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David Waldman’s refrigerator is still on the fritz. It looks like probably the covfefe stopped up, and those are hand-woven to order, so it might be a while. While David consulted with his team of appliance specialists, KITM was kept on the air by the combined talents of Greg Dworkin and Armando, who covfefed the covfefe out of that covfefe.

When you thought you couldn’t dislike him more, Donald Trump pulls out of the Paris climate accord. Actually, it is hard to like Trump less, so the importance of American support for issues such as the Paris climate accord and against the roll back of the birth-control mandate for employers needs to be measured in the voting booth. Why key state polls were wrong about Trump. The Gop puts effort into getting people to like Elizabeth Warren less. The Republican party gives up everything and jumps on the Trump train. Meanwhile, progressives shake up Virginia politics, and a liberal blog called Daily Kos is the Democratic Party’s new kingmaker.

Virginia seems to have figured out how to enact voter ID laws without violating the Voting Rights Act or the Constitution, although the intent remains voter suppression. A Pennsylvania Patriot visiting our nation’s capital finds his liberty to keep and bear arms very infringed.

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Donald Trump’s trip was a disaster; a nearly perfect catastrophe for the U.S. and Europe, the world laughs at us, mocks us, and distances itself from us. No wonder White House communications director Michael Dubke is getting out before anyone finds out he works there. How does Hope HIcks do it? Good thing Hope has Donald to help her out of this mess.

Trump experiences life through the windshield of a golf cart. Donald Trump also cheats at golf. We somehow accepted that, but the rest of world has learned to not only distrust Trump, but to distrust a country capable of electing Trump. Armando is David Waldman’s guest to discuss whether Trump’s European visit has destroyed America’s 70+ year relationship with Europe. The Russians seem to have collected 'derogatory' information about Trump and associates during campaign. Jared Kushner might have heard of Russian generosity when he wanted to set up the secret back channel to solve the Syrian crisis, create world peace or something, he doesn’t remember, he had his boy take care of it.

James Comey acted on Russian intelligence he knew was fake. Steve Bannon is faking out Donald on the Paris accord.

The Gop gives the pink slip to the blue slip as another governing norm gets swept away.

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A live Memorial Day KITM today, mostly because one can’t look away for a minute from this car wreck, when this car just keeps wrecking. So, today you can catch up on the latest with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin while you watch a parade, or have your staff lay out champagne popsicles... but remember to remember.

Even as a victorious, triumphant Donald Trump returned home to fight his greatest enemy—and all of his supporters—and all Republicans, our European allies found themselves having to figure out what to do for their own defense. Angela Merkel decided Europe “really must take our fate into our own hands,” which of course means taking it out of the United State’s hands.

Do we really want a President Pence? No, but first thing’s first. When will the New York Times admit to its 2016 election coverage errors?

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner are CEO and COO of the destruction of America. Whoa, what’s that smell? Oh, it’s the stench of Jared Kushner’s treason. Jared is in it as deep as Donald, maybe deep enough to encourage him to return to a quiet life of slum-lording, and get away from super-geniusing for a while. Who is the the real string-puller behind Trump? Is Kushner the true Wunderkind/Verräter of the operation? What can we really believe about Kushner? David delves further into the Jared Kushner Russia-social media connection, and Russia’s social media war on America. This backgrounder on Kushner is so extensive, even David’s 8th grade English teacher is covered. 

Eventually, everyone related to a Trump is going to hop on the Trump gravy train. What? The Trump coat-of-arms is FAKE?

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David Waldman will probably do a Memorial Day KITM. Maybe he’ll record it, maybe the show will be live, who knows what David will do—the guy is as wild and free as the wind. One thing is certain: you will be stuck in traffic or forming burgers somewhere happy to tune into fresh illumination of the craziness around us… and by the way, there’s a new show today too!

Donald Trump, no one has been an uglier American in all history, believe me, is more than just a dumb baby, he is a national embarrassment. Der Spiegel (not The Speagle) pleads with us to get rid of Donald Trump

Of course Jared Kushner is the subject of an FBI investigation. I-told-you-sos are pouring in from everywhere, including KITM. David talks about how Kushner is now a focus in the Russian investigation, but concentrates in detail on Kushner’s casual corruption of basing his millions on squeezing pennies from people that need every penny to survive.

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Greg Gianforte picked just the worst time to “body slam a reporter (artist interpretation). Now he’s got Kagro in the Morning's attention. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin tag-team this jabroni:

It would be petty to think Fox news would cover for Gianforte, but quite prescient. Fox and Friends do attempt to come to the rescue, but eventually the Fox reporters standing right there had to say something.

It’s not just Montana men who need to be tough like Gianforte. It might seem like a high-school mindset, but when you’re a member of Congress, you accept this is the life you picked. You might go to jail, even worse, you might lose support… or votes. Yet another reason for the Gop to fret. Rick Wilson connects the rise in violence to the drive for fascist authoritarianism.

There’s more real and metaphorical wrestling matches in the news. Democrats would think they have the clear upper hand on healthcare. And, it looks as if critics of the GOP Health Care Plan were right all along. It even makes Freedom Caucus members cry a little to take insurance away from millions. But, what to think about people that consider it a good thing to reduce federal support for health coverage by $993 billion over 10 years? Here’s how the new healthcare bill confirms the asymmetry of the parties.

The good news remains all of the bad news for Republicans. Voters see Trump abusing his powers. Here is a chart showing that abusing power is the only way Trump knows how to work. It appears James Comey fell for Russian bad intelligence, leading him to screw up the Clinton email investigation. Top Russian officials discussed how to influence Trump aides last summer.

The Trumps only seek counsel from hugest, most beautiful Rabbis, yet none of those gave Jared and Ivanka permission to fly on Shabbat.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be another person disappointed by the thickness of Trump’s skull.

David catches us up on the Mar-a-Lago-underage-sex-abuse-club-fiasco.

Inconsistency in handling child gun deaths increase the agony of survivors.

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Trump figures he hit a home run. As Donald would put it... he touched the “Middle East”, and “The Jews”, and is now rounding third towards home (where he can be tagged out). David Waldman calls the play by play.

Greg Dworkin gives us a preview of all that’s waiting for Trump. The Gop is looking at nine months of failure, meanwhile the Democratic party is busy metamorphosing—while still remembering what they stand forflipping Republican seats.

Mitch McConnell remembers what Dems stand for, and isn’t interested. Almost everybody, including some Republicans, are becoming less interested in what Mitch stands for—which is destroying the lives of poor Republicans.

Ivanka doesn’t moderate Trump; she sells him to moderates. Melania and Ivanka wore veils to meet the Pope, but not headscarves in Saudi Arabia. Their base (Conservative Russians) probably appreciates this. Anyhow, Melania can’t let Donald get any ideas when she is forced to hang around with him. The Pope wishes he could dress more defensively.

Trump gave away the position of two nuclear submarines while talking to murderous dictator Rodrigo Duterte. Greg outs British intelligence agent James Bond with an anecdote revealing his code name.

If it’s Wednesday, it’s Joan McCarter day! This Wednesday is also CBO day. Joan tells us what to look for in the upcoming CBO score. It is now President Mulvaney destroying the U.S., which isn’t to say that Trump is not a liar that hates his own voters, because he is. The Gop is full of lying haters, those like Mitch McConnell just don’t broadcast that. Paul Ryan blames a $2,000,000,000,000 math error on his budget. The media completely misses how Social Security is being cut. Trump sabotage is the “single most destabilizing factor in the individual market”. Was John Boehner the hero that talked Donald Trump out of shutting down the government?

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David Waldman has touched the orb, and understands. 1:58 of today’s KITM is ALL GLORY TO THE GLOWING ORB… rounding out the show:

The recent bombing in Manchester, England is truly a developing story, and you’ll be hearing a lot more details throughout the day. Here is a guide of things to remember and consider when big news breaks. Here is a guide to spotting fake news on the Manchester bombing. Donald Trump announced that the bombers were “Evil Losers”. Here is a guide to what Donald Trump means when he says “evil” or “loser”.

The Trumpshambles continue abroad. Donald just wanted to hold hands, Melania wishes she had a rolled up newspaper. Donald spent 15 minutes of his photo op time at Yad Vashem. Bannon and Priebus figured that if someone can’t get a DC country club membership, they aren’t worth visiting.

Maybe Donald can work on driving out the Alt-Reich when he returns to the U.S. Mike Pence can work on understanding and empathizing with people that disagree with him. Maybe colleges could be more picky when choosing commencement speakers. There are good ones to choose from. For instance, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who recently gave a great speech on U.S., and Confederate history.

Also in the news, Donald P. Trump tried talking senior intelligence officials into publicly denying his Russian collusion, and Rod Rosenstein might have let it slip that he may have been witness to a crime. Also in probably fake news, the girl in the Anthony Weiner sexting case could have lied to damage Hillary Clinton, but apparently didn’t.

Rachel of Irreverent Testimony sends us a dispatch from Colorado: the local angle on the wide-ranging story on the insidious work of the Bradley Foundation to steer policy hard to the right in our state legislatures. A reminder of the interlocking world of right-wing “charitable” foundations, which we’ve explored before, but that deserves a second look.

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Thanks to you we are reaching our goal of raising between zero and ten billion dollars monthly for KITM. If you’d like to help us move the needle towards the top of our range here’s your chance!

David Waldman reports that Donald Trump has only reached the middle of his Worldwide Victory Tour, yet now seems to have gotten as sick of winning as we are. He might get his second wind soon… after all people know to give leaders the respect they deserve over there. Trump goes to Israel to make the Middle East peaceful, or heads will roll, believe me. 

Greg Dworkin makes time, even on his birthday, to round up and abbreviate punditry.  

The world says get rid of Donald Trump; Donald Trump tends to agree. The US doesn’t like him, but odds are he’s sticking around awhile. As the Republican base slowly erodes, do Democrats have a plan for 2018? Do they have a plan ever

The Republicans learn from history, because that’s where all the good excuses areWhat did the Vice President not know and when did he not know it?

Pick your poison—conspiracies are popping up left and right.

Firing that “nut job” Comey cheered up the Russians, but it looks as if the heat is still on. Maybe Jared didn’t fire him soon enough. Jared Kushner saved untold billions in the weapons sale to the Saudis. No, really, no one is going to tell you how much was saved, or what it cost. Kushner will never tell you a thing. You aren’t going to find out how many lobbyists Trump hired either.

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Week 18 of The Presidential Apprentice closes with Trump jetting off to the Middle East and Europe, carrying the contagion of infantilism, inattention, low energy and dysfunction with him. (Jared & Ivanka are along for the ride, allegedly with special dispensation.)

We’re coming to grips with the Comey firing, the appointment of a special counsel, and what it all means. But first, Trump & team are spending their precious time plotting revenge: by accusing Obama of being the real leaker of intel to Russia! Got it? Good. Now, here’s what you need to read, in rough order of complexity, in order to discuss the scope of the investigation(s).

In related news, Jason Chaffetz is putting away his subpoena crayons, and Devin Nunes still has his hands in the cookie jar.

Speaking of half-assing it in the House, they might end up having to vote on Trumpcare all over again, rendering statements by the White House and Ryan’s office inoperative.

Lots of speculation about why Trump’s so loyal to Flynn, lately. But this is the topper! I hope!

One last entry for weekend reading: Time’s “Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America.”

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With Joe Lieberman rumored as the summer replacement host of Kagro in the Morning, one would expect David Waldman to be coasting, but no—he still packs every bit of scandal and intrigue TrumpCo can generate into today’s solid two hour broadcast.

Roger Ailes had a rough time in the last few months, but it’s all smoothing out for him now. You think Roger had it rough? Donald always has it roughest. Robert Mueller, pronounced Mole-er, doesn’t have witch hunting experience, but seems qualified for his new job as Donald Trump’s worst nightmare, and James Comey’s friendThe Senate Judiciary Committee requested any memos, or “tapes” from the Comey-Trump meetings. Greg Dworkin assures us that even as things move at government speed, they are heading in the right direction. Flynn, Manafort can clear their calendars right now. Michael Flynn stopped the military plan Turkey opposed—after being paid as its agent. The Trump team knew that Flynn was under investigation before they hired Flynn.

Although Hope Hicks assured us that nothing untoward was happening with Russia, it looks like something untoward did happen at least 18 times. Just ask House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy how Russian money flowed before the election, and he will tell you—until Paul Ryan ixnays on the Roosky daes. Remember that Mike Pence is complicit, and Jared Kushner’s a baddie too. Jared was a good brother and was protecting his sister’s money. His worth might be in steep decline, but you can still buy Donald Trump if you act soon. Trump’s first foreign trip should fix things right up...

A think tank disinvites Steve Bannon when they realize he sullies their reputation for “thinking”.

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David Waldman’s refrigerator is broken. Is your refrigerator running? If so, more Americans would vote for it over Trump... Before his appliance troubles, David would eat avocado toast three, four times a day, which sure adds up. So consider a donation to either Patreon or Square Cash. Quick!

Greg Dworkin cuts through the chaos to point out that all the chaos is baffling the public less and less, even amongst the hard core Trumpists, who are beginning to slip into the enthusiasm gap. The Health Care bill already has the house in play, but now impeachment is becoming a winning Democratic issue. Republicans need votes too, so Trump’s protective wall is beginning to crack. Jason Chaffetz’s subpoena pen is starting to rise in anticipation. Of course, most polling occurred before news of the Comey Memo, and of course Trump’s overseas fiascos. Fox talkers are sooo bored with all of this, and anyhow they need to tune up for “Nearer My God to Thee”. Vlad throws in the anchor.

Today Armando came to praise Greg, not to dispute him. What will it be, impeachment or the 25th amendment? Trump’s exceptional dealings with Russians continue to grow.

Joan McCarter discusses the three exits Republicans are running for: “Trump is a victim”, “Trump is an idiot”, or “Trump is king”. Intelligence Trump leaked to Russians came from Israel, so maybe he should have checked his itinerary first. Looks like it will be a family trip, then.

Donald threatens to ruin Mitch and Paul’s lifetime chance to ruin things, but not if their love holds strongso Democrats have one choice: Shut. It. Down.

KITM welcomes WRFZ 106.3 Rochester NY, Rochester Free Radio to our radio lineup! But, before you run away from the internet to turn on your radio, check out, and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.

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SCANDAL! On Today’s KITM, David Waldman explores Jimmy Fallon’s recent revelation: Donald Trump might have plagiarized the commencement speech from “Legally Blonde”. It's hard picturing Donald recovering from this one!

Also in the news, Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador, destroying decades of intelligence infrastructure, killing agents in the field, and handing untold advantages to our enemies, which he has the absolute right to do. Trump might not understand “leak” or “loyalty”, but he knows his rights. He was building a better relationship between the United States and Russia, and knows that sometimes you have put in a little extra to impress your new cool friends, even if it means having to ditch the nerds you used to hang with.

Israel was the source of secret intelligence that Trump gave to Russians. BTW, Trump will visit the Western Wall, without Netanyahu.

KITM Texas correspondent John R. gives us the good and the bad of finding a swarm of Texas Democrats vying for two Republican seats in the U.S. House.

Here is the story of a slave, owned by Americans, in modern times, and how domestic slavery can exist easily in our culture.

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David Waldman hopes everyone had a pleasant Mother’s Day. Donald Trump might have misunderstood what sort of “mother” he was honoring, as he spent the day golfing. Perhaps he was giving his kids and their mothers the gift of his absence. (Donald only has a finite amount of energy to spend on family) Newt Gingrich traditionally celebrated Mother’s Day with the next wife, which will now be more convenient once he ships Callista off to the Pope

Bleached A-holes White Nationalists, starring Richard Spencer, chased the mosquitoes from a confederate statue in Charlottesville, Va. for their Mother’s Day observance. 

Greg Dworkin brings us the up-to-the-minute latest in expert punditry: Republicans aren’t particularly happy with Trump, and neither is the public. Presidential job approval might not be the only thing destroying the Gop in the midterms, but Trump is out there trying. Trumpcare is also more hated than Obamacare ever was. Special elections will offer a test of ObamaCare repeal. All this has convinced many Democrats to not yet surrender, and even some are moving onto Republican turf. Republicans will spend the summer in townhalls figuring out which way to go, without running off the road. A Congressman writes to an employer to get a protester fired.

You demonstrate your loyalty to Trump by lying for him, he demonstrates his loyalty to you by firing you.

Trump takes his show overseas this week! Bon voyage! While abroad, Donald might get an audience with the Nigerian Prince interested in paying for the wall.

Armando calls in to discuss the “Trump is an Idiot” defense. Why are Republicans making tax laws so stupid, simple? Trump’s wires are tapped! Sure, Trump has a few Russian connections, what’s it to you?

Here’s a handy pronunciation guide on the some of the names David and Greg will mangle this year.

The Resistance is not a white male movement.

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Another Friday, another 2 days without KITMDavid Waldman knows your pain, and packed today’s show with extra sagacity to sustain you.

Donald knows what tape is, but what is digital? It’s very complicated, you have to be Albert Einstein to figure it out: Trump wants aircraft carriers to return to the era when they were great, not some suspicious modernistic “digital”, although the greatest invention of all time has some “digital” in it. That’s an “exception”... Just like how Trump has no dealings with Russia, with few exceptions, doesn’t laundry money, with few exceptions, tells the truth, with few exceptions, knows what he’s talking about, with few exceptions, is quite sane, with  few exceptions, and has the same amount of ice cream as everyone, but with few exceptions. The Navy will of course follow his orders, with few exceptions.

In a private dinner Trump demanded an oath of loyalty from James Comey. Comey said OK, with a few exceptions—for instance when Comey needed to be truthful. Soon, Comey will tell us what is going on here.

Armando joins David on discussion on how to handle an evil buffoon with super villain power. Democrats have to shut the place down. Nancy Pelosi may have just the discharge petition to do the trick.

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David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Armando return to today’s KITM, to tell us more about Comey, Russia, and the latest in Spirit Cooking.  

But first, over to the Bahamas, where Donald Trump needs to choose between Chinese investors, and the United States. An easy decision—what has the US done for him recently? Catchy tunes though. Why can’t we do something like that? Trump had been hoping to work his way up to an opportunity to shake hands with The Big Boss, but was sad to see Russia’s lack of honesty. After all, if you can’t trust the Russians, whom can you trust? Trump is now preparing a certified letter attesting to no Russia ties. (Don’t sign for it, because then it’s on you.) James Comey would have seen Donald’s innocence, if only he completed his Russia/Trump investigation.

The base still backs Donald Trump, AKA the inventor of Keynesian economics and fluid dynamics. Donald did not come up with the idea of firing James Comey. That was Fox & Friends. Why was Comey fired, really? More importantly, how did Trump do it? Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is too humble to say so, but he is a key player in all of this. This looks like a job for Jason Chaffetz!

This Comey stuff will not make it any easier on Republicans in their town halls. Some will take it all in stride, like Tom MacArthur for instance. Oh wait, no, down he goes.

Looks like Trump will now have to crack down on voter fraud.

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Guess what today’s topic was on KITM. Yes, there was a little bit on Bernie Sanders and John Kasich, but for the most part David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Armando decided today would be the day to address the recent firing of James Comey. Catch this show, and catch up, before whatever Donald does this PM to get you distracted.

Greg rounds-up Yates and Flynn and Comey, oh, my! Is Trump the new dumber Nixon? Yes! Will the law answer to the president or the president to the law? For the last week Donald Trump had been screaming at the TV and underlings in a different way than usual, a sign that this quiet introspective President might turn against the very Orc that put him in power, and the one that would stand up to him. Now, as Roger Stone tries to get attentionfederal prosecutors issue grand jury subpoenas, Republican Barbara Comstock calls for an independent investigation, and Marco Rubio stands very still hoping people will walk by, what should the Republicans do? What should the Democrats do? Mitch McConnell figures a new Russia investigation would get in the way of him getting in the way of investigating RussiaDianne Feinstein has a different opinion, and will invoke the two-hour rule to shut down the Judiciary hearing this morning. At this rate, hearings for FBI director Omarosa will take forever. That’s it, U.S. Census Bureau director John H. Thompson is out of here.

In turbulent times as these, you can take solace in knowing that unpaid Trump staff Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner got their rent reduced to $15,000 per month.

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Have you thought about donating to KITM?  Every buck counts, and you got a buck, so make it count.

Sally Yates may or may not have smacked many gobs yesterday, but she kind of freaked Donald out, and that’s a good sign. Trump quickly withdrew his panic, as he’s one of those “cards close to the vest” kinds of guy. Trump actually isn’t at all opaque, yet somehow he manages to be incredibly dense. Sally Yates told him about Flynn. Obama told Trump about Flynn… and Donald thought he was joking.

What do you know, Comey’s testimony on Huma Abedin forwarding emails was “inaccurate”.

Sure the Senate can work something out with the House on Trumpcare. Short term wins probably look good to all of the Gop right now. Hundreds of Haitian Disney workers could be deported under the Trump administration. The white working class favor a path to citizenship for immigrants. It was cultural anxiety that drove white, working-class voters to Trump.

David Waldman explores “blue slips” and how two beats one or zero. Traditions are for saps.

Kushner towers in New Jersey wanted a tax break, but the local Mayor said it "doesn't work for us."

Jimmy Kimmel assumed that caring for the health and safety of children would be in all human nature, but finds that when you assume, alt-right a-holes can’t help but show up

Bob Owens, almost author of The Deplorables Guide to Guns demonstrated the efficacy and convenience of firearms for those with even a fleeting interest in suicide.

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Here we are into the way-too-many week of Presidential Apprentice...  While we wait for Donald to go on hiatus and the entrance of special guest President Mike Pence, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin catch us up on how the cool countries handle these things. It was Macron vs. Le Pen, and in the end the center held firm—also they oppose fascism. France held its election on the weekend, because they like voters there. France will now get back to business, hopefully without much self-distraction.

Back in the New World,  House Republicans go off the cliff, with their heartless health-care vote tied around their neck. They didn’t want to be in power anyway, so their loss of power should be welcome news, but still they would rather not talk about it. Unless you are interested in hearing lies, then they can talk. By the way, you’d never catch them drinking Bud Light.

Today the Gop is busy checking off their Sally Yates lies. (Note: some don’t like Axios.) They have to get through the lie list quickly, because Yates is due in committee this afternoon to straighten a few things out. Sally Yates doesn’t care who you are. Barack told Trump so.

Back to Trump Co. news. Even the dumbest Trump will tell you they get all the money they need from Russia, but the Trumps could always use more money. So, one day after Donald extended the EB-5 visa program, Jared Kushner’s sister picked up some quick quid-pro-quo selling investor visas to Chinese. Don’t blame the Office of Government Ethics about Ivanka Trump, no one asked them. Trump knows where you live.

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It’s Friday! Let’s break out the Bud light and share a toast to the happiness of a 70 year old man with preexisting conditions. This weekend the party continues in NYC, and in New Jersey with Donald, who is down to party 30% of the time. Even so, David Waldman still finds himself concerned about the health of our humble President. George Will sees that Trump has a dangerous disabilityIs the most clueless man in Washington flamboyantly ignorant, or are Trump’s smoke and mirrors hiding… nothing?

The Trumpcare victory is not yet complete, but the Trump family picked up an extra $120 million to tide them over.

While in Mar-a-Lago and enjoying the most beautiful fish (Trump had his own separate sauce, because Donald hates double-dippers... unless he’s doing it ) Trump offered to oversee the marriage vows of his dear friends Joe and Mika, who he believes are crazy, dumb, mentally fragile, and disposable

According to Ivanka Trump, Ivanka Trump is our only hope. For instance, when her dad bragged about grabbing genitalia, it made her sad. She, and our government want to sell you a book. The book describes how you can be like her if you make some sacrifices. Meanwhile, Edward Crawfordthe Ferguson protester in the iconic photo, has been found dead, in a quite similar fashion to this Ferguson protester.

A firearm instructor shoots a student during class. That’s how you learn.

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Quick—listen to today’s KITM right now, because Zombie Trumpcare might be advancing yet again, and you’ll need to review all of the information David Waldman presents, with the help of Greg Dworkin and Armando to reach the required quantity of insight and outrage to handle your day.

Why is the Gop leadership intent on walking their caucus off a cliff? Don’t they see this is a career-ending mistake? Their bill Is an abdication of responsibility and a moral disgrace. New horrible things are revealed daily: A provision to defund Planned Parenthood, the strangling of special education, the physical endangerment of every American—all added to secure additional Republican support. And all of this, even before the CBO score is known.  

Sure, the Republicans are hypocritical, double-dealing, incompetent and think even their supporters are idiots, but what are YOU going to do about it? Call your representatives, or better yet, become one!

How’d we get into this mess? Well there’s James Comey, and that letter he sent to Congress on Oct. 28. There is also the press, who have a weird problem with Hillary Clinton. Keep the media accountable. Even George Will will tell you there is something wrong with Trump, and even Democrat Jon Ossoff is getting big Republican support in Georgia.


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With the help of his friends, David Waldman got a breather today. Not a big enough breather to hit the links at his local historical monument though. (You’d think Andrew Jackson would have known better than to lead his troops across a golf course...) But why was there the Civil War?

Greg Dworkin rounds up the news of how our Clown in Chief, who says our country needs a good “shutdown”. (Trump knows his history.) Jimmy Kimmel pulled heartstrings and pushed buttons when he said he was happy that his son was alive. What sort of person could oppose Kimmel’s plea? Some Republicans are just learning about the Kimmel side of the story, and hope their Senate pals can help them out. Maybe a little amendment will help this blow over, but probably not, especially when it makes it worse for everybodyPersonal bankruptcy filings plummeted after Obamacare.

Trump gives us a preview of next year’s Pence administration. Laughing is no longer a laughing matter. Maybe Hillary and Donald can join forces to take out their common enemy? The chief enemy of the Trump administration is everyone else in the Trump administration.

Joan McCarter longs for the days when Joe Namath looked pretty, and knew when to speak. Before Marco Rubio came along to raise Obamacare premiums and mess up people’s lives. Now, a single Iowan has healthcare that costs $1 million per month, while Iowa’s last insurer selling individual health policies exits. Paul Ryan is fast-tracking Zombie Trumpcare to those suckers in the Senate, with the aim of eventually screwing Blue States.


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Did you know that when information passes through Donald Trump on its way to American public, a few kernels of factual truth will sometimes emerge comparatively intact? Never one afraid to get his hands dirty, David Waldman rolls up his sleeves and sifts through Donald’s latest in today’s KITM. Donald Trump’s ideal, Andrew Jackson, has a somewhat mixed legacy, so Trump’s admiration might be problematic... or completely expected.

Is Trump’s ideal America pre-Civil war, or just pre-1890? Maybe the stars represent approval points. Donald rescheduled his dreams to September, because he lost yet again. That’s because we won. Which means we can win again and again. David gives us a peek inside the spending agreement, before Joan McCarter comes in tomorrow and they talk about the politics behind it all.

Trump really doesn’t know what’s in his healthcare bill, which is OK, he won’t be getting it.  

Jared Kushner has all sorts of conflicts of interest issues, but doesn’t seem too worried about it for some reason.

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Did you decide to attend a Climate March this weekend? Wise choice! Today there are May Day marches—a good day for it, as it is May Day, which is also International Worker’s Day. Today is also Loyalty Day! Feeling loyal? Wanna send a little attestation our way? 

In an indication of his loyalty to you, David Waldman smeared a dollop of expired scallion cream cheese on his bagel and got behind the KITM microphone once again for another week of sh*tstorm duty. Sure, Fox is deeply, ludicrously, egregiously dishonest. But is Trump always lying also? Yep. Probably. But he could maybe just be stupidDonald Trump will tell you anything.

Greg Dworkin catches up from Friday and the weekend with an around-the-world round-up. Trump gets friendly with Philippine’s Rodrigo Duterte because nothing matters other than Trump.

Congress voted to keep the United States alive for a bit, although Trump’s tax cuts are going to hurt more than Reagan’s. Conservatives needed Russia as much as Russia needed them. New York Democrats are gunning for Trump’s state taxes. The Alt-Right is gunning for you, with guns.

David got last week’s Sebastian Gorka stories in the nick of time, as Gorka is “to accept a role outside White House”. His career change was inspired by the cessation of paychecks from his previous employer. Gorka isn’t the only alpha male sent yipping with his tail between his legs. Jim DeMint will be accepting a role outside the Heritage Foundation. Milo Yiannopoulos previously accepted a role outside of book deals and speaking/taunting engagements. He is attempting to return, in an quest to find a young protégé, ward, apprentice in the 13-15 year old range. Corey Lewandowski seemed to have accepted a role outside the White House, but he promises clients that he is still inside.

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