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David Waldman returns to take us out of August and… OMG there’s still two months to go.

Greg Dworkin returns for the first time since the Republican National Pageant of Knuckleheads, which no one watched anyhow. This might have been intentional, as contradictory messages could then be repackaged and disseminated to their intended microtargets later… yeah, like they thought that out.

As roller coasters go, 2020 polling is kind of tranquil, almost soothing. Is 6 points too close for comfort? Nate Cohn might need about mid-November or so to give us solid numbers. Still, wherever there is a bellwether, there’s Joe Leading in it. Joe Biden’s voters may not be asking for much, but Joe is showing he can deliver that and even more.

The former Chief of Staff to Senator Olympia Snowe was concerned about Susan Collins, but no more.

Who trusts Jared Kushner? Definitely not Don McGahn.

Donald Trump is a lying prick. It is his brand, and Trump is devoted to his brand. Will Trump’s conveniently timed COVID-19 vaccine be on brand? Herd immunity is even more on brand: you do it yourself, and you pay for it. Anyhow, the late Herman Cain says it’s not as bad as it seems. Robert Trump might also attest to that, but of course he also might have been paid off.

Trump tried to register to vote in Florida using an out-of-state address. Why would Donald do such a stupid thing? Well, he wouldn’t, Trump hires lawyers to do his stupid things.

Steve Scalise literally put words into the mouth of disabled Progressive activist Ady Barkan.

Soon, there will be Cameo for journalists, where 50 bucks will get you a juicy tidbit they haven’t yet mentioned to their editor. But for now you still need to wait for their book to come out. The DOJ secretly curtailed FBI investigation of Trump ties to Russia. It must have been a well-kept secret as dozens of FBI agents were standing right there. Rod Rosenstein lands a job with the Other Side.

Even Republicans think Qanon are screwballs… but of course they thought that about Donald Trump a few years ago. Here are the Q-nuts running for Congress in 2020.

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David Waldman returns after successfully dropping off his son at college and avoiding a whole day of Republican National Convention BS.

Now it’s all over but the shouting… and Rand Paul wetting his pants running away. Donald Trump wanted his RNC speech backdrop to be the White House or a big cemetery and it looks like he got it. The October surprise for some South Lawn attendees will be finding themselves under headstones after just 40 days. As Republicans say, we all have to go sometime, so it might be best for them if it was before the election results come out.

After his lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying , lying, lying and lying last night, Donald Trump announced that he’d head out to Texas and Louisiana and check out the courses this weekend, but he didn’t have his hopes up. Donald will want to head back to his own properties where he can soak the Secret Service, taxpayers, or any rube he can find. After all, that is the image he’s cultivated for decades. It’s what his public expects. David Fahrenthold can tell you all about that.  Unfortunately, Trump’s public also expects him to crack down on disloyal reporters.

More on the Twitter story of the public defender crossing the wrong people in the police department, who was targeted with retaliatory arrest, possibly fake warrants, faked police agencies, and completely fake justice. She lucked out — police take care of good apples all the time. A Black Vice Mayor in Virginia urged a police chief’s firing. Now she faces charges.

Sturgis bikers bolster their bad-boy image by spreading disease through South Dakota and bordering states, and will soon to be roaring intotown near you.

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Same convention, different day. Nothing to see there, maybe less. As good as day as any for David Waldman to drop his kid off to start college, and to provide us with a brand new show about something else.

Hear about the internet? It’s an awful place, with crazy people doing mean things. Which might be ok, if they stayed there, but for some, fantasy blurs into reality, and virtual becomes actual. Some people get off on convincing idiots, ignoramuses, newbies and normies of stupid things for lulz. Some, like the three people who popularized the Qanon theory, make a living ruining lives. The owner of 8chan, who might be connected to Gamergatethe Christchurch massacre, targeting federal judges, stolen credit card information and child pornography, might also be Qanon, home of sick people telling sick things to other sick people to convince them to do sick things, and to most everyone’s surprise lately, convincing sort of normal people to do stupid things.

This isn’t new. Remember when the Procter & Gamble logo was declared a “secret Satanic message?” Procter & Gamble’s loss was surely somebody’s gain. Dr. Zeynep Tufekci was able to predict the modern menace of pandemics and social media’s destruction of society by paying close attention to the past. Donald Trump doesn’t know, doesn’t understand, and doesn’t care. We’ll just have to wait for a president that does.

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It’s my birthday, and right now David Waldman is in the kitchen baking me a second KITM! That one’s coming out tomorrow, pre-recorded, piping fresh! But first:

Pollsters may be exhausted but Greg Dworkin isn’t even winded

Only two days of Republican convention in the crapper so far.  Dozens of hours of lies have already been pinched off  for the sole benefit of those people hunting for that one lie that will somehow allow them to lie to themselves on election day. Mary Ann Mendoza almost made it to the RNC stage to boost Qanon conspiracy lies, including the granddaddy of them all, “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. She didn’t get the chance, so the FBI Twitter account helped out. Natalie Harp did make her RNC speech. A heartwarming, inspirational speech, and a lie. The White House lied to cover up the Hatch Act violations of a naturalization ceremony-sideshow lie-officiated by Chad Wolf, whose title and position are lies. Bob from the RNC roll call did not technically lie, but he certainly stretched things.

Maybe if some of those lies “stick”, then the polls will tighten, but that is not what is happening now. Donald Trump has a well-earned trust gap that 4 days can’t take away. Trump also wasn’t able to scare Democrats away from mail-in ballots, so it’s now up to Louis DeJoy to put the snail back in mail. More than 20 election administrators have resigned following death threats.

Two people were shot and killed during a protest in Kenosha, that was protesting the police shooting of Jacob Blake. The police finally had to arrest the shooter. They really liked that white kid too. The black kids he shot they already decided were human garbage.

Jerry Falwell, Jr gets a $10.5 million severance package, so he can finally kick back and relax in that nice comfy chair over in the corner of his bedroom.

There is still a COVID-19 pandemic, no matter what they say. And, no matter what they say, masks work, turning a $56.14 ROI on $.75. South Korea recloses its schools, while Sturgis bikers spread coronavirus to at least 8 states.

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Happy birthday to Sean Conneryturning 90 today! Although he’s not yet 90, it is also Armando’s birthday today! And by an amazing cosmic coincidence, it’s also David Waldman’s birthday today! If that wasn’t enough for you... it’s my birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday everyone!

One day down of the Republican National collective delusion. It is the Trump Convention, so the “plan”, as always, is to put the absolute bare minimum of effort in between golf weekends, and then to claim that it was the best that could ever have been done. Don Jr. was higher than any bar set for Republicans last night.

Whether a pitcher, catcher, or merely an enthusiastic fan in stands, the nonetheless sleazy, cowardly little weasel Jerry Falwell Jr. — previously on righteously eternal suspension from Liberty University, now goes home — you got to hope it is to be nowhere near anyone’s family.  

Meanwhile, the University of Alabama reported over 500 COVID-19 cases last week. Researchers say a Hong Kong man is the first confirmed to catch Covid-19 twice, but more research will be needed to determine what a disaster that is. David will need to add a whole new column on his spreadsheet.

The well-worked refs over at Twitter give Trump another warning, still throwing out anyone else committing the same offence.  Any Trump not at the convention will tell you: Donald Trump has no principals and you can’t trust him.

Donald goes full Andrew Jackson against the Supreme Court, and then some. The Trump family went full Palin in D.C. following Robert Trump's White House funeral. A public defender describes her retaliatory arrest. Vlad laments America’s loss of style. A Ukrainian Oligarch picked up $21 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans. It’s nice to know a guy.

Joan McCarter reports on the several cans of worms opened at Louis DeJoy’s House investigation. Dejoy will not put any postal sorting machines back, in fact brand new ones continue to be thrown out. Trump has no problems eliminating any support for Social Security. Susan Collins has problems eliminating Donald Trump from her background.

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Before we can make it to the finale of Presidential Apprentice we will first need to survive this week’s denouement, although we’ll be seeing many of our contestants, probably for the last time, hopefully. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin host Day One of the last days.

Just in time for the show, Donald Trump debuted another breakthrough COVID-19 cure, which is neither a breakthrough or a cure, or even a debut, but Trump made sure we will never sure how it works or even how to ever make it work, and that’s ok by him. You see, 57% of Republicans see the 176,000+ coronavirus deaths as acceptable… and seeing that they are dividing the total number of deaths by “3/5ths”, that kind of makes sense.

Sturgis motorcycle rally COVID-19 cases in South Dakota have spread to North Dakota, somehow.

The convention speeches probably won’t mention the Postal Service hearings happening now, although that will probably be what their audience is talking about. Chickens and turkeys are having mass die-offs in the mail before we can put them in our mouths, and before anyone gets paid.

Conventioneers might also be talking about Jerry Falwell Jr. Jerry  “admits” that his wife had an affair with the pool boy, or maybe he was “bragging”, or maybe he was just “requesting a refund”. (Similar to how Donald likes to watch Homeland Security take its orders from TV’s Lou Dobbs.)

There is yet another insane police shooting to witness and protest. If they stuck to murdering dogs, there’d be less trouble.

The Democratic National Convention and Joe Biden moved its audience from TV to the internet. It is, after all, not 2016 anymore.

Complicating things, now and forever, will be the Republican lunatic fringe. Except this time, they are the Trump base. Qanon snake oil is replacing essential oils for wellness moms.

Jared Kushner’s grift with the Russians went bad, so now Jared owns it.

How do you get rid of a dictator, by the way?

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Some convention, huh?

Joe Biden gave a speech, which is all he really had to do. Joe however, gave a great speech, as great as anyone could ever want. David Waldman sweeps up the confetti and talks with Ian Reifowitz, author of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump—every copy purchased today contains a free pass into next week’s 2020 Republican National Convention!

Ian and David agree that if Republicans would eliminate the racism and corruption in their party they might be onto something. That doesn’t seem to be the plan any time soon. In fact, they don’t seem to be planning a plan any time soon. If anything, it’s poised to get worse.

Ian is on the reopening planning committee at his kid’s NYC school. Those folks know how to plan, and implement.

Donald Trump says he wants sheriffs and law enforcement and attorneys and everybody and attorney generals to get out the vote… or get the voters out, at least purportedly. (He’ll probably just lob in teargas.) Trump doesn’t need to assign a paramilitary solution to Biden voters if he has Qanon volunteering to do it. Of course, Qanon is a grift. Weak minds are a gold mine.

Which brings us to Steve KG Bannon. Steve was arrested by postal inspectors off the coast of Connecticut in the yacht of a fugitive Chinese billionaire, thus ruining James Bond films for all time. Rounding out the story, there is a “not-so-innocent one-armed man, a mysterious benefactor, a many-tentacled umbrella company… and a bunch more cool cars and boats and stuff.

And deep in the shadows… No wait, right there in the open, is Donald Trump. The moment William Barr hit the klaxon, Trump dove for the escape pod, and attempted to lay down a smoke screen... but will he escape? We’ll find out soon!

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin welcome you to the climatic final day of the 2020 Democratic National Convention, brought to you by Donald Trump. If the world didn’t have so much to fix, the convention wouldn’t have been half as good.

Kamala Harris already changed the world for the better last night. And! Last night, The President of the United States returned to address the nation! Makes one feel good to be an American. Of course, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Some whine for more, while some are out there making it happen.

Bill O’Reilly worries Biden-Harris might turn their back on him. No one has turned their back on O’Reilly in years. We’ll see how the Gop convention turns out for him. (Not brought to you by Goodyear)

Crusted phlegm Steve KG Bannon was arrested and indicted, charged with fraud and money laundering, after illegally shaking down wall-loving rubes. Steve might be wearing his overlapping half dozen popped-collar orange jumpsuits for the next 20 years. Joining him are a rogue’s gallery of villainy, including Kris KobachErik PrinceTom Tancredo, Sheriff David Clarke and former pitcher Curt Schilling, along with anyone else in the swamp that heard “wall” and “money”.  Donald Trump hasn’t heard of any of those guys. 

It has been revealed that the Senate Intelligence Committee made criminal referrals of Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, Erik Prince and Sam Clovis to federal prosecutors in 2019

Trump’s attempt to dodge a subpoena for his tax records was nixed by a federal judge.

The election will not go smoothly, and Trump will cause trouble. How much trouble will we allow him to cause? Louis DeJoy promised a couple things, but isn’t about to repair the damage he already created. Also, he was lying about stopping. Laura Loomer is a loon, but Qanon is nuts, and now they’re coming to DC. What’s the problem with electing representatives of terrorist groups to the other side of the metal detectors? Then there’s Russia. Russiagate was not a hoax. Russia could turn out to be a little too real.

Also, there is a COVID-19 pandemic. People keep tossing it out there, and people keep catching it.

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Another beautiful morning shines over KITM 2020 Democratic Convention World Headquarters. Plenty of calamari left to share from last night, along with David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and a brand new guest! 

Denise Oliver Velez pays close attention to a lot around here, and around the world. She would like everyone to do likewise, especially those in the mainstream media whose job it is to pay attention to the details, like Skee-Wee, and sweeping cultural and political history, such as the importance of African-American fraternities and sororities. For instance The Divine 9, amazingly enough might be confused with gang members if viewed in a misogynoir, or just plain ignorant light. If Denise’s mom were alive she would have voted for Hillary. Denise will be delighted to be voting for Kamala.

Universities worked themselves into an absolutely impossible position where all choices lead to doom, even before COVID-19. Now they will have to take the students with them. One teacher in Georgia can’t fix all that Brian Kemp has done, but she comes close.

If Donald Trump hadn’t come along, this year’s Democratic convention would not have been this great. This is the digital decency convention, a socially distancing big tent with no Colin Powell heckling, no Bill Clinton heckling, no Bernie-Biden or Biden-Bernie heckling! Foam hats and fingers were replaced by 57 backyards and plain speaking.

Of course, there will also be some plain speaking at next week’s Gop conventionLaura Loomer would make a good keynote speaker, or maybe Mr. Pillow, or Miss Moscow. There’s a good 1,000 pages written already, by the Senate Intelligence Committee. There was no collusion, by the way. Putin did what he wanted, Trump let him. Plenty of lying to congress, with some light treason. As far as Trump’s and people like him are concerned, he’s innocent enough, until the handcuffs go on. Even after that, history will eventually smile upon them, like it does Nazis and Confederate soldiers.

The rest of us can vote for Joe Biden. Most Americans are embarrassed by Trump’s response to coronavirus, the USPS… anything. Except for the time when he enabled Biden and Harris’ future protection of immigrants.

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David Waldman is joined by Joan McCarter at KITM 2020 Democratic Convention World Headquarters to assist in blowing up virtual balloons, singing Springsteen and reviewing yesterday’s opening night. Analysts and hecklers were sidelined, and no funny hats, but Michelle Obama spoke directly to me, and so far that makes it the best ever. Tonight: Chuck Schumer! ...Followed by John Kerry! Woohoo! And following them… a minute or so of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. (Probably in conjunction with her AMA on Instagram.)

Donald Trump didn’t like it. No one appreciates that Trump has done so much more for the crummy, horrible, dumb people in the United States. In fact, Donald could talk your ear off about how ungrateful the Blacks and the Jews are these days. Suburban housewives though, they can shut up. He’s brought them a long way, baby. Trump will announce an executive order allowing Rosa Parks to sit anywhere on a bus in 1955. Also, it’s now legal for Susan B. Anthony to vote in 1872.  

Anyhow, Michelle got Trump’s COVID-19 death toll wrong. He’s scored 30,000 more than she said, at least! Meanwhile, 71 of Mississippi's 82 counties are reporting coronavirus outbreaks on their first day of school. The jury’s still out on whether Adrenochrome, harvested from the fear of children, has a beneficial use against COVID-19—“the jury” being bat-shit crazy Qanoners who are now stealing kids to get their own little taste.

Speaking of evil, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy (not to be confused with non-evil short track Hall-of-Famer Don LaJoie) is destroying the Post Office to swing the election, and his stock portfolio. Susan Collins is concerned. Mitch McConnell is not concerned, yet. But Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi are working to coax him out of his shell.

Trump just might pardon Edward Snowden… and there’s a senate report confirming Russia used Paul Manafort and WikiLeaks to sway the 2016 election. Remember emoluments? There are three pending cases on Trump’s violation of the emoluments clause, and it looks as if they will be pending still on election day. Remember Miles Taylor? Donald Trump does not. Katie Walsh led talks to remove Trump from the 2016 ticket. You might remember her as an RNC superstar, and one of the only “pro”s to work at the Trump White House.

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David Waldman and KITM are LIVE TODAY from the virtual floor of the virtual 2020 Democratic National Convention!

The Post Office is deactivating mail sorting machines ahead of the election, along with other changes expressly designed to cripple the mail. But, you mess with the Post Office and you mess with Greg Dworkin, as well as many others because much love is sent through the mail, but also so are a lot of medications. This is exactly the plight rural Americans always find themselves struggling against, as well as small businesses, and the exactly the conditions that drives them to the polls. The entire nation is already feeling the slowdown—even Taylor Swift reached Marvelette-levels of concern over the well-being of the USPS this weekend. Mitch McConnell correctly sensed it was time to duck and cover, but it might be too late as several states are considering legal action, Nancy Pelosi calls the House back for a Postal Service protection bill, and convention speeches get rewritten.

We might even get to see Louis DeJoy tazed by the Sergeant at Arms if we’re lucky. Of course, there is some procedure and protocol to go through first. As always, David counsels an orderly following of norms, but reminds us there is precedent to haul his ass in if required.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but silly as it may seem, everybody expects a tightening of polls, except Greg. Ah, but we are becoming slightly more enthusiastic!  Joe is in a historically strong position. 9 points ain’t bad! It’s not as good as, say, 10 or 12 points, but just wait until you see the convention bounce! The South Carolina Senate moves from “likely” to “lean” Republican, which is completely better than the opposite direction. The Republican’s chief problem is that they weren’t hired to govern, they were hired to stop governance. They can’t be expected to do things. Trump was accidentally elected last time, so the plan is to just repeat that.

Similarly, Trump’s plan to fight coronavirus is to stumble into a “cure”. Until then, more people will die, only a fraction will be counted, and even less will be reported. In Georgia, Brian Kemp wears his ignorance like most people should wear a mask.

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David Waldman doesn’t just “talk” today, he chats! And, there’s a lot to chat about:

You could leaf through your dog-eared copy of Obama's America: A Transformative Vision of Our National Identity this weekend, but why not give The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump  a shot? That’s KITM’s New Friday regular Ian Reifowitz's latest tome. Ian’s here to explain how Jared Kushner rode Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s pocket to diplomatic victory yesterday, and why Benjamin Netanyahu just dropped his annexation dream for a reelection photo-op… and the rebirth of enduring Middle East peace.

So, Donald Trump has a success story about 4 years in, and a few months away from reelection. But, he isn’t tired of winning yet. Donald is delighted to take part in the destruction of democracy and the post office. Any and all consequences are “unintended” by Trump, so any path to destruction is ok with him as long as there’s fool coverage

For Donald Trump, any feces is fine feces to throw. A Kamala Harris birther conspiracy would be pretty much expected from his campaign, but particularly chafed Armando’s chaps, spurring him to call in today. Armando sees citizenship questions not so much as an attack on Harris, but a strategy to eventually take the rights from millions.

The GAO determined that Chad Wolf was not lawfully named the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, and that Ken Cucinelli wasn't lawfully appointed even to his proper position at DHS, thus cementing their careers for the duration of the Trump administration.

The White House noticed that Georgia is in danger of being wiped out by COVID-19, but are confident that Gov. Brian Kemp is Trump enough to take it all the way.

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Welcome to the 9th anniversary of Kagro in the Morning! This is my 5th one!

David Waldman notices schools reopening, then to be forced to close because of the obviously ongoing coronavirus pandemic, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, and again. Maybe it can work like snow closings, where schools won’t close until a certain number of children freeze to death? Ron DeSantis wants children to keep fighting until he can drop their bodies off of an aircraft carrier

Donald Trump had yet another pandemic briefing, in which he said the same things again, again, again, again, again, again, etc., adding a little extra racism and misogyny with each performance. Trump won’t be hosting this year’s G-7 summit, news that actually gets better with repetition.

China flew some chicken in from Brazil, and boy, are its wings sick. It looks as if Russia will beat its October deadline on shipping a vaccine over to us.

Public health officials discover that the more people they save, the more physical danger they find themselves in, due to the spreading lunatic plague. Qanon is mental gonorrhea for Republicans, which seems to be as recurring a condition as the common kind for them. In fact, they kind of seem to like to get it on them lately. 

NC billionaire Greg Lindberg seems to have reached the threshold for brazenousness required to capture the attention of federal prosecutors. One incredibly simple question if Biden is elected: whether to prosecute Trump. Trump plans to shut down democracy, and the Post Office. Soon, it will be up to the Army.

Greg Dworkin suggests a landslide victory over a civil war. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ready to deliver one. On the other hand, Trump figures that if he insults Kamala harshly enough, women will flock to him. Or if coronavirus cancels enough sports, men will admire him. Voters will love a father figure, just like him.

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The wait is over! We were all on tenterhooks for a bit, with all of the intense speculation, second-guessing, rumors swirling… But, Joan McCarter did return! Turns out she was just on vacation. Whew! Joan called in to report that California Sen. Kamala Harris will be running for Vice President on the Democratic ticket, and that she is a very good, and popular choice and certain to work well for Joe Biden. Grassroot money already approves of Kamala. (Please remember to pay in Alpha Kappa Alpha denominations)

Greg Dworkin concurs with the enthusiasm, telling us that the big papers are running “the safe choice” essays, while conservative pundits are pointing out how Kamala is a Wall Street connected commie soft on crime narc, who isn’t quite black or female enough to qualify as “a woman of color”... and where’s her birth certificate? Donald Trump sums it all up as… oh wait, that’s a parody essay. What Trump really said was… uhm. Suburban housewives, who Donald pictures looking like Ivanka in gingham aprons, are now Trump’s last hope.

Ilhan Omar has won her Democratic primary election. So did Bircher Qanon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene. And, no, that does not “balance it out”. However, now Trump can eliminate ALL of his intelligence briefings.

Joe Biden leads Trump by about 10 points, since about forever. Which, seems to be a good thing, on the face of it... But, what about those who don’t like that answer, or would really rather have Trump leading, or those who just hated being yelled at by everybody in 2016 and wanted to hedge their bet? Pretty much the same answer. Political consultants know, but aren’t in the job of telling you the answer.

David Waldman also knew Kamala Harris would be the pick, but chose not to steal anyone’s thunder by making an early announcement. Republicans know they could never compete statewide in Washington DC or Puerto Rico, but no one has the heart to make them say why that’s the case. Perhaps we can save the Post Office by not sending things. Trump sues to prevent dropboxes.

More than 200 students went into coronavirus quarantine near Muncie Indiana this week. School boards just want an agreed upon death count to establish proper education. That, and staff and cash. Without cash, pretty much everything will end soon. (The UK economy suffered its biggest slump on record between April and June.) 

Trump’s executive memos did nothing, except waste time that wasn’t available. The next step towards stimulating the economycutting off unemployment, then cutting off the food.

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How can you top yesterday’s KITM, with both Armando and Greg Dworkin as guests? Well, you can’t. However, it is always possible that David Waldman did! Hit the link above, and see if he pulled it off.

Winter is coming, and windows will begin to close, including America’s window of opportunity to beat back Covid-19... and, those windows on those schools we’re now herding our children into. 800 more students went into quarantine in Georgia. Guam’s governor tested positive for coronavirus. Most Americans won’t be able to get a coronavirus vaccine until well into 2021. Vladimir Putin claims that Russia has the world’s first approved COVID-19 vaccine, although it will need to be administered by a needle hidden in the tip of a nurse’s shoe.

Yesterday, some reporter made the mistake of asking Donald Trump a question. Mockery thus ensued, justifications were rationalized, and in the morning the cycle begins again. Each day, White House staff build Potemkin villages around Donald Trump. Governor Kristi Noem even created a Spinal Tap-scaled Mount Rushmore for her village! American contractors knew 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were stored in a Beirut warehouse, and many people know how that can turn out, and yet Trump said it was “a bomb”… and then drug some of our great generals into it. Defense Secretary Mark Esper didn’t realize he was on the wrong side of the Potemkin walls until it was pointed out to him.

Is TikTok’s… time running out? Well, Donald Trump says he thinks that app’s hot, and when Donald likes what he sees, that’s never a good sign. Trump wants some “key money”, or he will simply just destroy the company. Meanwhile, as per usual mob protocol, Trump’s lawyers will be challenging any subpoenas coming their way.

The stock market doesn't reflect Americans' pain. It certainly does not reflect Ivanka Trump’s pain, who made about 4 million in one year from the Trump DC hotel, and still felt the need to request severance pay.

Mandamus: It’s not just a river in New Zealand. It’s also a deeply concerning and misguided D.C. Circuit ruling in the Michael Flynn Case.

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Back from the weekend, David Waldman begins the week, right after the weekend as anticipated:

9 people tested positive for coronavirus at that Georgia school with that crowded photo. More than 250 students and teachers in that school district have been quarantined. Nearly 100,000 children tested positive in the last two weeks of July. Well, all of those COVID-19 cases have certainly put an end to that debate… didn’t they? No, Donald Trump has killed thousands, so why stop now?

Trump wanted a little taste of TikTok... or let’s say maybe TikTok wouldn’t do so well. Ivanka and Jared did very well last year.

Back from about a week of tropical storm degraded internet, Greg Dworkin is here to report that Joe Biden is still doing very well in his election bid. He’s beating Hillary Clinton. Heck, he could even beat Donald Trump, if given half a chance. Biden will probably capture the Democratic nomination and might announce a vice presidential running mate even before that.

It turns out the method of infiltrating an organization and making it dysfunctional is quite similar to the method of advancing to a senior position in politics.

Do you know that it’s Donald Trump’s dream to have his face on Mount Rushmore? Team Trump hoped South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem could make Donald’s dream come true. Eager to please, Kristi delivered to Donald exactly what he deserved.

The image of Donald Trump at Bedminster, sharpieing things in front of cocktail swilling millionaires also won’t be engraved on the back of a dollar bill soon.  Most of the things he sharpied weren’t what people thought they were. They weren’t what his staff thought they were. They aren’t going to do what Trump says they’ll do. Trump in fact changed what he said moments later. He’ll change what he said he said, moments from now. Whatever it is, Larry Kudlow will double it. Chuck Schumer doubts if it’s legal, but even if so, that wasn’t Trump’s intention. Nancy Pelosi wants no part of it, and just wants to get back to work. And, back from months of self-exile, Armando explains Trump’s latest executive actions and exactly how inadequate, unworkable and unlawful they really are.

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Good news—Ian Reifowitz, the author of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump (Buy a second copy, for the beach!), a regular on Daily Kos, will now be a Friday regular on KITM

Ian brings his historical and thematic analysis expertise to David Waldman’s virtual conference table to review Barack Obama’s July 30th eulogy of John Lewis. Obama framed John Lewis’ legacy as a bridge to the past, present and future of the Democratic party, America, and humanity, while giving Joe Biden a boost, and purpose.

Before taking off work on Thursday on route to the golf course, or church, whichever comes first, Donald Trump was forced to come to God’s rescue yet again because Joe Biden was making him cry. Mike DeWine presented his “get out of a photo op” doctor’s note and slipped out the back way. DeWine can use the same note to get out of his next Trump picture too. Dr. Amy “Action!” Acton is smart enough to know how to get to Sesame Street, and better yet, smart enough to get the hell out of the DeWine administration.

Two teenagers were suspended for posting a picture of their school hall stuffed with students, who if they wanted privacy should have worn a mask. This weekend, 250,000 Bikers will join together in individuality to rebel against their safety and yours. 

The Navy SEAL Museum can’t use blackface on their K9 victims anymore, but they made do.

The New York attorney general is actually suing the N.R.A. and is seeking its closure. The amount of corruption that requires is more than any individual Republican could ever muster, so Wayne LaPierre needed to recruit every friend and family member he could find to pull it off.

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Welcome! Congratulations on completing your quest to locate this page! David Waldman awaits at the end of our maze to bestow Thursday’s KITM upon weary adventurers.

Donald Trump does not know much and could not care less. Why should he? What has either attribute ever done for him? Trump knows it isn’t really worth using correct statistics, correctly. For his audience, why bother? (People who need to pay attention are less impressed.)

Yet, stupidly lying remains easy and profitable for Trump. Of course, Twitter locked the Trump campaign’s account for saying stupid lies, but it also locked the accounts of people pointing out that they were stupid lies. So, in the end does the United States deserve this Trump pandemic? Infectious people continue to head to restaurants, and soon they will send their infectious kids to school...

Is there enough Elizabeth Warren in Dems to fix the mess we’re in? Maybe with enough Kamala Harris we’ll save this place yet.

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David Waldman presents another episode of KITM, a program so dependable and beneficial, you’d think you’d have to pay for it.

Tropical Storm Isaias swept through Connecticut, knocking out the power to more than 700,000, but not for our ever-prescient Greg Dworkin, who just last month thought to install a household generator. Alas, Greg must still need to climb the pole outside to make his Skype calls, because that just wasn’t going to happen today.

You can bet Greg would have wanted to talk about the electoral/primary news coming out of MissouriArizonaKansasMichigan, and Washington. MO Republicans attempted to block health coverage for hundreds of thousands, but voters wouldn’t let them. 20 year congressman Lacy Clay was primaried out by BLM rebel Cori Bush. Rashida Tlaib kept her primary challenger at bay.

In Beirut, Lebanon, a series of fires and explosions were soon followed by a really massive explosion. Donald Trump operates under the assumption that he’s President of the United states, but in reality couldn’t be more stupid if there were two of him, so he thought he’d sound “on top of things” if he stated it was “a bomb”. That would be a abhorrently inappropriate statement to make, had Donald Trump actually been president.  Others in Washington are just beginning to contemplate the devastation

Then there’s the COVID-19 pandemic, or if you pick door #2, the upcoming seasonal “polio-like condition”. Italy and Sweden both have learned the hard way, but at least they learned. Of course, Sweden chose their hard way on purpose.

Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee for the Democratic National Convention. The RNC will be lucky if Trump doesn’t make his as a White House toilet-selfie.

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David Waldman makes “it” at least 110% of what “it is” today:

Donald Trump took another interview again. Again, Trump made the mistake, the mistake he invariably makes in all interviews, of “replying”, which never does him any favors.

Worse yet, Axios’ interviewer Jonathan Swan, never swayed by pity nor glee, kept offering Trump opportunities to reply, and his each reply was a perfect layup on the wrong side of the court. Swan wanted to discuss the proportion of COVID-19 deaths to the US population, but Trump could only talk of it compared to cases, which is like Swan asking to consider how many of Titanic’s passengers have died, but Trump only wanting to talk about the survival rate of lifeboat occupants.

Trump believes that John Lewis could have been a bit more like Herman Cain.

The Donald Trump Tremendous Health Care Plan, due yesterday, is due in a few weeks, maybe the end of the month, hopefully prior to the end of the month, or next. Indiana State suspends football practice for 14 days, because two weeks fixes everything.

Seth Abramson believes someone is misusing the good name of Uncle Blazer… or misusing the other good name of Uncle Blazer, to create a dangerous anonymous disinformation feed.

Kanye West is sullying his good name consorting with Republicans.

Qanon needs Trump, Trump needs Qanon, no one needs either of them. Even Michael Flynn is finding little benefit from his association.

The DHS sees journalists as terrorists when their bombshells target them.

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David Waldman might have thought those long nights talking, drinking beers out back on the White House porch swing  might have been long forgotten, but as it turns out, Barack Obama did remember, and took steps to make certain that Joe Biden will also remember to turn off that Jim Crow relic filibuster the moment he turns on the lights in the Oval Office. Actually, the filibuster as it exists today has been David’s bête noire for a bit, so today’s KITM will take an historical perspective on this fight.

We still suffer from a pandemic. Greg Dworkin describes how schools can’t be opened safely now. The push for opening schools is guaranteed to fail. Opening safely is in fact a fantasy. (Michael Rapaport explains.) Of course, fantasy is all that Republicans have anymore... Dems panic! Joe Biden is too slow and too hasty in picking a VP! Joe will melt down in a debate! Ah, we will miss all those Republicans after we vote them out.

But what if Donald Trump’s plan to terrorize urban voting centers in swing states isn’t quite enough to capture the vote, and yet he refuses to leave? David outlines several official procedures of orderly succession for Trump to poop on! Seriously, what incentive would Trump have to follow any rules by that point? Perhaps, if Donald can kill voting by mail, less voters will have to die. Louis DeJoy, a top Trump fundraiser and Republican operative, pretends to be Postmaster General but can’t hold a candle to Wilford Brimley, who will be missed.

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