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March came in like a lamb, and is going out like a devastating viral pandemic. That just doesn’t seem right.

David Waldman is joined by Joan McCarter today, with nary a wheeze between them!

Donald Trump said it would all go away like a miracle, and he isn’t wrong yet. Earlier this month however, would have been a much better time to schedule that miracle. April looks to be much more hectic, with the deaths and all.

A Pentecostal pastor promised miracles, but bore the touch of Trump unto his flock. Mr. Pillow asked a national audience to join him in worship of their new savior.

Donald has indeed heralded a golden age of looting and profiteering. Trump suspects a gang of masked nurses might be raiding personal protective equipment caches, but it appears the stuff just might be falling off trucks on the way to the hospitals. A longtime Republican fundraiser happens to know a few guys that follow those kind of trucks.

Idaho seizes this moment to pass 2 anti-transgender bills, just as a U.S. appeals court shys away from civil rights. People look into how pandemic authority can be used to abuse others... once again. Now is a good time for a strike, and Instacart workers deliver it on schedule with the help of labor at Amazon and Whole Foods.

Moscow Mitch McConnell tells us that impeachment hearings, ending at a point midway between Donald Trump’s January 9th, 14th, 28th, 30th and February 10th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 28th MAGA rallies, and his January 18th, 19th and February 1st, 15th and March 7th and Mar 8th golf outings, probably distracted all the Republicans that weren’t insider trading. In fact, Trump just now discovered that coronavirus tests aren’t being well distributed. Donald’s going to hit the ceiling when he is told what 3.4% of the US population is. Hey, he isn’t the only one in DC detached from reality.

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As it is always nice to hear David Waldman and Greg Dworkin return from the weekend to the KITM airwaves, it’s also a bit of a relief to hear their voices and get to move them over to the “Still OK” column. Happy to welcome you back too!

Donald Trump, who really should be off somewhere accusing nurses of stealing his slippers, is somehow instead “president” and accusing nurses of stealing tens of thousands of hospital masks

Speaking of masks, you probably should be wearing them. You could sport the latest style, or you could just make them. Either way, they are less than useless if incorrectly donned, or especially if badly doffed

It’s too late to avoid disaster now, but there are still things we can do if we just pull together and… Of course, we aren’t pulling together. Republicans have decided they have done enough already. That prediction of 1 hundred thousand to 2.2 million dead has migrated from Democratic hoax over to Republican victory in just a month. Did liberal envy of Donald Trump manifest itself into a worldwide virus? That is probably as legit a theory as any the administration has embraced so far.

There is still no national stay at home order. Trump still bans social distancing in photo ops. Trump cuts the mic on tough reporters and pulls the plug on blue states. Florida sees New Yorkers as foreigners. The states become ununited. More chaos equals more power for Trump.

Within a week, we'll be discussing whether hotels or schools make better auxiliary hospitals. Within a week, we’ll be discussing what number of bodies really constitutes a mass grave. Hey, but the ratings are out of the roof! (Naturally, that’s a lie.) This sort of thing could impair Donald Trump’s chances at reelection, possibly. Look into absentee voting. Who knows what your… availability… might be come November. In the event of an election, grifters and thieves remain unpopular.

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It’s the weekend! Isn’t it? It feels like a Friday though... But then, it’s the weekend! Isn’t it? No one can tell you, you’ve nothing to do! Not with the days of informative reading, listening, and viewing material David Waldman is dropping off with us in today’s KITM:

Andrew Cuomo 2020! Donald Trump already has his little hands full with Joe Biden… and... one other thing.

Don’t worry, Trump is laser focused on job number one: discovering a cure for all of his coronavirus blame. The main culprit has been isolated —  all those whining about being sick or dying. The Surgeon General, who can vouch that Donald is healthiest, also recently discovered that Trump is smartest, especially when compared to governors, scientists, and doctors. Who needs their health when they can have partisan loyalty?

Trump cut staff by more than two-thirds in the CDC’s Chinese offices, before the outbreak.

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro is certain Brazilians can’t catch coronavirus, except for the 3,000 that have, and wants to see some parties in the streets.

How did Boris Johnson catch the coronavirus? Who cares?

Watch coronavirus finish spring break and go home to mom. Watch coronavirus travel the world. Watch coronavirus cases multiply. Watch people die.

A whole lot of people are dying because of coronavirus, and we are only counting a fraction of them.

People learn how to make their own masks, and re-sanitise the ones they do have. Any mask is better than no mask at all.

Meanwhile, the stock market is up on news of unemployment and the prospect of your grandma removing herself off the nation’s dole. The stimulus package hands $170 billion in tax savings to real estate tycoons and employers find they can escape paying into Social Security.

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For your safety and others, follow best practices, including listening to David Waldman and Greg Dworkin on KITM :

Let this doctor demonstrate how you aren’t remotely doing enough when you bring groceries into your house. On the other hand, unlicensed dermatologists might not know a thing of what they are talking about.

Congratulations America. The MAGA’s hit the fan now, with 3 million filing for unemployment. The stock market loves their cut in overhead. Now, if only our businessman president could come up with a way of trimming off those low ROI over-50 government teet-suckers, he might yet become competitive with those smarty-pants in South Korea and Germany... or at least purport to be. 

Don’t let anyone tell you what Donald Trump “meant to say”. For everyone’s safety quit listening to him. That bump will go down soon.

7,000 volunteers to the Peace Corps were forced into evacuation. The Defense Production Act could (and should) be used in this crisis.

Social media gives us a chance to reconnect to old friends, and actors acting as our friends, with differing degrees of success, of course. We now have the opportunity to be entertained as we discover the horrors approaching us. The internet will need to up its game however to keep us sane over the next few months.

It’s a Waffle House Index Red, as Republicans dive for shelter between Donald’s cheeks. If only they knew! (They knew.) If only they were told! (They were told.) Someone should check to see if landlords have granite countertops and microwave ovens in their homes.

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We have clambered up to Wednesday, a hump that feels like a mountain. KITM sherpas, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin inch us back down towards Friday:

Prince Charles has the ‘rona, and Waffle House is closed. Now what will we do? Nope, going back in time is not an optionThere will be no such thing as a functioning economy and society unless we work together. You’ve got a friend in James Taylor. Ford’s using car parts to save lives. People are are finally getting interested in infectious disease epidemiology! Then again, some people just aren’t that into a functioning society. (They boost gun sales.)

Politics and pandemics are a volatile mix. Red and Blue are still oil and water, but that is all going to change once the reality spreads across the country. Even Fox viewers might be catching on, despite the efforts of Fox News. At the Capitol they discovered coronavirus isn’t just for the little guy, fostering newfound bipartisan terror and cooperation.

It seems as if Donald Trump will never figure out anything, but in reality Donald just doesn’t share any priorities with anyone else. Shutting 6 Trump resorts got his attention, though. (Chuck Schumer closed that door, yay!) Trump resorts, never healthy, are also infected

Coronavirus has now infected polling.  People were temporarily relieved when Trump didn’t go for the nukes, but that bump in popularity will drop if Glenn Beck drops dead. Well, perhaps not, but coronavirus will change the equation, once this administration’s true performance starts to show negative results, and the account comes due.

Someday we will recover from all of this and get back to prosecuting the crimes this administration helped commit.

David explains why KITM doesn’t have a video component. Alexa however, is always listening.

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Tune in today and listen to David Waldman and KITM. Listen, it’s the safest thing you will do all day!

Donald Trump is tired of Coronavirus and people whining about his stupidity, and he has come up with a solution—observe what others have discovered that works, and just do the opposite, by mandating PDA’s, (with the exception of Asians, natch) early enough to rekindle a proper plague, but before the money he and Munchin divvy out turns to toilet paper. Oh, and sell the rubes some poison before that herd gets too thinned out. Hey, if you can’t trust the president of the United States, who can you trust? If you don’t smell something wrong with that, you probably already have COVID-19. Incredibly, Liz Cheney has kept her sense of smell all these years.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, for one, welcomes our virus overlords, and feels his mom and yours would be happy and proud to be death-paneled for the youngs. Matthew Dowd’s motto is “All 401Ks Matter”.

Elon Musk heroically, brilliantly, devises a way to make you think he made 1,200 respirators. Actually, he did “produce” them, and that’s nice. Trump purported GM and Ford were starting ventilator production, which is “true”, depending on your idea of what “start” and “production” means. Now all they need to do is produce a few thousand trained operators

Dick Pound knows when it’s time to pull out, so the Tokyo Olympics move to 2021Thanks Obama!

A soirée in Connecticut was a superspreader hotspot, but can’t compare to the coronavirus party being thrown over at Liberty University attended by 5,000 energetic enthusiastic evangelicals in the heart, or maybe lungs, of Virginia. Hobby Lobby won’t be closing, but might transfer some employees to the afterlife in the near future.

Did you ever notice how all disaster movies have a Rand Paul character in them?

Someday we will recover from all of this and get back to counting all the ways Donald Trump has scammed people.

Joan McCarter tells us that the Republican bubble won’t protect them, and might kill us. The Democrats fight to keep the coronavirus stimulus focused on workers and hospitals. The Republicans stick with slush funds and kneecapping the poor. Chuck Schumer keeps the momentum going in the right direction.

Rosie the Respirators across the country will save us with their sewing machines. Don’t know how to sew, but can type or dial a phone? If so, there is a place for you in this army.

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Rise and shine! Hop out of your night jammies, put on your day jammies and get ready for another big week aheadDavid Waldman is back, prepared for the Mandy Patinkin levels of drama yet to come:

Donald Trump gave the Coronavirus one more week on its diet while he determines the acceptable level of death required to keep the Dow over 20. A week without golf, and having to stand up over and over again has begun to take its toll on Donald. He fired most of the people who could have let him slack through this. Fortunately for usDr. Anthony Fauci and his hippocratic oath are still there pushing for our safety. Fauci understands that Trump needs only one good reason, or any bad reason and he be out of there.

Republicans also know that not a moment can be spared to ensure the safety of their slush fund. The Typhoid Mary of libertarians, Rand Paul is now quarantined, further weakening Moscow Mitch McConnell’s control of his vote. Of course, just being caught trading the safety of millions to make a killing in insider trading might be considered a public relations loss for the Gop.

Around the world people take action. Italian Mayors take a flamethrower (literally) to quarantine violators. The Olympics’s Dick Pound isn’t sitting on his hands either. Ladies take it to the streets, and right to your door for a delivery fee. Gun shop owners are sort of like the healthcare givers of guns. Meanwhile, Trump’s tiny dirty hands reach around the world. The Trump touch of death reaches the Peace Corps. Defying all odds, Bibi Netanyahu somehow clings to life

Greg Dworkin tells us to not be Philadelphia, but be St. Louis. Why the Coronavirus has been so successful. How the Coronavirus became an American catastrophe. What is comingwhat needs to be done, now and in the future.

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It's a day away from the microphone, during which we bring you back in time to our March 20, 2019 episode. With Greg Dworkin’s help, we finally got around to the hilarious-but-equally-insane story of the Devin Nunes lawsuit.

Bernie Sanders’ latest hires roil the social media waters. Rod Rosenstein will be staying put for the time being, as we await the Mueller… whatever thingy. Daniel Dale presents another of his trademark catalogs of a particular genre of Trump lie.

Trump and George Conway are going at it on Twitter again. But at least Conway is alive, unlike Trump’s other favorite target, John McCain. About which, Sen. Johnny Isakson says he just might get riled up over that, soon.

The Electoral College is under scrutiny again, and being “defended” by some of the Republicans’ worst rhetoricians.

Germans may love David Hasselhoff, but they’re not exactly loving 5G.

The New York State Attorney General says everything is just fine at the Trump Foundation.

Trump inserts himself into the life-and-death decision-making at the FAA after the latest Boeing crash, which is fine because he has a private jet. So, you know. There you go.

Are we set to deregulate Wall Street again? Republicans have a real problem with democracy.

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That’s it. David Waldman checks into the hospital tomorrow. The good news is, he doesn’t have to! Totally elective surgery. So, while David’s getting “some work done” tomorrow, he gets some work done today:

People are getting smarter, but not quick enough. Greg Dworkin tells the youngs to get off his lawn and back into their housesFlorida’s Governor DeSantis takes the advice of Amity’s Mayor Vaughn, and as you can see, “it’s a beautiful day. (Republicans knew.) Still, Americans are facing this threat down together… unless they can afford their own ventilator.

People are dying who have never died before, so our superb, great, very good War President leapt into… no hurry. Trump knows it’s more important to look in charge than to be in charge. And, for all Republicans, racism is in-charge behavior

The first coronavirus folk hero emerges. Welcome Dr. Amy “Action” Acton, MPH, homecoming queen, cheerleader, National Honor Society alumni and Ohio’s Department of Health director. Here is her story, one of the last from the 150 years of stories out of the Youngstown Vindicator.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology urges students to return from any shitholes they might be stuck in and return home. The Trump administration personally drove a Chinese scientist home, where he made a breakthrough in coronavirus testing. Chinese have been inspired to make breakthroughs recently.  There are still a few smarties left in the US though.

Backs against the wall, some in charge have dreamt up fantastic new concepts which they like to call “Medicare for All” and “Universal Basic Income”. Maxine Waters does have a plan, and it sounds pretty good. Mitch McConnell thinks so.

Congress should have stayed at home or stayed in DC but did neither. So far, two Reps have COVID-19. It could be much worse; it could be air traffic controllersPrince Albert prank calls may now commence. Twitter takes steps to reduce the transmission of coronavirus evil. Fox might need to be quarantined.

Wait. Could Donald Trump use this to screw up the election? Sure! Can he postpone it? No. Is this the moment Patrick Leahy has waited 45 years for? Maybe!

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Time for your medicine.

It’s pretty nasty stuff, so David Waldman and Greg Dworkin brought along a little sugar: Citizens finally are embracing their civic duty by voting, fighting suppression and coronavirus yesterday to vote at record numbers! And, Donald Trump’s approval rating is now where it should be, at 4%. Oh, no, make that 44% — wow.

Okay. Well, that is it for the good news. Bernie Sanders went home to reflect, reassess, and hopefully self-isolate.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, megaphone in hand, stands on a mountain of rubble he himself created. Who could have ever predicted this, except for those predicting it for years? Thanks, Obama, for this excellent guide on how to prepare for pandemic influenza. Donald misses those old scandals that he could golf through.

The really bad news: When you flatten the curve, the curve goes on longer. Many are already deciding between staying home and being able to afford to keep their home. Expect this to go on, not for weeks, but for months. We are not doomed, but this is war. If we do this just right, only thousands, not millions will die. Unfortunately, the UK already screwed up and we have these guys. It really sucks, but here we are.

African nations don’t want our shithole diseases. Italians make a life-saving part for $1 that they were told couldn’t be made for $11,000, and might get sued for that.

Trump might be putting the government on this eventually… purportedly. Dale Cabaniss, the director of the government’s Office of Personnel Management, says take this job and shove it. What if Congress doesn’t show up for work?

Not enough disaster for you? How about an earthquake?

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Crazy rumors! Mass Hysteria... dogs and cats living together, etc. over here in Ohio, but no voting… yes voting... NO VOTING IN OHIO DAMN IT… as chaos spreads under our proud burgee.

David Waldman holds it all together with us for a couple of hours:

The people who 2 weeks ago said this was a hoax, and 1 week ago said it was an overreaction, sold out gun stores yesterday once they finally began to get what we’ve been telling them. Well, maybe they still don’t quite get it, but they are beginning to, maybe.

The UK only realised "in the last few days" that its coronavirus strategy would "likely result in hundreds of thousands of deaths", but hey, in China they are closing their temporary hospitals in Wuhan, so we might be able to pick up some discount respirators

Joan McCarter calls in to assure us that Idaho still exists, and give us the latest DC news:

Moscow Mitch McConnell’s urgent plea for coronavirus bill action has turned out to be not so urgent, as he first waits for a few old Republican judges to show some symptoms. Mitch might do something today, if Elizabeth Warren doesn’t come over the railing at him first. So, for now Louie Gohmert holds our future in his hands.

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Hanging around the house today? This week? The next few weeks? Great! Hole up with us at KITM and finally listen to David Waldman and Greg Dworkin without earbuds, volume up! Who’s going to stop you? Welcome to the pandemic of a lifetime… until the next one! (Which could be starting somewhere at this very second!)

Perv-a-lago has always been Parasite-a-Lago, and therefore is naturally a coronavirus hot spot. Ronna Romney McDaniel caught something down there, but who knows what. Matt Gaetz didn’t catch a thing, but doesn’t allow that to spoil his spring break.

What happens in Las Vegas isn’t going to happen in Las Vegas for a while. Go home. Stay homeSocial distancing can be fun and rewarding. The young and unafraid can stop killing others by staying inside. Wash your hands. Ordering food might be ok. Your cook might not be sick, after all. And, it keeps you off the road.

If we do this right, Trump can take credit for it. If we don’t, we only have ourselves to blame. There are a lot more mistakes to be made, and unintended consequences to discover. Conservatives piss on everything, then run their tongues along it. Oh, they do have a plan too, but where is Mao Zedong when you need him? Maybe a fellow sociopath can show them the light.

Our Sociopath in Chief, Donald Trump, breaks every health crisis rule, lies about it, then lies about that, then lies about that, and promises to do lie about that as often as he can. MAGAs usually dig that, but are beginning to come down with doubts.

The Trump economy had to be halted again this morning. Donald Trump has a totally normal temperature. People say “Sir, how is your temperature so normal? In an abundance of caution a rectal thermometer soon will be placed on Mike Pence’s nose.

Pity the profiteers. A US company tries to keep China from just giving survival away, while Trump  pays to keep the rest of the world suffering.

The U.S. Health and Human Services Department suffers a cyber-attack, and Antifas fight along the coronavirus front

Fantasizing about who you wanted for a Democratic candidate was nice and all for a while, but you knew all along it was going to be Joe, didn’t you? Joe Biden might rise to the occasion.

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Even this Friday the 13th can seem pretty lucky compared to the rest of this week, or next...

David Waldman self-isolates to that secluded area over by the toaster oven to bring us today’s dispatch:

The coronavirus pandemic is Trump’s Chernobyl, maybe ours.

The reality is hitting the Capital hard now as their soirees have become imperiled.

It was only last week when Donald Trump assured us that COVID-19 was only one miracle away from disappearing, but now he’s treating it like it’s “some big emergency”. In between, Donald tried ignorance, denial, suppression, and lying, but as usual those solutions have come up short.  Trump became so desperate, he even tried reading out loud on live TV.

So then the call went out to our hero, Jared Kushner, who in turn called up his brother’s father-in-law, who went on Facebook… Don’t worry, they’ve got this!

Rugged individualist Fox watchers have rushed out to buy gold and eat silver. (Really, people do that.) (Don’t.) Fox nimbly executed the quick flip from “It’s a HOAX!” to “It’s a CONSPIRACY!”, but Republicans are still stuck straddling the two. Susan Collins laid the groundwork to make this all possible. So what could we do? China has a great deal on some used ventilators.

Did you know that nobody liked Mike Bloomberg much?

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin welcome us to the new normal... How much trouble are we in? A lot! Damn, where have you been for the last few weeks?

Trendsetters Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have returned from Australia wearing the latest in novel viruses. Coronavirus is popping up in the swankiest places!

People used to think this was a joke. It is not time to be funny anymore. It is time to be nice, and careful, and to ignore Donald TrumpOh f@#%, that was a bad speech last night, wrong in almost every way.  Remember, those are nacho experts — stick with your local public health departments!

As Jared Kushner and Jim Cramer attempt to take the reins, de facto President Pelosi works to save America. Compare and contrast.

The Fox nation buys gold, eats silver, preppers their teeth, bans the swarthy and goes on the attack. At least they’re waking up to some reality.

Trump could profit from the coronavirus testing the CDC is sticking with, but shouldn’t. Ingredients for the tests are being made and used in Europe right now. The CDC hasn’t actually tried any of their tests out yet. Even at maximum capacity, this solution is no longer good enough. We probably lost our chance to be “South Korea”, and we are fast approaching “Italy”. 89,000 local governments are supposed to have a meeting about this soon.

Experts estimate 70 or up to 150 million people in the U.S. will contract coronavirus, and with only about 400 thousand available hospital beds, that would mean all beds should be filled by about May 10, unless estimates are completely wrong, then it would be May 16. Even now, hospitals are making do by improvising. Of course, those efforts can only go so far.

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Sorry NIMBYs, we are just about out of back yards for this to not be in, including mine. Just don’t call it “a state emergency in Ohio”, it’s The Ohio State Emergency, please.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are the bearers of bad news, told well:

It’s now or never for the US to buckle down, and bring this coronavirus outbreak under control. We can learn from our past experiences and the present experience of others. Canceling events and self-quarantines will save lives by flattening the curve. Take Trump out of your advice and guidance if you want any respect.

Well, hello Joe! Last night white men showed they would turn up for Hillary Clinton, as long as she’s Joe Biden. Older black voters also came out in force for Barack Obama’s vice president. Youth, and math have been ghosting Bernie’s calls lately. Rallies are now out, unless you want to own the libs from your local triage unit. There is another debate remaining, though the only thing that might make it worth watching would be a table with no moderators, a couple of blue plate early bird specials, bottomless coffee, and their choice of pie... Two hours, just let them talk.

Tom Friedman, correct less often than a broken clock, says Joe Biden is our True Scandinavian. Perhaps this time he has a point.

Some good news: The House should get unredacted pages of the Mueller report. Now, if someone just gets around to delivering it...

Montana Democrats have their top candidate in the Senate race now, and might actually have a chance.

Project Veritas is James O’Keefe is Erik Prince is the People’s Republic of China.

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David Waldman is back! And so are you! Congratulations! (But no shaking hands.)

It’s a kind of super Tuesday today. A pretty big Tuesday. Probably the last big one for one of the candidates. Relax, it’s not the end of the world, maybe.

Trump would fiddle while the whole world burns, if he had an inclination to do anything, which he doesn’t, so here we are. Meanwhile, the Fox flu continues its spread. The CPAC Pandemic in fact might have exposed at least 5 Republicans, and as usual Jim Jordan saw nothing.

Of those who might have coronavirus, Doug Collins was first to take the opportunity to share his with Donald Trump. Then, Matt Gaetz rode over to the airport with Trump, flew in Air Force One with him, and made sure to disperse the virus thoroughly throughout the plane. Man, you don’t even want to know what Mike Pence did...

Who knows how many reporters have attempted by this point to infect Trump, but Donald refuses to give them, or the coronavirus, the satisfaction of being tested, or of canceling his rallies. He’s decided that by now what people don’t know, can’t hurt him. Mike Pence begged Bibi Netanyahu to not have Israel ban only the US carriers of the Trump virus, so instead Bibi banned everyone.

The Trump name is worthless, now officially by EU decree. Erik Prince, purveyor of spies to Project Veritas, conveniently is funded through the People’s Republic of China.

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Max Von Sydow, checkmate at 90.

David Waldman, handling the KITM microphone with only his toes for the time being, carefully ushers in a new week:

Coronavirus is a huge PR problem for Donald Trump, although Trump projects only a couple million dead, and most wouldn’t have voted for him anyhow. Greg Dworkin reminds us that coronavirus doesn’t care about your happy talk, and the the market cares even less about Donald’s

While Trump is BS-ing, are we mitigating or containing? You can deny reality until you are blue in the face, but an information bubble will only protect you for so longEmerald City Comic ConSXSW Austin, and Connecticut state universities and colleges do their part to flatten the curve. Schools should close before it’s too late. North Korea has a lot of sick people now, as Italy locks up and pulls down the shade

Btw, the virus is SARS-CoV-2, the disease, COVID-19. You can just call it “Pompeo”.

So, we may still have an election... Good newsEverybody loves Elizabeth Warren!

No, stop lying, America: You were never gonna vote for a woman president. Of course, it is never their time until we make it the time. Warren women will go where they want, unfortunately now seems to be the time for the safe choice, and the safest choice is apparently Joe. There is an ever widening and more meaningful gap in the Bernie-Biden polling.

At the last possible moment, a contender emerges: Governor Steve Bullock is running for Senate.

Erik Prince recruited ex-spies to be pretend spies for pretend pimps and real perverts over at Project Veritas. Speaking of a pervert, six former wrestlers say Jim (Gym) Jordan knew about the abuse at OSU. Speaking of spies, here’s what Russia is doing in Ireland, and how Saudi Arabia infiltrated Twitter.

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David Waldman presents the Friday KITM, sanitized for your protection:

Today, Donald Trump discovered the true threat of COVID-19, and routed Air Force One around it to Mar-a-Lago, where it’s safe. Donald’s on-the-job training still isn’t going well. The WHO now describe this as a pandemic, but Trump’s coronavirus response was doomed from the start, and is not getting any better.

More gun on person violence in our schools occurred when a Texarkana student shot himself in the good-guy-with-a-gun hand.

At least less people get shot in empty schools. Schools close for coronavirus in Washington, California and Pennsylvania. Hospitals fill up. The CDC tells a nurse this isn’t happening, because it is impossible for it to happen.

Trump’s glowing orb has gone into hiding.

The Trump financial slump continues, except for maybe bleach and zinc tablet futures. People presently are so distraught, you can see a run on toilet paper stretching from Australia to Seattle. Rick Santelli, inventor of the Tea Party, brings us his latest brainchild, again reaching to the past for inspiration. Trump will never have a personal financial slump with all the grifts he has going. 

Russians go to Ireland to inspect undersea cables, install off switches. TikTok puts the “fun” into "fundamentally parasitic".

You’ve heard the chants: “Build! The! Tennis! Court!”. Melania Trump listened.

Mick Mulvaney is planning to resign, unless of course he’s just acting.

A federal judge on the Mueller FOIA case believes that under William Barr’s redactions lies William Barr’s lies. Trump and Barr’s solution to this will be to do nothing, as that hasn’t let them down yet. The Kentucky Gop are introducing bills to take away the authority of the Democratic Governor. David suggests the Gov take a page from Trump and just do nothing.

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Senate Majority Leader Elizabeth Warren

David Waldman braved coming into work today, even though he had not contracted COVID-19.

You’d think everyone would know by now, the coronavirus spread is only made worse when Donald Trump is allowed to pull stuff out of his ass. The CDC blocked a FDA scientist when he tried solve things too quickly for them.

The reviews are in! Greg Dworkin’s stellar performance on Slate’s Trumpcast is the toast of the internet. We just hope we can still afford him now.

Greg tells us that if you want to look into the future of the coronavirus in the US, read Seattle’s local news. The first public school district in New York closes in response to COVID-19 Starbucks doesn’t want see your dirty lips even on your own cup.

Nevertheless, the Democratic primary persists. The average person is a little better looking, a lot better driver, and quite a bit smarter than others. They’re also see themselves right about in the middle of the political spectrum, and see Joe Biden right there with them. Did Bernie Sanders fail to deliver the youth? Did the youth fail to deliver Bernie Sanders? Or were they all just overwhelmed by an even bigger Boomer boom? Win or lose, Bernie helped send the Overton window into a new Zip code.

Meanwhile, presidential adviser Jared Kushner advised himself into another financial bonanza. A constitutional earthquake sends the US teetering towards tyranny, and congress back to exercising inherent contempt.

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Middle of the week, beginning of a pandemic, but we are past Super Tuesday!

David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin, our go-to for all things political and pulmonologic, and they go there today:

Eventually COVID-19 infections will be down to zero. (After all, how many people presently have the Spanish Flu? ) If you want to look into the future though, look into Seattle’s local news. The US is past containment, onto mitigation. Donald Trump is so confused, he can barely obfuscate, so ignore Trump, find rational sources and stick with those.

Yesterday was a super Tuesday for Landslide Joe. Not so much Bernie. Meanwhile, Bloomberg suspends, Warren reassessesbetter luck next time Jessica Cisneros, too bad Cenk Uygur, and hooray for Katie Porter!

Yes, we are back to Uncle Joe at the topThanks to the 40% that were forced to make their choice in the last few days, or James Clyburn, or Emo Joe’s not-Hunter son Pete... Thank anybody but the establishment. Tuesday demonstrated that if you take who people actually want to vote for and add fear, that equals electability and Safety Joe is looking safer every day. Biden still has to worry about militant vegans, but not so much Wall Street, and definitely should be wary of previous decisions sneaking up on him... Of course that was a different time. (unless Joe thinks getting votes means it is “that time” again)

Is Felix Mikhailovich Sheferovsky Sater, Фе́ликс Миха́йлович Шеферовский, a Russian mob double agent? Hmm, could be.

Democrats continue to fear… everything, and thus are a bit shy to subpoena John Bolton, let alone enforce existing subpoenas. David suggests they gather up their testicles, ovaries, etc. and tackle this.

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It’s Super Tuesday! The question on everyone’s mind: What will Brit Hume be wearing?

We’ll talk about Tuesday on Wednesday as usual. Meanwhile, please enjoy today’s KITM with David Waldman and Joan McCarterfrom the safety of your own home:

@#&%! James Lipton actor, academic, author, choreographer, interviewer, scriptwriter, lyricist, etc. has died at 93. Last night, MSNBC overflowed with eulogies for Chris Matthews, who isn’t dead, but was found buried under years of bad behavior

Speaking of dying, Alan Grayson believed the Republican health care plan was: Don’t get sick. And if you do get sick, die quickly. Grayson was wrong —  the Republicans ended up having no plan at all. Pharmaceutical CEOs tried to give Trump a clue, but he avoids those like, well, you know.

Thanks Obamacare, for making the coronavirus vaccine free… so far. The Supreme Court will hear a challenge to the Affordable Care Act this fall, before the election, and before another flu season. A million hospital beds might seem like a lot... too bad we have a lot less than that, and most are filled already. So, the healthcare industry is pushing Congress to pay for the cost of mandatory quarantines of patients who might have coronavirus.

A judge rules that anti-immigrant loudmouth Ken Cuccinelli was unlawfully appointed to lead U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in violation of the Federal Vacancies Reform Act. Those are all pretty big words, so don’t expect much from Donald Trump. Roger Stone, sentenced to 40 months in Gotham State Penitentiary does deserve a little more, but co-conspirator Donald plans to give him less. You’d think someone would’ve seen this coming, and it turns out that it was the Founding Fathers.

Today is a good day to give the boot to Koch Democrat Henry Cuellar and elect labor, immigration, and pro-choice supporter Jessica Cisneros.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin glide high above that uncanny valley between stupid and satire to bring us today’s KITM:

Dr. Dworkin, political pundit and pediatric pulmonologist, wears both hats today to explain how the evolving coronavirus outbreak challenges our public officials. Wear a hockey mask to keep your finger out of your nose, but those paper ones aren’t that necessary. Get cautious, get prepared, but don’t get panickedSeasonal flu and coronavirus can be compared responsibly. Pandemic flu and coronavirus can also be compared responsibly.

If you want irresponsibility, you know where to go. The Trump administration says, “Nothing to see here, may we interest you in some Burisma? We’ll look into that coronavirus thing in a week or so”.

As the US moves from containment to mitigation here are the global facts. Unfortunately, the facts are made hard to get in the US, as is insurance money and time off. Thanks Obama — so far.

Israelis will brave anything to get a chance to finally become Bibi free.

Meanwhile, other things happen. The congress is told it can’t rely on the courts to enforce its subpoenas. The Supreme Court says gun owners can’t have what they don’t need anyhow.

And, as we click up to the top of Super Tuesday hill on the Democratic Primary rollercoaster, will there be a contested convention at the bottom? It’s time again for a KITM-splainer on delegates, superdelegates, and the process, procedure and merits of a meritocracy in the Democratic party political system.

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