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OK everyone, David Waldman saw Game of Thrones, you can share your spoilers now. Donald Trump can finally ask “why didn’t the dragons just fly over and dump water on them all?”

Hey, but not Endgame though! Let David gain the satisfaction of finding Howard on his own.

Back to The Scourge of the Dotard King: Battle of the Subpoenas. Trump can’t stop lying, even in federal lawsuit filings. Eric Trump throws his drunken sister under the bus. David points out that they keep rebooting this story every 15 years or so.

Actually, the Republican war on democracy is never-ending. Remember back in 2016, when Trump inexplicably showed interest in Michigan and Wisconsin? This year, Donald and campaign manager Brad Parscale are interested in New Hampshire, Nevada and Colorado...

Then there’s the Maryland elections company bought by a Russian oligarch close to Putin. Maryland ditched the election servers tied to the Russian oligarch. Now, the company with the Russian investment no longer owns the firm.

Armando likes Joe Biden’s Trump is Evil and Must Be Stopped!” argument, and the strategy of coming out for impeachment when Trump blocks the investigations spurred by the Mueller report. There have been few impeachments, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to learn by studying them.

Meanwhile, Republican trolls, agents provocateur, smear merchants, and mercenary dicks Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl can’t resist attempting to manufacture a homophobic scandal around Pete Buttigieg, even though it’s still 9 months to the primaries.

A growing number of university students from Saudi Arabia flee the U.S. after being charged with rape and manslaughter.

And now for the world’s saddest cage match with the world’s happiest outcome, Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller are about to throw down.


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Did you catch today’s Kagro in the Morning? If not… SPOILERS AHEAD! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin return to team up against the forces of evil, and stupid:  

So far, Nancy Pelosi is correct on holding off on impeachment, or at least for calling for impeachment. Opinion will change once… or if... the truth reaches the masses.

You won’t be hearing the truth from Donald Trump, ever. For his 10,000th lie, Trump had to make it something special, so why not endanger women and doctors, nurses, or anyone that has lost a baby recently?  

Polls do not look great for Republicans. The majority of voters would not consider voting for Trump in 2020. The majority of women wouldn’t, the majority of seniors will not, vote Trump. As in 2018, Republicans are losing the health care debate. Wisconsin’s milk farmers face extinction, so you’d think they might be less enthusiastic Trump voters as well. Well... they still have cheating, which they’re always happy to do. And… they have Russian hackers. Bill Nelson told you Russians penetrated the Florida voting system. The Mueller report confirmed that. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio are now getting around to confirming that as well. Hackers will just have to find some new states to “flip”.

Oh, and racism. Racism always helps check the "R" on the ballot.

Then there was that mass shooting at a synagogue in California. Heroes and miracles, but unfortunately, also shooting and death.

Even Donald Trump can see that Betsy DeVos is an idiot, he just doesn’t care. What Trump really cares about is watching fellow grifters come to a falling out at the NRA. Protecting both Mueller and Trump was like landing two planes at the same time for Rob Rosenstein.

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Avengers: Endgame. Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3. Kagro in the Morning.

How will you split up your time, energy and attention for maximum water cooler cred by Monday? Well, at least David Waldman gives you bathroom breaks:

North Korean post-interrogation health care might be world-class, but it’s expensive. They issued a $2 million ransom note/hospital bill to the US which we paid. That’s why hostage negotiations are so successful with this administration—for the hostage takers. (The world’s Memers let me down by not photoshopping a picture of Donald Trump handing Kim Jong Un a giant novelty check that I could link to here by press time.)

Democrats know oversight is their responsibility, they just hope you don’t.

Why won’t Twitter treat white supremacy like ISIS? Because many Republicans are white supremacists, and boy, would they pitch a fit. Donald Trump demanded Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tell him why people don’t love him more. Trump calls up Rupert Murdoch to fix his cable. Fox can’t keep advertisers, and Trump, and will have to choose.

Mar-a-Lago can’t find US workers to hire, no matter how many apply. The same corrupt people nearly killed the NRA twice, and might finally get it right this time. Did Trump’s personal lawyers violate criminal law and ethical rules enough to keep their jobs?  Bridget Kelly invites Chris Christie to share an adjoining cell.

The Russians hit the jackpot with people who were neither intelligent nor intelligence savvy. Lara Trump discovers the cause of the downfall of Germany.

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Today is the day Joe Biden runs for President! Again! Feel the JoementumDavid Waldman does... he really does... It’s just that there are so many out there to be elated about! (The only bad thing about having 20 Democratic candidates is eventually hearing Donald Trump brag about beating 19 of them.) Biden is the front runner—over Democrats, and over Trump, perhaps because it’s still an old white guy world. On the other hand, other old white guy Bernie Sanders finds that there are a lot of women and minorities out there too.

Joe has wide support over many demographics though, especially young voters who just might be thinking of Onion Joe rather than Uncle Joe. Both Joes could run into future problems. And, Barack Obama feels, uhm, favorable about Joe and would give him a positive employment review maybe if requested.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren rolls out another well-thought plan, this time to make childbirth safer. Polls show that voters need and demand solutions like this, if only someone like Pete Buttigeig would present them.

Greg Dworkin (Happy Birthday!) reports that Trump’s weak approval wouldn’t exist at all without Fox News and Russian hackers. Donald has a lot to worry about before the election. For instance, he never locked Hillary Clinton up. Every single person he ever knew is a liar out to get him. And, people won’t quit reading the Mueller report. Here are 14 Mueller report takeaways you might have missed. (If you weren’t a KITM listener

The White House refuses to let Steven Miller testify to Congress about his immigration policy. Think of all the white power signs that could’ve be thrown during that hearing!

Mar-a-Lago is becoming the #1 Communist party destination. A phony lawyer joins the Trump 2020 grifter stampede. Bridget Kelly shakes her fist out of her jail window as Chris Christie drives past.

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It’s Wednesday and David Waldman takes us into the weekend! Well, not right away—all good things take time and patience. And who better to increment with, than KITM Wednesday guests Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter?

Donald Trump, who is not a patient guy, entered emergency tweet mode to declare that if one co-equal branch of government threatens him, he’ll get 5 out of 9 of the other co-equal branch to rescue him.

Democrats are nervously checking consultants and polls to determine if the proper percentage of people are on fire to warrant bringing out the fire hose. In fact, Megan McArdle-bargle not withstanding, even some Republicans are feeling the breeze from the Overton window at this point. Indeed, Laurence Tribe has found himself braving impeachment talk.

The Supreme Court is almost set to throw the electoral college for 2024, but have to pick between Ivanka or Don Jr. Republicans need to fix the election early to get ahead of the huge demographic shifts toward Democrats. Russians were happy to help fix 2016, and will be ready in 2020. That’s why Trump doesn’t want to hear about Russian election hacking, let alone discourage it. Mitch McConnell is in deep with Russia too. Impeaching Trump now is the only solution to having a totalitarian US. France almost merged with Britain in 1940, so things can change that fast.

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David Waldman brings us Treason Tuesday on KITM! “Treason” is a word not bandied about enough, and it’s high time we get on to bandying it:

Greg Sargent and George Conway agree that “Collusion” is not the word to describe the last few years. In 2016, Republicans weighed just how much treason they were willing to tolerate in their Presidential candidates. They determined it was a lot.

Naive country girl Maria Butina came to the United States for love and opportunity, and now longs to return to her simple life. She needs to wait another 18 months. A DoJ filing last Friday sheds light on the ongoing counter-intelligence investigation. Erik Prince and Kirill Dmitriev long for that time they shared secrets along the Seychelles beach.

Treason Tuesday continues, with the White House ignoring a congressional subpoena on a matter of National Security.

Rex Tillerson needs to come to Congress and point on a globe exactly where Donald “asked him to do illegal things”.

Kamala Harris joins Team Impeach.

Sri Lankans died,  maybe because New Zealanders died?

Meanwhile, more teachers become armed, because more teachers became armed.

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David Waldman hosts today’s Earth Day special from beneath a fresh layer of the finest organic mulch, just outside KITM World Headquarters:

Don’t cast your vote yet! There’s a new Democratic candidate! Seth Moulton hopes to be the “young Joe Biden” of 2020, but sadly looks to be the “Seth Moulton” of 2020. College Students already have their “Joe Biden”, and it just might be “Joe Biden”.

And, we’re still all reading the Mueller report… well, we aren’t but other people are, and we're reading their latest analysis. Greg Dworkin has no inclination for exoneration but for excoriation. First, William Barr must resign. Barr wasn’t supposed to rebut Robert Mueller. Former federal prosecutors are speaking out in objection. The public is beginning to agree that that a check on Donald Trump is past due. So… how about impeachment? Some Democrats feel that impeachment has a certain harshness they’d prefer not to encounter during any 4 year term with an election in it. So how about the new impeachment, impeachment-lite, impeachment minus the impeachment? Let’s censure!

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren wonders if we would like to talk about anything other than Trump during the next 18 months... like maybe solving our nation’s other problems, such as universal child care, or student debt  alleviation... Oh, ok, she’ll talk about impeachment too

Greg ties the present to the past with a discussion of The R’s, the D’s, and the Arrrrr’s and how they were all a bit cooler back in the day.

David brings our attention back to the usual parade of scandals and corruption. A former CIA officer racks his brain to imagine any innocence in the behavior of Chinese national Yujing Zhang’s visit and possible infiltration of Mar-a-Lago. The Russians throw us a bone and let us know what Erik Prince and Moscow’s Money Man discussed in Seychelles. The Trump Organization is suing Rep. Elijah Cummings to block a subpoena for of Trump’s financial records.

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Friday, finally! Some of us could use a little break from all of this before they snap. Not David Waldman, and not any of you reading this, who are now about to hit play on today's KITM. We need a couple of hours to prepare for the dozens of hours we plan on devoting our attention to Mueller report analysis this weekend!

Armando returns to remind us that the administration of justice is a constitutional responsibility that is shared by all three branches. Unlike William Barr, Robert Mueller agrees that Congress has this responsibility as well. For a moment there, a few Democratic leaders spaced on that. Lately, some are beginning to smarten up, others… no.

Speaking of smarts, Donald Trump kept trying to break the law, but was continually stymied by his smarter, law abiding staff. Certainly, plenty of his staff were neither, as shown by the Special Counsel's 14 referrals of potential criminal activity to outside offices. Only two referrals are publicly known at this point, but the report does describe Mike Flynn contacting foreign intelligence services for Hillary Clinton dirt, and Steve Bannon and Erik Prince exchanging dozens of text messages (since acid-washed from their phones, natch). Prepare to return to the Seychelles in the coming months.

There’s plenty more dumbness and dishonesty to discover. For instance, Sarah Sanders helped out where she could. Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr fed the White House Senate intelligence. Rod Rosenstein wouldn’t stick his neck out for Trump, although he’s still happy to stand behind those who do. By the way, that mountain man lawyer on Rod’s right represents a whole different (maybe) can of worms. By the way, how dumb and dishonest can you be to not collude with the Russians only because you couldn’t ask for anything in return… because you know your entire life is filled with blackmailable offenses?

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David Waldman sits high atop Mount Kagro, mead in hand, surveying all before him and dispensing opinions. Unfortunately, the Mueller report was not yet before him, so consider today’s KITM  to be your pre-Mueller report primer. Today is also Greg Dworkin’s retirement day! (But not from this show, so he still had to clock in here.) 

You know what someone should’ve asked William Barr this morning? Of course, Barr would have just lied, or even worse, told the truth. The media is not fully prepared to handle either tactic. Barr doesn’t care what the media, or you think. Alarmed? Appalled? Enraged? Armando was made for this moment, and brings the rant down. Legislators have a constitutional responsibility to confront this head on. Our leaders leap into action, by becoming incrementally sterner, a gambit they’ve employed for over a generation.

Oh well, at least in the end the Kavanaugh hearings motivated Dems more than Republicans, it seems. (Brett Kavanaugh is still on the Supreme Court.) Voters aren’t awfully impressed with the Trump tax scam, it turns out. (It is still law.) Polls are looking pretty good though. (C’mon 2020!)

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David Waldman brings us Wednesday’s message, broadcasting from the kitchen/nave of St. Kagro’s Cathedral, (somehow still under constant renovation).

Meanwhile, generous donations are pouring in for Notre Dame, and Louisianan black churches. Notre Dame’s fire seemed so destructive, probably because its designers preferred it burning rather than Paris burning. Luckily for everyone, a pioneering architectural historian managed to laser scan the Cathedral’s architecture. Notre Dame is now promised to be even more beautiful than before, but should that be the goal? Well, it is to the sponsors of the 2024 Olympics, where visitors will be able to check out the new Cathedral, just down the Seine from the new Arc de Trump.

Richard Spencer hopes the Notre Dame fire finally spurs the white man into action. Good luck on that!

Greg Dworkin counts down the hours before the release of William Barr’s second Mueller report obfuscation. Conservatives that are interested in the truth are interested in reading the actual report. If Congress wants the report enough, they can get it. Trump 2020 spends $1 in every $5 donated on lawyers.

Several people have said that several children have had sex with Alan Dershowitz; Alan is certain that no one saw him

Donald Trump purports that he vetoed the resolution to end US participation in Yemen’s Civil war. wants to see receipts. Gop congressmen pretended they watched Trump’s wall being built, when they didn’t. A pro-Brexit group pretended to see violent migrants sneak into Britain, when they didn’t.

Voters know who to blame for immigration policy.

Joan McCarter reports that top House Democrats are demanding White House documents on their plan to send asylum seekers to sanctuary cities. William Barr told immigration judges to deny bond hearings to asylum seekers.

Republicans love measles, but unfortunately can’t keep them to themselves.

Watch your mouse around Facebook; Amazon is taking notes.

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Great news, the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral made it through the night, and you can hold up on cancelling any tours you might have scheduled over the next thousand years or so. That was some prime real estate opening up downtown, so of course that got Donald Trump’s attention. Donald hoped to clean up the area a little and maybe build something really nice in Paris for once, if only France could meet him halfway with their fire regs...

Luckily, France did have experts to address their situation. We, however, have Trump, and his usual gang of idiots at Fox, assisted by their extraordinary gang of idiots that always seem available for these events. If Donald wasn’t President, he’d be cable news’ number one guest right now.

But that was only half of today’s KITMDavid Waldman has only two days left to prepare us for the release of the 2nd William Barr summary. Actually, the latest Barr summary wasn’t the first time Barr pulled this sort of thing. Barr misled Congress in his 1989 summary memo, redacting just the right/wrong information about violation of UN charter, international law, abductions in foreign countries... yada, yada. Oh, and Bill Barr has some connections to Vector Group, Alfa Bank, Deutsche Bank, Russia, yada yada...

Maybe you're wondering if a cabinet member has ever been impeached? “Watergate grand jury member No. 1” personally lived through the Teapot Dome of American scandals, and therefore he knows a bit about those things.

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Can’t get enough of intricate, complexly Machiavellian stratagems played out by an ever conniving set of deceiving backstabbers? Then you came to the right place! David Waldman can’t offer you dragons today, but we do have a surplus of elephants.

The world is going nuts, and Greg Dworkin found some of the nuttiest in the UK. Brexit is threatening to break the Tory party apart, leaving an opening for hardliners. A new referendum might be the best way out of their crisis.

Donald Trump turns his mob back onto Muslims, starting with insufficiently grateful Ilhan Omar, whose death Donald will probably consider simply an example of her bad branding.

Here’s an aggravatingly long list of the times Trump has asked people who work for him or the government to break laws. The list does not include laws broken, but then reinterpreted, pardoned, or disappeared.

Republicans do know Donald Trump is terrible, they just aren’t tired of winning yet.  Trump tests out his post-recession pitches. Obama/Trump voters now wish to be Obama/Trump/Obama voters. They might even vote for a woman candidate if they hear of any running.

On Thursday the media gets a second chance to get it wrong on the Mueller report.

At the beginning of the month the House passed a resolution withdrawing military support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, which Donald Trump… uhm, whatever happened with that? Prepare to be engrossed in David’s explanation and examination of engrossment, enrollment, and the presentation of legislation.

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David Waldman is on the road again, college shopping with #1 son, and enduring his sticker shock one weekend at a time. Dishonest entry into college is crazy expensive, ostensibly honest ain’t cheap either. Now students are being sold on handing over part of their future earnings in return for loans.

William Barr is trying to Rule 6(e) his way out of letting anyone see the complete Mueller report. House committees are already having their subpoenas rebuffed. David looks into conservative arguments supporting Barr, and the counterpoints.

Georgia Rep. Lucy McBath was trolled by the Gop... at least for a while, until people that could read cursive showed up.

Randolph 'Tex' Alles proposed saving money by withdrawing security protection for Trump’s family members and aides unless they had received threats. You can imagine how well that went over.

Donald Trump is spending millions on Facebook ads, so what’s a few Howards between friends?

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BREAKING: The world’s first picture of a black hole reveals an image of a large, black void. Why? Because they look like large, black voids, and also some science stuff.

Closer to home, but still kind of far away, Greg Dworkin examines potential political collapses in Israel and the UK.

No closer to home at all, and in fact, in exactly the same place, Julian Assange is arrested, and Armando joins us in not knowing, initially, exactly how to feel about it, until things clear up, somewhat. Then, right here at home, we all bemoan William Barr’s shallow and craven predictability, and wonder how our various national big brains could ever possibly have missed the clues. Later, it’s time to wonder the same with regard to the Republican Senate and the filibuster.

We didn’t neglect electoral politics entirely, though. Poll cravers got their fix.

In other corruption news, Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, retired from her senior, inactive status on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, thereby mooting a court inquiry into… those taxes Trump keeps refusing to give up. But also reaffirming that there’s there there.

Oh, and did we mention that the Russians tried to hack election systems in every single state? Yes we did, but only just.

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Hump day! Always good news for David Waldman, because he has Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter to give him a hand up. Good news for all of us, as today there is a very big hump to ascend:

Claire Grady, pesky obstacle of Donald Trump, retires to spend more time with her family. No wait—that’s Greg Dworkin, and he’s retiring to spend more time with us! More details to come.

Meanwhile, House Republicans are directly intervening in the House Oversight Committee's efforts to investigate prescription drug prices. Donald Trump is turning the Fed into a reality show, and Mitch McConnell is letting it happen.

Who is the most dangerous man in DC? Is it Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s newest puppet-master? Is it Stephen Miller, white nationalist and chaos agent? Is it Stephen Miller’s arch nemesis, Jared Kushner? Or is it Jared Kushner’s arch nemeses, the tea party Republicans? Or maybe William Barr, moving attention and resources into battle against the deep state? Nah, it’s our nitwit 4th grader in chief, wondering why Mt. Vernon wasn’t named Mt. Washington, destroyer of all he touches, unless he thinks he can steal it. When can we go back to ignoring him? Maybe after the election? Right now, voters prefer the white guy whose name they recognize, especially if he can beat Trump. Social media and cable news might not reflect where the vote will go, and Israel’s election and Brexit show the awful places votes can possibly go.

In Europe dozens of women have married ISIS fighters, and could be tried for war crimes, but now have children who are citizens in their countries, creating many other complications.

Back in the US, the Feds bust a $1.2 billion health-care fraud scheme peddling orthopedic braces to senior citizens via foreign call centers. Devin Nunes’ Cow and the the Fresno Bee fight Devin Nunes SLAPP suit… something about a yacht, cocaine and prostitutes.

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You might not know his name, but you know his birthday. Happy birthday, David Waldman’s brother!

What else is happening today? Oh yeah, Donald Trump continues his purge of enemies, dissidents, and those that have disagreed with him in front of people. (Donald had a nickname for the departing Secret Service director Randolph Alles, and it wasn’t “Tex”.) Trump plans to install lackeys to the DHS might be illegal, but legality has been a minor consideration.

Whatever Trump is playing, it isn’t golf. However he earned money, it wasn’t in business. Can Donald cheat his way out from under the Mueller report? A federal court decision on Friday shows how Congress can finally get its hands on the special counsel's work. A bill in the New York state Legislature could allow Congress to obtain Trump's tax returns.

The Chinese woman caught at Mar-a-Lago had nine USB drives, five sim cards, and a hidden camera detector, but only a fraction of what a spy would really require to sneak in undetected.

Mitch McConnell sped up his conga line of conservative judges once again before the music runs out.

Rep. Ilhan Omar said Stephen Miller is a white nationalist. Stephen Miller is a white nationalist. Stephen Miller is a white nationalist, and it’s not anti-Semitic to say so. Black activists can be made more terrifying with rumors of Communist or Islamic terrorism.

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David Waldman, on the road this weekend, hoped to return to find everything normal this morning. Of course, he was disappointed, unless he was expecting the normal level of abnormality.

For instance, Kirstjen Nielsen was fired by tweet, as would be expected, and Donald Trump ignored the law in naming her replacement, of course. She certainly won’t be missed, maybe even after we meet the new guy.

Former White House counsel Don McGahn is quoted, uhm, off the record, dropping really big hints that his boss was not fun to work for, and interestingly, that the White House operations model was hub and spoke, a business model familiar to lawyers, especially those in antitrust law.

Greg Dworkin has noticed that someone might be worried about the Mueller report. In fact, the closer it gets, the more Trump squeals, and the more lies are being tossed out. As the Mueller report coverup proceeds, the Trump tax return dodge begins. Trump has always considered his tax dodging a priority, even over the Mueller report. Democrats always considered a reasonable law-based argument would make a difference to anyone in their right mind. As a result, White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney replied, Na-na ah boo boo, you can’t make me. Trump's personal lawyer Jay Sekulow, backed him up with, Oh yeah, what about Nancy Pelosi?

Donald Trump's week of utter chaos sent the message that he is out of control. On the other hand, Democratic freshmen are already posting huge fundraising numbers. Democrats should stop chasing Trump’s base. They already have their own white working-class voters, plus plenty of others.

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David Waldman is on the road today, but today’s ALL-NEW, pre-recorded KITM veers off the beaten path to attend to topics we need to attend to, other than how awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful the President is.

Donald Trump is really good at getting stuff done or whatever, although usually it’s too illegal to allow to continue, as again was the case when Trump’s order to open arctic waters to oil drilling was unlawful. The secret is, however, that ANWR’s milkshake cup might be empty—the real reservoir Donald is protecting is the vast reserves of lobbyist money threatened. The big scandal that the Mueller report reveals is how much of it we ever allowed to be legal.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is taking the media heat and focusing it into fundraising energy. Not a new idea, not a bad idea, but if you have a problem you can contact her on Twitter.

Homeland Security disbands its domestic terror intelligence unit. Domestic terror is global nowadays.

Intelligence reports for law enforcement treat Antifa Anti-fascists as equivalent to the “anti-anti-fascists”… or fascists.

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Greg Dworkin rounded up headlines and analyses today. The big news: Mueller’s team is finally speaking up about the nature of the report, and what they say is being left out by Barr. Is it really possible they just didn’t anticipate how partisan Barr was going to be? One thing everybody anticipated, though, was how the Savvy, optics-obsessed press was going to play things, no matter how many times they’ve been warned.

House Dems are stepping up their game, though, finally demanding Trump’s tax returns (which some Republicans used to favor), and the full Mueller report.

We return to Perv-a-Lago, for the continuing story of The Spy Who Rubbed Me.

The pundits are wondering: WTF with Wisconsin? Is it just that Republicans can get away with a certain kind of campaigning? Are Dems just… different?

Some forgotten history on the Trump-Fox relationship. Are the new filibuster changes as bad as they’re made out to be?

Yes, Rick Scott is as bad as he’s made out to be. Texas bikers can be as bad as they want, apparently.

What’s Netanyahu doing in Moscow with an election looming? What all the cool kids do, I guess.

Trump’s latest shameless shift to autocracy: get rid of judges.

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Orange you glad it’s Wednesday?  David Waldman sure is! As you know, Wednesday is the day David picks to jam with his pears on KITM... Like Greg Dworkin, who although he does know a little german, still finds himself unable to explain why Donald Trump wants you to believe his father wasn’t born in US. Everyone knows exactly where Trump’s hatred of wind turbines comes from, however.

Greg reminds us that Republicans adopt policies the public hates. That could be helpful  for Democrats in 2020, except for the Republicans that don’t care, and still vote. Tight races, like Wisconsin’s supreme court race will take more work.

Joe Biden, experienced or out of touch, comforting or discomforting, is running or not running for President, but definitely has everyone’s attention right now.

Students are putting stickers on their ID and cellphones permitting their pictures to be shared if they are killed by gun violence.

Joan McCarter joins Donald Trump in welcoming Trumpcare to the center of the 2020 debate. Senator Susan Collins has become concerned, and troubled. Mitch McConnell pushed Trumpcare to after the election, because he wasn’t finished destroying everything for everybody, forever. Mitch hopes to get the reactionary judge assembly line down to a few a day. What’s Chuck Schumer going to do about that?

North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes got indicted by the Feds, and the net is taking a few more fish with it, including Gop Rep. Mark Walker.

A Chinese woman missed her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to directly spy on a US President by being so incredibly inept and obvious that she finally earned the suspicion of someone at Mar-a-Lago.

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Another April 1 come and gone, reminding us that some jokes just aren’t that funny.

David Waldman brings us a post April Fools KITM, much funnier and more informative than any whoopee cushion:

Sad news, losers. If you want some of that beautiful Republican healthcare, Donald Trump says you need to elect him first. It will be the world’s greatest healthcare as the result of the Republican Party being “The Party of Healthcare.” Similar tactical planning is being brought to bear in the military’s closing of the US southern border.

The Christchurch suspect is shown to have financial links with the Austrian far-right in evidence of the global white power movement becoming established.

Donald Trump slipped 25 individuals past US security, according to Elijah Cummings. People like Cummings should watch their mouths, according to Sarah Sanders. If you think Sarah could be misinterpreted, let Jeanine Pirro shout-explain it all to you. David and guest Armando review the nine White House officials of interest in the Democratic security clearance probe, as well as the law, politics and ethics of our LOL YOLO nothing matters government. Is the solution standing up for something because it matters? Or, because it matters so much, some pragmatic strategy is needed? Who knows? David and Armando try to figure out the Pelosi-Schumer plan.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin aren’t fooling around today, no one’s got time for that:

The public hasn’t seen the Mueller report, and won’t be fooled by White House spin. Special elections in Louisiana illustrate that voters aren’t falling for the same old Republican tricks anymore. Overall, Trump remains stable in the polls, as his base will always trust him and no one else ever will. The press did fall for the Barr letter, but no one fell for those few good days of headlines. America wants to move on from the Mueller report, and on to subpoenas to discover the whole truth. Democrats will uncover the whole story, even if one or two people might be impeached along the way. We might even get to find out how Hope Hicks did it.

Sen. Rick Scott becomes the Trump point man on Gop health care policy. Who says Donald doesn’t have a sense of humor?

Donald Trump is the world’s worst cheat at golf, in that he cheats the most often, and with the greatest stupidity.

Alex Jones decides he must have been psychotic to say the things he did, but can’t explain the mental disorder that caused millions to pay attention to him.

Fake news infections spread like measles through the uninoculated

Fox News had to refer to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador as “3 Mexican Countries”, otherwise their viewership wouldn’t know what they were talking about.

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