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We knew, right? Listeners of David Waldman and KITM knew. Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin, and even Michael Cohen knew. Trump is compromised by Russia. Cohen, Manafort, Corsi are going down. They’re all going down. Now everybody knows. And, right when Donald was scheduled to have a meeting with Mr. Putin! How embarrassing! Maybe if he never left his room and... oh, now Vlad’s calling to tell him to get his ass down to the meeting room. Oh well

Republicans remind us that people lie to investigators, hamper investigations and destroy evidence all the time. Is that such a crime? Anyhow he was just colluding, conspiring, lightly looking into some kind of treasonous, but very cool endeavors.

Federal agents paper over the windows of Trumps tax lawyer’s office. Nothing to see there.

Bret Stephens keeps warning the Democrats, even as his data increasingly disagrees with him.

Detroit Council President Brenda Jones will fill Michigan's 13th District House seat for a few weeks. Swearing her in finally gave Paul Ryan something constructive to do, as the solitude was beginning to get to him.

Today’s Kagro in the Morning was brought to you by, or maybe we were bringing you to, Palessi Shoes. Well, somebody’s being taken.

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David Waldman had plans. As usual, the plan was to catch us up on the very latest news before others even realize it is news. But, also as usual, Donald Trump’s chaos and corruption just can’t be contained so KITM will always need to deal with it. Today’s endoparasitoid exploding from Trump’s ultra-intelligent gut is Michael Cohen. As tonight’s pundits prepare to go back to the “Are Donald’s lies delusional or cynical?” debate, Democrats and Robert Mueller just add more to the pile.

Greg Dworkin brings us back to all of the old news that occurred during the 23 long hours since we last talked. The New York Times was caught moving the bar up for Nancy Pelosi’s nomination for speaker of the House as compared to Paul Ryan’s victory over their low expectations.  North Carolina has divulged absentee ballot irregularities kept their 9th Congressional District election from being called. Old friend of the show, from before it was even a show, Marcy Wheeler reports that Paul Manafort’s nonstop lying will help Robert Mueller get around constitutional crisis causing playacting Attorney General Matt Whitaker. Trump also has that pesky witness tampering statute to deal with. The Trump-Manafort-Stone-Farage-Malloch-Corsi-Assange-Putin conspiracy/collusion/cooperation dots fall into place. Trump skips out of his employee review to straighten this all out, while tossing a few empty threats,  empty promises and empty legislation out of his dotard bag of tricks.

Sure, a lot of small business owners voted Trump into office, but they don’t pay the bills, especially after tariffs.

Armando calls in to talk about the inside ins and outs of House caucuses and committee appointments. Is money power? If not, what is?

Hey, take the next couple of hours to read about Trump cabinet member Alex Accosta’s sweetheart deal for serial sex abuser Jeffery Epstein. There will be a test tomorrow.

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How was your Giving Tuesday? Felt pretty good, huh? If you aren’t done giving, how about thinking of us here at KITM? Boy, would that feel good.

David Waldman catches us up from… yesterday!  A lot sure has happened:

Donald Trump went full dotard again, this time over at the Washington Post. Trump offers the idea that GM should try selling cars that sell better, as that’s what he and his mighty gut would do.

As insurrectionists attempt to take over the House, Nancy Pelosi takes them to school. No Labels labeled Donald Trump a problem solver, and Nancy Pelosi a scary bogeyman.

Oakland University passes out hockey pucks in the event of active shooters—really! KITM listeners tweet in with enough jokes to fill a Don Rickles Vegas set.

Times are changing in Mississippi, but not fast enoughGOTV matters as Mike Espy makes it a non-blowout.  But wait! Greg Dworkin tells us the Blue Wave ain’t done yet. AP is retracting its call on CA CD21and North Carolina’s election board declines to certify its 9th Congressional District Race due to someone being very, very naughty.

Donald Trump and Jerome Corsi are pals to the end. Donald’s memory of Jerome is fleeting. It’s lucky that Robert Mueller has emails from mutual bud Roger Stone to help them all reminisce.

Joan McCarter reviews Trump’s latest gibberish on climate, and wall tantrums to inspire us to keep fighting. All of Trump’s judicial nominees are awful in their own special way, but Thomas Farr is in the running for the worst. Democrats need just one vote to stop him.

Spread the word: 19 days and counting until Obamacare open enrollment ends.

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David Waldman was going to tackle today on his own, but Armando had questions, and opinions, and he knew the best place to come with either would be KITM:

Sure, the 2018 elections ended up being pretty fun, but now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work… First why not try something stupid, self-destructive and futile? The problem is now the Problem Solvers, who have no way of winning, but lots of hostages to sell, and are ready to surrender/negotiate. The guy behind the Pelosi Putsch was Mark Penn, coiner of a million labels, including of course, No Labels.

Paul Manafort kept lying, long after he was in trouble, probably because he was hoping to get out of bigger trouble. Paulie is not getting out of trouble, and now it looks as if being Donald Trump’s mole might end up being Donald Trump’s trap. It seems Manafort pitched in on colluding in 2016 with the help of Roger Stone and Julian Assange. Which is true? Glenn Greenwald impugning The Guardian’s reputation, or pretending to be non-judgmental?


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Republicans are right. The US is a kind of dark, scary, place. Especially considering these last couple of years. David Waldman lights the KITM lantern to guide us back to the right track:

Greg Dworkin rounds up the data that demonstrate that the Blue Wave continues to rise, and it’s now time for Democrats and progressives to behave like the winners they are, so they can keep winning. Thank you Bernie! Next.

Donald Trump picks and chooses his reality, and so does the DHS. We are seeing more and more of Putin’s playbook. Some of it is pretty easy to translate. The British takes the battle to Facebook by any means necessary.

Trump highjacked the Gop in 2016, and so that’s just how he’s been treating the party. Nancy Pelosi on the other hand, behaves with more pride of ownership. Stephen Lynch had been wrong before about Pelosi, and is beginning to see that he’s wrong again, now.

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If you're gonna get stuck with a re-run (and you are), how about going way back, to the "Before Times," when Trump was but a looming nightmare? Such was the scene, way back in 2015. Hey, that rhymes!

Bobby Jindal dropped out of the presidential race, but he couldn’t pull David Waldman down with him. David will be on this week for at least today and tomorrow, but then he has to start preheating his oven.

Ben Carson is usually a good surgeon, not necessarily a good historian, even though he wrote a book. Maybe his wife & co-writer Candy Carson did the proofreading.

Greg Dworkin brings good news for poll fans — a lot of polls! Greg reminds us that there’s a big difference between the "Republican electorate" (i.e. primary) and the "electorate" (i.e. general election): So, Trump leads the polls, especially with the white working class, which is as predicted. But, if only Mitt were there, it would be different (at least in New Hampshire)! And, while everyone is yapping about Trump’s lead, have you looked at Hillary’s? Hillary Clinton is the most trusted to handle terrorism.

Donald Trump has been compared to leaders in the past, today Greg and David talk about Trump’s many parallels with George Wallace, and how the support for a new Wallace has grown.

David Vitter is a loser, here are a few reasons.

On campuses there seems to be a growing backlash against old heroes such as Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Jefferson. David sees no problem with this as long as you turn in your homework supporting your thesis first.

The Gop contenders show strong support, weak knowledge of the Constitution and who was responsible. Which is strange, because learning can be so easy and fun.

The myth of the Lost Cause of the Civil War in the South is assumed to be about denying slavery. But in addition to economic slavery we could also add sex slavery.

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Did you know that if you begin Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and KITM simultaneously, our show’s station breaks perfectly sync with the three interesting things their hosts say?

Mission Accomplished! David Waldman and the cast of My Fair Lady agree it is loverly US troops are returning home in retreat from the arriving caravan migrants.

Who cares when Donald Trump tears away democratic norms? Republicans might, but they’ve been way too busy rigging the system to notice. Now it’s Democrats turn to burn it all down! Or, maybe create a controlled burn to preserve what’s left? Who will decide, the majority leader, whip and others who have been entrenched for years, or the young, talented up-and-comers? We could actually have a chance to avoid disarray if we do this right.


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David Waldman presents an all Matt Whitaker Wednesday on KITM! Playacting Attorney General Whitaker is trying to keep up the act, but Senators Blumenthal, Hirona, and Whitehouse, along with assorted watchdogs and federal investigators  are spoiling his show.

David tick-tocks us through Whitaker’s astoundingly crooked timeline, full of crooksfootball, daycareconcretetime travel, BigfootHusky Trailers and well-hung toilets. Even with all of that, Mathew was still hungry for more.  Whitaker practiced witch-hunting in his spare time and interviewed to be the chief defender against Robert Mueller before he was installed as Mueller’s supervisor. Jeff Sessions didn’t even hear him coming.

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It’s Tuesday, November 20, and you know what that means! Only 2 days until Morning Kitchen Sex Day, and 43 more days until the the commencement of the 116th United States Congress, the gift that keeps on giving. Today was also the last KITM  for this week. That is, the last KITM in which it was actually possible to hear David Waldman’s utterances separated by only milliseconds from their intended utterance. As of now, today’s show may be considered “pre-recorded”, which also shall be tomorrow’s, because David just keeps cranking them out… and that is something to be thankful for:

Interpol’s former President has been out of the office for a probing that’s probably gone on longer that anyone hoped, forcing his employer to shop for a replacement. The agency is poised to elect a Russian fox to guard the international henhouse. This will allow Russia to expedite the demise of their enemies in the US and around the world.

The White House drops its bid to revoke Jim Acosta's press pass, sort of. In exchange, the press promises not to laugh at the White House anymore, however Ron Chernow might just bring the house down. Here’s how journalists can do better.

President Bone Spurs has a big old yellow streak down his back when it comes to the armed forces, good thing the Gop is here to protect him. Donald sticks with Mohammed bin Salman, who obviously has been following Trump’s scandal avoidance plan to the letter.

Justice! Ivanka Trump will now be locked up in violation of federal records rules for using her personal email account for oh who are we kidding?

Another crazy guy with a gun turns out to be another crazy guy with relationship problems.

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Donald Trump didn’t destroy the world yet, and Robert Mueller didn’t save it yet, but David Waldman and KITM always exceed our expectations:

The Trump campaign paid millions to Trump businesses during the midterm elections. No one would expect otherwise. Also, Playacting Attorney General Whitaker's term immediately commences with illegal activity, And in death, Jamal Khashoggi further exposes the corruption of Kushner and Trump.

Trump misremembered Finland’s forest management system. Trump misremembered where he was this weekend. He however remembered Smoky Bear crossed him before. He remembers those things.

Even before we hear from Mueller, Greg Dworkin can tell you things are getting shaky for Trump. A Californian Gop Congresswoman loses a race she thought wasn’t even competitive. It’s not just Californians telling Donald to kiss their red ass either. Trump is losing his grip on white suburban women, and parts of the rural and white working class. The $12 billion bailout program for farmers in the line of the Trump trade war hasn’t helped. His border stunt is clearly a profound betrayal of our military. Trump Country keeps falling further behind. The GOP has just two problems: Trump and Trumpism.

Meanwhile the Daily Kos community came together for a woman and her parrots. Crazy numbers turned out to vote for Democrats for the House, and Democrats won Senate seats in 7 Trump states. No wonder that Dotard seethes. Nativism isn’t going away, as the Republican party becomes smaller, whiter, and hotter. Marco Rubio evolves to survive.

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Snow Day! David Waldman rousts his kids (who seem identical to my kids, probably yours too) out of bed and out the door, hosting today’s show from the hallways and stairwells of KITM Worldwide Headquarters:

You can tell when Donald Trump is lying when his lips move. Reporter Daniel Dale is busy counting Trump lies almost as fast as Trump can say them. Someday computers might be able to track Donald’s lying in real time, or maybe we could just have this reporter interview him now.

Two out of two spouses agree: Michael Avenatti is being framed for spousal abuse.

The case could be made that Matt Whitaker never met Donald Trump, but that would be a shame, considering their shared love of scams and crappy products. But now, it has become love at first sight.

To cool off the heat on the Saudis over that little Khashoggi dismembering, The US floats a corpse exchange with Turkey. The problem is, our corpse is still a living green card holder in Pennsylvania. A Turkish group has shown it can play hardball with Trump Hotels if they need to, to get their way.

It seems that the Mueller probe has bagged so many in the Trump administration that it has moved on to the Cheney administration.

Melania Trump spent $174,000 in Toronto, and $95,000 in Cairo hotels. She didn't stay overnight in either.

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KITM usually welcomes Greg Dworkin in on Thursday, but he was off doctoring. David Waldman could have circled back around in a series of disguises to fill out today’s lineup, but instead chose to go solo:

The 116th Congress welcomes their freshman class (whether they like being called that or not) and of course, that inescapable yearning for disarray. Nancy Pelosi has been hacking through the brush long enough to pick up a lot of disgruntled burrs. They were willing to replace her with no one, but that sounded kind of silly, so for now it’s fresh-faced Marcia Fudge.

Fox News fans don’t mind being in an abusive relationship and being lied to as much as being cheated on… with CNN no less!

Liberals should stop believing what conservatives say liberals believe, or when script writers say what conservatives say liberals believe.

The Trump era version of shouting fire in a crowded theater had a debut at a performance of “Fiddler on the Roof” at Baltimore’s Hippodrome Theatre.

David’s discussion of  Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis, with a little help from Chuck Schumer, has mostly been delayed, but not denied! Read up on the above articles to get ready for KITM’s upcoming deep dive into that particular rabbit hole.

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David Waldman lifts us over the Wednesday hump, and tries not to drop us on the way to the weekend:

It’s a bad week for armed security guards, but mostly due to their armed nature rather than their job title. A guy pleaded guilty to over 50 charges of false “swatting” calls to police after he got someone killed. Your Alexa listens as you do, well... everything.

The world’s ugliest caterpillar has been transitioning to its bitter, resentful stage, soon to emerge as… wow, you don’t want to know.

As the last embers of overheated midterm voting machines cool, the election, and Blue Wave continue, but still enough time has passed to give Greg Dworkin a chance to really dig into the data. As Democrats win, they get to define the center. As Republicans lose, they start to chew on each other, noticing that speck in an other’s eye, ignoring the log in theirs, etc. Funny how that goesMaybe, eventually, they will discover the real culprit. Maybe not.

Judges order more Georgia votes to be counted. More votes are always good.

Joan McCarter is ready to rumble! There is plenty of exciting fight action lined up in Congress in the next months, but the first fight, Ocasio-Cortez vs. Pelosi, was more of win-win battle, which some do contest, but that is a lot more than the next challenger will be able to claim. Trust David and Joan to get our priorities straight.


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RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube|Patreon|Square Cash (Share code: Send $5, get $5!)

Somewhere, somehow, someone thinks Donald Trump is some sort of leader, but it can’t be many. Trump managed to wear his welcome out in Europe, before he even arrived in Europe. Now, here he is back in the US, sniveling into Twitter, and so we’re back to dealing with him.

David Waldman doesn’t take the bait, however. KITM pays attention to what counts, and what counts at the moment are recounts. Pam Bondi hasn’t quite paid off the interest on her debt to Donald, and has become troubled that not enough Florida elections officials are being shook down. A former Florida congressman’s vote was rejected over a signature “mismatch”. On the other hand, Bay county Florida allowed some voting by fax or email. That’s not allowed.

Kris Kobach actually thought to measure the drapes at the Governor’s office, though he just did not seem to think of anything else. Kris lent much hubris and idiocy to aid the Blue Wave, while many fellow Republicans donated millions of dollars and all sorts of tactical assistance.

Maryland is expected to ask for an injunction against playacting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. In Iowa, Whitaker attempted to take down the state’s first openly gay senator with “a politically motivated witch hunt”.

It’s kind of quiet out there isn’t it? Maybe Robert Mueller is going to say something… maybe not. Donald Trump was directly involved in campaign regulations violations... maybe feloniously. Russian oligarch Dmitri Rybolovlev is talking to Mueller about a few things. A different Russian oligarch lent his jet to a maybe spy to visit Paul Manafort, during the Trump’s presidential campaign.

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Wow. Can you believe David Waldman and KITM have pulled us through 95 weeks of Donald Trump… so far? Almost as painful to contemplate: More than 7 additional weeks remain of the 115th United States Congress. That is less than 7 weeks for Democrats to get themselves arrayed, and dance with the Leader who brought them to the party.

Greg Dworkin is still not sick of winning, and is happy to talk about the how and the why of the continuing Blue Wave. Donald Trump, who is afraid the Post Office might be magical, fears democracy almost as much as rainfall. In Arizona, Martha McSally is losing fair and square to Kyrsten Sinema, while John McCain aides continue to notice how despicable Republicans have become.

Speaking of despicable, 5,600 American troops will spend Thanksgiving on the transparent political stunt front while veterans haven't received GI Bill benefits for months, and visiting troops in combat zones have been deemed “not overly necessary”. 16 hidden missile bases continue to be constructed in future combat zone North Korea.

Gun manufacturer lobbying group, the NRA, warned doctors to stay in their lane. Doctors warn the NRA to get out of their lane.

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No more getting down on Friday. No more rest from the chaosDavid Waldman prepares us to be fed into the maw of the weekend:

Donald Trump heads to France, where he’s loved and respected and people know how to treat him. But first, Donald found another Enemy of the People to fight. He seems to be getting good at spotting them. Donald has had to coffee-boy Matt Whitaker ahead of schedule, not because of the Constitution, because when has that ever stopped him? But, because people on the telly-telly have noticed Matt is cray-cray.

Authorities are searching for a motive in the California bar massacre, but could it be that this maniac was trolling? The shooter used a high-capacity magazine outlawed in 2016, and didn’t need a bump stock to get the same results.

The Fake News has now become indisputably conclusive for the right-wingArmando calls in with three things to remember about the present vote counting (not recounting): Rights. Rights. Rights.

Ryan Zinke wants to see his name on a Fox lower third banner more often, so imitation Ryan Zinke might have to take his place.

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A little midterm election can sure change things quickly! We had a Blue Wave on Tuesday, but by Thursday the mainstream narrative writers were just too busy to back up. First, they have to strongly object with incredible concern over the slippery slope that, oh well... back to work. Then, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell and broke three ribs. (Donald Trump is still workshopping out his funny tweet.) Oh, and another terrorist attack with another dozen or so dead. Not many people get shot in Thousand Oaks, but bullets changed that quickly. At least now reporters can be freed up from their Caravan gigs.

David Waldman, with guest Greg Dworkin, use today’s KITM to build a new narrative, one nuanced fact at a time:

Trump has a lot to be grumpy about. Democrats gain hundreds of legislative seats and a secure majority of state attorneys general. Dems did best in Donald’s 2016 states, picking up 28 seats. The youths are becoming civic. New Mexico picked up a Democratic trifecta. Plenty of poetic wins, including a gay Governor for intolerant bakers, a two mom Eagle Scout Henry Cavill-looking Senator, Scott Walker blocking himself from a recount… and, Colorado abolished slavery. Scuttlebutt also has it that Donald might get even grumpier, especially if he isn’t invited to the State of the Union.

Meanwhile the Blue Wave still is rolling in. The race is not over in Georgia. Brian Kemp is quitting his old job, which he might miss soon. Florida is not overAndrew Gilliam’s not over, which surprises Andrew Gilliam. Nate Silver is still figuring things out, and the AP has yet to call 23 races!

Trump cheered himself up by firing his arch-enemy and ours, Jeff Sessions, hiring great guy and future coffee boy Matthew Whitaker. Whitaker is well positioned for the job, arriving with nose pre-browned, experience operating scams from Miami to Iowa to Israel, and a hankering for New Testament justice.

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You look tired. Well, you didn’t sleep much last night, but it wasn’t the Ambien playing with you. We won. Trump lost. So this isn’t a dream, but it’s not a nightmare either. Dems have won more seats than the 2006 blue wave, indeed more than almost all of the “waves”. However, most pundits just wrote their “No Wave” stories, and went to bed as the wave crossed their fly-over states. This morning, Sarah Sanders saw an unanimous red wave, but Donald Trump could only see red, and speak “mob”.

Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin begin their look into specific gains and losses and what they mean for our future: 

Without gerrymandering, that 9.4% would feel a lot better. Democrats won about 60% of the popular vote for the Senate.

The votes are almost in, even if the stories aren’t. Angie Craig unseats Jason Lewis in Minnesota. Harley Rouda beats Dana Rohrabacher in California. In Maine, the Republican leads by a teeny-tiny bit, so ranked-choice voting could actually come into play. Zach Wahls, an Eagle Scout with two moms, is now an Iowa State Senator. Brian Kemp’s voter suppression in Georgia almost suppressed his vote, but who knows, he still could win. The three states that delivered the Trump presidency all elected Democratic governors and senators last night.

Our new House of Representatives begins to look more like America. Democrats will be making a lot more decisions that matter, where they matter, and are ready to work. Nancy Pelosi knows what to do, and so does Robert Mueller.

Republicans would rather vote for a dead pimp than switch. The Gop maintains a strong lead with the Indicted-American community.

Donald Trump says goodbye to those that crossed him, and many more that didn’t. Democrats couldn’t have done it without him. The Kavanaugh bump was maybe a dip depending on who’s looking.

By the end of the today’s show Mitch McConnell finally shut up, allowing Joan McCarter to call in and tell of the Medicaid wave in western states!

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David Waldman presents the KITM Midterm Elections special. Definitely not lightweight, yet so portable! Easy to take with you while you knock on doors, transport voters to their local precinct or Board of Elections, or even on your drive to volunteer at polling places.

Of course we are already doing those things. You know we are the best at doing all of those things and more. So, once the polls close, after we’ve done every last thing we can, we can… relax and watch the votes roll in and maybe take our first steps back out of chaos.

Just try not to disturb the Trump voters while you are voting, or anyone with chocolate milk. Can you imagine Donald Trump being so contemptible as to order wine only for the pouring down of a woman’s back? Maybe Trump’s tough talk about border deployment doesn’t match what’s really taking place.

Armando calls in to bloviate, but errs on the side of wisdom and conciseness. Georgia state ID seems to have racism and suppression engineered in. Border patrol in El Paso (two words) scheduled a "crowd control exercise" for election day. Trump attracts the fakest of news to his pre-election rally. The New York Times remains awful. Armando and David handicap the chances of the next several losers of Presidential Apprentice.

Soon we will be able to enjoy Ivanka Trump brand wiener skins and voting booths.


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What would you like to talk about today? As usual, that’s exactly what today’s KITM is all about. David Waldman delivers today’s news and analysis with a side of sizzling hot takes:

Brian Kemp is about as stupid as you could imagine. Just as bad news is “fake news” and investigations are “witch-hunts”, Kemp sees oversight as “hacking”false reports to the FBI as “wise” and democracy as “bad”.

Greg Dworkin says Forget the polls, forget the hype, do the work. Oh, and he brought some polls too, which can tell you many interesting things, except maybe who will win. Yes, lots and lots of people are voting, yay! Yes, Democrats are ahead. But. What will we do if that isn’t good enough? What happens if Trump wins his bet on demagoguery? Perish the thought.

Over the last few years journalists have learned to get played a little bit less, but not hardly enough. The good news with that is Trump took care of having the focus put on him, leaving Dems room to talk about issues.

Armando calls in with his takes and analysis of who he thinks might win tomorrow, and who deserves to win. Republicans’ race war predated Trump.

Want to take your mind off the midterm elections? U.S. law enforcement somehow failed to see the threat of white nationalism. Now they don’t know how to stop it.

For those just discovering Lincoln was Republican, some more history.

On Wednesday we can all get back to the Trump-Russia-Saudi-etc. collusion.

The legacy of well-fought campaigns: battle-hardened grassroots armies.

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David Waldman pulled us through the last week before midterm elections, he now nudges us forward. We know what to do in the remaining 3 or so days, today’s KITM provides us with plenty to chew on while we get the job done:

Melania Trump spent around 16 grand an hour at a hotel with $700 rooms. She knows that stuff in the minibar isn’t complimentary, right?

Donald Trump has so many lies to tell, and so little time. He told about 7,000 so far, but hopes to get to over 15,000 by Tuesday. Donald breaks out the fascist playbook, which his followers won’t want to put away soon. Trump OKs firing on civilians throwing rocks, a tried and true solution to crowd control, and now murder alibis.

David takes a look into an almost forgotten niche of Jewish history, Bundism. The Bund’s socioeconomic and cultural characteristics helped bring them into conflict and make them targets of Nazis, living on in paintings, photographs and memories.

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The countdown to the midterm elections passes 5 days. David Waldman suggests we fasten our seatbelts and place our tray tables in their upright, locked positionKITM copilot Greg Dworkin gives us a thumbs up, while crossing his fingers for luck:

Usually the olds come in for the early bird voting, this year it’s a millennial thing. Even if they are voting ironically, it’s probably a good thing, as young voters are being joined by lots of blacks and Hispanics.

Donald Trump loves to lie, and he loves to hate, and Donald’s deep fondness for both is beyond doubt in his latest paean to all he adores. Steve King shares Trump’s passions, and the two joined their love for 75 minutes this month. Mike DeWine finds he has a complicated relationship with Republican ideals, and Susan Collins finds she is a centrist when it comes to racist hate, while Paul Ryan mumbled something about executive orders before going back to hiding

The solution is to vote against all Republicans. Every single one. The Republican solution to that is to just make voting illegal.

Speaking of the law, what’s Robert Mueller been up to lately? Mr. Mueller’s been so quiet lately, and now that Whitey left an open bunk to fill, it could be that Bobby is coming for the Prez. Or maybe not, there are so many tasty treats left on the menu. For instance, Rudy Giuliani’s dealings with Russia raise so many questions, most with only one answer.

Robert Mueller is by-the-book. Good for him, there is a book called the “Watergate Road Map”.  The Watergate grand jury was prepared to indict President Nixon on four criminal counts.

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