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Friday is David Waldman’s therapy day. David climbs into the mind and voice of Donald Trump (with maybe just a touch of Carl Spackler) for the whole first half of KITM. Tune in to join in his primal rant:

Donald loved his previous life. He had so many good things going. He thought playing President would be even easier than playing “Trump”, but no it wasn’t. Trump thought he didn’t have to work because was so smart. He knew he was so smart because he got more money than all those others thinking they also were too smart to work. Actually, over 100 days Donald’s scam worked about as good as it always has... It is just all that extra stuff that wears him down.

Lazy scammers attract more lazy scammers. Here’s the story of Ari and Heather Rinkus, big players in the Mar-a-Lago territory. Sebastian Gorka wanted to peddle snake oil in Hungary, but now that he’s hooked up with Trump his market has expanded.

Don’t waste time sharing your anal probe stories with petty local officials! Not when there are federal agents standing by at 1-855-48-VOICE!

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Greg Dworkin, M.D., advocate, activist, and budding foley artist, aspires to be a Senate procedural expert. If you do too, today’s KITM is a great place to start! David Waldman leads today’s “Understanding the Tax Reform Process” seminar touching on the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, which contains the Byrd Rule, which brings a sunset provision to when the reconciliation process can and cannot be used, which is all very interesting for those interested in playing by the rules

Donald Trump has no particular intention to follow or not follow rules. He’ll do what we make him do, eventually, or just change the rules. Greg rounds up the stories of us Trump wranglers. Then there are the Trump supporters, ruining America for all of us. You can damage your brain reading what they say they believe, or just cut to the chase with Armando. Honestly, some of them are idiots. Lucky for us Democrats are all smart and unified.

The Trump Tax Plan is so well written, it can fit on a single sheet of toilet paper

Is Ivanka really, officially setting up a bribery fund, or not quite officially? Is Donald really breaking up the 9th circuit court, or in his dreams? Is he bored with blowing up North Korea? Is he terminating NAFTA, or maybe not? Is this an f***ing game? Wait—is the Troll Administration’s 4 Chan staffers maybe pulling our leg for… the LULZ? The entire Senate sits on a whoopee cushion. Justice John Roberts has no sense of humor.

Physicians show interest in the health of their patients.

Jesse Watters takes some time off to be with his family, if they haven’t already left him for a better microphone.

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NAFTA, taxes, health care, sanctuary cities,  shutting down the governmentending  the world. Donald Trump doesn’t need 100 days to get those things done. He just needs the next couple.

For David Waldman, a regular guy with regular hands, all of this is too much to handle alone. Lucky for him, and us, Greg DworkinArmando and Joan McCarter join in today!

The “Why doesn’t somebody just say...” contingent sticks with Trump as that is pretty much Donald’s entire governing/management process.  Greg points out that particular cohort isn’t growing and is becoming less relevant anymore.

Trump fixed Trumpcare, and the Freedom Caucus is now behind it 100%, except for the Obamacare parts they are keeping for themselves. Anyhow, repealing Obamacare could violate international law. It pays to read the fine print. Insurers aren't falling for Trump's sabotage efforts, yet. Democrats are feeling a renewed vigor over Obamacare, as Trumpcare tanks.

Trump fixes taxes the way he always has, by not paying them. Like climate change, negative action now will reap even more negative consequences later. Trump's Obamacare sabotage threat could cost the government $2.3 billion next year. Republicans move forward with a spending bill that excludes Trump's new border wall funding. Trump has to have that wall now, although later will do.

Jesse Watters saw a bj on the internet once, and has an idea of what they look like. Chris Cillizza ’s Ivanka. Ivanka ♥’s rampant corruption.  David offers us 🌹.

Trump decides to hop on the worldwide bigotry bandwagon, but Armando and federal judges in Hawaii, Maryland, and California do not see this as a difficult decision. A judge sees the Sanctuary Cities Order as "clearly unconstitutional", Trump never liked the constitution anyhow. Soon he will hate conservative judges. Why doesn’t somebody just say...

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Alas, the fake media has not seen Humpty Dumpty change position on his WALL... yet. Give him time. He might decide to move it to the Wisconsin/Canadian border, once North Korea finally decides to pony up for it. In the meantime, here’s David Waldman’s collection of news and stories to enjoy and consider in between the times Donald blows something up. You know Trump is insane, right?

The Trump Wall is supposed to stop human trafficking etc, Donald definitely is aware of this problem, but he let one villain slip through his fingers. Tim Nolan might traffic some children, but he has loved a couple black ones to death, and occasionally dresses in Klan robes, so…

Ivanka wanted to talk about economic empowerment of women, not her dad groping them, nor how her new political power is part of her own economic empowerment. The Trump White House offers economic empowerment to many, if they know where to look for it. For instance, a donor’s son found opportunities waiting for him at NSC meetings in Venezuela. Trump condos could pose “potential conflict”—does Donald seem the guy to leave money on the table?

David gives us a taste of GunFAIL with a couple of stories: Columnist M.D. Harmon taught the finer points of proper gun-handling to a young man in his basement. After killing his wife, Tex McIver was told to remove all the guns from his house, including that one in his sock drawer.

KWWL doesn’t do “fake news” about Stand Your Ground, but it isn’t really “factual” either.

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Don’t you wish it was harder to find things to make fun of? Or, at least easier to find something rational to talk about in this world? Either way, David Waldman has you covered, for a couple of hours each day. By the way, Donald Trump is nucking futs. It’s just so hard not to stare, and almost impossible to look away. As we near 100 years days of this administration, Trump’s approval is at record lows, but isn’t that what makes him great?

If you really wanted eloquence and intelligence there was plenty to see at your local March For Signs. What’s so important about science? Greg Dworkin, at times an advocate and activist for science, tells us today is the day to act

Trump and his gang can’t shake down Mexico, so we’ll have to do. How much longer will bullying work? Was Trump elected due to the media’s compulsion for symmetry? Should the Democrats also consider the media the enemy?  

In France it’s Macron vs. Le Pen for this important week. Trump likes anti-semites, and their dads.

The media’s been pretty good to Bill O’Reilly. Fox has long been a sanctuary for wayward lechers… since maybe Steve Doocy, although some think it originated with Roger Ailes. Now, even dim-wit Sean Hannity is catching up. But no, that sticky trail leads across the ocean to The Beaverbrook Brothel, and Rupert Murdoch!

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David Waldman, author of “KITM: Art of the 3 figure Deal”, brings us the story of people who actually figured out how to really make it big in this business. It’s amazing what one can do when not burdened by the overbearing weight of excess scruples. David explores Media Matters’ report on how is the communications arm of the Mercers' empire. Matthew Gertz’ tweet storm provides many more details.

Many can dream, but nobody can grift like a Trump. Germany catches Ivanka fever. Ivanka moonlights as various United States representatives while repping her wares.

What do you know? Jason Chaffetz is stepping down from Congress as early as Friday. Christina Wilkie at the Huffington Post is crowdsourcing an investigation into Trump’s inaugural donors and you can help!

This weekend you can follow Donald P. Trump’s twitter countdown/conniption to 100 days in office, or you can read up on a name you’ll soon be reading up on: Ezra Cohen-Watnick, bagman for Devin Nunes and pal of Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner.

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David Waldman has not yet divulged the broadcast location of KITM Worldwide’s summer headquarters, but it looks like Donald Trump is heading to New Jersey for his fun in the sun.

Greg Dworkin calls applesauce on how the American press covers Trump. It’s the narrative, stupid. Greg’s got your narrative right here. Trump remains bold, unpredictable, unpopular, and shockingly ignorant. Trump’s Armada dodge didn’t fool anyone. Reluctant Trump voters are becoming even less enthusiastic, especially on Trumpcare. Paul Ryan’s healthcare idea is about as old as he is. Some Republicans think they are approaching a deal, some think they are even further apart.

Hey, what was that recent Tax March about? Were they “pro-tax” or “anti-tax”? It seemed just ambiguous… Now what is the March for Science about? People might get the idea with these marches that Trump might be harmful in general.  

Jeff Sessions hasn’t got around to filling any of the US attorney positions he purged. Trump and Devin Nunes coördinated effort to manufacture an excuse for Trump’s tweeting is still causing some troubleJason Chaffetz and Nunes would rather throw themselves under the bus than have Trump do it.

The guy that recommended Rex Tillerson to Trump for Secretary of State must be pleased with his job performance so far. Putin’s government think tank drew up a plan to swing the election to Donald Trump. Why would the FBI ever suspect Carter Page was a Russian agent? The Trump family's worst scandal may be actually be China. China has got the Ivanka Fever.

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David Waldman is back—but his back isn’t. He threw that out a week ago. We can all smile through the pain today knowing Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter are here to help carry the KITM load.

The Trump Armada is being tracked by everybody in the world, but nobody told Donald. The USS Carl Vinson is not turning as fast as Trump’s whims. The supercarrier is named after Representative Carl Vinson, whom Greg assures us is a man as interesting and as real as Newton Minow. Also lost: Bill O’Reilly, though most people jumped that ship long ago. Speaking of jumping ship, bye to rat Jason Chaffetz

Greg reveals the contours of modern America, as Jon Ossoff almost closes out the competition in Georgia. Now we get a lot of panicked spin on the way to the run-off. The biggest winners in Georgia are the people pointing out that the biggest loser is Trump. So, other than new drapes and a judge, what has he got to show for his 100 days? Not much. The more Trump vacations, the more he profits.

Where might Democrats find the next Georgia 6? Trump’s Wisconsin win was an aftershock of the Great Recession. Two months in a row of 30 thousand retail jobs lost. As the jobless rate rises, so do drug overdoses. You connect the dots.

Joan tells us how House Republicans could force the government to shut down in the Senate over coal miners’ health benefits. The House wins an Obamacare lawsuit—a critical step in their goal to screw poor people. David and Joan discuss the lawsuit on Trump’s violation of the foreign emoluments clause.

But—all of the above distracts from Russia! Erik Prince is under investigation for money laundering, ties to Chinese intelligence, and brokering mercenary services, and Paul Manafort recently received loans from various Trump-tied businesses.

Going to a big march this weekend? If you see these guys, march over to a new spot.

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David Waldman goes it alone today—but for the price of admission, you also get David’s renowned “Donald Trump” impression, and his curiously similar “Jeff Session”. Enjoy all three!

Ivanka's company won approval for Chinese trademarks on the same day she dined with President Xi. A year ago news like that would be shocking. Today, it would be a kind of letdown to seeDaily Kos Radio Trump avarice pass on such an easy mark.

The British secret service, and Armando, and several others, have been saying that Donald Trump owes Russia for keeping him off the streets in 2008. Donald won’t say. He won’t tell you anything. But his taxes will be audited automatically every year. Thanks Dick!

Trump exceeds South Korea’s expectations, and intentions, with what’s-his-name over in North Korea.

Historically, when Fascists pop up, Anti-Fascists do too, and they are all coming to your next demonstration. David relates how Neil carries on the Gorsuch family ideology.

An FSU student’s new rifle accessories accidentally shot his friends. A bill to allow guns at colleges and in airports is rejected. The Steube vows to carry on.

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There was almost unbearable tension this weekend, watching the minutes tick by, waiting to see if today is the day we would become a stronger, bigger, better nation than ever before. Thank you Melania. Donald’s egg roll sucked. Korean War II is still coming, by the way.

David Waldman, always remaining in character, brings us week 13 of The Presidential Apprentice

Greg Dworkin rounds up this weekend’s resistance. Tax marchers marched in over a dozen cities. Republicans go to town halls to hate on Trump. Four takeaways from the recent town halls. Trump followers aren’t changing, but Trump voters do evolve. The Republican party would like you to give Donald a few more chances, as they take themselves hostage. Here are five hurdles to avoiding a government shutdown.

Corporate America is uniting on climate change, but not on Trump’s side.

Like Donald P. Trump, Paul Manafort has deep ties to Russia, and wants to get some with China.

Did historians miss the rise of deplorables? China did not plan on two crazy nit-wits.


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Still reading this? Great! There is a good chance you haven’t been vaporized yet! So what better time than Korean War II to catch a brand new pre-recorded KITM as David Waldman scoots his family off to an undisclosed location.

Donald Trump seems like he’s on vacation, but he’s hard at work making new crazy enemies and opportunistic friends. The Koch Brothers find their chance to move their troops into position.

If Republicans are so shackled to partisanship that they’ll follow Trump anywhere, maybe they’ll also elect a progressive millennial woman if she puts an (R) next to her name?

An Alabama Senator appointed by disgraced ex-governor Robert Bentley might be the next to lose his job. David sees similarities to the case of former Senator Roland Burris, appointed by disgraced ex-governor Rod Blagojevich. Burris thought he was a Senator and all, but In fact, he was not, and could not be unless he was administered the oath of office. This January, Oregon Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader was elected, but could not serve until he was sworn in. Hey! The Senate could have confirmed Merrick Garland using that logic! Oh well.

A law professor comes out of retirement to save democracy.


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Skiing for Passover this year? Consult your Rabbi, or listen to David Waldman on today’s KITM for the latest in holiday recreation. Unfortunately, Jared’s absence left Donald on his own for a few days, so he wasn’t sure what not to think, which will make America great again...

Did Donald Trump do nothing, or everything wrong—or right? Greg Dworkin knows, and enlightens us with ever-evolving audio fidelity as he artisanally hand-levels his new mic. Donald is turning a into standard right wing Republican—as his side job of course. There is a big difference between Trump and Trumpism.

Tribalism shmibalism, there is a big difference between Republicans and Democrats. We need to pay attention, even in red states. 75% want to make Obamacare work, not destroy it. Even the Gop want to get rid of Sean Spicer. Oh, and Ben Carson's still around, stuck in an elevator somewhere.

One thing is certain: Daily Kos is back, baby. David Nir calls all grassroots hands on deck.  

Greg updates us on Glocks vs. Docs.

The United Airlines story becomes more horrific.  Fly another airline, or take your chances.

So, what's the difference between Lincoln and Hitler? Armando thinks he knows. Yep, Trump owes Russia, bigly. And so does Paul Manafort. And Carter Page. David and Armando continue their investigation of the White House Easter Egg Roll Scandal.

Trump lacked key players for his meeting with the Chinese in Mar-a-loco, but he did have the greatest most beautiful salmonella.

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We lost last night—Yay! 2018 has got to start somewhere, and a Kansas loss is still great when we are heading in the right direction. Soon, it will be harder for Trump to lie his way out of upcoming elections. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin go over the election details, congratulating Daily Kos supporters for making this happen.

Donald Trump is the kind of a-hole that thinks about the upcoming miniseries depicting his presidency instead of his actual presidency. Ordering missile strikes while eating the most delicious chocolate cake might have impressed the president of ‘gina, but generally the American public remains unimpressed. Trump voters stick by him, but have the same goals as everyone, and will only forgive so long.

Well, of course there’s evidence Trump colluded with Russian intelligence. Paul Manafort picked up at least a million or so under the table.

”What have you done to make the Senate more Democratic?” is a question all Democrats should be asking.

Bill O’Reilly and his advertisers go on vacation, while they consider spending more time with their family…jk, Bill doesn’t have a family. David looks inside the old-school tabloid ‘brothel’ that gave birth to Rupert Murdoch.

Trumpcare is back and it’s still a total disaster.  Joan McCarter is back to tell us that Trump thinks Zombie Trumpcare is on track, but that's not the worst of his delusions. The Freedom Caucus and Club for Growth also are trying to kick some life into Trumpcare—again. Does Trump know his people are cooking up a tax plan that destroys Social Security? At least the Trump and Koch brothers have made nice.

Marion Correctional Institution’s computer recycling initiative a surprising success.

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David Waldman learns that he can’t turn his back on this Trump character for even a moment. David takes a long weekend and look what happened—Ivanka begs Daddy to give Syria a $100 million spanking. The problem is, Assad’s been around. Why would he pick such a conspicuously gruesome and photogenic tactic to employ at this time? It sure stumped Trump. Boy, you’d think someone could have foreseen this... Well, who knows what motivates people?

The CIA knew about Russia and Trump earlier than most knew. Spain is the new Trump/Russia story source. Yesterday it was Alexander Torshin, and Pyotr Levashov. Today, it’s Dmitry Firtash connected to Trump, Putin and Spain.

Someday an event will occur, transforming Donald into a President. Armando calls to talk egg rolling, and what it could mean for the nation. The Trumps also hosted a Seder not bothering to attend.

End of an Era: Trump Model Management is losing clients and shutting down. In other lechery, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley ended up even worse than anyone imagined, and is resigning.

United Airlines could have reaccommodated all of the other passengers on that flight, let that that one passenger keep the airliner after he was finished, and still be ahead of today.

An event did happen this weekend. One that did bring the nation closer, as so many of us joined together in sending David the #GunFAIL of the guy accidentally shooting himself at NRA headquarters.

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Wow, a whole bunch of things happened in the last few days! I know, right?

David Waldman is is ready to bring illumination and insight to all that—tomorrow. He’s on vacation today. Today you get a shiny new pre-recorded KITM, full of illumination and insight about other stuff.

For instance, Steve Bannon. He’s probably still around, although it is hard to tell… even Breitbart can’t say when he left them. The knives are still out for Bannon, his scam is getting unmasked, he continues to collect money for doing nothing, except making those lowlife connections, and introducing them to the Mercers. Bannon’s right-hand woman, Julia Hahn, follows in his shadowy footsteps, but seems much sweeter doing it.

David brings us the procedural politics feel-good story of the guy that made the 27th amendment happen—still the most recent amendment to The Constitution.

What’s at stake when the President alleges politics in intelligence and we run out of people to trust?

Think you are caught up on all of the entire Trump-Russia network? How about the Spanish connection with Trump’s Russia scandal?

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Sure, it’s easy to imagine what Stephen Bannon smells like, but it is much harder coming up with a reason for his existence. Whose hot tub did he ooze from, and why? In this pre-recorded KITM, David Waldman brings us a bit closer to the answer.

Today, Bannon is at the “tossing portmanteaus at the boss’ son-in-law” stage of his career. His choices are now quitting or being Fredoed. But back in the day he was hot stuff. 

Two reasons for his success are Robert and Rebekah Mercer.  In fact, those two are many of the reasons for his success. David checks out the new database of the Center for Public Integrity and its depiction of the web of financial ties between Bannon and the Mercers. Robert and daughter Rebekah brought us Reclaim New York, Cambridge Analytica, Donald Trump, etc., but why? David looks into the possible intentions of this eccentric billionaire cat lover to see where big self-involved money might take us.


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Today’s KITM will go down as one of the great podcasts in the history of our country. But wait until you hear what David Waldman’s got for Friday’s show! It is the origin story Stephen K. (G) Bannon, soon to go down in history… for going down in history. Bannon deserves to go away, getting rid of him is a wise choice, so of course that is not what is happening.

Greg Dworkin continues to accessorize his handsome new microphone, providing his dulcet voice and that weird little beep sound to us with a pristine clarity. Greg also provides us with the Trump supporter story to end all Trump supporter stories (hopefully). A Kentucky coal mining museum mines a rich vein of irony by switching to solar power. Eh, maybe we should be nicer to those folks sometimes. Will Republicans soon join us in wishing Hillary won?

We won’t have Devin Nunes to kick around anymore, for a while, sort of, while he decides if he’ll flip to the FBI. Don’t worry, they found worthy replacements for him. Armando calls in to talk about Greg’s wrongness on Nunes’ karma and fate so far. He is looking forward to future debates on Section 702

Can Republicans convince the Pottery Barn manager someone else dropped the Obamacare pot? Not if credible and poignant Democrats keep up the attack. Republicans love Obamacare too. And, most Americans oppose funding the border wallTrump is scrambling to roll back as many Obama-era regulations as he can before time runs out. Time could run out for everything April 28.

Trump blames Obama and Assad for the latest gas attack in Syria. Russia says “Oh yeah, you and whose army?”

Meanwhile, the Senate goes nuclear. McConnell listens to the voices, McCain wishes he didn’t do what he did. Frustration and concern overflow. Thanks!

So, This Guy has to turn over That Document. Milo and Katrina sit back and count their money.

In all of the hubbub, Donald Trump always focuses on the big picture.  Just remember, he always seems to find a way.

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David Waldman reports that the Turquoise and Scarlet-chested parrot are joining the Norwegian Blue in the bleeding choir invisible—yet another triumph of the Trump AdministrationLovely plumage though!

Greg Dworkin rounds up the polls and punditry with every one of his mellifluous tones intact, as they are now captured on a professional microphone, thanks to your generous donations!

Articles continue to be written about some sad folks pinning their hopes on Trump, but but he continues to fail, because Americans hate his agenda, and it’s based on lies.

Voting to confirm Neil Gorsuch won’t end the politicization of the courts, so what will? It looks like Neil Gorsuch is a plagiarist, as if that matters to anyone.

Trumpcare keeps rising from the dead, but ends up being worse and more unpopular each time, making single payer a stronger contender by the day. Most young Americans want their healthcare to look like Obamacare. Zombie Trumpcare is even more unlikely to get through the Senate than the original.

Joan McCarter calls in to discuss and analyze supreme court procedure with David. Jeff Merkley holds the Senate floor overnight to make the case against Gorsuch nomination, and to frustrate and concern Republicans. Republicans use “budget reconciliation” to destroy everything that has ever done anything good for most of us. Oh, and Trump signed away your internet privacy.

China’s president, and our, uh, president, are meeting at Mar-a-Lago over the weekend, and Chinese national embarrassment Guo Wengui could be there... Whose money does Donald love more?

Meanwhile, look at what Trump is doing to Iraq and Syria, if you can.

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Are you frustrated about Neil Gorsuch? Are you at Republican levels of frustration? Probably not, unless you are also frustrated about Merrick Garland, and all of the misinformation and obfuscation heading into the pretty inevitable invoking of the nuclear option this week.

David Waldman, no slouch on this particular subject, joins with Armando to discuss all things filibuster, and frustrating, where we are now and where it goes from here.

David also has to keep up with the expanding web of connections between Russia and Americans with ties to Trump, because there’s bound to be more tomorrow. The latest involves the United Arab Emirates arranging a secret meeting with Russia and the founder of Blackwater establish a back-channel line of communication between Putin and Trump!

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David Waldman begins another week, and another month of astute political observation. But first he has to pull himself away from this idiots tweets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg Dworkin shows off his new microphone cable today. If you think that’s impressive, tune in to Wednesday’s KITM to hear his new microphone! Greg recommends Independent Lens’ documentary about the Sandy Hook School Shooting, “Newtown”, on your local PBS station tonight.

Has America's “Cult of Ignorance” brought about the death of expertise? If you want to be an expert, you need to practice, and practice requires finishing it that first time. What would the Elders of Zion say about all of this fake news?

The Los Angeles Times breaks it to us: We have a dishonest President, who lies all of the time. Trump’s Presidency—and life—have been based on an ethos of narcissism, lying and racism. It still does remain tough nailing down Republicans that list those as their core values however... although it is kind of easy to see them around.

Trump is finding few in the Gop willing to act like employees, which makes the Republican majority in Congress an Illusion. Don’t count out self-absorption and hypocrisy yet—there’s still plenty to keep Donald going. Does the media owe Trump a debt of gratitude? Andy Richter comes up short on the reach-out.

Donald Trump has a lot of important things to deal with, OK? His son-in-law can pick up the slack on the national end, and the international end, when he has time. But, maybe he’s the wrong businessman to reinvent government... unless the intent is to reinvent it as a kleptocracy. The Wallace Global Fund is sick of pretending, and sick of its own elite law firm.

Don’t be mad at our Bernie brethren! Evidence is mounting that most of the trolling during the primaries and election might have been Russian Bots!

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