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Yes, it’s still April, and it’s still Thursday, and it’s still David Waldman and Greg Dworkin for another day of helping us figure things out:

Great job everybody! Jared Kushner assures us that our first 60 thousand or so COVID-19 deaths have all contributed to Donald Trump’s fantastic success, and you can bet there’ll be a lot more where that came from! Not many Americans share Jared’s positive attitude. Mr. Trump has taken notice of our notable absence of clapping, and his attorneys will be in touch soon

Virtually no one is dumb enough to trust Donald Trump about coronavirus anymore, but who do you trust? A lot finally trust experts. Few trust social media. (But... if you share CDC posts on Facebook, is that “crossing the streams”?) It also doesn’t help that every place has different rules.

Don’t look to your flu experiences. Flu cases were counted and modeled differently than COVID-19, and if they were counted the same the differences would be even more striking.

How many whacks does the ‘rona get to kill each of us? No one knows yet, but South Korea finds it might be less than they thought. People who compare coronavirus related deaths to car accidents will be able to just add the two together.

Those of you who often spend time naked, getting peed on, or witnessing bare-bottom farting, will understand what many out there still might not—the importance of masks...  Which brings us back to Kagro’s Coronavirus Craft Corner, and the latest in “sock-based” masks. You sure won’t find those at CVS or Walgreens, which is also where you soon will not be able to find expanded free coronavirus testing.

Meanwhile in DC, the House kind of gives up doing things until someone can come up with a better idea. Republicans so far have had vengeance upon 52 Wisconsin voters.

For our economy, happy days are here again! Vultures haven’t been this engorged in 45 years. It’s a grifters feast as well. One guy made one tweet and picked up a nice $69 million for ventilators, and he didn’t even have to deliver them.

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Alive? Good for you! The couple thousand that die each day of COVID-19 and coronavirus complications will remain on Donald Trump’s success side of the ledger, which has been extended to 70,000 or so, maybe a million or two, depending upon how much winning is required.

While we’re still kicking, we have some work to do with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin. Listen up.

Comparing COVID-19 deaths to flu deaths Is like comparing deadly catastrophic Apples to mild seasonal Oranges. One difference is that doctors and scientists are actually counting COVID deaths, and finding that they have been undercounting them. The burden of seasonal flu, on the other hand, is an estimate based on mathematical models... which is close enough for influenza work. It is also helpful, when you’re comparing pandemics, by specifying which pandemic that you are referring to.

We are the King of Testing at about 43rd place or so in per capita testing, but who’s counting?

The American people should see Trump’s coronavirus briefings in their entirety… uhm, to grasp that he’s an awful idiot? Well yes, thanks to the media, there might be people still out there that don’t know that. That tally is dropping, thankfully… unfortunately because of the people dropping dead that we personally know. Most victims are poor, old, and people of color, and not coincidentally, those are the same people who are getting tired of Donald Trump. For those people, Donald wants them all to understand, he feels his pain.

Meat becomes essential to the national defense of making Donald Trump sound decisive, and keeping processing plant owners off the hook they oh so deserve to be on.

Yesterday, Mike Pence represented all that is Trump, arrogant, and stupid by being the only one at the Mayo Clinic to not wear a mask. In his defense, Mike needs people to see his prissy, smug, phony, sanctimonious, venal... mask of a fawning, shallow, vacant, apparatchik flunky face to fully understand where he is coming from.

Roger Stone is, of course, still alive. At least, he continues to get himself and others in more trouble. Also, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia will determine whether Congress can hold Trump and the White House accountable on issues, including his coronavirus fiasco.

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David Waldman delivers a KITM on… Eh, who cares what day it is? People will be able to pinpoint this era on the rings of trees:

Yesterday, with breath like a McDonald’s in a pine forest and pupils like hockey pucks, Donald Trump had yet another not-worth-the-time briefing, because unlike everyone else on earth, Trump can’t get enough Trump. What Trump said was irrelevant.

When we respond to a pandemic correctly, less people die. When less people die, more idiots stay alive, that’s just science. Tucker Carlson deduces that since he’s still alive, it can’t be too bad. Grifters wonder if maybe this was a grift they’ve been left out of. Red states suggest that instead of tedious testing and the chore of governing, maybe, if we doubt coronavirus, we should set it free, and if it comes back... well, then thousands more die.

World-wide, hundreds of thousands more have died from coronavirus than have officially died of COVID-19. N.Y.C. Deaths reach 6 times the normal level.

In the UK, doctors are finding rare pediatric syndromes made less rare by coronavirus.

Asparagus Zucchini does what no two other vegetables can, recording a report on how the pandemic strengthens Andrew Yang’s case for universal basic income.  Nancy Pelosi has deemed “guaranteed income” worthy of her attention.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin wrap up their special KITM coronavirus coverage after Donald Trump calls off the crisis. Group hug, everybody!

Not really. I’m just being sarcastic.

Donald Trump’s experiment with small venues for his comedy tour might be coming to an end. Geraldo Rivera and Dr. Deborah Birx aren’t a big enough claque for Donald to roll on, and Mike Pence can only Hi-Yo so much. Why don’t reporters laugh at Donald’s jokes? Why don’t they please, laugh him off the stage? Why don’t reporters please work together?

Trump needs to be hooked off the stage. It is everyone’s job, including doctors and scientists to heckle loud and F’ing clearSeattle’s leaders let scientists take the lead. New York’s did not.

How does Hope Hicks not do it?

Trump continues to sink, now hugging the bottom of his polling gully, as his big beautiful electoral map turns against him. Trump’s hope to set whites against non-whites is failing as he is only pitting people who embrace bigotry over those that don’t, and that ratio just keeps falling every day. Moscow Mitch McConnell wants states to go bankruptViruses do not care about red states vs. blue states.

Captain Brett Crozier will return to the USS Theodore Roosevelt, if only Trump can pretend not to notice. Meanwhile that aircraft carrier, as well as other petri dishes, may teach us a lot, if only to teach us that we know so little. We still don’t know how the coronavirus is killing us, and the ways it kills us seem to be multiplying.

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There’s a tremendous... many experts are saying, “Why not sleep in abandoned refrigerators?” Maybe it will work. Maybe it won't. We'll see. What have we got to lose?

You really can’t exaggerate how stupid and dangerous Donald Trump is anymoreLysol, Clorox, Tide and the White House will spend the whole weekend cleaning up his mess. Man, what a douche!

While we are marvelling at Trump’s ever weakening mind, David Waldman turns our attention to behind the scenes where in it is survival of the most corrupt. Everyone knows that Trump and Jared use their authority over contracting and allocation for political gain. After all, word of mouth is what drives their business model. Using merit and oversight in hiring government officials makes skimming much less efficient and totalitarianism incomplete. David explains how Project Airbridge is organized crime.

Throughout history, Britain led the way in cultural and societal disasters and blunders, and we followed. Our shared mishandling of coronavirus is no exception.

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The difficulty with listening to KITM regularly is being aware of the things your friends won’t find out for days or weeks from now. Things your relatives might not figure out for months. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us up-to-date-to-the-future:

Unemployment is at 20%. Elizabeth Warren’s brother dies of COVID-19.

Brian Kemp opens Georgia for bowling and tattoos, but is anyone dumb enough to buy what he’s selling? Donald Trump was dumb enough to tell Kemp to open, but smart enough to knife him in the back after… or is that the other way around? The Insane Clown Posse ends up as a voice of reason and good governance over what they’re offering. Even Republicans voters know better.

COVID-19 ain’t the flu. A blood-clotting complication is killing patients. Coronavirus might cause strokes in young adults. There might soon be a shortage of dialysis machines. Dozens of grocery store workers have died, so maybe it’s time to keep customers away from them. Maybe it’s time to go on a diet. Meat packing closures might make many vegetarians soon. Finally, Donald Trump brings the US in ahead of schedule!

The Trump administration was probably too willfully ignorant for anyone to ever figure out how ignorant it ever was. Staff caught opening their mouth, or eyes, had them shut. Eventually the light might shine. The electorate is catching on. Democrats maintain their lead. As if by magic, Donald begins to disappear. The ballot box will feel us.

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There might be more important things than living, but not if it means missing KITM!

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin welcome another Earth Day with us. Remember, we are all quarantined here together. Air pollution could be ‘key contributor’ to Covid-19 death, so you know… try to cut your emissions.

Donald Trump has determined Iran is well enough to play with him again. Kim Jong Un’s sister says he isn’t allowed to come out today.

Brian Kemp tells Georgians to drop dead. Well, the black ones anyhow. Right after they catch up on everyone’s nails, but before they catch up on their bills. South Dakota can’t find enough black people to blame, but meat-packing plants across the country suspect those sick workers who always refuse to be insubordinate, and of course, the usual oppressive federal regulations

The people behind telling you to shut up and get back to work are those people that usually tell you to shut up and get back to work. The glut of people to blame and kill would be an embarrassment of riches for Donald Trump if Trump was embarrassed by riches. Trump is embarrassed by women journalists, however. 32 millionaire CEOs weren’t embarrassed taking small business PPP loans.

Most people don’t believe crowds are the safe place to be right now. In fact, a vast majority want to stay at home. Many seniors resist dying to reelect Trump. Several people have been infected by daring to vote in Wisconsin.

The primaries are distant memories for young voters heading to Joe Biden. Jay Inslee gives Joe an Earth Day endorsement.

Long Leaf Pine Slate—that’s Long Leaf Pine Slatecontinue their advance on Republican hegemony in North Carolina!

Our mass-shooter disease has crossed the border into Canada, killing dozens in Nova Scotia. Luckily, Justin Trudeau has just the cure.

Alan Dershowitz assures us that someone will probably be in control someday, meanwhile stay inside and find something to do.

By the way, Russia interfered to help Trump in 2016 election.

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If it’s Tuesday, and there is David Waldman, there is KITM. David wouldn’t miss this for all the tea in Texas.

It turns out that those hoards of morons at state capitols are pretty small and insignificant. After all, news photographers get lonely and bored just like the rest of us. How big does a nexus of infectious superspreaders have to be, anyhow? Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina hope to find out soon, and will be passing the news to their neighbors without delay. These massages will not end happily.

An old hippy tried to throw himself in front of the reopen loons, but was run over. Here is how to reopen America sanely.

The problem with reopening is no one knows what’s on the other side of the door. Everybody knows someone sick or dying. But nobody knows the many that are sick but don’t even know they are sick. Nobody yet knows all the ways to become sick with coronavirus. There’s COVID nose, COVID toes, and everything awful in between. There might even be a cure someday.

Many people don’t know, many people begged Donald Trump to kill millions, but he instead banned China and invented hydroxychloroquine... remember? Trump continues his fight against the Invisible Brown Enemy, to this day. People with longer memories might recollect 40 years or so of Republicans killing government and infrastructure

Joan McCarter calls in with potato horticulture tips. (Step one, put them in dirt.)

Is Congress not working remotely, or not remotely working? There might be a deal for more money to small businesses and hospitals, but the chances of actual small businesses in blue states getting any are as low as usual. The coronavirus pandemic is ravaging city budgets, with more than 2,100 cities slashing programs and staff. Steven Mnuchin is still letting banks seize people's coronavirus stimulus checks, but those on Supplemental Security Income will have an easier time.

Some of the lowest-income Social Security beneficiaries were given less than 48 hours to register their eligible children for an additional $500 coronavirus payment, or wait a year.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin return today to help us beat back the pandemic of stupid. It was getting so nice outside too!

Each day we learn more about how COVD-19 destroys people, and destroys society, but also how to fight it, and to grow beyond it someday. More evidence in the spread of coronavirus on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and France aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle points to the value in detecting and following asymptomatic spreading.

The fight continues. Donald Trump was forced to take his MAGA rallies into the White House for a month or so, but they’re back on the road again, as moron armies head out of the rural red into the urban blue for their opportunity to become human smallpox blankets and own the libs. Healthcare workers now become human shields. Trump wins!—as thousands more die—but for Donald, at least they’re angry, armed and clutching Confederate flags.

Trump would never blame those fine people, because as everyone knows, China did it… And, the WHO, the FBI, CNN and Mitt. And... the USA.

Maybe these aren’t the most solidly calculated plans to win over the electorate for 2020. It won’t be 2016 this year. All of the states are now the battleground.Trump retains his iron grip on second place

Federal pirates attempted to plunder Massachusetts hospitals for medical equipment, and hijack them all into the Kushner national booty.

Choose between being 6 feet apart or 6 feet under!

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Thank God it’s Friday! It’s the last Friday of the week, right before David Waldman goes away for a couple of days, but he made sure we didn’t go away empty handed, eared… headed:

Donald Trump’s plan to stampede everyone for the exits as he slips out the back way was presented to the nation last night. Great news for Sean Hannity, who’s lately been fantasizing about some of the two-fisting hotdog action social distancing denied him... Perhaps all of us should remain concerned about all that we are sticking in our mouths. Indeed, we might all go on a diet soon, as food processing plants close across the nation. 55% of all coronavirus cases in South Dakota can be traced to one Smithfield Foods pork plant.

The United States hasn’t “flattened the curve”. Actually, the only thing that has flattened out is the rate of testing. 60% of the cases on the U.S. aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt are asymptomatic, thus making reopening... suicide.

MAGA Kool-Aid ingredient hydroxychloroquine is fine for soaking the rubes, but actually there could be some drugs out there that genuinely do something. The UK blows $20 million on some cheap Chinese knockoffs.

The Russians sold the US ventilators last week. We gave them to Russia this week. Art of the deal.

Trump demanded senators either return to town or adjourn. The Senate said “No, thank you.” Art of the deal.

Charlie Kirk not only identifies as a black man, but incredibly, as a black man that likes Charlie Kirk. The Daily Caller writes a story, then asks Republicans to make it news. Elon Musk already received the heroic accolades, therefore why should he put effort into heroic deeds

Joseph A. Hollingsworth III, pro-life Republican who prefers you die, wants to sell you something first.

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David Waldman exorcised his Skype demons successfully to bring us our Thursday KITM:

Donald Trump led the rats that follow him outside yesterday, and announced his “Opening Our Country to Coronavirus” council, live on TV, broadcast to the CEOs he plans to blame in the future. Donald also promised to adjourn Congress, off the scoreboard, off the bank board, no rim

Sure, Trump didn’t really do anything for months on the COVID-19 pandemic, but... what if he found out a couple of weeks earlier... hmm? He probably then would have found the chance to blame the WHO earlier, that’s what. The Gop just wasn’t built for this government thing.

The south rose again with Michigan and Ohio’s zombie hoards. In lieu of brains, they are demanding their fair share of coronavirus.

Greg Dworkin reminds us that when we say it, we indeed spray it. Dr. Oz assures us that only a couple of our kids will die out of every hundred kids, and really... how many is that? And, about half of secondary cases are infected during the presymptomatic stage, so without antibody and contact testing, the people "restarting" the economy probably won't know what hit them for a week or so.

Another Republican without math skills: Steve Mnuchin. Reese Witherspoon probably knows the difference between 250 and 1,000,000, but her ad agency apparently does not

The White House secured facemasks for themselves while publicly discouraging them, because if they hadn’t, you would have them and they wouldn’t. Also, FEMA gave a $55,000,000 no-bid contract to a bankrupt company with no employees for N95 masks at 7 times the price. All this is what is known as “the art of the deal”. 

If we would all turn our backs for just a moment, the Navy will reassign Capt. Brett E. Crozier to the Theodore Roosevelt and we can just pretend this never happened.

Psst. The election could be a blowout. Even Susan Collins is concerned.

God must hate Jerry Falwell Jr.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin rate today’s Skype call a zero, but still are able to broadcast a four star KITM:

Following Monday’s perfect press briefing, as states begin to assemble confederations to rebel againsttyrannical federal rule, Donald Trump returned to clarify his intentions. Governors can either choose to do what Trump says, or what Trump means… and if they screw up, they only have themselves to blame.

Kellyanne Conway wonders why the lamestream media refuses to give Trump credit for the 18 COVIDs he did vanquish.

Republican Representative Joseph A. Hollingsworth III, fifty millionaire, Wharton School alumni is, of course, pro-life... Not yours, of course. Some Americans will pay their lives to sustain the American way of life.

Nope, Fox viewers, COVID-19 deaths aren’t being overreported, they are being underreported. Federal pirates plunder 1,000 facemasks from police.

Trump trolls millions by tagging his name to stimulus checks and making recipients wait while he does it. Will you have to pay back the stimulus check? No. Will you actually, really get a check? Maybe. Trump stiffs the WHO on a $100 million bill.

Most people would violate social distancing and Constitutional rules to vote Donald Trump out of office today, but why hurry? Trump’s polling is only going to get worse, as the Bidenmentum grows. Picking a good VP will be the easiest decision of Joe’s entire career.

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Tuesday? Does it feel like “Tuesday” to you? I bet it’s still “April”, too.

Joan McCarter keeps track of such things and shows up right on schedule for today’s KITM with David Waldman

We seem to be in the world’s dumbest Star Trek episode, when the away team is always the same 5 idiots and a couple of redshirts. Our captain of course has to be this dim-witted lunatic who had yet another meltdown yesterday. Who could have predicted that? President FDT is no FDR, or Truman, or Hoover, and was hardly even himself once he discovered his campaign commercial didn’t shut up all those questions on how he saved America through knee-jerk racism in January followed by… absolutely nothing. At least you know he boosted the ratings going into tonight’s show!

The world-wide disaster continuesOne third of the NHS staff tested in the UK have coronavirus. Sweden calmly watches the tsunami approach. Back in the USA, South Dakota’s rugged individualists herded themselves into tight enclosures over at the Smithfield foods plant, infecting 450 workers. Trump fan, Governor Kristi Noem, plans to send all the infected down the chute where hydroxychloroquine waits for them. Don’t worry China, you’ll still get your pork shipments. Unfortunately, California does not have herd immunity.  A million people in New York City might however, and there is only one way to find out.

While you wait for your big $1,200 check, millionaires split up a bonus $90 billion, a surprise to Democrats, but not so much Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer try to keep emergency aid for hospitals and unemployed away from the most dangerous man in America, Moscow Mitch McConnell. Time to play chicken with Trump.

If there is still “voting”, there is still some good news coming from Wisconsin and Maine.

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David Waldman was an early adopter of social distancing years before it was cool. Like all of us,  David chafed a bit at the toilet paper deficit, although he doesn’t miss spiral ham all that much. Yet now, there’s a hair product shortage for us guys with problem hair? Well… we ask you to bear with us in these difficult times.

Church vs. State showdowns have demonstrated that the state can’t stop churches and churches can’t stop COVID-19. A meat plant closes after 293 workers test positive. The USS Theodore Roosevelt has 600 sailors ill with coronavirus, more than 500 after they fired the Captain, and now the first has died. George Stephanopoulos’ got it.

Greg Dworkin reports the latest on the apocalyptic fight between truth and propaganda, and for the moment, the truth seems to have a bit of an edge over deep-voiced gravitas-filled lying. Donald Trump even had to skip a couple of MAGA briefings while he determined how to handle scene-stealing extras.

Facts continue to come out, while Trump continues to assert that patriots should Never Remember. The Miami Herald sues Ron DeSantis to name elder-care facilities with coronavirus. 

We learned a few lessons after the 1918 flu pandemic, some we remembered, some we forgot over the years. Many states go it alone this time. While he’s at it, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam fixed many concerns all at once.

And all that is why Joe Biden has a teeny tiny teeny little lead. Joe still has time to turn this into a landslide as long as he doesn’t pick Joe Lieberman for veep, or Trump doesn’t kill the Post Office or the Constitution first.

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Friday! A Good Friday, but far from a great Friday.

David Waldman sends us off by ourselves, but first a KITM:

Donald Trump just wishes he could wash his hands half as well as Pontius Pilate. The stains of this could last as long. Nonetheless, Trump plans to reopen America to coronavirus, ASAP. Donald’s plan would be to close our eyes, shove some of our kids outside and see if the Dow goes up. Important people, of course, would stay behind to repopulate the earth. Maybe they will keep the people that bring them stuff alive as well.

Donald’s been zooming with Vlad and Boney a lot lately, and it’s paying off. For Russia. Their sanctions simply went away, like a miracle.

Anyhow, it’s quiet… perhaps too quiet out there… Actually, it is almost perfectly quiet. You can hear nature healing.

COVID-19 begins to devastate Latin America. Scientists track the coronavirus disaster around the world. Google searches might predict emerging outbreaks, and our robot friends might be checking in on us to see how we are doing. Scientists (and others) might follow us on our phones to see if we have the ‘rona…  or to monitor our heart function, ECG, EKG, AFib... balance… blood sugar… Parkinson’s disease...

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It is so simple. Keep staying inside, and keep safe. And, this time, probably no smiting will be required. (Maybe just a little smiting...)

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin help us keep informed and keep the faith:

Donald Trump has won the war with coronavirus! Go ahead, stick your head up out of your fox hole and smell the victory. Trump told you anyone that wants a test can get a test at drive-thru testing in parking lots across the country, with 1700 engineers creating a beautiful site on Google, and yet people still aren’t happy. Even his pity bump is beginning to fade.

Maybe we’ll cheer up if we quit counting dead people. Fox news tells us we are counting too many. Spain shows we aren’t counting remotely enough.

Donald Trump has always hated people counting over his shoulder, and this time is taking steps to stop it once and for all.

As government grows, oversight shrinks. Jared has something to do with it but you will never know wtf it is. $450 billion here, $250 billion there, and pretty soon you are talking real money. Well, you are, but the Federal Reserve isn’t, and neither are Republican’s installed middlemen.

Meanwhile, VA hospitals are running out of protective gear.

Trump Hotels qualify for coronavirus bailout benefits. No one qualifies for Trump Hotel donations. A former nurse who's now a bakery owner aims to feed frontline healthcare workers.

Trump’s new chief of staff Mark Meadows, starts to climb towards the top of everyone’s smite list.

The founder of QAnon has been begging to be arrested, and the FBI finally relented.

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As per tradition, today is a day David Waldman reserves a chair and facemask for Elijah. It’s also Wednesday, the day David reserves for Greg Dworkin, who traditionally visits via Skype. 

Dateline Somalia: A nation ravaged by pirates and rampant corruption, a population in anarchy as aid to those in need is commandeered by competing warlords for their own profit. Civilization crumbles into savagery. Back in the US, agents are seizing masks and other coronavirus supplies without a word, selling it to GOP-connected middlemen, intercepting, seizing, and "outbidding" the sales from those middlemen, then selling the gear thus seized BACK to those same middlemen in a victory for the free market. Of course these medical supplies aren’t counterfeit, are they? That would be Un-AmericanWe’ll sue!

Barbados knows from pirates. The US introduces them to extortion after Rihanna tried to run the blockade.

Hydroxychloroquine could cause cardiac arrests. Hell, COVID-19 could cause cardiac arrests, so who  needs any more? Donald Trump does, because he and his voters need to feel smarter than doctors, and if Trump finds only one tenuous connection to one dubious success, well, that’s better than nothing. Also: money.

Donald Trump broke the agencies that were supposed to stop the Covid-19 epidemic and is killing all the watchdogs. The people who knew all along it was a hoax, will soon come to the conclusion that they knew along this was big trouble. (Unless they are already dead.) Will those people still vote for Trump, once they know this is all Donald’s fault? Maybe.

Bernie Sanders is correct as usual. The second most important vote of our lifetime has to be taken seriously, right now. Yesterday, the Wisconsin Republican party risked thousands of Democratic lives and even sacrificed a few of their own in what could be a template for November. It will take a while to figure out what just happened.

It is no longer infrastructure week, at least for a while, as Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell make Phase 4 happen remotely.

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You probably know Ian Reifowitz as the author of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump (A fine Easter basket stuffer, by the way), nevertheless, Ian’s tackled plenty of the big questions as Daily Kos Contributing Editor and was itching to debut his famous Michael Dukakis impression, so David Waldman welcomed him back for KITM’s first half!

Joe Biden is more than an “Anti-Trump” already, however he needs to raise his game to Obama levels if he wants the presidency.

Infected by coronavirus, Democracy passed away in Wisconsin early this morning, as tens of thousands now stand in line in only 5 of the normal 180 locations to pay their respects.

The truth dies in Cleveland.

The British invented english, and still know how to double-talk it better than anyone. Boris Johnson feels great, or may be dead at this very moment. Likewise, China is finally under control or perhaps, eh... you know.

Tokyo declares a month long state of emergency, and Paris bans outdoor workouts.

Joan McCarter remains virus-free, but is becoming sick of the news coming out of the Capitol. Trump isn’t interested in small businesses, and holds the lifeline as they sink beneath the waves. Nancy Pelosi is creating a special committee to address precisely this incompetence. Chuck Schumer places a Warren staffer in control of the Congressional Oversight Commission. Meanwhile, Adam Schiff calls for proposals for a COVID-19 commission to investigate the present disaster.

Stephanie Grisham couldn’t handle being Donald’s Sean Spicer, let alone Sara Sanders, so she’s back to being Melania’s Hope Hicks.

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In times like these, it pays to have a predictable daily routine to decrease anxiety and increase self confidence and trust in the future. To that end, as Donald Trump continues as a sociopathic moron ruining the lives of those he hasn’t yet killed, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin will remain the voices of reason and intelligence that you expect, weekday mornings:

Do you think Elizabeth II would accept an apology and take us back under her wing? Boris Johnson goes under protective custody.

Captain Brett Crozier takes another one for his team.

Greg assures us that the scope of Donald Trump’s unpreparedness is finally beginning to sink in. For those not opposed to scientific expertise, this is not shocking news. For those opposed to scientific expertise, there will be plenty more shocks to come.

When Donald sold his soul, you just know he got four times what it was worth. Networks should stop Donald’s afternoon MAGA rallies before he makes Mike Pence chug hydroxychloroquine live, or forces Anthony Fauci and Peter Navarro into a gladiator fight. Sweden decides Trump’s cure is worse than the disease. Michael Cohen had a million reasons to push Hydroxychloroquine.

Voters and Sweden agree, Trump sucks like the biggest Hoover in history.

We weren’t prepared for this two months ago, and we aren’t now. This might be the greatest public health crisis in a century, but it won’t take that long for the next one. The Hill wonders how Dems plan to spin this.

Yep, Bernie Sanders does have some good ideas.

Meanwhile, as people start falling between the cracks, states begin to form unions just as Trump foments civil war, and leads US pirates and highjackers to provoke a few international wars as well.

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David Waldman safely delivers us into the weekend!  By the way, what is a weekend?

Darwin H.M., @Darwin_Darko on Twitter, reports that Captain Brett Crozier, former four-star admiral and NATO Supreme Commander, who sounded the alarm about an outbreak of COVID-19 aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, saving the lives of his crew, of course has been fired from his position. Heroism on that level, you’d think should qualify Crozier for a Presidential Medal of Freedom or something, but you know how tough it is to get one of those. His crew believes he’s still the GOAT though, and told him so as he walked down the gangway, alone.

Jared Kushner rolls up his sleeves (Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how much those shirts cost?) and prepares to expertly manage the world from this point on. Just don’t go eyeing the Trump stockpile, as he and his friends got dibs. Daddy-in-law’s friends will also get a taste, but for them it’s first come, first serve. Republicans are discovering an unpleasant aftertaste.

Forget the above paragraph. Yesterday has been revised. Google will soon make coronavirus a faint memory.

It’s been a week and Donald Trump already forgot his coronavirus nickname. Soon, Trump will forget New York even asked for ventilators. Wait now, did he ask GM to do something? Oh, who remembers! Somebody should write those things down. Donald does sometimes remember to talk nice — the press loves it! Then again, sometimes he doesn’t. Oh well.

Remember, it’s Trump who is the victim here. Joe Biden thinks he can say any fact he wants, and not have Trump lie about him. How can Twitter allow this? And what makes China, South Korea, and Germany think they should succeed just because they stopped people from dying and put them back to work? It’s all so unfair.

So have a pleasant “weekend”, just don’t congregate in groups of … any. You know where you should be, in front of your computer where everyone can keep track of you!

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David Waldman has one subject to cover, and a lot to say about it. Greg Dworkin helps pore over the current data, including the latest from New York and Connecticut.

6.65 million workers filed for unemployment last week… although that was a week ago.

You think you have problems? Sad! Donald can’t believe people won’t leave him alone for a minute with all of their sickness and dying. Democrats always just want to blame Trump, Trump, Trump! Republicans, on the other hand, evenhandedly spread the blame over anyone other than them. Anyway, it is difficult to take pandemic advice from anybody with that much blood on their hands... Why did so many expect a guy that bankrupted casinos to know how betting works?

Maybe Hope Hicks can steam Trump’s wrinkles away. Jared Kushner put that MBA of his to work by cutting overhead and personnel. The White House cut costs on ventilator maintenance last summer, and invested millions in marketing brand new ventilators overseas. Essentials, such as golf carts, will of course be maintained.

Meanwhile, the hospital truthers infection is reaching epidemic proportions. Never underestimate how badly people can and will react to finding out they’re wrong.

Governor Brian Kemp was briefed on this “coronavirus” only yesterday and discovered many disturbing facts. OAN will finally be removed by the White House Correspondents Association emergency bullshit quarantine. Fox News watchers still don’t know what is going on.

Be assured, the truth is in the timeline, and it will always be there. People will keep finding out the facts.  

Republicans are happy they had safeguards in place to keep voting from breaking out all over. Think of the havoc that could spread by November! Joe Biden should run on the public’s newfound interest in science and facts, with an emphasis on climate change.

Back over in the Coronavirus Craft Corner we create quick and easy disposable protective masks. Will they protect you? Maybe. Will they protect others? Probably!

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Today is the April Fools Day to end all April Fools Days, finally

David Waldman would be bringing us the latest news and analysis, even if he was allowed out of the house.

Do you miss Michael Brown yet? Jake Sherman sums up Donald Trump’s heck of a job. Greg Dworkin’s segment is rated MA - L for language appropriate to the situation we find ourselves in. Trump was furiously MAGAing when Hell arrived, and pretending otherwise won’t help him now.

Everyone knows what the facts are, although political reporters sure do like Trump’s “tone”. That is why political reporters should be replaced with science reporters at the White House. It turns out Trump’s tone sounds best when he shuts up. The problem is, Trump is all talk and no action. Ask his old buddies Mike Francesa and Howard Stern.

This will all be over, sometime. (That is also the predicted delivery date for your coronavirus stimulus check.)

COVID-19 projections for each state, are unfortunately based on test availability and good behavior, and both are still in short supply. It doesn’t take two minutes to find grifters looking for pockets to pick, so of course Jared Kushner saw this as an ideal time to pick Daddy-in-law’s pocket. Sure, Senator Kelly Loeffler dumped stocks, but also invested in a company that makes COVID-19 protective garments.

You might worry that a nation dropping to its knees might be vulnerable to attack. Who knows, our enemies might be too busy.

Plus — Over in the Coronavirus Craft Corner we learn how to make a washable no-sew protective masks!

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