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Yesterday, Brett Kavanaugh cried like a baby and whined like a dog, but most importantly he lied like a Trump.  Today, David Waldman brings us a LOL YOLO Nothing Matters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Post-Hearing KITM:

Sure, the Senate Judiciary Committee is plowing ahead. After all, their base expects pillaging to follow rape. Christine Blasey Ford will soon be forgotten, like some dry hump in high school. If Dr. Blasey Ford wants results, maybe she should call a cop. Senator Amy Klobuchar should have called for security.

Lindsay Graham promises vengeance if, well there is no “if” but there will be vengeance. “Tit for tat“ is fun for journalists and senators to say, as it has “tit” in it and also they’re talking about sex abuse, see? So that will be handy, as it was during the Clarence Thomas hearings. Thomas did the defiance and anger thing too. Temper tantrums have always been manly, while ladies always apologize. Those are just the rules, unless they aren’t, or unless someone makes them change. Senator Jeff Merkley tries an injunction in federal court.

Russian trolls quit hiding, because what are we going to do about them?


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When you get a chance to listen to today’s KITM, and it probably won’t be in the middle of today, but when you do, you’ll find the usual insight and context from David Waldman and guest Greg Dworkin there to help you better understand the day’s events. To wit:

Today is the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Quick, turn it on if you forgot.

Our Clown in Chief tried so hard to make this all about him, but even going full dotard wasn’t enough to grab the limelight. There are Kavanaugh campaign commercials out there, but you can’t really vote for Brett Kavanaugh and if you could, you wouldn’t. For the first time in 60-70 or more years Republican Senators have found a disadvantage in being white males.

Today is the beginning of a teaching and learning moment for millions of Americans. People have the chance to confront the issues of adolescent sexual violence, class privilege, white privilege, male privilege… or not. Maybe they’ll just go into a death embrace, and sink with their ignorance. Some go down as “rape apologists” rather than be known as Lib enablers. But, many will wrestle with their own truths — together. Many that know, or think they know Deborah Ramirez learned about themselves. Kavanaugh accuser #3, Julie Swetnick, was first to testify, and she knows what she’s talking about.

A former Virginia governor’s grandson accused of raping a fellow University of Virginia student has avoided prison time, partially due to an Alford plea, but mostly because he’s a rich, connected white boy. Strip clubs, golf courses, fraternities, locker rooms, the Republican party are all safe spaces for men to abuse women and minorities and to find love, while shouting “No homo!”

Trump scored millions in 2016, and then the deep state stole it all.

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Kavanaugh! One simply cannot keep up with all the ways Brett Kavanaugh is a coward, bully, cad and thief, but one is not KITM! In fact, KITM is two today: David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, and they’ll help you keep up until you throw up: 

It took 35 years too long to catch up with Bill Cosby’s crimes. It is long past time to believe the women. Four friends of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford have signed affidavits backing her up, three more Kavanaugh supporters are calling for investigations. Republicans have not been kept up on those developments, because they have arranged to be not kept up. The Republican witness relocation program relocated Mark Judge before he could testify. Still, more Yale alum won’t let Brett lie his way into the Supreme Court, anyhow, he was a sloppy drunk. Deborah Ramirez is certain that was Brett Kavanaugh’s penis in her face.

What’s the difference between a Frat and a Gang? Male bonding leads to male cowardice and cruelty, and Brett Kavanaugh will always be out there trying to impress the alphas.  Legal drinking age in Maryland changed to 21 when Brett Kavanaugh was 17 years old, but we know he knew that. Why would Kavanaugh stop lying or drinking after college when it worked so well for him? And, there’s always alphas left to impress.

Dr. Blasey Ford might school a few people tomorrow. Confirmation or not, women are set to show men how it’s done this midterm. Greg scored some sweet polling for us, with Dem leads matching Trump disapproval numbers, even in some pretty red states.

Don’t worry, Russia will get what it deserves in the end.

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David Waldman brings us another installment of The Brett Kavanaugh show, which is OK, because it takes a lot of attention and work to dislodge an infestation this ingrown and intractable.

Many are jumping ship on Kavanaugh before they are mistaken for vermin. Donald Trump wants the Kavanaugh confirmation done yesterday (because that was the last time he had a chance). As per tradition, Brett went before cameras with his wife staring lovingly into his ear as he threw out some last desperate lies.

Meanwhile, all of Kavanaugh’s actions recorded over time contradict his recollections. Unless he was lying then... no wait, that makes him exactly just as bad.

Donald reminds women that if they ever run into a problem, and they’re drunk, they’ve got nothing. Paula Apynys (aka Paula Writer) tells us that it doesn’t matter when assault victims speak up. People will always say they are too late. Barring the truth, and Trump always bars the truth, the only solutions remaining for Kavanaugh are cheating, and chaos. So, how about a little Rod Rosenstein smoke bomb? If it’s not a bluff, there’s always someone smirking in the shadows waiting to take over.

Donald Trump’s standup routine is a surprise hit at the UN.


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David Waldman brings us the first KITM of fall—Brett Kavanaugh’s fall. The thing about this fall though, is that every day becomes longer from this point on.

Greg Dworkin rounds up two Round-ups chock full of Kavanaugh and chaos:

Brett has another accuser, and another, and another? Soon his accusers will outnumber his defenders. CNN finds (enlists) 5 random (Republican operative) women whose sons and husbands can touch girls (rape all they want) as long as they turn out well (the paychecks keep coming).

Brett Kavanaugh’s fraternity pledges were fondly known as “buttholes”, but turns out they’re just assholes... Goppers knew what they were doing when they tried to scoot this confirmation along, which is to keep the Republican party, Federalist Society, Christian Right, white male hegemony from collapsing. Now that women aren't helping prop it up, it just might.

Or maybe not. David reminds us that 5 guys will make you do whatever they want.

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It’s not just another day of Kavanaugh craziness. It’s a Day of Kavanaugh Craziness. The bizarro theory that Brett Kavanaugh had an evil twin takes root, declares Mission Accomplished, and is then deleted. Who’s behind it? That Ed Whelan guy. Boy, I dunno.

Armando joined in the wide-ranging discussion of just how nutty this whole thing is becoming, plus other assorted sad tales of our times.

Is Trump even dumber than we thought? Or is this actually within tolerances for his stupidity? Apparently, he thinks Spain can deter migrants by building a wall. Across another continent. Seems like a fine time to have him chair a UN Security Council meeting, then.

More about that thing where Yale Law profs and/or “Tiger Moms” are said to be “grooming” clerks for Kavanaugh. That’s a loaded word. And maybe it’s the right one. But this is just the latest twist to a long-standing practice that keeps the loop closed on elite legal careers.

Trump’s team sets about gaslighting you about his confession to Lester Holt.

There was always something… not right…  about that guy who was so keen on 3-D printing guns.

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David Waldman returns to today’s Special Holiday KITM atoned, rested, and ready to tackle at least the next couple of days before the weekend:

Donald Trump was “briefed” yesterday in N.C., which is only slightly less embarrassing than being “pantsed”. At least a guy got a nice boat out of the deal, and even Donald came away learning something.

Greg Dworkin rounds up his round-up, and then some: The White House can’t withdraw Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination because that would break their winning streak of getting stuff done or whatever. Remember, the Kavanaugh train is not unstoppable.

A classmate of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford made the mistake of speaking the truth, and learned to never do that again. Men on the other side of these things know to avoid speaking the truth at all times. Women know better, although women on the Gop side of things seem to have picked the Gop side of things. Diane Feinstein couldn’t make everyone happy, but there is plenty of time to fix that. If Dr. Ford’s testimony had never come out Kavanaugh would only be known as a lying sleaze.

The FBI isn’t Trump’s enemy, or his buddy either. Donald saw a thing on the telly-telly, so he said a thing, and that’s that. Is that how it works? If so, Trump could have fixed his problems years ago.

3 term Republican Senator Nancy Kassebaum and Kansas governor Bill Graves will vote against Kris Kobach. In Wisconsin, Scott Walker thrives in adversity, so he must be growing like a weed.

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With Trump, they say, "there's a tweet for everything." By now, there's a KITM for everything, too. It's not often that Yom Kippur and Talk Like a Pirate Day fall on the same day. That is, I don't think so, and I'm not interested in looking it up. But even if it happens a lot, we've got you covered, because we've got an episode that mentions both in the first five minutes.

And that's good enough for me.

Today on KITM: David Waldman tackles the inconvenient placement of Yom Kippur, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (arr) and psychic vampire vaginal egg skimmers (arr). Don’t look for those at Toys 'R Us, they’re bankrupt. (arr)

Donald Trump made Robert Newton sound like Trevor Howard as he told the United Nations that he will destroy Rocket Mantotally, believe me, once he razes this UN dump.

Donald Jr. works to keep his secrets, even though it’s Eric that tried to hold a secret event at a Trump club. They just can’t keep enough of the nosy people out.

Trump told you he was being wiretapped! Soon, we will find out why.

Fox’s first rule about the sex-cult: Don’t talk about the sex-cult. Soon, Miss Universe 2013 will bite Donald harder than a Moscow hooker.

Warren Buffett knew the S&P 500 index would outperform a portfolio of funds of hedge funds, once the managers took their piece.

Republicans are desperate, in a corner, out of time, and quit caring a long time ago, so...

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Sometimes, having an eye for the little things means a lot.

For instance, the Brett Kavanaugh story has become a sweeping historical epic, a parable of our times, history in the making! While the rest of the media paints in broad strokes, come to KITM, and bring your loupe, because David Waldman will be examining the subtleties in the details entwined amongst the nuances others hurry past:

It is a long time until next Monday, and many minds, some brilliant, some stupid are working out strategies. Strategists should not plan on women being fooled however, because all women have run into at least one Brett Kavanaugh, and they know one when they see one.

Lying might not get Republicans through election day, so for once they might be forced to open the manual. David hauls out Jefferson’s manual, but you’ll have to keep in mind the distinctions between the original text and the commentary on the text if David isn’t there to read them in different funny voices. You will want to read it if you are looking for precedent on impeachment.

Robert Mueller needs to read Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski’s secret Road Map to reporting unlawful and impeachable conduct to congress.

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Boom. Everyone’s ears will be ringing for at least a week after the Kavanaugh bombshell. Today, KITM is all Kavanaugh, as David Waldman charts the beginning of the repercussions.

Greg Dworkin rounded up a few dumpster fires that weren’t Kavanaugh related, along with some actual good news (for Democrats).

Remember Paul Manafort from last week? Manafort remains an existential threat to Trump.

Democratic confidence is going up, as it should. The Russia investigation is helping the midterms, because the midterms will help the Russia investigation.

Sure, thousands of people left without electricity, sanitation, or medical care after Maria died, but FEMA’s Brock Long counted only a few directly wind-related deaths.

Then there was the Brett Bad Boy Kavanaugh news. Christine Blasey Ford is on the record, already foiling Republican Plan A, and leaving Susan Collins greatly troubled. 65 women who were easy to find last week to defend Kavanaugh are harder to find this week. However, you can talk to the more than 200 women supporting Dr. Blasey Ford, and one of them just might be Kellyanne Conway

Donald Trump witnesses another fine man in his general vicinity ruined. Don McGahn probably knows just what Kavanaugh went through. Justice Anthony Kennedy probably did also.

Unfortunately, Brett has smeared and attacked women before, and lied to Senators on several topics, somewhat complicating the Gop plan to throw everything into a fan and perform an Inverse Garland to escape.

The conclusion is of course: Dems in disarray! Times have changed since the Thomas hearings. On the other hand, they haven’t changed at all.

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Friday’s here again, and we’re still here again! All good news. David Waldman lines up the news, good and bad, to set us up for the weekend:

An armed society is a polite society, but when a guy cuts you off, and you give them the finger, and they give the finger back to you, well, you don’t have much choice but to shoot them.

The state department spent $30,000 on Nikki Haley’s apartment curtains, which sounds steep, but that extra $22,801 to motorize them makes a lot of sense, because that’s just cool.

Armando spent about an hour with David figuring stuff out: 

We won some, we lost some in New York, and in the end winning is better.

Ken Starr senses that now would be a good time to hawk a book. David and Armando lament the lack of news in TV news, which just doesn’t have that in-depth touch of print media.

Brett Kavanaugh might have forced himself on a woman, and is certainly a bad choice for the Supreme Court, but The Intercept is just wondering, what about Diane Feinstein?

Paul Manafort strikes a deal with the Mueller team, and pleads guilty to two felony charges. Trump and Manafort lawyers have a joint defense agreement, as they all know collusion to be beneficial sometimes.

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David Waldman was feverishly boarding up the windows and reinforcing the doors at KITM World Headquarters when he discovered a hurricane was heading his way too! It’s always something!

It is hurricane season, with Florence, Isaac, and others heading our way. Hurricane Florence is downgraded to a category 2, while FEMA is downgraded to a subordinate of ICE. No matter how low he goes, Donald Trump still can’t limbo under Hurricane Maria.

Put bloodhounds on any money trail, and you’ll have some Trump treed in no time.

Flunkies don’t stand up to Trump, unless they want to quit being flunkies.

Donald Trump may stun America with a shocking November surprise! David will not keep you in suspense. Will the mob take over America before the Mob does? The Electoral College is too frightened to function.

Brett Kavanaugh is able to lie in print as well as he does face to face. Brett can be first on the Impeachment chopping block. We haven’t even gotten around to asking about the $200,000 in baseball tickets!

Less than a tenth of one percent of people who lied on their gun background check were prosecuted during the last year. Oh well, the police will probably pick them up for something else eventually.

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On today’s KITM, David Waldman attempts to answer: Is Donald Trump’s lying cynical or deluded? A toughie! There’s just so much evidence to support either hypothesis. But don’t ask Donald, it just makes him angry and it sure won’t get you anywhere. In fact, when the pig manure hits the hurricane, it’s best to simply head in the opposite direction of Trump’s advice.

Trump was just careful enough with his language to avoid specifically “advocating imminent lawless action” at his rallies.

George Papadopoulos lied too often and too much to be of much help to Robert Mueller.

The U.S. is on course for a $1 trillion deficit. That’s not a lie, but David sifts through a few lumps to get to the whole truth.

There is too much truth in calling your shooting range The Bullet Hole when your patrons receive titular souvenirs.

How much does Brett Kavanaugh need to lie before he is disqualified for a Supreme Court position? Susan Collins will tell you (and she would be lying).

Joan McCarter pops in for a visit, and to tell us that the only solution for Kavanaugh is for Chuck Schumer to whip Democrats into an united position, which should be easy as new polling shows there's no reason for ANY Democrat to vote for Kavanaugh.

An anti-Affordable Care Act judge demonstrates that the truth is whatever a judge decides it to be.

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David Waldman returns from a day of Rosh Hashanah merriment and Torah readings, aware that celebration and somber reflection must go hand in hand... unless you are some sort of sociopathic dotard, of course.

Ben Shapiro quickly scans Barack Obama’s latest speech to find hooks for his usual talking points, so that Republicans can quickly scan his articles for lib pwning tips.

Remember Omarosa Manigault Newman? She was kind of wondering if you did, so she thought she should release another recording she made of Donald Trump. White House staffers recorded Donald like parents at a school play.

Sen. Susan Collins will be voting for Brett Kavanaugh, although singing la la la with fingers in her ears does help her feel a bit less troubled by that.

The International Criminal Court suspects the US of war crimes. John Bolton is going to come over there and show them what illegitimate really means.

A court filing just revealed Maria Butina is ready to flip on her co-conspirator. And maybe a candidate or two, although there just doesn’t seem to be a shortage of candidates for Maria Butina.

If there is an opportunity for a mystery attack anywhere in the world, there are Russians up for the task, including hacking into the RNC email system, because you never know where you might find something useful, like missing John Kerry votes, or Supreme Court kompromat. Russians are cleared of an attack at a Washington DC condo.

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Happy 5779!

Unless you’re listening to today’s podcast, which could lead you to think it’s 5778, since it’s a rerun from September 12, 2017. But as a matter of fact, it was actually still 5777 on that date! So, ha!

Ted Cruz popped up last night as just another shade of the rightwing sex-cult. No soup porn... yet. If you want to spank Ted for it, get in line. David Waldman’s KITM paddle has holes drilled in it just for these occasions, but today it’s reserved for bigger asses:

Where to start—Russians or Trump? Trick question, they fade seamlessly into each other. Which we knew since the Steele dossier, and which many knew long before that. Just when you thought Putin and Trump couldn’t be more intertwined new connections emerge. Trump lied to conceal his Moscow business partners right through the election. Russia used Facebook events to organize anti-immigrant rallies. How could they get away with that? Pretty easily. Let a Russian Russia-splain American sovereignty to you. 

Russia to white supremacy to Trump is a short path. The Senate passed a resolution on Monday condemning white supremacist organizations, which could force Trump to go on the record about these fine people.

Hope Hicks, how does she do it? We might find out soon!

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Yay, we make it to the weekend! Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh probably have a golf date over at Bedminster, but incase you weren’t invited, David Waldman brings us the latest, connecting the two with Republican and Russian hacking, the dark web, deep web, Michael Flynn, Barbara OlsonComstock, Ledeen, W9/11! We didn’t start the fire, no we didn't light it, but we tried to fight it:

Trump will keep NAFTA, but maybe with the “T” bigger, and in gold.

Trump will not answer questions about obstruction, not even in writing, not even as a multiple choice quiz.

The Feds are finally looking into the Trump Organization's finances. Democrats are finally looking into Brett Kavanaugh’s finances.

Brett Kavanaugh’s little concern eyebrows have been telling on him lately, as he looks into the face of perjury, and into the eyes of Sen. Patrick Leahy, victim of Republican email theft during the George W. Bush administration. Newly released emails, like the one with the subject line “spying”, were sent from Barbara Leeden, who's now a Chuck Grassley staffer in the Russia probe and is tied to Mike Flynn. Leeden used dark and deep webs to try to lock Hillary Clinton up.

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David Waldmanlodestar of KITM and Daily Kos Radio listeners worldwide, lights our way:

Greg Dworkin asks: “So, what do you want to talk about?” There’s not much eye contact happening today in the West Wing, at least for those who haven’t called in sick this week. Penceworld isn’t the happiest place on earth. Donald Trump sees treason all about him, just because that’s exactly the kind of people he hires, and the performance he has always demanded. His traitors haven’t squeezed enough out of him to plunge in the final dagger, but soon.

Meanwhile, somebody, who knows who, nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Now what? David recognizes Patrick Leahy’s gift of institutional wisdom, along with a few institutional memories as well. Memories of Manny Miranda’s memorandum misappropriation led Leahy to confront Kavanaugh on his connections to the controversy. Kamala Harris knows Kavanaugh knows. Everyone knows Brett Kavanaugh will overturn Roe, despite his load of stare decisis. Cory Booker brings it, and dares the Gop to try. Armando calls in to talk procedure, strategy, and to figure out what matters.

The Gop has learned one lesson: Always enforce loyalty.

Nancy Pelosi finally makes it to the big time, appearing on the cover of a major national newsmagazine for the first time in her career!

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What exactly did David Waldman do with his hands during today’s KITM?

Of course, things like that are always open to interpretation. For example, what’s up with Zina Bash? Is she too racially impure to demand racial purity? Fred Guttenberg, father of Parkland victim Jaime, is on tape attempting to shake hands with Brett Kavanaugh, but the White House will tell you what you are looking at isn’t what you are seeing. Donald Trump has told his wives, plaintiffs, prosecutors and citizens that for years. With Bob Woodward’s new book out, interpreting reality should remain a hot topic.

Greg Dworkin is here to save the Republican party by helping them return to reality. The blue wave is on the horizon, but Massachusetts’s Ayanna Pressley demonstrates that wave’s generational, gender and racial power. All of that power is making the Delaware Senate primary exciting. The former GOP governor of Kansas endorses Democrat Laura Kelly over Kris Kobach.

Republican corruption remains a solid motivator for voters, as is Republican greed. As long as Democrats keep getting in touch with constituents, and no one wants to be touched by Donald Trump, Democrats are in their best position yet to retake the House. Ted Cruz can’t bend the reality of the trouble he’s in. Cruz versus Beto all depends on if hes or shes turn out.

Armando, a student of legal realism, and an advocate of constitutional hardball needs us to face reality on how we will fix the mess our system is in. Should we follow the rules? Should they follow the rules?  What are rules? Get the gavel(s). Then work out the rules.

Who needs reality? Maybe we just need to feel like we are in power.

Kaepernick is a sonofabitch, but Trump still has a soft spot for Nike.

The British know how to handle Russian agents.

Finally, the witch hunt ends.

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David Waldman was late and owes us 6 minutes today. Put it on his tab:

Speaking of late, Democrats hurl themselves into battle during Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination hearing, after receiving  the last minute dump of a percent or two of the necessary documentation.  David talks Gang of 14, Nuclear Option, judicial filibusters, Patrick Leahy’s felicitous anamnesis, and related legends, myths and history.

Speaking of judicial impeachment, the West Virginia House impeached the entire state Supreme Court. David explores the why and how.

Kris Kobach wants to be the next Trump, but is too stupid to reach even that level, as he probably intentionally failed to register voters during his hunt for voter fraud.

You knew Bruce Ohr had to be pretty cool, based on the enemies he cultivated. David looks into the efforts to flip Oleg Deripaska on Russian organized crime, and Donald Trump, natch.

Screwing Russian oligarchs became an issue for Maria Butina the moment she forgot the difference between a euphemism and a metaphor.

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It’s Labor Day! There’s no better day not to reinvent the wheel. Hence, we share our perfectly good and still relevant September 4, 2017 episode:

Hey, you got the day offgood for you! What better way to spend it, than to do whatever you want to do today, plus some David Waldman and KITM flowing through your earbuds.

Donald Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay (maybe to get it closer to the 2018 elections?). Matt Damon says the guy was always an ass. John Kelly has to keep Omarosa away from Trump so Donald isn’t triggered. Kelly finds it tough leading a despotic ball-busting baby-man.

If you are celebrating Labor Day today, maybe robots haven’t yet taken your job. Unless you are actually a robot, and you are just saying that to impress people on Twitter. If you are on Twitter you probably are a bot, in which case congratulations, you make a lot more than me. The Bot King is pro-Trump, but denies that he is Russian. The remaining humans on Twitter are mired in futile bot wars. Our Sarah Connor might end up being Valerie Plame.

Russian election hacking continues to turn up, with little attention being paid. Meanwhile, Cambridge Analytica tried a move into the Kenyan Elections, but they don’t allow crap like that there. Around the world, Denmark and Sweden team up against Russian cyberattacks and propaganda, and Norway preemptively orders a manual recount of all ballots to prevent tampering.


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