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Donald Trump woke up this morning, confused. 3-D plastic guns don’t make much sense to him, and he’s planning on “looking into them”… heh. Speaking of GunFAIL, printed guns are the hot new thing to talk about, but David Waldman still feels the typical buyer might find them a bad penis substitute, as they are silly looking, too bulky and way too hard to conceal… moving on: 

Another “good guy” with a gun can’t convince the police of his “good guy”-ness in time and is fatally shot. It might take some time to figure out which guy with a gun was the “good guy” there.

What was Maria Butina doing at the National Prayer Breakfast? As with the many other Russians, and others that attend each year, she was just earning a buck.

For the second hour of KITM, David welcomes back Professor Ian Reifowitz to discuss how Trump’s tax plan was a lie. The administration has moved on, now putting together a unilateral tax cut for the rich. This will give wealthy people thousands more to not trickle down to the economically anxious, who have become economically delirious, happy to suffer to the death if needed.

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Here comes Netroots Nation! And KITM… well, KITM won’t actually be there, but you’ll be hearing a lot about it from David Waldman leading up to and during the convention. Overall, news like this will be reaching you much more efficiently, now that Daily Kos welcomed their first-ever communications director, Carolyn Fiddler, and opened their new Washington, D.C., office. 

All politics being local, Greg Dworkin rounded up some he discovered right in his own backyard. Connecticut sees a youth surge in voter registration. Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District is happy to choose between the greater of two greats. New faces, young blood, and braver stances are popping up everywhere. In David’s backyard however... Republican Denver Riggleman’s Bigfoot erotica is not being appreciated by Democrat Leslie Cockburn.

Trump backers will back Trump, but it’s harder finding them each day. Sean Spicer continues to gaslight, Rudy Giuliani destroys the goalposts. Donald bleats apoplectically. The New York Times therefore searches for balance by talking to the #1 Trump backer. Con men usually can find a way to slip away, unfortunately for everyone Trump’s con has to go 4 years. With all of this going on, Democrats better be doing well going into November.

“Prayer” and “Breakfast” used to be such nice things, but the National Prayer Breakfast is an institution designed to defile all of that. Maria Butina plied various trades, for various benefactors at the Breakfast, all of them searching for more white power. Alt-right fight clubs prepare for race war.

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Welcome class. Before David Waldman can begin his disquisition on attorney–client privilege and the crime-fraud exception in the Michael Cohen case, we will need to address proper yacht mooring:

Does Betsy Devos use a regular bit of rope to tie her $40 million dollar dinghy to a dock? Why not a bicycle chain or something more secure? Anyhow, no need to worry, she still has 9 other boats to make her commute.

Donald Trump bought himself some good news today, but it wasn’t cheap. You can’t blame him for splurging though, he’s just getting over a broken bromance. Noted liar Michael Cohen plans to tell the truth about Donald and the Russians. Noted liar Rudy Giuliani says Michael Cohen is lying. Noted liar Donald Trump could be lying then or now, but certainly as often as possible.

Michael Avenatti says that he has found 3 more women who were paid off by AMI, Donald Trump, and Michael Cohen. Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s chief financial officer for decades, is now being questioned by authorities.

Meanwhile, Russian hackers attack Senator Claire McCaskill ahead of the 2018 elections. (Psst… you know they hacked the vote, right?)

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Shadow ban! This morning’s Donald Trump fake news toilet-tweet dropped only a few hours ago, as Donald just wasn’t feeling the love coming his way anymore. KITM-ers leapt into action, supplying  David Waldman and us with the real story in almost real time—part of why you tune in!

Another great reason are guests like Greg Dworkin, who rounded up some pretty nice polling for election day, gulp, still 309 days away… Outside of the election, the public still supports the Mueller investigation, sees Helsinki as a fiasco, and likes Obamacare more than Trumpanything. Is the “Resistance” the most under-covered political story because He-Who-Must-Be-Resisted keeps hogging the limelight?

Pulling security clearances is just the middle of the Trump autocracy. The White House bans CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, inspiring much-needed solidarity and maybe some more subscriptions

A wee contingent of Republicans attempted to storm the walls of justice defended by Rod Rosenstein, and have already failed. Even they knew they would.

Dems are not in disarray, David reviews the career of Jim Clyburn, and the time and effort needed to earn a position of leadership.

The Gop isn’t in disarray, they all know Putin’s the boss. Trump’s appointee to run the Justice Department’s criminal division came out of Russia’s Alfa Bank.

The Trump's-Cohen tape release was to avoid the crime-fraud exception… so expect a bunch more tapes to be released.

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David Waldman enjoys telling you things you might not know from angles you might not have considered, and he also enjoys hearing new things from new angles as much as the other guy, whomever that might be. Therefore, we all enthusiastically welcome Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter with their things and angles every Wednesday:

The first episode of Donald Trump and Michael Cohen’s podcast (Brought to you by Coke) is out, and with two that crooked, you know there’ll be all sorts of angles to consider.  

Brian Kemp is a winner in Trump’s book, perhaps the kind of winner Georgia is getting sick of having. Democrats are energized, angry and votingThe Blue Wave builds as voters become interested in governance in their representatives. It also helps that Democrats represent the majority of people, voters are catching on about Trump, and it might be tougher for the Russians to interfere this time.  

Pitting journalists against combat vets as the president did yesterday, benefits no one, and that’s what Donald did, as he reminds everyone to never believe what they see or hear.

Fine, Trump will stop telling you what he says to foreign leaders. You wouldn’t believe how stupid he is anyhow. He also doesn’t need you to believe that he will pay $12 billion to farmers, he just has to get on the record as saying it.

Congress is making sure that the Supreme Court will make the President the boss of them. What are the Senate Republicans trying to cover up for Brett Kavanaugh? Democrats in turn work to pull the covers off. Trump stooge and Senate anachronism Susan Collins calibrates her umbrage for the precise balance between “concern” and acquiescence

A pair of first-time female candidates—one a prominent gun control activist, one a college professor (and a former co-worker of David Waldman)—won the Democratic nomination for two suburban Atlanta congressional seats! Hooray!

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As of press time, Donald Trump’s binky had not yet fallen underneath his highchair, freeing up David Waldman to concentrate on the regrettably evergreen topic of #GunFAIL: A Utah mom won’t be charged for leaving a loaded handgun—with a round in the chamber & the safety off—on a diaper changing table outside of a children’s play area with a posted “no weapons” policy, because she didn’t mean to forget, which is an argument the DA just couldn’t overcome.

Oh, and there was a recent mass shooting we didn’t get around to talking about, in the far-away land of “Canada”, which is only noticeable as mass shootings tend to have more than one victim shot at a time.

The Trump Gop/Russia alliance is a natural alliance, but not coincidentally so is the neo-Confederate/Russian white nationalist... white “transnationalist”… white power alliance.

Those meddling, playful jokesters over in Russia have gained the ability to turn off the US power grid,  probably just for lulz.

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Donald Trump shambles across a unending barber pole of red lines, over and over and over and over. Today he walks over a few more… or is it the same one? David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin to help unroll those transgressions and spread them out for our study.

Is the camel’s back already broken, somewhere under that mountain of straw? Are the Bigs starting to accept the unimaginable? Or can they will back their ignorance after last week’s dissonance? Conservatives begin to yearn for the good old days. Trump’s glass is only half full of treason right now, but it isn’t going to get any emptier either. We are witnessing the death of a superpower, but the credibility of the foreign-policy establishment died long ago.

Democratic candidates are assured that if Brett Kavanaugh’s Roe stance isn’t effective in their area, there is still plenty wrong with Kavanaugh to go around.

Seriously smart people impart their wisdom to us yokels: James Comey likes Ike, and decides that you need to. Ryan Cooper has uncovered a growing Trump-Russia scandal he calls “Russiagate”.  When Hillary Clinton pointed out that Donald was Putin’s puppet, journalists reminded us that “puppet” is a very funny word.

Presidential Apprentice spinoffs: The pilot episode of Michael Cohen and Trump’s new series has dropped, and is sure to be a long-running hit. The Maria Butina show started out about sex, but now looks like it is about Russian money, and sex. The Trump-Gop-Russia alliance is a natural. TMZ reports that the Manhattan Madam is in talks for a comeback. Donald give a thumbs down to the Carter Page saga, but that’s just fake news.

Grammar lessons: The importance of oxford commas.  The handiness of double negatives.

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Is Glenn Greenwald full of it? Not completely, as David Waldman determines in today’s KITM. We aren’t really “at war” with Russia, so where’s the crime in some unmonitored hijinks? David sorts out the thinking in Greenwald’s twitter rant, and considers the distinctions between American Interests and Trump’s Interests, and Putin’s Interests and Russian Interests, because heaven knows Donald Trump won’t. Does Donald have a special weakness for strong men, or is it that maybe he’s genuinely confused about why that's "bad”?

Speaking of taking the time to consider nuances, Dr. T’Chanda Prescod-Weinstein wants to reduce the antisemitic conflation of Jews and Zionists.

It’s hard to beat the scum and villainy of Trump Tower I, or Trump Tower Toronto, or SoHo, or Vietnam, or Scotland, but Trump Tower III in Miami could be contender if a pair of Russian husband and wife human trafficking high-end prostitution entrepreneurs have anything to say about it.

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Trump knew. Well, you know, as much as Donald Trump knows anything. The question is, does it change anything? Definitely not enough to keep David Waldman and Greg Dworkin from their respective KITM microphones today.

After all, at least 9 Russians wish you knew earlier. Vlad handed Donald a wish list containing a few more victims/suspects, and Trump is working out the shipping and handling costs to attach to Putin’s bill. If only we knew what else was on Donald’s honey do list. We could subpoena the interpreter present, but that would require more Adam Schiffs in congress. Reporters shouldn’t be stenographers, but a stenographers job is to report exactly what they hear, therefore they are Donald Trump’s natural enemy.

All of this is eroding Trump’s base a little each day, although there will always be that white-hot white core at the center, which is certain to become hotter and more dangerous the smaller it gets. I guess we’ll just have to worry about that after we win in November. Marginal goofball Louie Gohmert mined Putin’s summit speech for stupid-nuggets and found a shiny one.

Trump, Putin…  and Paul Erickson. Erickson adds Boy Toy to his LinkedIn page. Sure, Maria Butina probably could have picked a better Republican to… infiltrate, but this one worked out just fine, since she was mostly just looking for someone to get her in “The Family” way while in the US. Strangely, the best way she found to do this was through the back door—The National Prayer Breakfast.  No pictures of Butina and Donald Trump Jr., yet, but the FBI has some wiretaps on Sonny-boy.

The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem will cost more than $21 million, just when Trump bargained them down from a billion dollars to 250 thousand...

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Who would have thought that hump day would feel like such a low spot? Lucky for us, David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter are here to give us a hand-up out of this ditch:

Donald Trump was forced to point out that Monday’s Russia Summit happened to fall on Opposite Day, and today is Opposite-opposite Day so we are all back to… Better-than-super Day, give or take a few details. Greg is here to champion this administration... NOT! Greg even uses the word “Treason”, and so can you!

We are getting a clearer idea of what “Kompromat” means as well. The West Wing revolts, James Comey says “Vote Democratic”, thoughts and prayers go out to the Gop, but will any of them really do anything? Probably... not! Joan offers a simple test for Republican patriotism.

Supporter of Russian 2A rights, NRA shill, Russian Spy Maria Butina, enjoys taking America’s backdoor to power, the same way Evangelical Christians like to go. Republicans want a little privacy with their dark money exchanges.

Donald’s and Tucker Carlson’s heel spurs act up at even the thought of protecting NATO member Montenegro were they to decide to step under Russia’s boot again.

Trump is Russia’s, and therefore so are Trump’s assets, for instance, Brett Kavanaugh.  Russian operatives have already quoted Kavanaugh to defend against the Mueller investigation. Kavanaugh is set to put the final nail in Congress’ power to investigate Trump.

What can we do about all of this? Well, voting will help. Voting is not enough, though. Volunteer, organize, and hit back!


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Yesterday, the world discovered that the head of the Gop Centipede is none other than Vladimir Putin!

You knew that already, didn’t you? That’s because you not only follow the “Mainstream Media”, you follow KITM, and you are aware that David Waldman also follows the MSM, but he is especially adept in pointing out the good stuff.

Monday, Russian pro-gun shill, NRA confederate, Russian agent Maria Butina was charged with attaching Republicans to the centipede. Maria’s no Cari Lutkins, so at least she escaped the cloud of Eau de Bolton, if not the long arm of the law.

Is it even possible for Donald Trump to leak to our adversaries, or is it only he that can be leaked upon? Is the US due a $10,001.00 traitor fine? Is Trump hundreds of years ahead of us, or will it take hundreds of years to recover? Here’s what lawyers, including David, say.

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David Waldman is Icelandic tanned, rested and ready to go—back to Iceland. He returns, yearning for the latest American soccer coverage (all they have is “football” over there) and to catch up whatever happened here politically, if anything... Speaking of, the 2022 men's World Cup heads to Qatar, which makes sense only for all of the bad reasons.

Greg Dworkin is back to describe what works, what doesn’t with the public… for now. Trump’s chaos continues to work its magic on his base, the press, and us. The press needs to quit being headline stenographers. “Never Trump” Republicans need to stop being Republicans. Democrats should welcome them, but not if they keep voting wrong.

Trump is a textbook traitorous treasonist.

MF Russia and Trump are on the same page, but the rest of the world is aware Russia interfered in the 2016 election, Republicans benefited, and indictments are coming to Americans. Donald was a little nervous before his before his big date with Vlad, but performed exactly as expected. The Gop are finding more and more in common with their comrades out east every day. Lots of mini Trumps hit the campaign trail. Does the US vote for corruption because they think that’s their only choice?

This is no time for liberal despair. Some allies remain wise. Some judges remain clear-headed. Baby jails might still end up being a losing issue for Republicans. Tariffs are producing brutal local headlines across the nation.

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Remember Friday the 13th last year, in July? Of course you don’t, because July 13, 2017 was a Thursday. But you might remember what we were talking about that day.

However, try to forget all of that, so that today’s rerun episode is like new. What was it about (so that you can properly forget it)? Well, it was like this...

How do you, Dear Reader/Listener, cope with such an influx of political news, information, and knowledge inundating you on a daily basis? Why, you listen to KITM as David Waldman, and quite often Greg Dworkin sort it out for you! Today they sort it into two heaps—Russia and Health-Trump-Treasoncare:

Republicans say they can, but they still can’t design a workable plan. Nickleback is getting tired of being called the Senate health care bill of pop music. Mitch McConnell is running out of goodies to pass out and so is losing Senators’ attention, and running out of time. Like everyone else, Republicans kind of like Obamacare, but we all know they can’t say that. Moderates like it too, and thus won’t cave like McConnell hopes. But seven years of hatred is hard to pivot on. Doctors still care and are getting things done. Ted Cruz still doesn’t care, but his provision is in the bill. Meanwhile, over in California, Democrats who never do things “together”aren’t in line on Single Payer.

On to Trump-Russia, and the day Trump finally became President… and finally became a father.

Don Jr.’s emails are far more damning than anyone could have imagined. But, is being damned really a “sin”? Trump supporters don’t know the meaning of that word and others.

Now all roads lead to Jared Kushner. Now, that’s collusion! When this breaks, Donald Trump will have to tweet a link to the Pee-Pee tape just to get some attention. Jared’s repressed memories are all coming back to him now, over 100 of them.

Republicans, of course want to get to the bottom of this mess. So, on their path to subpoenaing Hillary, they blame Natalia Veselnitskaya. Stupidity like this can’t be faked, so let’s look into this. They could look into Jeff Sessions, but it’s a secret.

Maybe Trump will find answers in France. Like, what is Bastille Day? What’s on TV? What can I grab?

Is buying luxury goods a survival skill in our culture?

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Can you believe he’s been at this idiotic pardon game for a year, already? Of course, when it started, it was about pardoning himself. Now, we’ve moved on to random thugs and ne’er-do-wells. But that’s not all that different, when you think about it. Is it?

Who to pardon? Who to bomb? Where to golf? Donald Trump’s weekend starts tomorrow, but it almost looks too hectic for him to take time off. Eh, the place pretty much runs itself...

Until one of his little Fredos mucks it up. This kid was dropped on his head as a child! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin keep us abreast of a situation so crazy, even the spin is spinning out of control. Trump Sr. is 15 minutes dumber than Junior. Democratic House candidates were also targets of Russian hacking. Tucker Carlson finds out that Putin’s not cool anymore.

And—don’t forget Fredo-in-law still has security clearance. The Trump-Russia investigators are looking at Jared Kushner’s Trump campaign digital operation. Here’s how an alleged Russian hacker teamed up with a Florida Gop operative.

While all of this is happening, the Republicans continue to fail at governing. Here is what we know about TreasonCare. Maybe the Democrats will be invited to board the Titanic to help bail them out. Voters figure that can’t hurt. The Senate debates what goes into the bill before the parliamentarian this week.

Enter, Joan McCarter, with her DC acumen. Republican leaders are frantic to pass TreasonCare before everything falls apart. For those nostalgic for sick children and bankrupt families, TrumpCare has a lot to offer. Mitch McConnell worked out a schedule to bring it to the floor next week… just in case that doesn’t work, August recess is being moved to the end of August. As for Trump/Russia, well, first you need to get them talk about it.

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Did you know that each date this week (well, this week last year) is (was) a palindrome, in that the date reads the same forward as backward? Heavy, right? While you ponder that, David Waldman also has this Tuesday excogitation to prepare you for this news cycle once Trump pops like a boil… uhm actually he’s full of...

OK. So, you heard about Don Fredo Trump meeting with the Russian operative? He kind of walked into a rake on that one. Now, the whole scheme’s unraveling, there is a beautiful, delicious email trail, and Don’s third version of events is about due, although it probably won’t help him much. Pence 2020

Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya has been connected to the Trumps before, because they’ve done bad things with Russia before. Natalia says Don Jr., Jared and Manafort were begging for it. Does it matter who wanted it first?

Moving on to other international corruption, Jared Kushner tried and failed to get a half-billion-dollar bailout from Qatar. Donald Trump said Qatar funds terror. Trump wanted it to fund him.

And there’s Trumpcare. Not going to happen.

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What were we up to at this time last year? It’s a question we’ve all been asking, if by “all” you mean me. And specifically, me, when I’m wondering what to run for today’s show while I’m still out seeing the world. The answer, it turns out, has been archived. And it’s this:

David Waldman brings us whatever godawful week of The Presidential Apprentice it is, along with its spinoffs, Son and Daughter of Presidential Apprentice. In this episode, Donald “Fredo” Trump Jr. has been shopping for those huge beautiful Kremlin ties for his dad...

Greg Dworkin rounded up a ton of news on Russia and the Trumps—and that health care stuff too. Looking at the Trump-Russia timeline puts it all into perspective. It is all adding up for everyone, except maybe Team Trump and Team Pepe. Donald’s boy really wanted to be a good colluder for Dad, too bad he now has to take that ride to the middle of the lake to fix things for Jared. Real news now comes in music videos. Oh no! It’s A COOKBOOK!

Meanwhile, Trump-Russia will protect us from the cyber, or maybe not, or something. Also Trump sowed chaos at the G-20, while still the laziest world leader.

Taking a knee in the middle of fighting for Trumpcare appears to be a bad strategy for the Gop. Donald Trump doesn’t know what to make of these Republican’s lack of winning. Rural GOP senators notice they have voters. The best plan might be to win by losing, and join with somebody they can blame, like Democrats. The difference between “public option” and “single payer”.

Want to influence the Democratic party? Try joining the Democratic party. Want to influence the Republican party? Tell them God sent you.

New Nazis like vikings. Old Nazis liked vikings, too.

With Donald Trump, the norm always is: It all goes to Donald Trump.

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David Waldman is in Iceland, hopefully soaking up its picturesquecultural and more idiosyncratic highlights during his stay. Yet, he still finds time to put together special pre-recorded KITM’s for us! 

Are you ready for some association football? World Cup fever is sweeping the nation (probably, idk) but KITM listeners are also aware that even though team soccer began with the best of intentions, it eventually attracted multi-million dollar corruption... and James Comey, and David Waldman, who devoted hours to its coverage in 2015.

What does this have to do with the fix we’re in, here, today? Just about everything, it seems.  David follows the warp and weft of the threads of malfeasance sewn through the Trump/Putin/FIFA tapestry of corruption:

Long before The Dossier, Vladimir Putin caught Christopher Steele’s attention. Steele and the old-school shoe leather reporting of Andrew Jennings led Multi-millionaire Trump pal cat fancier, Chuck Blazer to eventually turn snitch, taking down FIFA President Sepp Blatter, and keeping corruption at FIFA to a minimum medium.

Trump’s Miss Universe business partner, “Trump of Russia” Aras Agalarov, used unpaid migrant labor to build two World Cup stadiums. Now he’s part of the Russia Probe.

The terrorism money trail leads to poaching, and lions follow the poaching trail!

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By special listener request—which is a great excuse to avoid conducting the search for an appropriate show—we today present what this one, special listener proclaimed to be our “greatest episode.”

Why would Donald Trump invest in beauty pageants and modeling agencies? Yes, that answer seems simple, but once you look beneath the obvious Trumpian layer of wanton, remorseless sleaze it all just becomes more dirty, sordid, cruel, misogynistic, and illegal. Today is the day David Waldman starts to peel away layers of that very rotten onion.

The bulk of this KITM is devoted to David’s annotated recitation of “We All Knew About the Trafficking.” The Untold Story of Trump Model Management (Part 1) by SwedishJewfish. This is a great introduction to the author’s other thoughts and narratives, as well the beginning of our deep dive into Trump’s golden cesspool to discover these Trumpettes: Chester the Molester, John Casablancas, Jeffrey Epstein, Eliot Spitzer, Roger Stone, and their many, many victims.

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While David Waldman gets his Hallbjarnarstaðakambur on, we still have the opportunity to enjoy NEW pre-recorded KITMs! David recorded today’s show as an in-depth backgrounder to prepare us somewhat, so our upcoming plunges into chaos might feel a bit less chaotic:

The UK interests Vladimir Putin just as much as the US, so it pays to study the parallels between what’s happening now and the events leading to Brexit. Russians offered business deals to Brexit’s biggest backer.

Donald Trump’s empty head equals a blank slate, spotless, ready and waiting for the Russians, Israel and Gulf States to scrawl their New World Order upon. Here is a detailed look into how well that has worked so far.

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We've made it to our second July 4th with Trump as "president." But we still only have one July 4th show during that time. And guess what? This is it!

Remember when North Korea wasn't our newest bestie? Well, back then, North Korea launched another missile, but Donald Trump anger-tweeted them, so don’t worry about it.

In the meantime, we used the holiday quiet period (minus the threat of rogue nation nuclear missiles) to catch up on Jay Sekulow’s sekret sektarian skimming, s(k)pecifically that of his son Logan, a racket that netted him nearly a million bucks, and which began at the tender age of 18.

A Florida judge drew the line on the state’s then-newly expanded “Stand Your Ground” law. It may yet be erased, but it gave us another opportunity to discuss the inappropriate short-circuiting of long-established principles of law, because guns are cool and gun owners shouldn’t be bothered with the responsibility of abiding by the law, because they're so law-abiding and stuff.

Only KITM would take you on this extensive a tour of the definitional minutiae of the emoluments clauses. But you can’t tell the players without a program.

And finally, yes there already was evidence of collusion. And plenty of it. Even Republicans were starting to acknowledge it. A year ago.

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As the old saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of Virginia and hang out in Iceland. That’s just what David Waldman’s doing, but not before joining Armando on today’s KITM to bring the heat on those that deserve to sweat:

More details emerge on the antics of our King of Debt, around the period of his cash-only spending spree a dozen years ago, and his failed attempts to buy the landmark St. Andrews hotel in Scotland.

Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley asked to lower American flags in honor of the fatal shooting of five employees of The Capital newspaper. Donald wasn’t feeling it. Donald Trump doesn’t feel empathy or shame, but he did eventually feel the heat, so the flags go to half-staff.

Trump never trusted George W. Bush, or Barack Obama, but Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad are two he can always rely upon.

Rhode Island Democrats troll the libs by primarying their own representative with an alt-Right Trump supporter.

Alan Dershowitz feels the brunt of the anti-Alan Dershowitz sentiment sweeping the country, especially around Martha’s Vineyard.

Melania Trump wants you to read only good news about her, and pay her for looking at her. So far that plan is going well.

Independent journalist Marcy Wheeler, @emptywheel, puts a human face—her own—to the risk posed to witnesses from the Gop's interference with the DOJ.

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Another LIVE KITM today!  And, another tomorrow. The next day? Who knows? (Maybe we will by Tuesday...)

ProPublica and David Waldman reveal Trump staffing’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” ethics compliance certification.

Greg Dworkin tells us to not mourn, but organize. Don’t waste your time with civility. Historically it has never worked...except in reducing annoying uppityness. Some in the media gentry warn Democrats to check their ungracious behavior lest it reflect badly upon us. What’s the difference with Donald Trump’s conduct? In a word, class. A concept beyond us coastal elites, that Donald just getsPaula (Apynys) Writer tells us receiving incivilities from us is part of the price Republicans need to pay. Susan Collins prefers to lied to in the nicest possible way.

Republicans near their goal of overturning Roe. Reaching it could backfire, unless “their goal” is “overturning Roe”. That would be a “win” for them, which they’d follow by eliminating any other rights they didn’t like, like yours. Trump’s White Power initiative might falter as he makes many whites less powerful.

Donald knows the importance of civility. He has asked Saudi Arabia to please increase their oil production, reduce their profit and help us out a bit, but there’s some topics he won’t even broach with our good neighbor Vladimir Putin.

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