers the entire gamut from principled birthers to extreme extremists: Guy decides to guard a muslim-free gun shop and finds the exact target to bulls-eye in under 20 minutes! Eagle One sad to be painted as hillbilly.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the Horse Race Headlines - then explains how the articles’ contents are completely different: Tightening, surging, landslide or mandate. Favorable, unfavorable, vs don’t know because it’s August?

Greg and Armando analyze the polling data, move Trump from “impossible” to “not impossible.”

What Trump gets about the electorate. Trump coagulates!

What Trump does not get about the Latino electorate.

Armando discusses what classifies as classified.

Joan McCarter comes on when lawmakers are out, but plenty still happening: Hillary Clinton dislikes stupid questions as much as anyone, but unfortunately under different rules.

David & Joan pick the least-phallic-food-on-a-stick. The West burns! Fires can be caused by target practice - especially with flamethrowers.

Planned Parenthood finally goes on offense.

Donald Trump done with the loser amendment - is followed by the herd.

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - August 18, 2015 airing August 16, 2016

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An "encore performance" of our August 17, 2015 episode!

David Waldman’s Kagro in the Morning 1/2 off Back-to-School Special!

What’s up with Salon, anyway?

Greg Dworkin, perhaps sensing the oncoming streaming crash on today’s show, calls in early to discuss his round up of topics: Donald Trump will be the nominee if GOP voters decide he’s electable.

Or - Donald Trump will be like Biden and Gore?

Xenophobia is on the ticket.

Birthers would like 4 candidates off the ticket.

How can a contender be regarded as the most interesting man on the political landscape instead of just another vote-grabbing chump?

David discusses and examines the first Black Lives Matter amendment.

Kentucky Governor trolls Virginia.

John Lott poses as women on chat rooms and articles, gets caught twice, keeps his job at Fox.

Misunderstood Icons, George Zimmerman and the Confederate Flag, join forces.

Also, Buzzfeed and Humanoids! All on the complete podcast - listen here if you think you missed any on the live show!

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - August 17, 2015 airing August 15, 2016

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An "encore performance" of our August 17, 2015 episode!

Please, do not misconstrue anything David Waldman says as a invitation for you to picture Donald Trump naked: Suck-up scores picture with eccentric billionaire super hero.

Greg Dworkin describes his feelings about the GOP in 2016: Donald Trump, a very rich man, reminds us that Jeb! is a money puppet. Trump debuts his plan to get rid of losers.

Hillary Clinton’s Wing Ding stem-winding barn-burner.

The Butter Cow abides. Clinton still has inevitable problems.

Donald Trump, a very busy man, is a winner that phones it in.

ATT & NSA know everything that you phone in.

Homeland Security is confirmed monitoring and tracking black activists, defining (to its satisfaction) “Professional Demonstrator.”

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David Waldman says he will be “on vacation” next week. He might be being sarcastic, but he still won’t be here. David and KITM return August 22! 

Donald Trump gaslights the mainstream media, and his surrogates, representatives, and supporters, again, with “sarcasm”. 

Greg Dworkin and the polls assure us that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump remain several points and hundreds of miles apart. Many people are saying that Hillary will win, and Donald will lose. So, is it too soon to sample the yummy victory? Hillary Clinton offers no concessions to Republicans. Even Obamacare can’t rile some Republicans like it used to.

Donald Trump will have something to say today, and might pick up a few votes, but still more will understand where he is coming from, and what he actually sounds like. Trump’s crazy talk still matters. Donald Trump’s hidden vote looks to stay well hidden, although some surface now and then.

Wait, there’s more Trump crazy: Donald Trump says he gives his workers childcare, but he was wrong… but maybe he was just being sarcastic. Trump Tried To Get Bush’s Labor Secretary To Attend His Get-Rich-Quick Seminar. Trump staffer pulls a gun on colleagues, and ends up resigning.

Yes, the House is in play. David looks at the down ballot opportunities.

Simone Manuel’s Olympic gold is also a victory over swimming’s racist history.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 11, 2016

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David Waldman backs away from the mic to make way for another clash of the titans: The Greg Dworkin v. Armando debate on the evils of both-sides-ism and whether Donald Trump is crazy stupid or stupid crazy.

Inside Donald Trump’s meltdown. Hugh Hewitt gives it his best. What to remember when the “Trump Comeback” narrative begins in the media.

With both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump making the election about Donald Trump, the polls are looking very good for Hillary Clinton. 269 electoral votes—1 short of the magic number—are Likely or Safe Democratic. Is it OK for Hillary Clinton to accept endorsements from those she (and we) disagree with? What concessions should Hillary make to the Republicans at this point?

Jill Stein is not an authentic progressive alternative.

A 23rd lien was just filed against a Donald Trump-run golf club. Michael Jackson didn’t return a call for comment. In 2007, Trump was forced to face his own lies, and he did, 30 times.

But, what is Donald Trump really like?

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