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Centuries from now, historians and scholars around the world will look back on this precise point in history and say, “Christ, what an asshole.” 

Unfortunately, we live in the present. Fortunately, we can share this moment with this David Waldman and Greg Dworkin. This week, some journalists will attempt to both-sides, and pundits will attempt to grade on a curve, but the reality is Trump was losing going into the debate, and losing worse coming out of it, and the people that matter understand this. But, how much do “undecided” voters matter? Forced by facts further into denial, shy Trump voters become shier. Racists, on the other hand, locked, loaded… and are standing by.

After all that, there’s still a pandemic going on. Virginia’s Ralph and Pamela Northam already lost the debate. Missouri Governor Mike Parson and his wife, Teresa did too, but but had hoped to sneak behind the virus’ back over to their annual fall festival. The Department of Health and Human Services will spend more than $300 million to Bagdad Bob us out of COVID-19 — Starring Dennis Quaid!

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are up to their old hijinx — witness harassment, criminal contempt, and obstruction of justice. Will the FBI ever catch them boys?

Meanwhile, nonpartisan campaign finance watchdog group notes that wife-beating Brad Parscale helped the Trump campaign launder $170 million dollars, keeping, say, "x" dollars to himself. Brad also picked up some $40 million from reelection committees, and might not have put much down.

A grand juror says the Kentucky Attorney General should disclose Breonna Taylor’s grand jury records.

We have already discussed the sororal commitment and heritage of Alpha Kappa Alpha, David now tells about the fraternal ties of Alpha Phi Alpha.

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David Waldman returns, atoned, rested, and ready for a live KITM.

Are we underestimating Donald Trump going into the debate? Trump has underperformed to everyone’s estimation his entire life, however Donald also has a lifetime of experience covering up his shortcomings. Today is probably Trump’s last chance, and deep beneath those shark eyes, he knows it. Not that Trump plans to start putting effort into achieving things. It’s just that the money from his Mark Burnett hustle is long gone, and most of Vlad’s checks are still in the mail. Times are tough.

Then there’s the tens of thousands of Americans Trump killed. Face masks might be helping people reach Covid-19 immunity. Meanwhile, new Coronavirus strains are eliminating the advantage of wearing masks. If only so many people would quit incubating it! Instead the Gop fights to eliminate the ACA.

Trump rescues the firms being sued for opioid pushing, by feeding them COVID-19 contracts.

Wilbur Ross stops the Census — better luck next decade!

Joan McCarter calls in to request that Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s seat, and the Supreme Court be saved from Trump, but he pretty much already captured that goal, and is now heading toward having his new Trump Supreme Court install him after the election. Democrats batten down their hatches and aim for safe harbor. Oh, and they still need to save the economy with a COVID-19 stimulus bill.

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Today, David Waldman has been strongly self-reflecting on a huge, beautiful fast. Can you imagine what even one day of self-examination and atonement would do for Donald Trump?

Donald Trump pays attention like he pays taxes. Whether it’s a shortage of dollars or sense, all of Trump’s life has been an effort to hide that paucity.

Democrats hit the ground crawling in their efforts to decelerate Mitch McConnell’s Supreme Court confirmation process, perhaps not to halt it, but at least to slow it down long enough for examination.

Everybody long expected to see a SWAT team tackle Brad Parscale shirtless and drunk in his driveway, but the hope always was that it would be something cheerful, and RICO oriented, not sad and involving spousal abuse. Everyone knew Michael Caputo had some problems, but now it turns out that he had even more.

Some people are lured into the abyss. Some leap in on their own. The rest of us have already fallen, but haven’t yet realized it.

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A well-informed electorate is a prerequisite for Democracy. David Waldman welcomes us advanced students to today’s KITM.

The only thing keeping Rush Limbaugh going nowadays is his knowledge that The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump hasn’t yet sold out. Its author, Ian Reifowitz, gives us a lift in the KITM company DeLorean, back hundreds of years into to the time of Adams and Jefferson, and then back to the future with a stop at FDR to witness the many instances in which the number of Supreme Court judges have been changed, only merely to achieve “a political goal” — but sometimes to restore the country to a more just timeline.

While we’re at it, let’s wipe out Republican gerrymandering and demolish their farm system which yielded today’s far-right Senate. How? Well, you know, by giving money to the good guys to win the election. Trump might lose the election because there might be more good people around since 2016. How many good people does it take to win an election? Let’s find out.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has months to work his phony voter fraud angle, invent Obamacare and pass out gift cards.

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David Waldman gives it all he’s got for today’s KITM. After that, we’re on our own. (Until Friday’s show.)

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced... what he has announced since the beginning of his term, that he wasn’t interested in being president, that he was taking over. That can’t be a surprise to anyone at this point, with the exception of the New York Times, and even they read the papers sometimes.

Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, and Mitt Romney assure us that everything’s A-OK, and as always, are not to be trusted. Lindsey Graham is fine with any decision, once he knows the fix is in.

Still, the polls are as rock steady as always… and yet increasingly better. Greg Dworkin leads us through the paradox of polling undecideds — how would anyone know if they don’t? It also helps pollsters to know what to ask. Unfortunately for Trump, red states like Georgia, Iowa and Texas still have women voting. Girl Scouts found a way to lure people to the polls. On the other hand, maybe strippers could convince even more voters to get out to the poles. Trump might be just giving up in some states. Donald should give up on any memorials, of any kind — not even his face on a gift card.

Eric Trump’s going to jail, but first he’s going to court.

Will Qanons be just more Birchers in the Freedom caucus? The Durham report hopes to link Adrenochrome to Deepwater Horizon.

Michael Bloomberg is making it tough for Florida to keep their voter suppression stories straight

Your Lana Marks handbag isn’t set to be a collector’s item anymore.

Asymptomatic Covid-19 carrier/Missouri Governor Mike Parson makes his wife sick.

No one wants Benjamin Netanyahu to crash at their place. He brings his laundry and the futon smells for weeks.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin pack our lunch bag-arsenal and send us on our way:

Food fight! Donald Trump killed a tremendous number of people at last night’s canned food drive. Make lunch not war, people!  Although if it isn’t fried, Donald probably hasn’t tried it.

Ted Cruz, still smarting from being passed over for the SCOTUS nomination, blocked a resolution honoring RGB.

The closer Republicans get to losing power, the more unabashedly they abuse power. They and their supporters are going to lose a lot, so they don’t mind destroying it all. It is up to Democrats to rebuild everything. The Gop wasn’t doing much with America anyhow, other than riding it into the ground. That, and placing a reactionary judicial system that will be in place until we’re all dead

Going into the debates Donald Trump dug a deep trap for Joe Biden. Too bad he forgot to pack a ladder to get out.

Win or lose, Donald Trump will never concede the election. He sure won’t let people voting make him leave. Still, there’s no reason to make it easier for him by screwing up your ballot... although those rules might be changed after you voted. Dubai introduces “the Catch 22” of vote invalidation, as by incredible coincidence, just last week a French-Canadian woman, angered at the lack of “Made in USA” products, somehow located ricin and sent it to a White House mail room.

The Gop could be looking into that conspiracy, but instead Senator Ron Johnson spent months sweeping up the same old news on Hunter Biden, which will get repackaged, lit on fire and placed on our doorstep by William Barr and John Durham in a couple of weeks. A nationwide “QAnon strategy” is being employed by Republicans in ads already.

Killing 200,000 people has not built trust in Donald Trump’s future handling of the Covid pandemic. Colleges and universities knew the risks, and still did the wrong thing. It was predictable that money to buy masks and ventilators wouldn’t get there, that’s why Katie Porter predicted it.

Chad Wolf’s wife knew a guy, and picked up $6 million in DHS contracts the year he joined the agency.

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Summer ends, and not a minute too soon. Here’s hoping our fall turns out to be less “2020” than the rest of the year.

David Waldman and Joan McCarter are here to catch us:

Donald Trump and William Barr want to gentrify anarchist Jurisdictions in Portland, NYC and Seattle into something a bit more autocratic. Barr redacted away Trump’s impeachment conviction. Mueller’s team could have done more, but that would have just made Trump mad.

A PR official at the National Institutes of Health was secretly a member of the deep RedState.

The mad doctor collecting uteri at an ICE facility in Georgia should be the one in a cage, but instead is accepting new patients.

Covid-19 relief might happen, someday. But now Republicans have a real priority, though it’s not America, which can shut down next week. Donald Trump wants his RBG now.

Senator Lisa Murkowski believes fair to be fair, and for Republicans that’s heresy. Susan Collins is troubled and concerned, and testy that just isn’t enough anymore. Lindsey Graham was so furious after winning the previous SCOTUS installment, He decided that he would destroy his reputation and career to win one again. Finally, Mitt Romney thrust his conscientious, upright finger back into the breeze and detected a whole new precedent. So now Republicans now know their vote days before they know who they are voting on. The only one steadfast to principles would be Amy Coney Barrett, although interested in being a Supreme Court Justice, law really isn’t her thing. That’s more for the head of her household to worry about.

This is all causing a tsunami of a blue wave, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Want to get in on backing Daily Kos-endorsed Democrats? Follow this link to a convenient donation page containing all of the endorsed candidates, designed for easy donation that can be split any way you choose! And — if you want to donate to win back the Senate follow this link!

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg is gone, and will receive honors Donald Trump never should. “May her memory be a blessing,” as we are reminded to say. No time to grieve or reflect, as jackals had already began to descend within hours. Republicans smell blood, and some are hungry for more. Nancy Pelosi vows to use “every arrow” in the house’s quiver to stop them. But what can she, or anyone do? Lindsey Graham and the Gop don’t mind when you use their words against them, they know they’ve always been worthless. Trump will be even more Trump until one day, it’s like a miracle...

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin discuss what really can be done, now and wtshtf, norms and procedure-wise.

Joe Biden might be exactly the person this moment needed to keep RBG from becoming the Franz Ferdinand of American politics. Democrats are viewed as the party better able to handle the top problem... whatever the problem is. Trump is even losing ground with white voters. Biden has taken a huge cash lead over Trump while outspending him 2 to 1. Small-dollar donors have now given $100 million on ActBlue since 8 p.m. ET Friday.

Max Kennedy, Jr. went from Hyannis Port to Harvard, to Jared Kushner’s Covid-19 team, and is now a whistle-blower. Coronavirus keeps infecting congresspeople.

The Mueller Probe made mistakes... enough to fill a book, enough to fill a prison.

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It’s finally Friday! That’s the day when Ian Reifowitz joins David Waldman for the first half of KITM! Buy Ian’s latest book, “How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump”. Ian has never allowed his work to be censored or expurgated, so you can rest assured that all of Ian’s cusses have been left verbatim.

Donald Trump is racist to his core. Trump’s insults are racist, his compliments are racist, and Ian is tired of having his patriotism disparaged along with his heritage.

Joe Biden showed Trump how town halls are done last night. Bill O’Reilly attributes Biden’s success to Joe’s photographic memory. In fact, many Republicans believe Democrats have been rigging the system for years by running smart people for office.

Olivia Troye, former homeland security adviser and lead staffer on the White House's coronavirus task force, realized she couldn’t dig the US out as fast as Donald Trump could bury it, so now she’s endorsing Joe Biden. Betsy Devos’s former chief of staff has joined a group of anti-Trump Republicans as an adviser.

At least 15 Trump officials do not hold their positions lawfully, like that matters. Jared Kushner is as sociopathic as any Trump, taking control of the US coronavirus response to make certain there wasn’t any US coronavirus response. Everyone from foreign governments to federal contractors are directed to line Trump pocketssometimes without even knowing it. A payroll company owned by Rudy Giuliani got a couple hundred thousand in taxpayer-backed emergency small business loans without bother to have any employees.

The top 1% of Americans have taken $50 trillion from the bottom 90%. Jeff Bezos could give each of his employees around $100 thousand from the extra profit he made since the pandemic.

Russian asset Dana Rohrabacher offered Julian Assange a pardon if he covered up Russian links to hacking emails from the Democratic National Committee.

Got some extra time this weekend? Explore some limitations to the the International Criminal Court’s ability to charge the Trump administration in contempt via Article 70 of the Rome Statute.

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David Waldman presents a brand-new, Thursday KITM. News, entertainment, with just a little added touch of sedition:

Gregory Glauber Dworkin has the latest polls, which look like previous polls, but moreso. For Donald Trump, the same point gap becomes a bigger hurdle with each passing day.

Whites might crack, but at least their vote is more elastic. Nobody’s falling for the “Tough on Crime” message being delivered by criminals. Does Joe Biden have a Latino problem or a Latino Q problem?

The more it looks like Donald Trump might be leaving, the more it looks like he might be staying. The election will be contested. Is the FEC, 50 state election security offices, the DHS Election Security division, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, the FBI Foreign Influence Task Force and Dan Coats enough? Probably not. David looks into the procedures in place that will be thrown out the White House window with the couches and drapes on November 4.

No one will help Ron Johnson deliver his phoney baloney October Surprise. Mitt Romney did for a while, but after recently putting his morally upright finger in the air, he determined the breeze had shifted. Bill Barr has been working to take up the slack, and hates it when the hired help aren’t fascistic patriots like him. Barr understands the pain that Arby’s managers and slaves have felt.

Chief of staff Mark Meadows says CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield couldn’t know about a vaccine, because it’s a surprise. Donald Trump has contacted the military to distribute it with M-16s and hypodermic darts.

Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by a former model. Yep, another one.

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If David Waldman and Greg Dworkin didn’t tell you it this morning, you didn’t need to hear it:

First, Joe Biden is still leading. Always good to keep that in mind during these chaotic times. There’s Florida, Florida, Florida, but Joe’s still got this, probably.

Have you herd? Several decades late, and Donald Trump is worrying what waitstaff might be adding to his food. Donald showed what he was made of, two weeks before the debate, in a town hall meeting on ABC. No one said there would be questions! Joe Biden will do a town hall tomorrow, in case anyone needs to compare and contrast

Trump has already lost the debate on handling the pandemic, in the past or in the future. It’s not the vaccine that’s scary, it’s that the pusher lies and doesn’t care what happens to us. He’s lost the economy, although he doesn’t know that yet. That leaves foreign policy. There is peace between Israel and Canada now… and Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, so what more do you want? Of course, if they come to the table wearing face masks the whole deal’s offAnd Footballs back, so that fixes everything.

Jason Miller might need to go somewhere else for his child support payments. Miller makes $20,000 a month doing something with Steve Bannon, and another $35,000 a month doing this and that, here and there. Save up. Making license plates will pay less. It turns out that Steven KG Bannon produces bogus anti-China Covid studies. Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman shouldn’t even be eligible for parole, and yet here they are, out there impersonating the FBI, running troll farms, etc.

Michael Caputo accused scientists of sedition, called for civil war, apologized to his staff, and will go rest now.

Anyone want to help Mike Pompeo’s wife fill out Christmas cards? She might need more volunteers this year.

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David Waldman, in depth, in context, and in your ears with a tap of a button:

Democratic insiders are assembling a “war room” to take out the 60 vote rule on the Senate filibuster. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, next in line to lead the Judiciary Committee, says “whaa… huh?” That’s certainly not the way she remembers… what were we talking about again? David does remember it differently... in that he does remember it. You got to hope someone on the inside might think to listen outside for advisement for this.

Smart rich person Bill Gates warned people about pandemics for years, and is pretty bummed that idiots are running things right now. Scientific American makes its first presidential endorsement in 175 years. Donald Trump doesn’t think those eggheads are that smart anyhow. If things were so hard to figure out, would he have put his moron son-in-law in charge of all of them?

Sure, the US might be aiding in Saudi war crimes. Think of how many atrocities we could commit if we let Donald just be Donald. Michael Caputo is locked, loaded, and insane. Chad Wolf isn’t secretary, or even acting secretary of Homeland Security, and that name can’t be real either.

No one unites the twin scourges of police brutality and pandemic disease spread quite like ICE detention facilities, and yet now they have managed to cross into Filipino horror movie status, by executing mass hysterectomies on prisoners.

Joan McCarter reports that not much is happening in DC… and that’s the problem. It's been 120 days since the House passed the HEROES Act, and it's under 20 days until the government runs out of funding, but Mitch McConnell’s out of here in a month or two, so what does he care? While Mitch plays the press and runs out the clock, Nancy Pelosi digs in, and figures out how to save the country.

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O say can you see?

David Waldman doesn’t come to this with an agenda. Why, KITM barely has an itinerary!

Hey, remember Lana Marks? We were just talking about the bronze medalist, handbag designing Bermuda refugee, Mar-a-Lago founding actress, slash American ambassador to South Africa, now target of Iranian assassins… What’s she been up to lately?

Greg Dworkin’s got the polls! Those polls are pretty nice. Joe Biden is likely to beat Donald Trump... but no promises! Is the race tightening, non-tightening, loosening, non-loosening? It’s not, really. It’s steady.  Polls would have to actually change for Donald Trump to win, and the longer they stay steady, the more radical that change would need to be. Right now, Fivey Fox sez he wouldn’t be surprised if Joe won. In fact, every minute brings us closer to Nate Silver being 100% correct

White women, old folks, and military families are inching away from Trump. Republicans are inching away from being Republican. The lunatics at the core are tough nuts to crack. Trump has pretty much given up talking to regular people, as even he knows crazy people will be his only chance as long as there are any left by November.

Meanwhile, the White House hurries to to get the fix in. An elected prosecutor on Trump’s commission on law enforcement has resigned, along with a prosecutor on the Durham investigation. A court-appointed adviser to the Judge in Michael Flynn’s case sees only corruption motivating the move to drop the case. Trump had people altering CDC reports to match his statements. It will take years to figure out all the ways Donald Trump screwed us.

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It’s Friday, and David Waldman wasn’t available to “do it live”, but that didn’t keep him from still delivering the expected quality of KITM to our ears, while also exceeding expectations with his roster of guests.

Ian Reifowitz, author of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump (purchase a dozen or more copies, which when arranged into a “cornucopia” will produce an attractive autumn centerpiece), calls in to chat on how how Donald Trump will kill us all, with the help of right-wing white supremacist terrorists. Tom Friedman asserts that if Joe Biden can turn enough cheeks, wade into enough hecklers, and absorb enough Trump humiliation, he’d earn the respect of Applebee’s diners across the nation. Well, maybe not, but perhaps if we came together to reject racism, we could eliminate it as a weapon of the rich. Even some Republicans are tired of being humiliated.

Darwin H.M.@Darwin_Darko to many, updates us on the legal battle for transgender service in the military. Trump and Mike Pence banned transgender individuals from service, like they tried to get rid of Stars and Stripes magazine, and you know how that went for them, and there is hope for a similar retreat from the ban.

The Trump campaign lost a billion bucks it really didn’t deserve anyhow, while Joe Biden was out there virtually picking up some actual cash. The rich aren’t exactly like you and me, but no one turns down a free trip to Europe. One guy’s choice of favorite musical got him picked for an ambassadorship, although it didn’t work out because someone with even bluer blood (and Hollywood connections) was in contention.

Susan Page, future moderator of the upcoming vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, spent about 3 grand of her own money to throw a “girls night” party for Seema Verma, who spent more than $3.5 million of your money on Gop consultants.

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The only panic Donald Trump wanted quelled was his own, when he couldn’t find the courage to tell America of the danger he knew was bearing down them. Donald Trump knew, before a single American died.

Oh well. 

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin find a way through accumulated detritus of rage and grief to talk us through 2 hours.

Why didn’t Bob Woodward tell us? Did it take this long for Bob to realize Trump was that much of a bastard? Donald Trump complained that his generals cared more about our allies than his trade deals. He said “fuck Nelson Mandela”... and all ungrateful Black people, for that matter. He wouldn’t mind killing everyone in South Korea, and he almost killed everyone in North Korea. Sooner or later, Donald Trump will kill us all.

As a matter of fact, there were plenty of people who could have told us about this earlier, but… the money is really good, even when one has a lot of money already. David wanders down the KITM rabbit hole following U.S. ambassador/sycophant Lana Marks, and the equally suspect U.S. ambassador/Mar-a-Lago founder, Robin Bernstein

The former chief of intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security says Chad Wolf, Ken Cuccinelli and others made the news out of the DHS a lot more Russian and white-friendly. Russians have been caught hacking the Biden campaign.

Public trust in all health officials might be fading, but no one will ever trust a Trump vaccine.

The Republican party isn’t worth saving. Few Republicans are at this point. These revelations could still move a few however, and any convert is good... Maybe even evangelicals are finally seeing the light? There might be sociopathic trolling Trump voters, but there are no shy Trump voters.

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Did we just make it to Wednesday,...or did Wednesday make it to us? Aren’t we only “The Hump” after all? David Waldman answers… well maybe not those questions, but many others:

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. Some say election laws will not suffice. But, if we’d just follow “norms”… oh we’re f’cked. If the Founding Fathers didn’t want a president to rape and pillage they could have said so.
Greg Dworkin delivers the anticipated “crap-ton” of of post-Labor Day polls, and as also anticipated, Joe Biden holds his consistent lead, month by month, week by weekday by day, hour by hour... BUT! It’s competitive in Florida! It’s competitive in Minnesota! Ohio! GeorgiaPennsylvania! Trump could ride that Nobel to a Susan Sarandon landslide!

Shouldn’t people requesting mail ballots be considered likely voters?

Can the press tell the difference between what Donald Trump says, and what he “says”? Some think Trump sounds better in the original German, while more sane Trump voters just don’t want to hear him talk anymore. The fall school debacle is just beginning. A pre-election vaccine isn’t coming because drug companies prefer to not kill their customers. Miracles take time.

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Irresponsible partiers ruined it for everyone. David Waldman drew the line, and “Gender Reveal Tuesdays” have been canceled at KITM World Headquarters until further notice. Happy now?

You can bet safety never got in the way of fun at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and their 2020 event appears to be accountable for 250,000 cases of COVID-19 at a public cost of $12 billion, almost 20% of the recent cases.

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan moved to 2021, but that doesn’t appear to be far enough. Donald Trump might have gotten us disinvited anyhow.

Donald might have pissed off Sheldon Adelson to the point of losing out on Adelson’s nine-figure checks. This would be kind of bummer for anyone, but the Trump campaign could’ve really used the cash, as it seems to have lost about $800 million between here and the parking lot. Donald Trump might be forced to spend “his own money” now, heh heh… There was a time when Trump’s dollar gap could’ve be filled with rubles, but Vlad owes him a bit less each day.

Maybe Donald could float a loan over at the Post Office. Joan McCarter tells us Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is rolling in it. It’ll be hard spending all that money where he’s going.

Nancy Pelosi and Steven Mnuchin might have a plan to avert yet another government shutdown, if only they can coax Mitch McConnell out of his shell.

Teachers and students need to be focused on staying healthy to continue to learn. Betsy DeVos isn’t particularly interested about any of that.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin report on the Trump White House’ corruption and stupidity, along with maybe a few things you didn’t expect.

Donald Trump golfed this weekend. He was casually misogynist, racist, classist… He lied, cheated, abused trust… He insulted everybody he came across, or went behind, unless he felt like flattering them with transparent insincerity. He routinely broke the law this weekend, and took as much as he could. Everyone knows that’s true, so Donald Trump would of course call veterans “losers and suckers”. Why wouldn’t he

Ignoring safety to own libs sinks Trump boats. It happened before, it will happen again, and again.

6 months ago Kellyanne Conway lied to and intimidated reporters.

52 years ago Richard Nixon ran on Law and Order yet didn’t feel laws applied to him. That strategy might not work this time. This conversation will return to concern about COVID. Joe Biden continues to lead, and will continue to lead. Millions under the age of 25 are registering to keep it that way.

Louis DeJoy tried raising money the old fashioned way… like Spiro Agnew

Friends of Hamas”  was a joke that became a lunatic rumor. This time it’s back, but because it’s the lunatics that want to make it true.

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It’s Friday, and that’s the day David Waldman brings in author and professor Ian Reifowitz (BUY The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump. LABOR DAY SPECIAL: SAME LOW PRICE!)

In Donald Trump’s opinion, Americans that get killed in war are losers, and Americans that get themselves dispatched to wars are suckers. Donald Trump can not resist giving his opinions to everyone, all the time, so you’d have to be willfully ignorant or deluded to not understand how Donald Trump disdains all who aren’t more rich and powerful than he is. 

In Trump’s world, physical labor, hard work, and military service are punishments meted out to those not crafty enough to avoid them. Any service for which more is given than received is inherently senseless to him. Therefore, people who have served their country have a duty to go on the record about this, and more are trying to, before Donald Trump can lie his way out.

Ian has much to say on the subject. Several of his adjectives could be bleeped out by the time they reach your podcast, but you can understand Ian’s imperative. Trump supports hate by ignoring right-wing white supremacist violence. White vigilantes have always had a friend In police, and now they have collaborators. Donald Trump and William Barr step it up by defunding cities and the police.

The best thing to happen to Joe Biden’s candidacy might have been Donald Trump’s impeachment.

A Virginia Police sergeant never liked his Black female boss, and he sure doesn’t trust his city’s Black female prosecutor, especially when it comes to crimes against Confederate heritage.

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We’re set to reach 200,000 COVID-19 deaths by Labor Day, or 9/11… if you are counting excess deaths we passed that a long time ago… or if you are an idiot, we are at 6% of any of that. Any way you count it, we aren’t quite at the end of the world. (That’s months away.)

In the meantime, we have David Waldman and Greg Dworkin to entertain and inform us:

Donald Trump is encouraging North Carolinians to vote early, and late, and often. This will help test the system. (Donald is known to be an ardent system-tester.) You can post Biden-Harris campaign signs in your Animal Crossing front yards! Maybe the Trump campaign can work something out with some different game?

Donald Trump is a loser. Many are afraid to say it, but this is not a close race. Joe Biden leads, like he always has, and that is likely to continue. Moreover, Donald Trump is losing, like he always has, and that is likely to continue. That is why it will be such a bummer when Trump’s still president. Joe Biden will have to win the popular vote by at least 6 points to reduce the chance of hearing Nate Silver’s 2021 “Well actually, I said Donald Trump always had a chance of winning” down to 2%.

Lindsey Graham won’t have the Electoral College to save him.

Instead of eliminating the filibuster, maybe it can be flipped to incentivize not using it?

Still, more Republicans and white people plan to vote Biden, perhaps because they feel there’s more of a chance of still having white people and Republicans if they vote for Joe. Some white people will always want to keep white people in charge, even if there is nothing left. Glen “Wild” Clay Higgins represents those people. Clay is ready to drop Black protesters right where they stand. He compares abortion to the Holocaust, and the Holocaust to… military spending? Facebook believes that Higgins sometimes incites violence.

Witnesses describe the night Kyle Rittenhouse opened fire during protests after the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. Kyle’s lawyer figures that after a mass shooter’s first shot, all the rest is self defense.

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Did you ever consider that Donald Trump might not actually be having a series of “mini-strokes”, but that he’s just saying these things to make it easier for David Waldman to fill 2 hours each morning?

Donald Trump always knew there was something hinky about Ted Cruz. It was the soup, the bags of soup. When a camera shop owner refused to talk to him, Donald got a stand-in. Then there’s “thugs on a plane”. Joe Biden will have difficulty finding time in Kenosha to talk about anything other than what an idiot Trump is. Trump has not yet promoted Novichok to treat COVID-19 symptoms.

Greg Dworkin eagerly counts down the days… minutes… until the really cool post-Labor day polls come out. In the meantime, there are plenty of very good polls, all with Joe Biden in the lead. None are showing a post-convention bounce, because the RNC didn’t tell voters how Trump could ever handle the pandemic, and everyone already knows Trump’s stand on law and order. That leaves the debates, which traditionally matter even less, although who knows, maybe Joe can get Donald to stroke out, or experience a temporary period of symptoms similar to one. (Vlad came up with that gag.)

Elliot Broidy’s roguish good looks got him in trouble again, or maybe it was his endless connections to corruption. Either way, the Feds want a date with him. That will leave Steve Mnuchin as sexiest unindicted movie producer connected to Trump.

Trump lackey Jason Miller was paid $20,000 a month on the side by a nonprofit founded by Steve Bannon. Florida man regrets painting “Trump” in 5 foot letters on the side of his boat, especially when it pushed him to committing a felony. William Barr continues to cover Donald’s tracks, probably for some good reason.

Melania Trump helped siphon off $80 million from the Inaugural Fund. She regularly used a private Trump Organization email account, an email from a domain, iMessage and the encrypted messaging app Signal in the White House. Melania Trump is a Trump after all.

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It’s Tuesday! That means it’s Joan McCarter Day! David Waldman had all the KITM candelabras lit for his acclaimed rendition of Hallelujah, but then our lawyers called...

Sure, you think you’re important, but are you “Left-wing ninjas are coming to YOUR neighborhood to pick on YOU” important? You would think only someone the stature of Rand Paul could ever be that significant and prominent, but in Donald Trump’s America, supersoldiers are booking commercial flights marked “Washington to wherever” in “black uniforms with gear and this and that"... and they’re coming for YOU. Dark shadows have already claimed Joe Biden. Police are powerless.They can’t shoot even one Black guy and call for a mulligan anymore. 

And that is why Trump moved to shut Congress out of intelligence on Russian election interference.

As Donald Trump and Mike Pence told us to get back to work and hope for a miracle, their own coronavirus task force whispered the bad news to the states. The University of Michigan’s board of regents is chaired by Ann Arbor’s largest landlord, who’d be out tens of millions of dollars in rent if students didn’t return, so…

And that is why Dr. Scott Atlas is Donald Trump's new Covid health adviser. Dr Atlas has already fixed all of Florida’s problems, and he will be bringing that same expertise to the rest of our nation. We’re all going to die.

Inherent contempt had accumulated a lot of dust since David last spruced it up, but now the McGahn appeals court panel says the House has no legal ability to enforce subpoenas, so therefore as David and Armando have recommendedCongress must use inherent contempt power to enforce its subpoenas.

Meanwhile, the D.C. Circuit denied Michael Flynn's petition to force the federal judge on his case to grant the DOJ's motion to dismiss the prosecution, in a reversal of the initial three-judge panel ruling in Flynn's favor. A federal appeals panel temporarily blocked a lower court ruling that was to force Trump to comply with the subpoena on his taxes.

Speaking of subpoenas, the House Oversight Committee  is preparing to subpoena Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, and chairman of the USPS board of governors Robert Duncan, for the documents they’re concealing. Robert Duncan is also the director of  Mitch McConnell's $130 million super PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund. He is also a director of American Crossroads Super PAC, which spent $1.9 million backing Trump this cycle.

Melania Trump does. not. care.

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