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Booooo! It’s Halloween... Greg Undead Dworkin and David Cobweb Waldman slowly rise from the mid-morning mists to unshackle today’s “KITM ‘s Witching Hour and 58 Minutes.” Let’s see what they’ve... dug up... shall we?

Boris Johnson hasn’t left the EU, Katie Hopkins isn’t nude, what’s wrong in the UK?

Ah, but the US is getting it done. The House of Representatives passed a resolution today that formalizes the next steps in the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Donald says BOO! and Republicans leap in terror. It was pretty much a “divided” vote, as that kind of vote usually is, so media, smarten up on that.

Twitter decides based on principal, not money ( there wasn’t much money) to drop political advertising.  Gop senators decide based on money, not principal. Donald Trump looks at money without principals

The minute they saw the President did something wrong, his staff stood right up and hid all of the evidence. They will all have to face the truth eventually. John Bolton will testify. There are four more impeachment depositions scheduled for Monday.

By the way, the actions of Fruman and Parnas are part of the same activities being investigated in the impeachment inquiry. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, except for the subpoenas and arrests and stuff. Once they have Jeff Epstein’s cell tidied up, Igor can move right in.

The maggot-infested corpse of… Oh, wait that’s just Steve Bannon. He’s still out there trying to bring on the end the world. South Korea helps out any way they can.

You know what’s really scary? People using high-explosives to blow up gender reveal boxes, along with their friends and neighbors, that’s what.

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It’s Wednesday, it’s impeachment, and it’s David WaldmanGreg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter!

But first, it’s over to Great Britain, and their traditional cuppa and jubblies leading into another general election, on 12 December.

Yesterday’s attempted Gop smear of Lt. Col. Vindman collapsed in ineptitude. Not even Liz Cheney could summon up the requisite nastiness. Vindman’s testimony makes clear how Trump’s interests aren’t the US’s. Trump’s followers wonder what that has to do with them.

Now that everyone has their popcorn and sat down, Democrats can start the public phase of their investigations. Matt Gaetz goes back into the toolbox, and yet Moscow Mitch and the gang still aren’t happy. Did Republicans ever wonder what would happen when the Clinton impeachment reached the Senate? Still, the panic is beginning to set in for the Gop, and they just might shut it all down for a breather.

Until then, it will just get worse for them. The White House ignored the Pentagon’s warning on Ukraine funding (Who knows, they might still have not sent funds). The former special advisor to Ukraine, Christopher Anderson, is testifying today that John Bolton was warning about Rudy Colludy Giuliani.  A former service officer will testify that former Gop congressman Robert Livingston was pulling strings in Ukraine, and the one guy who really should be worrying is Jared Kushner… maybe he is, can anyone really tell?

Meanwhile, we get ever closer to the day we throw the bums out.  An inner-city group tackles a key Democratic need, turning out black voters. And, Elizabeth Warren keeps climbing, now with Democratic activists.

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Another day, another day closer to… something, but what? David Waldman pulls up the KITM GPS:

Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council and impeachment witness from central casting, reported for duty at Capitol Hill in his dress blues today, causing a run on purple heart band-aids around DC. Trumpers find it suspect that a former Ukrainian would speak Ukrainian. Trump finds it suspect that witnesses witness. Nancy Pelosi likes witnesses, and presently is nailing down those goalposts the Republicans keep running off with.

You’d think the White House photographer could put a piece of gaffer tape up on the wall behind himself, so everyone would have the same thing to look at. You’d think Trump could lie better, considering he owes his success and survival only to lying. For the last few years, Trump’s bald-orange-faced, very inept lying has been enabled and supported by both-sideist media, leaving the sole solution available laughing in his face. The media, of course, reacted to the public reclaiming their power by turning their false-equivalency fire hoses onto the public.

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Halloween’s coming to KITM and David Waldman and Greg Dworkin try out their sexy progressive costumes to bring us today’s boos and the news:

ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi has been killed, and just like Jason and Michael, it just feels good, no matter how many times we kill him. This time Donald Trump got to kill him, just like he did Bin Laden. Trump made his long-awaited pivot to the Presidency by refraining from kicking al-Baghdadi’s skull around on live TV like a soccer ball.

To allow folks to further celebrate in his victory, Trump showed up at the World Series Game 5 matchup between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals. Donald, of course, brought his boy with him (he left Barron at home), so you can imagine how the two felt when they discovered the Libs were also allowed to buy tickets to this event. Then, right up there on the Jumbotron, fans watched as Trump had his ass viciously bitten by his very own brand. Tears were shed for the loss of Democratic innocence.

The horror continues for Republicans attempting to shield Trump, as impeachment creeps closer. The latest polling should scare those betting Gop even more. But remember, Trump’s madness isn’t enough to doom him in 2020. At the moment, Joe Biden doesn’t have a lot that can frighten him. Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash’s fear of Biden spread to Rudy Colludy and Trump, and their boss/henchman/fanboy Lev Parnas.

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You’re traveling through another dimension. A dimension as esoteric as House rules and procedures, of abstruse conceptualizations between abiogenesis and cloture, polynomials and filibusters... There’s a signpost up ahead! No, that’s just David Waldman bringing us another Friday KITM:

Credulous hack in glasses, Hugh Hewitt, misuses terms he should have learned in law school to try to look smart. David also went to law school, and took notes. So, now all of us except Hugh know what “admission against interest” is, and the proper use of the hearsay rule. We’re going to need more than that to understand the role of the OMB in withholding Ukrainian aid. (It could still be withheld as far as we know—always demand the paperwork!) Multiple federal inspectors general generally agree, William Barr blocking Trump’s whistleblower from Congress was out of line.

Dumber Hugh Hewitt without glasses, Sean Hannity, is revealed to have been heading out to Vienna with Rudy Colludy’s henchmen/bosses Parnas & Fruman to meet Ukraine’s corrupt prosecutor on the same night William Barr met with Rupert Murdoch. Trump probably had a backup to RudyKash Patel, the author of the secret memo accusing Russia investigators of bias. And now, slotted right between impeachment acquittal and the 2020 elections, William Barr’s own-the-libs Alt-right extravaganza. Or not. Always demand the paperwork.

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So, Donald Trump says he’s building his wall in Colorado. Donald was “joking” and the crowd giving the standing O in Pittsburgh clearly didn’t want to give away that joke... Eh, but that’s not news, right? That’s “W” level news, it might’ve gotten Obama impeached, but we’re way past that now.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin throw as much as they can at us on today’s KITM:

Yesterday, the wingnut cavalry charged the House of Representatives’ SCIF, cell phones blazing, led by the General Custer of General CustersMatt Gaetz. Disappointingly, they were not successful in becoming martyrs, but they were able to unveil secrets known only to a quarter of the Republican caucus, including themselves.

Loathsome enabler Hugh Hewitt supplies us with a guide to the White House rationales and talking points against impeachment. Lawfare describes how impeachment will move forward regardless, with the help of criminal justice. Kevin McCarthy says it’s not criming if you don’t say the crime you’re criming. That, and Trump’s gang is just too stupid to be guilty. Plus, Trump has lawyers that can fix anything. What’s the role of the Office of Management and Budget in withholding Ukrainian aid, you ask? 

Someone wake up Wilbur Ross, and ask him “What about the emails?

William Barr travels the globe on errands for Trump, hiding horcruxes, finding stones for Trump’s glove, but not really attending to any “Attorney General stuff”. Instead of being a representative or employee of the US, Rudy Colludy works for only Trump… or Parnas, or somebody. Attorney Jay Sekulow also moonlights as a secret agent.

Christian music isn’t going to cross Donald Trump because their paycheck is totally, 100% dependent on Trump followers. They have, however, thought up an excuse. Meanwhile, most Americans have run out of any excuses to support Trump. Mike Pence better not get his hopes up, either.  Joe Biden’s lead slips as we round Democratic primary turn 4… or is it still the backstretch

Online MAGAs tried to take down Canada’s Justin Trudeau. While you’re not believing anything this White House claims without written documentation, add Boris Johnson to the list.

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Chaos! But the good kind for once, brought to you, and David Waldman, on today’s KITM. First Stephen AndrewDarkSydeSteven Andrew at DailyKos, etc. called in on Greg Dworkin’s phone at 9 o’clock to talk about the weather. No worries, Greg was actually right there with Stephen, but didn’t want to interrupt… 

Greg was set to talk about Bill Taylor’s punch-in-the-gut, devastating new testimony, that surely will, maybe… well, every little bit counts, maybe. Bill Taylor tells lawmakers Ukraine aid was directly tied to investigations. Donald Trump immediately said the opposite, a dotard mind trick often used to escape crimes.

Of course, if that doesn’t work, he can always call in the wingnut cavalry… Oh wait, here they come

Impeachment support keeps growing, now reaching 55% on Syria news. Ah, but Donald has it all figured out. No one can impeach him if there is no one there to impeach him!  Joan McCarter points out that it is government shutdown season, and Trump already had plans for it.

Forget Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Syria. Trump has moved on… to Hungary. Actually, the US  ambassador to Hungary is responsible for moving Trump on to Ukraine

Biden still has the Joementum, and is set to make our dreams come true, moderately. In case of a Democratic Senate majority in 2020, Republicans rush through judicial nominee Pepe the Frog.

While staying at a Trump hotel (hurry, while they’re still around) consider bringing a portable door lock. You don’t want any surprises in the middle of the night.

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It’s Tuesday and David Waldman is back! 

Well, not “back”, as he was “here” all along... Not “here”, actually, more like “there”... Although, he’s probably not “there” anymore, it’s lunch time... As a matter of fact, it all depends on when you read this...

Trump's judicial nominee Steven Menashi is also hampered by imprecise language. After all, who really knows what a “ghetto party” with toy guns and afro wigs really is? Donald Trump says investigating his crimes isn’t “like” lynching, Donald Trump says investigating his crimes is lynching. David reminds us to not believe anything Trump says until he shows you proof. The Constitution is right there in print, but Donald doesn’t believe it, however.

Sometimes, to understand fully what a person is all about, you just have to listen to them. If you can’t take too much of that, skip it, and just listen to David’s Trump voice performance and be thankful you don’t have to attend every meeting with that Dotard.

More witnesses come forward to attest Donald doesn’t know the meaning of “no”, “go away”, or “What the fuck are you doing, coming into my room?” He apparently always needs his hands to figure out dress sizes, bra materials, or whether he can lift some woman with one hand.

Around the world: Iraq says American troops leaving Syria, some, they assume, are good people, can not stay there. Swiss government usually runs like a very nice watch, but a nationwide referendum was turned back to 2016 on the grounds that voters were not given full information. KITM supporter Parleo tells us that over in Catalonia, which is over in Spain, an American resident faces deportation, accused of terrorism, jihadism and human trafficking, shortly after they caught him with his nuts in a flag.

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Such a hubbub this weekend! Mick Mulvaney, for one is certainly is having a hard time getting over it. Mulvaney’s three rationalisations for Ukraine’s quid pro quo might need to be exchanged before next weekend. Now, The Trump National Doral won’t be hosting the June G7 summit, forcing a switch to the “B” location, Lev Parnas’ basement... and Greg Dworkin’s wonderdog, Abby the doorbell, had a cousin crashing over.  All of this, but nothing can stop Greg and David Waldman’s early Monday appointment to set us on our way right:

Trump’s reelection bid is weak and getting weaker, bolstered only by the vast wealth of his donors and his keen fear of going to jail. There are two kinds of Trump voters, the kind that doesn’t mind the pile of bodies on 5th Ave, and the ones feeling those heebie-jeebies seeing what’s coming out of the woodwork. Donald Trump is searching for a third kind, people so Trumpy they haven’t been able to find even one voting booth in their life. Want insight into this strategy of fracking your base to extract just enough winning votes? David suggests watching the movie Brexit. Meanwhile, in the UK, people are finally catching on.

Sunny Isles, Florida, has kept its kitsch even after gaining 6 Trump towers and the Russian mob.

You just know that Carlos Danger and Pierre Delecto were “lurkers” long before there even was a Twitter.


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Too much news! Alas, only one David Waldman for today’s KITM.

 “Like two kids in a lot, you gotta let them fight” is of course, piss-poor parenting. Now Donald Trump, who never was a parent, somehow ended up becoming the nightmare stepfather of civilization, so therefore he let one kid rape, stone to death and generally clean out the other kids this week.

For decades, Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani played the rusty trombone of Z-list celebrity, leading that big Roy Cohn/Stanley Friedman-corrupt parade out from New York City to eventually take over our Republic, and... here we are.

OK, what hit the fan yesterday? Well, Mick Mulvaney showed expected grace under pressure during his statement/not a statement about “quid pro quo”. Rick Perry pointed at Donald, pointed at Rudy, said it’s been cool, and is out of here. William Barr hopes to Sergeant Schultze his way out of this mess, and Michael McKinley… he just wishes there wasn’t so much politics

Rudy Colludy’s pal Igor Fruman foiled dyslectics while making $100K in illegal campaign donations.

Trump National Doral Miami should be in peak heat, humidity, and infestation around the time of the next G7, and also about 1/3 occupied, so what do you think Trump did about that? It’s only logical.

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Elijah Cummings, patriot and fighter for civil rights at least since he hit double digits, passed away way too soon at 68. At the moment, Donald Trump can’t think of anything bad to say about him… but the day’s young.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin rejoice in Cumming’s life and career, and lament about Donald Trump’s today.

Weakling, fool, and destined to be looked on forever as a devil, Trump pleads with Recep Erdoğan not to follow him down that path. Erdoğan isn’t listening. Hopefully, the big cheese over in Italy wasn’t listening either. Donald Trump has run out of Hells he is not going to, now that he’s losing evangelical Christians over his slaughter of Kurds.

Everything is melting down for Trump, as Rick Perry begins his swirl around the Ukraine drain. The Club for Growth accuses Mitt Romney of being a secret asset in collusion, but have yet to find his Ukraine or Putin link.

As Nancy Pelosi can tell you, “all roads lead to Putin”. On the other hand… Trump’s hands are small, but they are the only ones that are dirty here, and voters know it, even Republican ones. Will corporate women vote “corporate” or “woman” when voting for Elizabeth Warren?

Ian Reifowitz, author of The Tribalization of PoliticsHow Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump, pops in to promote a book, Merge Left: Fusing Race and Class, Winning Elections, and Saving America, by Ian Haney López. You should pick up both today, as the Ians’ ideas and conclusions dovetail nicely. Instead of allowing those in power to pit racism against classism, Democrats have an opportunity to clearly show they can improve the lives of large numbers of Americans, adding to their base of voters while drawing again from the middle. How about “We'll cut your taxes and guarantee your health care” for a start?

Or, you could be a Trump insider trader.

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Well, we blew it. Donald Trump noticed no one ever even read him his rights, so now there can be no impeachment. Not only that, but he’s now allowed to call double-impeach backsies on Pelosi, Schiff, Clinton, Obama, Maddow, etc.

David Waldman has an “opposing opinion”, of course, which he brings up on today’s KITM, along with the Wednesday help of Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter:

A trio of schmegeggies might finally get their share of the tsuris. The recently resigned Mike Pompeo advisor Michael McKinley is testifying today. Former ambassador Kurt Volker makes a surprise return.  John Bolton will soon get his say. The line starts here. Here’s why Trump wants a House vote on impeachment. Oh, and ProPublica reveals never-before-seen Trump tax documents, showing a set of books for the tax guy and a set for the lender.

Alas, all Trump people are mentally ill to some level. Trump advisor Peter Navarro often quotes his invisible friend. Rudy Colludy, Donald’s bag man, also ran errands for Recep Erdoğan. Democrats are torn over whether to tear Giuliani a new one.

The Democrats don’t have a frontrunner. Shouldn’t they be doing something about that? Joan found about a dozen of them on TV last night, and took notes. She recommends staying out of fights and on topic, preferably healthcare.

In international, sort of, news: A couple of Brits drove around a moose or something and were captured by ICE along with their 3 month old. And, Donald Trump tried to introduce, Maury Povich stylea UK couple to the woman that ran over their son.

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“Top News” honors this morning go to the bombshells coming out of Fiona Hill’s deposition, as opposed to the bum shills being kicked out of it. The White House did its usual song and dance to try to prevent it from going forward, but Hill had an actual lawyer, and they weren’t having it.

Gordon Sondland is up next, and he may have a few bombshells of his own.

Speaking of bombshells, it turns out that Turkey may end up with more—50 more, to be exact—than they had going into this disaster in Syria. And that’s if we’re lucky. But don’t worry, it’s just loose nukes within reach of 11,000 newly-freed ISIS prisoners, and Rick Perry and Mike Pompeo are on the job!

What a time to have no Secretary of Homeland Security, eh?

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David Waldman leads us on a in-depth discussion of Columbus Day... Indigenous Peoples' Day… Canadian Thanksgiving Day. Whatever you celebrate, you probably didn’t get the day off. No one gets a day off from Donald Trump, except maybe Donald Trump. He certainly must have figured a way out of having to live with himself.

Donald shot a lot of people on 5th Avenue this weekend, so maybe he had a point there in ‘16, or maybe he’s hoping for arriving ISIS immigrants to vote Trump 2020.

Trump followers have devised the most Trump-like revenge upon Kathy Griffith imaginable. Take it, libs!

Trump was lying about China. Often, and recently too.

David connects some more Ukraine-Trump-Lev Parnas-Dmytro Firtash-Giuliani dots. Rudy took Lev to a funeral, that surprisingly was neither of theirs. So much of this scheming spun around former Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, which might explain that hairstyle.

Fiona Hill was the White House’s former top adviser on Russia, so she might as well never bothered to come in to work. Apparently she did, though, therefore she showed up today at the Capitol to testify in the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

Susan Collins’ delicate sensibilities were chafed by a constituent who hopes she retires to a quiet, offense-free future. Speaking about winning Maine, Eric Posman brings another in a series of Senate Snippets audio missives explaining the how and why.

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This Friday, In tony neighborhoods throughout DC, there are so many questions for those planning their escape this weekend, from who has the quickest turnaround on bulk passports, to which wines to pair with swallowing Krugerrands. David Waldman has the answers to these questions, just not the time on today’s info-packed KITM :

Steve Mnuchin prefers his cash domestic, and seems to have swallowed about $100 million. White House staffers without escape plans are thinking of “staycations” through the remainder of the Trump administration.

David reviews the Ukrainegate timeline. More gems are being discovered, most put there by Donald Trump himself. At least four national security officials raised alarms before Trump’s Ukraine call, with the Pentagon pronouncing it illegal. The seediest couple outside of a Sling commercial,  Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing, hired Lev Parnas as an interpreter for Ukrainian Dmitry Firtash.

Bob and Becky Mercer’s rainy day fund has been going to Trump, but some has been showing up in Rudy Colludy’s pockets as well. Giuliani frugally recycles printouts from a right-wing blog site as whatever he needs at the time. On the topic of propaganda and obstruction, RealClear Media has a secret Facebook page to push far-right memes, William Barr was forced to call Rupert Murdoch into his office after Fox disappointed Trump , and here’s the story of how the Hill became Trump’s disinformation megaphone.

On the positive side, Ambassador Gordon Sondland will step over White House blocks to show up and testify after all. Former U.S. Ambassador To Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, will also need to hire a food taster after showing up to testify today. And, an appeals court has rejected Trump’s appeal of the House Oversight Committee’s subpoena for his financial records. The Judge called Donald’s lack of response “repugnant”. Deutsche bank might agree that it’s repugnant, but finds that’s just one more reason to cover their, and Trump’s tracks.

Frank Rizzo got hold of Lindsey Graham for a couple of calls to chat about Lindsey and Donald’s admiration of Recep Erdoğan. Meanwhile, Trump had a rally in Minnesota, and it seems like less and less will take what he’s having.

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One thing is certain. Being buried under an avalanche of ping-pong balls is less than what Donald Trump deserves.

Today, David Waldman is joined by Greg Dworkin, (The “Hugh Brannum” of KITM), along with Greg’s wonderdog Abby (Woof!), to cover the latest consequences of enabling Donald Trump (Rough!). In fact, it has become fatal for Kurds in Turkey. Will “Many will die, but not me!” look good on a red cap? (Ralph!) America First makes us a loser everywhere.

For this reason and many more, more than half of voters would be happy with a non-President Trump. Impeachment is a thing that just might unite us.

Of course, Trump despises reality, and the impeachment inquiry has become a little too real for him and his lawyers. In other obstruction of justice news, Trump tried to make Rex Tillerson make the Justice Department drop a case against Rudy Giuliani’s Iranian-Turkish client. Now, we ain’t saying he’s a gold trader… Actually yes, that, and more. We’ve also been telling you those Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman guys were up to no good, and we were right.

U.S. billionaires are now paying a lower tax rate than the working class. Hopefully someone has a plan to fix that... Elizabeth Warren is rising in the polls, but it isn’t because Joe Biden is dropping, Joe just might have quit going up. (Roof!)

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It seems like just a matter of time before Donald Trump pops his baggy suit inside out, revealing a brigadier general outfit, his hair into a helmet, and commandeers a jeep out of DC... but it just doesn’t feel soon enough.

Meanwhile, David Waldman has the whole day blocked off to work out his thoughts concerning another Big Guy with Great and Unmatched Wisdom he knows, but as usual could not resist putting together a little something for us:

David does the color commentary on Darren Samuelsohn’s play by play of the US District Court hearing to get Robert Mueller’s grand jury materials.

The US pulling out of both Syria and the Open Skies Treaty would be the best birthday present for Vladimir Putin. Recep Erdoğan could hardly wait to open his present. For those not presently dying on a Turkish battlefield, Trump’s Ukraine call was one of the scariest things they have witnessed. Ukraine’s former Prosecutor General, Yuri Lutsenko funneled vital potential witness Konstantin Kilimnik to Russia before Robert Mueller could get to him. The scramble to escape Ukraine began the moment Trump hung up the phone.

Neither Donald Trump’s or Boris Johnson’s intelligence officers trust them as far as they could throw them. Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, seems really in sync with his guys.

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Yom Kippur is coming up, and shortly David Waldman will need to take time to atone for sins Rick Perry prompted him into over the course of this year. We still might get a pre-sundown pre-recorded KITM by tomorrow, but today we get a brand-new live-to-AIFF file KITM!

And, that’s good, because as fast as the Ukraine dots get sprayed in the news, David is here to connect them for us. David encouraged us to look at the bigger picture in the Ukrainian con, and to always follow the money... and the liquified natural gas pipelines, to better understand that if there’s corruption in the world, Donald Trump needs a piece of it. Gordon Sondland, founder and chairman of Provenance Hotels, big Republican donor, and United States Ambassador to the EU, was blocked at 12:30 this morning from appearing before the HouseAdam Schiff finds that contemptible, although not in so many words. Bill Taylor, ambassador replacement for the too-smart Marie Yovanovitch, attempted some intelligent behavior of his own with Sondland to build his CYA paper trail, bandying about “quid pro quo” and such, to which Gordon replied “Ixnay with the extays already”.

Yesterday, Trump purported to pull forces out of Syria, a big surprise to the Pentagon, and the people stuck in Syria. Today, Donald announced he’ll have Turkey’s president over for Thanksgiving dinner, during which Trump will discover how they stole American jobs.

More dots in search of lines: Would you have guessed that “a tireless self-promoter of mysterious means” was responsible for getting lovebirds Donald and Melania together? Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, pedophile procurrer (alleged), and philanthropist (alleged), Ghislaine Maxwell attempts to fade away. The head of the US Department of Transportation generally only meets with Kentuckians for some reason.

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Monday. Another day and… hey, another day? We’re all still here! Donald Phumpher Trump laid in bed with various bowls and spoons and switchers and didn’t get around to completely wiping out everything this weekend...

Well, except for the Kurds. They are out of luck, again. (And again, and again.) Donald just might be a professional wrestling hero, or a cartoon villain, but former Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk knows he’s no Commander-in-Chief. Even Lindsey Graham took a second to pop his head out and complain about Trump’s Syria policy. Time to sign the #3 Trump Tower deal.

David Waldman is joined by Greg Dworkin to play Jenga with Trump’s house of cards:

You knew Rick Perry would turn up eventually on Presidential Apprentice. (Place those bets on now on Ben Carson!) Who would have guessed Donald Trump’s search for corruption in Ukraine would turn up Donald Trump? Well, KITM listeners, probably. Liquid natural gas is at the heart of the Ukraine scandal.

A judge orders the White House to preserve records of Trump’s dealings with foreign leaders, because really, who would trust that guy? Still, no one can expect the Office of Legal Counsel to fix this mess. So, you should vote, especially if you happen to be in Virginia. And, there’s impeachment, a popular solution.

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If you are just waking up you’ve got 25 pages of must reading to do. Nah, lay back down, they printed it mostly sideways… In fact, go ahead and close your eyes. As always, David Waldman is here to read the important parts to us:

Gym Jordan told us Kurt Volker’s deposition undercut Donald Trump’s impeachment case. The released deposition however undercut Gym Jordan’s, and Trump’s believability, spelling out lies, election interference and extortion in Ukraine.

Donald Trump isn’t denying any allegation, by the way. In fact, his plan is to repeat any crime over and over, until it doesn’t seem like a crime anymore. Meanwhile, as the fringe moves into the mainstream, people like Kurt Volker and the Ukraine Ambassador are pushed out. Republicans forget their support for Joe Biden’s Ukraine reforms and embrace the crazy. Rudy Colludy consulted with imprisoned Paul Manafort on Ukraine. Lindsey Graham accuses Australia of being a deep state puppet. Australia rejects that characterisation.

Stuck between Russia and the US, Ukraine shrugs its shoulders and puts a Hunter Biden-related case on the docket. President Zelensky has already implemented Vlad and Donald’s Steinmeier formula, and the local fascists have been cued to light their torches

North Korea found some time between very beautiful letters to produce a submarine deliverable nuclear missile.

Awake now? Good, make yourself a cup of coffee and and a big Democratic baby sandwich. You’ll need it to get through the just-released trove of Roy Cohn documents this weekend.

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BULLSHIT! Can you think of a better word for this administration at this time? It’s the subject of most of today’s news, in fact. 

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin present a bullshit-free KITM, that is yet somehow completely full of it:

Jacob Wohl contains no other ingredients. He’s found some guy more shameless than himself, who he will introduce to the public today.

Donald Trump frantically, and I mean frantically is shovelling bullshit over his crimes. He calls the non-verbatim Ukraine meeting transcript word-for-word, which is of course… you know. Trump reminds us that Mike Pence’s Ukraine discussions were also perfect, and Mike’s aides back him up. Therefore, Pence is up to his ears in it. And remember, when considering Ukraine and Trump: Once a bullshitter, always a bullshitter. Journalists reflect on how they ignored the smell for so long. Are neophyte lawyers attracted to this Whitehouse, or is this Whitehouse attracted to neophytes?

By the way, Rebekah Mercer and Steven K G Bannon started this Biden bullshit a while ago. Peter Schweizer’s Biden book lifted sections from Wikipedia and other sources. Rudy Colludy tries to bullshit the bullshitters with forged Whitehouse stationary. Australia won’t be helping Lindsey Graham shovel. Rand Paul might love Putin more than Trump.

You know who’s tired of this bullshit? Voters. Except for the 24% that apparently can’t get enough.

Now you can put complete bullshit in your Facebook ad, once you put cash in Facebook’s pocket.

I don’t know… could it be… Moloch?

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It’s a scum of the earth gold rush! William BarrJohn DurhamSebastian Gorka, Mike Pompeo are in Italy with Steve Bannon panning for scum. Rudy, Mooch, Huckabee, Schlapp and other two-bit conmen keep mining the scum in Ukraine, in hopes that it hasn’t been completely tapped out

Of course, this did not start in Ukraine. Of course, it started in Florida. David Waldman isn’t here today, but pretended he was yesterday, in order to record today’s KITM… to introduce us to the two Ukrainian-Floridian con men perfectly set to hustle marks just like Giuliani and Trump.

It has already been established that Donald Trump is a mentally unstable, dotardiling, sociopathic nitwit, therefore adding that he wants to shoot migrants in the legs and feed them to alligators might be considered a moot point at this time.

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Dearest Abigail, so much has come to pass since our last correspondence—I was made almost deaf from the bombshells that pinned back Ol’ Bonespur’s troops as of late! Shall the battle of Ukrainium One be that “Great Pivot” all have talked about? Surely... only timeDavid Waldman and Greg Dworkin can tell us of this:

William Barr, Mike Pompeo, and Rudy Giuliani scour the world in search of dirt on absolutely anyone other than Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (while checking for some nice extradition-free retirement digs) The Federalist lies to us, and liars use the the Federalist to lie to us. Other than that, the Gop has no plan for Trump’s defence, other than lots of money. Oh, and more lies, lots more lies.

It appears “plan B” for the White House is more of the above. Tomorrow on KITM, Meet the Florida duo on Rudy Giuliani’s dirty crew in the Ukraine.

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