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David Waldman’s Eleven costume was a bit wasted today, as our long-awaited KITM video link has not yet made it into the World Headquarters renovation budget. Donate!

Armando calls in to talk Papadopoulos, everyone’s new favorite word, is an excellent guy, for… what was that guy’s name again? It seems like only a year ago that Papadopoulos and Trump were talking about stolen emails, but now Donald can barely remember Papadopoulos… Maybe he has something to do with all of those Hillary scandalsPapadopoulos will soon remind Trump of why he never should have hired Jeff Sessions.

Speaking of lying bigoted racists, so is John Kelly. Kelly wants you to know that Robert E. Lee was an honorable man that gave up his country to fight for his… other country. Too bad we couldn’t meet in the middle somewhere, although that seems a little like race traitoring cuck behavior, and Donald Trump prefers Department of Agriculture scientists that aren’t race traitoring cucks.


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Have you heard about the federal grand jury indictment against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates? If not, you really should check out Daily Kos, they had quite a bit on that this morning, and so does David Waldman on today’s KITM:

Those joyous bells ringing throughout your town aren’t church bells, they are everyone’s Twitter alerts going off. Paul Manafort is first out of the perp walk gate, and he is not turning out to be the bargain Donald Trump was hoping for. Paul is charged with “Conspiracy Against the United States”, which sounds pretty serious, but Trump warns all this might distract from Chappaquiddick… (Coming soon from those lefties in mass media, btw.) Lesser known, but with a funner name to say out loud, George Papadopoulos will be the one to remember as the Russian collusion arrests pile up. If Greg Dworkin was here he’d tell you the walls are closing in on Trump. Uranium One is not turning out to be the SOMETHING needed to distract you from this. Firing Robert Mueller would be an awful choice for distraction, so bad that we should plan on it.

Local handyman and former elder statesman John Boehner is unchained and has plenty of less formal indictments to issue.

Heroes are emerging in the account of the Niger attack, and loser Trump will have to admit that some day soon.

The two guys over at Whitefish energy are very disappointed that they didn’t get to cash all of the checks before they were bounced off the contract.

The high and mighty continue to fall as sexual harassment hushing up is not so in anymore, and quantitative vs qualitative considerations have become less relevant. It is less cool to be sex and drugs gonzo, unless you are a third shift Russian Troll, then go for it.

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Are you old enough to remember when Friday was the end of the news week? Well, it is the end of the KITM week, but David Waldman isn’t about to let you go for days without something to take with you.

Donald Trump debuts his sequel to Drug Wars: “Just Say No, Too.” China recalls an earlier version.

Armando believes the latest big right-wing whatabout could be a big political opportunity for us. Remember Michael Flynn’s plan to build scores of U.S. nuclear power plants in the Middle East, as a safety measure? And Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, and Steve Bannon’s secret meeting with the King of Jordan?

The Senate voted to kill the rule allowing class-action lawsuits against banks. Pence cast the deciding vote, but so did Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, because after all their umbrage can only go so far.

Whitefish like helicopters almost as much as Blackwater.

Trump was three weeks late on the Russia sanctions deadline, so he eliminated the sanctions office.

Hater of heritage, lover of unrepentant sex Ralph Northam threatens to drag Virginia’s unemployment well below the national level as he fights for election to Governor.

A history of sexual predation inhibits reporting on sex predators.

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David Waldman focuses KITM on one subject today. Sexual harassment is everywhere, we are all connected to it in some way. It’s a scandal that society is complicit in covering up, and many might have even romanticized. Of all of Donald Trump’s disgraces, they are probably the ones he has the biggest chance of escaping

George H.W. Bush told the same magician joke prior to groping women. Unfortunately, he had something up his sleeve. Now five women have accused journalist, “Game Change” co-author, and Trump harassment apologist Mark Halperin of sexual harassment

Justice will catch up to the Donald on this someday, for now at least we have Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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Today, David Waldman packs 6 hours of info into a 2 hour KITM. Hit these links and stand back—it’s like an emergency life raft of insight:

Donald Trump has personally attacked 1 out of 5 standing O Senators, a regular Gop S&M lovefest.

Greg Dworkin can’t find the Republican adults. For the right, rules, laws, and ethics are just hurdles towards the finish line, and outrage is a tool to slow down competitors. Jeff Flake will not be complicit, 10% of the time. Plenty of time to grow morals after the race is over. It is who follows up that counts. Meanwhile, some Democrats pick between purity and winning.

Marc Elias, patriot.

Armando brings more insight, and some inside information, to the Whitefishgate discussion.

Lane Davis—Trump subreddit poster, Milo Yiannopoulos intern, and GamerGate conspiracist advanced his radicalized descent through murder, and now no one likes him anymore.

David counts down the greatest hits of Green Floid.

Remember Merrick Garland? The guy that spent $17.9 million to defeat him probably does.

Once you own an Amazon smart lock and Amazon Cloud Cam, Amazon can own you.

Masculinity poisons everyone. Is it a symptom or cause of capitalism? Toxic hotspots include California, Texaseverywhere. For instance, Scott Brown in New Zealand, and George H. W. Bush, back when he was 89.

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I don’t know, what do you want to talk about? Hey, that’s exactly what David Waldman wants to talk about on today’s KITM!

Armando: ¿Qué es esto? Whitefish is setting up to be the Blackwater of electrical infrastructure for an island of three and a half million Americans. A couple of guys plan to pick up $300 million from the governmentit happens—especially when you know the right people, and Ryan Zinke is definitely the right people.

Today Donald Trump is going to swing by the Capitol to bask in a little Senatorial good will and admiration. How huge will that Bob Corker hug be?

A mysterious Florida company, traced to Staten Island, traced to the Kremlin, maybe not traced to the Moscow BeatlesFest, has been traced to fomenting socio-political unrest throughout America. Russians used Instagram to influence Native Americans. Russians have stoked America’s race wars for 80 years.

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They’re still hammering away at KITM World Headquarters, so David Waldman reroutes us around the construction with a pre-recorded show. Greg Dworkin returns later this week with his latest round-up, and Donald Trump with his dumbass tweets—tomorrow! 

The Trump team rush-delivers condolences to military families, of course some damage can occur during shipping. Donald has a damaged, pathetic personality, which keeps getting worse.

David unrolls an 80 tweet JJ MacNab thread on the evolution of Russian propaganda in US social media. Cambridge Analytica left voter targeting tools online for nearly a year, if Putin knew this he probably wouldn’t have paid for his copy. Vlad shared his Netflix password with his troll minions.

Breitbart wanted to collaborate with the FBI to help catch themselves DDoSing themselves. The UAE planned to rent an army from Blackwater to invade Qatar.

Terrorists run rampant! No, wait—they’re white, nevermind...

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David Waldman gets us all the way to the weekend! Whoo hoo! Too bad it just doesn’t feel like the respite it used to be... The weather’s nice, so Donald Trump at least might shut up and golf.

General John Kelly is a loyal soldier, valuable to a Commander in Chief prone to fragging his own troops. Donald loves the gratitude, but where’s the profit in following through?

Are we missing the untold story on Niger? Maybe not now! At this rate Congress should be subpoenaing Hillary Clinton by Wednesday.

Are we missing the untold story on Trump’s Fake Renoir? Nope, but The Art Institute of Chicago adds an addendum.

Are we missing any other untold stories? Not if you’re listening to KITM

Neil Gorsuch might convince the other eight to retire.

Unapproved Trump nominees are trying to serve in their positions, by obfuscating acting “like” and acting “as” their titles

An presently un-assassinated Putin rival ties Jared Kushner to the Kremlin.

Joan McCarter and Chuck Schumer tell us the Senate just passed “one of the worst budgets Congress has ever passed.” The scamming runs very, very, deep.

Josie Duffy Rice tells us about the myth of the “progressive prosecutor”.

A story best untold—the Gop candidate abducted by “Jesus-like” aliens.

You can eliminate untold stories. Just tell them yourself, and send it to David! Today we listened to a couple:

David Raatz recorded his own article telling us that In an era of stigma and discrimination, undocumented immigrants have strong privacy interests.

Eric Posner takes Hillary Clinton’s book one step further by describing what could have happened, if she was elected President.

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Donald Trump hasn’t hit the bottom yet, he won’t hit it today either, or even tomorrow—Trump will make your head spin, you won’t believe how low he’ll go. Considering the Overton Window is free falling to Hell, yesterday doesn’t look so bad...

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin give us their perspective of our collective plummet: 

Representative Pat Tiberi decides to bail out before impact, Senator Thad Cochran says “Why bother?” 

Donald Trump was lying about no president ever offering financial support to grieving families, but Donald did break ground with stiffing them on the check.

There’s the Trump’s lies about the Gold Star Families, and Trump’s lies about his lying. Trump lies, everybody knows he lies, and America just gets dumber, debating whether he’s a moron or just mentally ill. Fox knows this whole mess is President Hillary Clinton’s fault, while the rest of the media wonders if it might be both Presidents fault equally.

Donald thinks you’re kinda cute when you’re angry—anyhow it beats working on stuff. If the Gop can get their tax cuts, they’ll cut that loony loose. Meanwhile, Democrats work to keep the focus on those cuts. Also, the fight over Obamacare isn’t over.

Back to the Russian invasion: Russian social media influence worked, it was probably also the subject and focus of collusion. Trump personally thanked a fake Twitter account linked to Russia. A pro-Trump Twitter account with massive clout was run by Russian trolls. A Russian troll factory paid US activists to help fund protests during election. David revisits how Americans Were Tricked Into Working For Russia. It just isn’t collusion without some great partners—Facebook and Google helped an Anti-Refugee campaign in swing states, and Robert Mercer opened his heart and checkbook to just about every treasonous bigoted Nazi he met.

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KITM World Headquarters renovations continue, but with ninja-like stealth, so as not to interrupt David WaldmanGreg Dworkin and Joan McCarter’s broadcast of the latest crazy.

Which is good, because the crazy’s coming at us fast and hard today—you couldn’t make these stories up! Donald Trump’s hurricane approval rate has dropped. Hurricanes don’t vote, but if Democrats do, 2018 will be a good year. As midterms approach, the Gop’s own words are the Democrats’ best weapon. As they cling to tax cuts, do Republicans know what they signed up for? Trump is poison. He’s a deranged animal that will turn on you in a second. He didn’t call soldier families until he was forced, then he didn’t bother to find out their names.

Trump is a heel that wants you to believe everyone else is. Donald Trump negotiates like a hostage-taker. Fox writes his scripts though. Things were nearly normal for a few hours on Tuesday, but someone reminded Donald of his role, and he got back into character. Obamacare is not dead, but now it’s becoming Trumpcare.

Normal is neck-and-neck with crazy in Alabama.

Maybe pro-wrestling, NASCAR, football, and basketball were getting pretty boring, but thank God for Women’s Tennis.

A second federal judge is blocking Trump’s Muslim Ban 3.0. The Army bans green card holders from enlisting, probably breaking federal law.

Your wing-nut friends are whatabouting “Uranium One!” today. Find out about it here. A Russian troll factory paid US activists to help fund protests during election, but some were tricked into helping for free.

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Notice to any listeners returning today to listen to the KITM cymbal monkeys, their encore performance has been rescheduled to this Wednesday. Instead, David Waldman discusses Donald Trump’s very best day, which is always yesterday, although just wait until later, today or tomorrow or very soon. Psychiatrists warn the day is coming sooner than some expect.

Televangelist Jim Bakker says Christians will start a civil war if Trump is impeached. Well, some Christians anyway. Don’t make fun of Jim and Donald unless you enjoy being smote. (At least we know who will play Jim in the movie… and Tammy.) How much of a Holocaust denier are you? Take this Scaramucci quiz and find out!

David looks into the story you’ll be hearing a lot more on—Is Donald Trump Installing a Mole in the Mueller Probe?

Armando calls in to make a lonely principled stand on the tax shenanigans, the CBO, and the upcoming finance hearings. Remember when we "had to" slash half as much from Medicare and Medicaid in order to REDUCE the debt?

Jared Kushner might lose the 666 Fifth Ave. property that got him into all his trouble in the first place.

How can we rank the most corrupt in government when contenders keep dropping out and entering the race?

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There is some sort of racket at KITM today. You can’t stop David Waldman that way—he’ll just crank the tunes and move on.

Greg Dworkin plows through the chaos to bring us the pundit round-up. We are all buried in chaos. After all, chaos, turmoil and havoc is the Trump game plan. Also, for Trump to win, you have to lose, therefore millions will need to be hurt for him to feel victorious. For instance, Trump can’t revive coal, but he is allowing more pollution and death. Trump is emerging victorious over Republicans as their civil war takes its toll. Congress is barely functioning, its to-do list keeps getting longer, but its priority now is just to hold on so Donald Trump is not impeached. The insurgency against Mitch McConnell might fail because Mitch is probably the best they can do, and no one wants the job. Ed Gillespie says “Trump who?”

Jerry Brown’s ethics save Donald Trump’s hide.

As the White House becomes an adult day-care center, the enormously high cost of doing nothing becomes clear for everyone. Donald is given a subpoena for all documents relating to assault allegations. Trump Or Weinstein? Take The Quiz!

The Weinstein company, Fox News, Steve Bannon’s apartment—well financed sex cults. Donald Trump knew all about Donald Trump. For Hollywood producers the hotel room is their office, but the couch is always the destination.

Wilbur Ross shuffles billions so the right people think he’s rich, and the wrong people don’t.

For Facebook, manipulating you is not a feature or a bug, it’s the whole point.

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KITM is not immune to Friday the 13th luck, but nothing David Waldman couldn’t reboot us out of.

Maybe it was all a Russian plot, because as it is turning out, everything is. Russia is using LinkedIn as a tool of war. Russians are manipulating us on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and even Pokémon Go. Facebook’s Russian connections are being shown to go deeper with each passing day. Facebook has taken down data and thousands of posts to obscure the reach of Russian disinformationTwitter’s deleted data is potentially crucial to Russia probes. Oh, and Russia’s propaganda campaign infiltrated Instagram, too. Russia recruited YouTubers to bash Hillary over rap beats. Homegrown racists join with the Russians to fight globalism, and brown people.

The gun-packing King of Instagram couldn’t shop out the yellow streak that appeared down his back during the Vegas massacre. An officer on the scene was not a fan.

In a case of indexing gone awry, an elite’s history of pedophile rape is overlooked to gain elite credibility for a story.

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It’s Thursday! Don’t give up—we’ve made it this far and David Waldman and KITM are here to get us to the weekend. It looks like Donald Trump might even make it, even though he hasn’t golfed since Monday and hates every everybody at work.

Greg Dworkin calls in with some freshly rounded-up punditry. Grazing herds of press discover they have permission to tell you that sexual harassment is really bad and maybe Donald Trump is pretty incompetent, but why hasn’t Hillary addressed these issues, and who does she think she is, butting in? Republicans thought Trump would lie like they do, but he showed them! With Trump in office, do scandals matter anymore? Just in case scandals do matter, Trump proposes that people quit talking about them, and while we are at it, let’s take the government out of the USA, beginning with Puerto Rico. Evangelical conservatives remove the morality from Christianity.

Armando reminds us that all consideration of Donald Trump must first note that he is an idiot, mentally ill, and not fit for office. Consideration of Puerto Rico needs to include the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, and Statehood. Bondholders will take your money, Trump will take your praise, Puerto Ricans will remain hungry, thirsty and dying.

Has there ever been a more hypocritical leader in the U.S. Senate than Mitch McConnell?

Camo-wearing white guy places a bomb in a North Carolina airport in order to fight a war on U.S. soil. He is not Muslim enough to worry about.

Congratulations, young ladies! What girl wouldn’t want to move up to being a Boy Scout?

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David Waldman brings us KITM’s “Trump is a Moron Wednesday,” which though true for all or most of our lives, we usually refer to as “Wednesday.”

Greg Dworkin vanquishes his un-mutable ringtone and doorbell to another room to bring us his round-up. High hopes, or at least some hopes buoyed Trump approval in September, but down he goes again, most importantly in rural America. Trump’s approval dips in every state, though there’s still plenty of loonies.

Greg asks us to think of Trump as Mr. Spock trying to fake emotions—a moronic, infantile, deeply sociopathic Mr. Spock. Everybody, outside and inside of Washington knows this, but why do Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin risk their reputations? Why does Washington act like hostages? Why does Bob Corker stop way short of saying what he really means, but somehow it feels like a revelation to the press? A possible explanation is indexing—the news knowing the score but waiting for someone important to first say it, and then reporting on the quote. 

It turns out that Secretary of State Rex (everything) Tillerson was inspired to call Donald Trump a moron because Trump gave him compelling evidence. Trump asked for a tenfold increase in US nuclear weapons because that’s just his style. We already knew Donald was a moron in that particular meeting, just not an F’ing Moron. Trump now proposes to nuke NBC.

David goes procedural in the second half, with an exploration of blue slips. Mitch McConnell says he’s killing blue slips for judicial nominees, one of the last mechanisms for bipartisanship, as if that’ll happen again.

Israel discovered that you might be a Russian tool, by using a Russian tool. Meanwhile local and state governments continue aiding Russian cyberespionage.

Ryan Zinke went to a ski resort and Alaskan steakhouse on the taxpayer dime, and still people avoid public service careers!

If you feel the need to mansplain how to avoid sexual assault, then maybe Terry Crews can explain a few things to you first.

Today is the exciting conclusion of Paula Apynys 8 part series of “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for Our Politics and a Path Forward”.

But wait—there’s more to come! KITM welcomes new correspondents and new stories this week! You can be one too, just let us know!

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There are so many immense things about Donald Trump, but the immensest is how yuge his IQ is. This is not Donald’s fault—he’d be first to tell you it’s almost impossible to hide an endowment so generous

David Waldman contemplates the vastness of The Donald’s intellect on today’s KITM. Trump’s head is like a broken pressure cooker, but Forbes decided to go and open it anyway. White House aides think their tricks can keep Trump from exploding for just a little while, at least until they finish looting. It is fun to watch Bob Corker play with fire too, but remember: He’s not your friend.

Trump picks up an extra $137K renting golf carts to Secret Service agents.

It is true a Green Beret advised Colin Kaepernick to kneel, rather than sit.

Judge Roy Moore has an outlaw son. Cyrus Vance’s son is a disappointment also.

Guns on campus didn’t work out.

Yay! The good guys are winning as we head into Part 7 of Paula Apynys  “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for Our Politics and a Path Forward”.

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David Waldman is out, celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, Indigenous Peoples Day, and Drive Out to the In-Laws and Help Fix Their Fridge Day. So what are we to do? Nothing! David simply couldn’t resist telling you about the latest news so he recorded a new real KITM to play fake live today. Listen up—if you don’t learn it, you won’t know it.

David takes a long look into how Steve Bannon, Breitbart and Milo Yiannopoulos smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist ideas into the mainstream conversation.

Paula Apynys continues her fascinating, informative, and useful series, now at Part 6:  “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for Our Politics and a Path Forward”.

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It’s quiet… too quiet.

David Waldman keeps us informed going into the weekend, maybe we can get there without setting anyone or anything off.

Maybe we should ban guns.

Just three percent of adults own half of America’s guns. A father’s family protection gun destroys his family. Is the use of instant killing machines to kill masses of people really a grave misusage? Actually, bump stocks are useful to assist persons whose hands have limited mobility.

Rich people were supposed to be impervious to corruption, but it seems they like free airplane rides as much as us regular folk.

Russian-linked Facebook ads targeted Michigan and Wisconsin, a Russian-linked group was working to amplify political discord, Russian operatives used Facebook retargeting tools to identify American voters susceptible to propaganda, and Facebook cut Russia out of their April report on election influence. So, how guileless is Facebook? Does even Mark Zuckerberg know?

And—Part 5 of Author Paula Apynys’ “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for Our Politics and a Path Forward

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It’s Karma Thursday on KITM and David Waldman is here with guest Greg Dworkin to serve up just desserts: 

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy has zero issue posting his pro-life stance all over the place and no issue asking the woman he had an affair with to have an abortion. Now he’s thinking of spending more time with his family.

The organizer of the Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville, Va might go to jail for perjury.

Elijah Cummings wants to know who’s paying for Kellyanne Conway’s jet trips.

The Trump/Russia/Steele/Pee-pee dossier is now in the hopefully latex-gloved hands of Robert Mueller.

Senator John Thune thinks perhaps you deserve to get shot if you don’t get small.

Turns out Donald Trump is both a dotard and a moron. Trump’s speechwriter used up the “A“ material on his first post-massacre speech, raising the bar for subsequent white on white slaughter addresses. The Gop realizes that now is the time to politicize tragedy. Some Republicans might be open to discussing meaningless gestures—so is David if it eventually leads to something worthwhile. Gop donors are finding less and less worthwhile.  

On the Democratic side things are looking up in Virginia, as Democrat Ralph Northam has a clear lead over Republican Ed Gillespie for governor.

When David and I win the Nobel Prize for Kagro in the Morning, the rules state that we can only pick one more recipient, which is really unfair when you think about it. Nobel Prizes in Science distort the nature of the scientific enterprise, rewrite its history, and overlook many of its most important contributors. Did Jim Watson and Francis Crick steal Rosalind Franklin’s data on the structure of DNA

Who would guess Milburn Pennybags would be a lefty troll? But there he/she was, at the Senate Equifax Hearing.

And—Author Paula Apynys is back to read Part Four of “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for our Politics and a Path Forward”!

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It’s only Wednesday! Turn off your TV, listen to KITM and get away from the cable news perspective for a couple of hours:

David Waldman has been telling us bump-stocks are real, it’s just that they don’t have to be, and that is why gun legislation is tough. Here is a big, but interesting article: How guardians can sell the assets and control the lives of senior citizens without their consent—and reap a profit from it.

Greg Dworkin calls in to discuss the politics of it all. It is not too soon to talk about it—but the Gop does decide it might be too soon to open up the silencer market. It is a great time to work at the local level to end gun violence. (Every sea change is a drop at a time.) It is about time to bring back respect for intelligent debate. It is always time to call Donald Trump a moron. Today Rex (everything) Tillerson thought it might be a good time to call Donald Trump “very smart”.

Our Consoler in Chief—sorry, that’s his job—goes to Las Vegas today to trigger migraines, and to share that email list your aunt sent you after Sandy Hook. At least he’s getting away from those Puerto Ricans, because he hates those guys, as most have noticed recently.

Three years ago Jared and Ivanka could have been privately regretting Donald’s behavior from behind prison bars, but that case just went away. The Trump kids’ ski vacation costs—over $300,000—just went away too.  Donald Trump says we will have to wipe out Puerto Rico’s debt. And by “we”, he always means “they”, except with the wall, then “they” is “we”. We can finally identify one of the largest holders of Puerto Rican debt.

Joan McCarter makes her Wednesday visit. The Las Vegas massacre was only a speed bump in the Republicans’ push to roll back gun laws. All of these hurricanes are ruining healthcare repeal, although some see it as a cue to ruin healthcare even more. Republicans don’t care about the deficit, or accountability. But all is not lost, because a team of Obama administration veterans are stepping up to save Obamacare open enrollment.

As Tom Price moves on to new leaching opportunities, what does that mean for the rest of Trump’s swamp?

Also—Author Paula Apynys returns to read Part Three of “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for our Politics and a Path Forward”!

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One Day Later. Welcome back to the fantasy marksman, the “but criminals don’t obey the law” argument, the “evil will always find a way” argument, the “this is all too technical for you” argument, the “We’ll have to look into all of this, someday” government, the “but, what makes this story special, rather than all too common?” media focus, the guy that finds out that bullets really, really hurt, and on and on, etc.  Sure this must seem idiotic to you, but the other side must be doing something right, because almost all of it remains legal, and everything about the situation just keeps getting worse. Steve Bannon warns that if the gun fun does end, it would be the end of everything.

David Waldman takes us away from this dismal, depressing, awfulness to—oh wait... Children forced to hide in a bathroom during shootout at California day care. Now, let’s move on:

Here are three major bombshell Trump/Russia stories you missed yesterday. Actually, not much escapes KITM’s watchful gaze. Listeners already know a lot about Paul Manafort’s private briefings to Oleg Deripaska. Manafort was using Trump as a bargaining chip before the election, the question is did Donald’s value go up after the election?

There is a yet another Kushner private email account, plenty more secrets to come, although you know his risotto could never be as creamy.

Author Paula Apynys returns to read Part Two of “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for our Politics and a Path Forward”.

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Doesn’t it seem too soon, or perhaps too late to talk about anything, anymore? Oh hell, let’s go at it: Another guy used unregulated pure evil (made more efficient by 8 assault rifles, and 200 loaded magazines) to kill so many people last night. Check out all of the latest right here.

Greg Dworkin calls in from NewtownConnecticut, site of where the gun control debate was mortally wounded. More shootings will happen, because of course, pure evil

David Waldman and Greg catch up on the failed Trump presidency. As Trump brings the US down to a tweet, he is conquered by photography. Geraldo Rivera only photographs living people in Puerto Rico, therefore no one died. If everyone knew Puerto Rico was completely surrounded by ocean water and was about to have a big hurricane, why didn’t the TV tell Donald Trump? A real crisis comes and Trump can’t handle it. The Donald is not good for medical.

An argument over Puerto Rico ends with a girl shot and her step-father in jail.

Republicans are wise to keep Roy Moore and  his “controversial views” at arms length. Even Roy Moore is smart enough to do that.

Donald Trump reminds you to come on down to the White House—Home of The Craaaaaaaaazzzy Deals!

Author Paula Apynys, aka Paula Writer, aka @PApynys, reads from her latest—“The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for our Politics and a Path Forward, Part One”!

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