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Did you think that David Waldman would let you go KITM-free, less than 3 and a half days before this election? Are you kidding? David recorded today’s show before —  and after his operation yesterday! It took three orderlies to pry the microphone out of his hands. 

All this means that Ian Reifowitz can’t make his usual Friday visit. (Don’t let that dissuade your purchase of another copy of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump... Do it.) If Ian was here, do you know what he’d say? He’d say that Donald Trump hasn’t protected pre-existing conditions, and he can’t do it in the future without the Affordable Care Act… not that Trump ever planned to, to begin with.

Personally, I hope Amy McGrath kicks Mitch McConnell into that coal lobbyist position he’s been vying for, for decades. If not, Ian has a plan for Democrats to shove McConnell’s own words on Amy Coney Barrett down his throat. That works too.

Craig McLean was the acting head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, until he wondered out loud if NOAA officials would behave with integrity. Unfortunately for him, and the rest of us, NOAA officials are Trump stooges.

Is Jared Kushner Trump’s stooge, or visa-versa? No stooge has ever been as privileged, self-entitled, or dangerous as Jared. David was sure his mind couldn’t be more numbed, until he read the transcript of Jared bragging how doctors and scientists were cut out of coronavirus decisions, about 300,000 deaths ago.

What does any of this matter? Donald Trump is going to lose the election anyhow… is what they said in 2016. Win or lose, Donald isn’t walking away without a few consolation prizes.

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David Waldman is out today and tomorrow, and that’s okay. It’s okay because it would be awfully hard to resist vexing ourselves counting chickens that just might be a long way from hatching right now, and it’s okay because David also recorded a BRAND NEW KITM for today!

Let’s talk about Donald Trump’s corruption. That’s an evergreen topic, not only in regards to Donald, but for Republicans in general, many of whom have figured in his schemes before he was elected, and will somehow be carrying on long after he has gone.

“If you don’t give back, you’re never ever going to be fulfilled in life”, as some hack Trump had ghostwrite once said. As for Donald, what’s philanthropy without an angle to grift? Any good deed needs to show a profit, or it isn’t good enough for Donald Trump.

Trump donated $10 million to his 2016 campaign, except it wasn’t a donation, and it wasn’t his money, although he eventually made it his money. This time, Donald isn’t donating, and yet is probably raking it in. Does Trump take his money to the Chinese laundry

Old hands in the till from way back, Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove are behind fast-tracking a 5G network worth billions to them and fellow investor Donald J. Trump.

Remember when Trump was suing Omarosa Manigault Newman? That might not happen since Trump has been stiffing his own lawyers. Anyhow, he might not want to get Omarosa mad. She could have a sequel in the works.

Joe Biden will have his work cut out for him, but the first thing he will need to do is bring back intelligence to the White House.

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David Waldman is live today! He’s live Thursday and Friday also, but the KITMs, full of brand-new goodness, will be recorded. You’ll love them just as much!

Greg Dworkin asks us to keep our hands and feet inside the Pollercoaster… but you know what? Let’s see those hands over your heads — this ride is getting fun!  Joe Biden is locking down Michigan and Wisconsin and double digiting nationally. Gen Z/Millennials have doubled over 2016. Down ballot is looking rosy as well. Blue-rosy.

Distressingly, it turns out Covid-19 “immunity” really isn’t… meaning that our “herd immunity” is just about as effective as it is for the steers at a cattle ranch.

Trump’s Omaha fans, who apparently don’t believe in COVID, can now attest that global warming is also a hoax. Will Donald’s inept handling of the his own rally, potentially endangering his own voters, because he stiffed the bus company affect Donald Trump’s chance of reelection? It probably won’t help.

Less than a week away from the election and the “How Trump Can Win” articles are finally slipping under “How Trump Can Lose” articles. It still is pretty certain that if Trump loses, he won’t be a good loser, and neither will his supporters. We already know that though, and are prepared to deal with them… most of them. There is the chance Donald Trump could call for… well, violent insurrection and political assassination...  as he is sometimes wont to do. Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer was targeted, as well as Republican Governor Mike DeWine.  Boogs are conspiring with cop killers and Hamas to ignite civil war…

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It’s just one damn thing after another, isn’t it? David Waldman reviews, analyzes, and invites Joan McCarter to review and analyze some more.

Amy Coney Barrett is a Supreme Court justice. Well, not yet. She’s Donald Trump’s, Mitch McConnell’s and Leonard Leo’s show pony with only a fake swearing in at the White House. Eventually, it will be true, and at that point she will be one of the five justices appointed by presidents that lost the popular vote. The senators that voted for her represent 15 million fewer Americans than the Democrats (Ok, and Susan Collins) that didn’t. In fact, Republican presidents have named 15 of 19 justices. Republicans pick “originalist” judges, in that they “originally” wanted certain outcomes and are now in a position to declare that was the outcome all along.

The Supreme Court shadow docket now has the power to come out of the shadows. They haven’t agreed with most people for over 50 years, but who’s to stop them now? They only need to listen to a couple of dissenters, and then dictate history to the other 330 million

Well, unless the Court strikes down “January”, the next couple of months should take us there, and we have a chance to make history again.

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Ready for some tough answers? David Waldman and Greg Dworkin aren’t going anywhere, especially this close to the big day. Democrats do have a place to go —  the polls, with almost half already votingThis isn’t 2016, people! Joe Biden has a whole new coalition. Texas will have a couple million more voters, more Democrats, and one third more unmarried women. Joe’s nailing down battleground states and closing off Donald Trump’s paths of escape.

Greg dares to suggest what many of us dare not considerGulp!... We might win. Of course the election isn’t over until Donald Trump’s gone. Joe and Kamala will have to play hardball against a party with few ties to reality and nothing to win for except their own existence. Donald can always go back to the consulting job he had back in… 2018. The rest, however, have their backs against the wall and nowhere to go. Intimidation tactics will become worse with desperation.

Luckily for everyone, Donald Trump has finally convinced editors to favor journalism over “news” for our flagship media sources.

If you had to set up grandpa Donald’s twitter account, what would you give him for a password?

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Only 10 more shopping days before the 2020 United States presidential election! Time to stock up on Ian Reifowitz’s The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump. Ian is David Waldman’s guest on Friday KITMs through the election. (Or as long as we can get him!) Race and class are linked in America, so it makes sense for Democrats to create solutions that address both as a combined reality, to address Republican’s intention to divide and conquer.

Donald Trump, King of Israel, wishes he could’ve debated Moses last night, but had to settle for Joe Biden. Ian assures us that Trump is not making inroads with American Jewish voters, with the possible exception of some Orthodox Hasidic Jews. It’s not just the masks that take the curl out of their payot, it’s that Republican partisanship is becoming as expected of them as it is of evangelical Christians.

The debates are over. Donald Trump made the 12th hour pivot away from being carried away in a straightjacket, and just behaved more like an abuser that can’t get you alone right now. Oh, but don’t worry… He’s got plans. If Louis DeJoy and Amy Coney Barrett can’t save him, expect Donald Trump to salt the earth in his retreat. Trump has issued a sweeping order for career federal employees to lose civil service protections to take those that he says are the deep state and making them what everyone knows to be the swamp.

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It’s 11 days, 12 hours, 12 minutes and 26 seconds until the election, give or take… Deep breaths! Why is it still so far away? Listen to today’s KITM with David Waldman and Thursday’s guest Greg Dworkin, and another two hours will fly by!

Indeed, the presidential campaign really ends in just a few hours at the conclusion of tonight’s debate. This is Donald Trump’s one last chance for that one grand pivot into presidential behavior. It’s also his last chance to be a real dick... Tormenting Joe Biden over Hunter is the very least he could do tonight. Joe is already set with his Supreme Court answer.

Or, Trump might just not show up. That would be as completely on-brand for him as going bankrupt.

The polls can’t be cheering up Donald lately. Demographics is yet another aspect of reality not in his favor. Adjusting for race can spoil a pollster’s aim, but Greg always adjusts for windage, elevation and skewage. 

Even with a loss, Donald Trump is set to torture us for 11 weeks following the election. He wouldn’t miss that for the world. Christopher Wray and William Barr do not bring joy to Trump and shouldn’t be expecting an invitation to Melania’s Christmas party. The FBI hasn’t found Russians behind the Hunter Biden laptop scheme… yet.

Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have been leaking emails to journalists with the help of Elliott Broidy, but with Broidy going away, what will they do? Expect a presidential pardon, as Elliott Broidy is the reason Donald Trump doesn’t have to wear condoms, and you can’t lose a wingman like that.

11 days, 10 hours, 30 minutes and 34 seconds...

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David Waldman presents another Kagro in the Morning, with only 7 more to go before the election!

Greg Dworkin reminds us to wear a mask. Also, get out and vote while you still can. In the past couple of weeks about 10,000 families lost a loved one to COVID-19. All of them probably wish they could have received some of that miracle cure Donald Trump promised to hand out… probably even Melania. If only the dead and dying could just make up their minds on what cure they want! Donald is bored, and moves on.

Trump wants more rallies, maybe 5 a day, to remind those stupid saps of how much he hates seeing them. Ralliers undoubtedly feel the same way. After all, it isn’t love that brings them together, you know.

Pennsylvanians love Joe Biden like Joe Biden loves Pennsylvania.

2020 is no time for roundtable punditry to discuss political theater, because Donald Trump has killed presidential showbiz forever. Trump did make a pitch for Bob Hope fans, now that he’s losing in the 100 and under demographic. (Bob wouldn’t have voted for him either.)

Red state farmers come for the money... actually red county farmers are getting the money.

Millions upon millions already have voted, and Donald is losing bad where he won a little, which is not good… for him. Who knows what it will take to beat Trump, but even more of this would be really nice.

USA Today endorses Joe Biden, but also denounces Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has a secret bank account in China, because that makes him smart. Mark Meadows forgot who’s president.

Louis DeJoy is attempting to keep Post Office shenanigans under wrap until the election.

Even the Proud Boys couldn’t be stupid enough to send email threats, could they?

Rudy’s been caught toobin’.

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Yesterday it was reported that Jeffrey Toobin exhibited his boredom with a Zoom staff meeting, you know, like we all do… perhaps a bit more “literally” than most. In unrelated news, David Waldman has not set yet up the “exclusive video option” for KITM deluxe subscribers. You never know the benefits increased editorial freedoms might bring!  

No, wait. Yes you do! Armando, yes Armando, returns for the first 3/4’s of the entire show! As in the past, the conversation was wide ranging, covering the polling experience in Florida, pre-election voting, LV vs RV polling (forget LV, everyone’s LV), the mail-in voter advantage… or not, and the methods and timing of vote counts in Florida and elsewhere. Texas will let you know about your rejected ballot some time during the following administration. A Kentucky postal worker forgot to sift through the mail he wasn’t delivering for ballots, and now he’s in trouble. Fox News frighten their viewers one voter at a time.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up an emergency stay called for by Republicans, allowing Pennsylvania to count absentee ballots received as late as the Friday after Election Day, so long as they are postmarked by Nov. 3. The court allowed this by a 4-4 split, and we all know what that means. Amy Coney Barrett could be the only vote Donald Trump needs to buy this year, however, if she’s caught it could stymie her future handmaidenly endeavours. Even Joe Biden might be ready to pack the court after that.

If Amy Coney Barrett doesn’t come through, Donald Trump is going to have to shoot his way out of the White House, or at least he needs Bill Barr to cover him while he makes a break for it. History will prosecute those that didn’t prosecute Trump when they had a chance.

50 Cent doesn’t care if Donald Trump doesn’t like Blacks, when they both love green. Oh, yeah, and there’s still Covid too, and even if there wasn’t there’d still be the damage it caused to be fixed.

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It’s just a couple of weeks or so before the election. We have Rye, Rye Ice Cream, and David Waldman to pull us through. It’s Monday, so David has Greg Dworkin to pull him through. 

Chris Christie has had his come to Jesus moment, emerging from his foxhole conversion somewhat more appreciative of foxholes, but not really an apostle.

Dr. Scott Atlas, along with esteemed colleagues Prof. Heywood Jablome, Drs. Ollie Tabooger, Miya Buttreaks, Senator Pat McGroin, et al. are battling the likes of Drs. Deborah Birx, Anthony Fauci and, ugh, “Scientists” in getting out a COVID-19 message to the public over Donald Trump.

Hundreds of thousands of non-conforming individualists at the Sturgis rally followed each other off the coronavirus cliff, superspreading across some red states and leaving a tab for $12.2 billion for the rest of us. On his upcoming Fox Network flagship promotional tour… or possibly auditioning to be Alex Jones’ sidekick, Donald Trump sows Covid like a dipshit Johnny Appleseed. The U.S. records over 70,000 cases in one day for the first time since July, and Governors haven’t been clued into how they’ll distribute vaccines even when they do get one.

Dems are in array with each other, but also with Never Trumpers, Recently Not Trumpers, and Undecided, But Not Really Trumpers, leaving Kirstie Alley, maybe Matt “Rick” Gaetz and a few others. Joe Biden leads Trump like Hillary did, but a lot better. Donald is running out of battleground states to battle in. Trump is in trouble unless he can cure the pandemic and resuscitate 300,000 people in the next 14 days. Manufacturing Hunter Biden stories just won’t do it.

Jacinda Ardern shows the world how it’s done, over and over, and has been now been elected to show them again.

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It’s Friday! That’s the day David Waldman welcomes coffee enhanced Ian Reifowitz, author of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump (Two new hardcover copies would make attractive bookends in your Reifowitz-themed library!)

Last night NBC essentially retweeted crazy Uncle Donald’s far-right, conspiratorial bull pellets which could only be palatable to his base. Ian explains why Biden is crushing Trump among women. Biden’s town hall is crushing Low T’s in ratings.

Donald Trump was warned repeatedly about Rudy Colludy Giuliani being utilized as a Russian stooge, but actually kind of liked that about him. The guy that handed the laptop off to Rudy can’t keep his stories straight, but did bring Seth Rich back into the lunatic conversation. The FBI is finally getting involved — to investigate the links to foreign agents. This does not bode well for Rudy. Has anything ever boded well for Rudy?

Get out the vote for Joe Biden and David will have more time to cover stories like the alleged trespassing, anti-semitic, sexting, death-threatening, booze-cookie eating news anchor/Guilfoyle doppelganger vs. the Mayor of Anchorage!

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin wouldn’t appear in competing live podcasts for probably any amount of cash — Team KITM all the way! (Also —  Go Blue!)

Yogi, smarter than the average bear, knew to not mess with good-girl Abby, so she proudly returned to doorbell duty today.

NBC news running the Donald Trump disinfomercial tonight to make some money. Who knows what Donald hopes to get out of it. Trump’s polling hasn’t recovered from the last debate. He sure could use some money however, so perhaps it will be more of a telethon.

For once, Facebook and Twitter knew better than to fall for Russian/Qanon propaganda.

COVID-19 is death and the White House is doubling down on it. If you’re giving out coronavirus on Halloween and Thanksgiving, it just might save you a lot on your Christmas gift shopping. A Sweet 16 party in New York was made unforgettable for at least the 37 infected and the 270 in quarantine. The real parties are being thrown by insiders that knew than with White House lamebrains in charge, it was time to sell short. The Biden campaign cancelled Kamala Harris’s travel through Sunday after her communications director tested positive. Meanwhile, Donald Trump personally breathed on each person in Air Force One. Commercial aircraft are pretty safe already, with a heap of HEPA, but could be made even more safe by countering your air gasper with theirs.

Trump's lack of honesty on Covid  EVERYTHING hangs over his reelection bid. By the way, Barron and Melania Trump are infected, so If no one has told them yet: Get well!

November 3rd is weeks away! Joe Biden is not out of the woods yet, slipping to… a double digit lead. Iiiiffff Joe Biden wins, the fight doesn’t end. 64 elected prosecutors, including 10 state AGs, pledged not to criminalize abortion even if the Trump Supreme Court guts or overturns Roe v. Wade.

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Welcome to the middle of the week, the middle of October, the middle of ...

In the middle of times as these, it’s good to see David Waldman and Greg Dworkin team up to fight the agents of chaos and help us over the humps.

Donald Trump has handled top issue facing the country the worst. Coronavirus has hit Americans financially and emotionally. Worst yet for Trump, journalists are not immune. About 75,000 more Americans died than had been reported in the spring and summer. Small gatherings are causing new COVID-19 infections, just in time for Thanksgiving. The White House promotes herd immunity, as recommended by non-living people. Alaska is no longer a member of the "Under 10K Club”, as thousands of younger Alaskans get sick with COVID-19. The Sturgis wave continues to cross the US. Germans avoided coronavirus like they avoided unemployment. Michigan passes some midnight Covid bills.

Quick, read up about Rudy Colludy Giuliani’s October surprise before they open the windows and it fades away. It’s not weird that there would be issues with a New York Post story, or that it contain lies and omissions, but why are people that should know better by now being suckered by it? Trump’s corrupt schemes to save himself keep blowing up in his face. Trump’s “unmasking probe” ends without charges, or a public report, and probably without William Barr soon. Think of how much easier this would have been for Trump with just one more Supreme Court Judge.

It’s the last days of the Trump scampaign, but his disinfomercial continues tomorrow with battling town halls. Vote!

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Today, David Waldman, "OG filibuster buster", talks with Eli Zupnick, former communications director for Senator Patty Murray, and soldier in the growing anti-filibuster armies mobilizing to defend democracy! For 45 minutes!

Donald Trump... You know the guy — some think he’s Jesus, he thinks he’s Superman? Sadly, Donald hasn’t tried flying or walking on water yet, but he has returned to breathing upon his tightly corralled flock. News outlets aren’t true believers, however, and are pulling any journalists they might need in the future.

The Trump-packed 5th Circuit court in Texas upholds voter suppression, as they see the right to a possible vote does not need to allow a probable vote.

No joke: During yesterday’s debate, Amy McGrath described how Mitch McConnell let hundreds of thousands die and millions suffer from COVID-19 and McConnell just sat there and laughed like a Goddamned supervillain.

Michigan Senator Gary Peters certainly is not the first sitting senator in history to have an abortion story, but he is the first who publicly told his.

The more killing toys you give cops, the more they want to play with them.

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Hey, folks with investable income, it is so nice of you to invest it here. As we have become more “independent” lately we have become more dependent on you. David Waldman has some grand panegyric planned for the near future, but I can already sum it up: Thanks!

Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings might be the last opportunity for some in Congress to take a swing at each other, and no one is passing up on that chance. This might be Republicans last big win for a while, but for conservatives, that win will be plenty. Mike Lee uses his breath to own the Libs, but Senator Kennedy’s smells worse.

Michigan previews how far Republican judges will go to obstruct Democrats in office.

If Hillary Clinton was president, we’d be down to 7 Supreme Court justices, but whatever. The people of our next 6 states should have something to say about that.

Donald Trump takes Covid back on the road, hoping to super-spread the maximum number of sites before November 3rd. Working only from the White House, Trump managed to knock off another 9/11’s worth already. Dr. Sean Conley says Donald is a new man, although Dr. Conley just isn’t who he used to be.

Linking masculinity and strength to fighting disease gets people killed, and people are learning that. It’s not just the pandemic. Trump's war on Obamacare is coming back to bite him.

Greg Dworkin wondered if the polls might widen, rather than tighten. He need not wonder any more. The money is not on Trump, or many Republicans anymore. It’s on who can get us out of Trump’s mess. Undecided voters remain the dumbest people in America, but more importantly, are fading in importance. Everybody wants to be Never Trump now.

Joe Biden has far surpassed Hillary Clinton’s lead. As a challenger, Joe’s numbers are way up in Alf Landon territory! And yet, Democrats fret.

Stubby tail between his legs, Trump runs off to Florida. His rabid fan base might actually be rabid, but relying on only them won’t work.

In California, Republicans own libs by owning themselves and by maybe committing felonies. A legal fight over how to fix problems in mail ballots in North Carolina is holding up votes, half of them from people of color.

Pete Buttigieg teaches every Democrat how to address the issue of late term abortions.

The Latino message is getting out there.

Alaskan Republican Senator Dan Sullivan is caught in a scandal that ties him to a mining project opposed by the majority of voters in his state.

A guy who came to Denver to harass libs was shopping around for trouble and bought some. The good guy with a gun might get murder over self-defense because he didn’t shoot with the right paperwork.

Tax records show how people have paid to play at the White House. If it isn’t happening within his goldfish attention span, Donald Trump could care less.

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A little post-bar mitzvah-anniversary pierogi hangover/internet disruption couldn’t stop David Cobweb Waldman from delivering today’s KITM! Not with Screamin’ Ian Reifowitz set to join him for the opening hour! (Remember to buy The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump... Why not try handing out individual pages in lieu of sugary treats this Halloween?)

Ian’s here to talk marginal tax rates, civic nationalism, and how investing in each other’s well being is the right thing to do, strategically, morally, and patriotically. Bothsidesism is no doubt tempting for cowards, but actually bad for everyone.

Nancy Pelosi and Jamie Raskin introduced a bill today to form a commission to rule on the president's fitness for office. Donald Trump isn’t fit for anything. No one has been making that point better than Donald Trump. A little R&R — Regeneron and Remesdivir (Remesdivir — brought to you by Legal Abortion™), a syringe or two of steroids, etc., and Trump feels OH SO ready to take on the world, one indictment at a time. Trump’s cabinet is beginning to betray his reign, however. William Barr had to explain to Donald that the Durham report probably won’t arrive before the election. Who knows, maybe it was held up in the mail. Fox is no help anymore... 

Will no one rid Trump of these meddlesome Democrats? Why yes, there is a line forming to do just that.

A Russian was tied to the Parnas-Furman-Giuliani Ukraine “straw donor” scheme.

Doug Ducey tried court packing in Arizona. Chuck Grassley and Tom Cotton tried court siphoning during the Obama administration. 

Dozens of serial killers escaped from their celebration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and are now fanning across the United States, and they might never be identified.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver a brand-new KITM. Only 18 more until the election!

Kamala Harris debated Mike Pence and his fly. The fly was more forthcoming.

If you aren’t happy that Donald Trump caught Covid, you should be. Donald Trump is delighted. In fact, it may be the most courageous act a president has undertaken. Take that, Lincoln! Now that “Owning the Libs” now means catching the coronavirus, Chris Christie is a hero who may soon head to troll Valhalla. More mead, no Remdesivir for him! Crede Bailey, White House’s security office head, caught Covid, but didn’t get the joke.

The Cleveland debate has reported 11 COVID-19 cases, so far. Abbott’s rapid tests were good for getting into a quick meeting at the White House, but not much else. Gold Star families became cannon fodder for Covid. The celebrants at the Ruth Bader Ginsburg death shindigs are still out on the streets killing more people. Help identify them.

Donald Trump won’t be wasting our time with another debate, because this would be “a virtual debate”.  (As if the last debate was “a real debate”) Well, if it was good enough for Nixon… sometimes doesn’t apply in Trump’s case.

Who needs leadership anyhow? Senator Mike Lee sees no need for democracy. Missouri Governor Michael Parson sees no need for laws. The FBI found some ready to overthrow the government, and kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Most people would prefer America stay intact. More than enough to keep it from falling apart.

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Welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED Kagro in the Morning! Now brought to you by… Kagro in the Morning! And by David Waldman, and today by Greg Dworkin! And as always, by Me! (I should be in the credits somewhere...  I contribute!… I am a Contributor!) And, by you. Let’s take this show somewhere!

Donald Trump is a LOSER. As more Americans understand this, the chances of Trump being a 2020 presidential election loser go up as well. Is it his deadly Covid response? His terrifying debate performance? His Jesus meets Evita fake return from the dead? His insecure sociopathic, self-aggrandizingwillful endangerment of our militaryhis staff and anyone else? His high AF stimulus negotiations? All those bloodhounds nipping at his heels? Or is it that Donald Trump is just a loser? Hmm. Could be!

The undertow around Trump is immense, taking Martha McSally off guard, as well as plenty of others that frankly should have seen it coming. Even West Virginia slides from deep red to half as deep red.

Undecided voters are the dumbest people in America, no contest. But, shhh, don’t say anything, maybe tonight’s Vice Presidential debate will sway them. The debate itself is being handled as stupidly as could be imagined, with spit guards smaller than a salad bar’s. It is a shame that the technology as yet does not allow debaters to sit more than 6 feet apart.

Stephen Miller reminds us to always sanitize our crosses and wooden stakes. Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein demanded that children be taken from parents. Those two are destined to burn in Hell, yet at this moment haven’t caught Covid. No Hell or Covid for Mark and Patricia McCloskey either, but they will be going to jail. Donald Trump has presently escaped all three, but it’s still up for grabs who’ll get him first.

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Never fear, David Waldman and KITM is here:

Monday: it’s like a miracle curse... Trump reappeared

So, after 3 days, (See what he did there?) Donald Trump returned, somehow younger and stupider than ever. White House staff do fear the reaper, but figure it’s a living, until it isn’t, as Herman Cain can attest. Bob Woodward advised Trump on how to mobilize against the spread of the coronavirus spread, which went as expected. The White House will not be tracing contacts from their Ruth Bader Ginsburg death celebration.

If any one thing is to blame/credit for Donald Trump’s survival, it’s science… and human embryonic stem cells.

Can anyone be more delusional and idiotic than Trump? Yes, and QAnoners prove that — do your research! Guns again aren’t the solution.

Don Jr. thinks it might be time to put dad in the home. The rest of the family hold out hope that he’ll be a healthy profit-center for years to come. You won’t find a family as rift as the Conways.

The Russian agent that Rudy Giuliani and Ron Johnson contacted for dirt on Hunter Biden had his visa revoked

The IRS is investigating Wayne LaPierre for tax fraud, because, duh.

Joan McCarter reports that the House passed a slimmed-down version at $2.2 trillion of the HEROES Act, which Mitch McConnell has refused to take up. Instead, he is attempting to expedite Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. After all, that’s what he’s paid to do. Of course you realize, this means war.

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There’s almost no sanity and intelligence left in the world, yet David Waldman and Greg Dworkin have some to share today.

Donald Trump is a sick, sick man, obviously. But who really knows how sick Trump really is? Dr. Sean “Spin” Conley got in costume and lied all weekend to keep Trump’s Covid from becoming too confident. Even Maggie Haberman noticed a fib or two. Donald was propped up to strongly, relentlessly lie, then followed with a victory lap around the hospital, some say riding on the back of a winged stallion. Republicans whistle through a graveyard of their own making. Things are moving so fast that Mark Meadows isn’t sure if it is time to glad-hand or backstab.

It is tough being an idiot leading a team of idiots. It is harder to cover up sick old politicians’ infirmities, and plenty will be coming along soon even without the help of coronavirusThree Republican Senators in quarantine gives Democrats some interesting new options.

Donald told a thousand people breathing their last breaths today to be as brave as he is, but Trump’s never been as frightened as he is right now looking at Joe Biden’s polling.

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Well, surprise, surprise, surpriseKimberly Guilfoyle displays her genitalia (and other’s) to folks around the office, Melania Trump declares war on Christmas, (and kids), and... well, neither of those stories really merited discussion on Friday’s KITM. Today, the story is the October surprise that can not be a surprise to anyone: Donald and Melania Trump have finally tested positive for Covid-19. (Purportedly). Donald Trump seems to have let his hydroxychloroquine prescription lapse and now he has a case of the Trump virus.

David Waldman is joined by surprise Friday guest Greg Dworkin, and historian/author Ian Reifowitz (Surprise your friends and relatives! Buy them each a copy of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump) to discuss events as they were reported today.

Should Joe Biden, whose caution and wisdom has so far kept him safe, suspend his campaign because Donald Trump is an idiot? Trump wouldn’t have done it for him. When it was just Hope Hicks, the White House wasn’t about to tell anyone. Of course, it was never “just Hope Hicks”. There were a million before her, led by Infector in Chief, Donald Trump. Trump’s Dr. Nick Riviera assures us that Donald will have this thing licked before tee time, but what about the puny weaklings he breathed upon, including jurist in waiting, Amy Barrett?

Amazon says over 19,000 of its workers tested positive for COVID-19, and tells us that’s good news.

The real good news: Barron is still OK. Just in case, however…

You never know, there might still be an election. The one thing we don’t need is Republican tax cuts.

Don’t let all this sweep away the news that Breonna Taylor grand jury only indicted police on wanton endangerment, because that was the only charge submitted to them by the Kentucky Attorney General.

Darwin H.M.@Darwin_Darko on Twitter, reports that the House will vote on a bipartisan bill named after slain Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillén, that is designed to help victims report sexual assault and sexual harassment in the military. Darwin reviews the history of the Vanessa Guillen Murder which gave impetus to the bill.

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October 1, rabbit, rabbit to you, and may we meet this month’s surprises with grit and determination.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us a whole lot of the latest:

Donald Trump was a bullying jerk in Tuesday’s debate, surprising no one, except perhaps his debate crew, who still long for the cheerfully bullying jerk they remember from 2016. Trump plotted to trigger Joe Biden’s stutter in the last debate and will only increase his efforts in the future. The next debate in 6 days will be a “town hall” style and they will be muting Donald’s microphone, so expect the miming to be at Phillie Phanatic levels behind Joe.

ACA and naked overt racism remain on the ballot this month, along with Trump’s calls for voter intimidation. Pennsylvania for one, won’t let him get away with it. A Pro-Trump faux-militia gang has recruited thousands of police, soldiers, and veterans to raise hell.

It’s tough out there for Republicans. Thom Tillis is to debate Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham tonight. Ted Cruz gave Thom a knife to the ribs for luck. Obamacare support has hit a record high,  and Chuck Schumer will force a vote on one-line legislation barring the Justice Department from seeking the invalidation of any part of the Affordable Care Act.

If the election, the Electoral College, and the Supreme Court don’t give Donald Trump the presidency could he try something even more lame-brained and underhanded? Sure!

The Supreme Court has become so unbearable that even Democrats are considering the unthinkable. The court’s influence can be scaled back… or maybe we can just ignore their “opinions”, man.

Wilbur Ross plans to change the course of US government for a decade, and a Federal judge suggests that she may do something about it.

Brad Parscale might sing himself into a more assisted form of self-endangerment.

The $300 million taxpayer-funded “Cheer up, it’s only a pandemic” ad campaign/boondoggle managed to attract only Dennis Quaid, CeCe Winans and Hasidic singer Shulem Lemmer... and by this point Dennis is beginning to consider this as more of a “Randy” vehicle. Turkey lowers its COVID-19 numbers, by lowering its COVID-19 numbers. In the US, Covid has killed 1 out of 1,000 Black Americans and 1 out of 1,500 Floridians. You’ll never hear that from Donald Trump.

The Agriculture Department mandates that each of the millions of boxes of surplus food also contain a thank you note to Donald Trump.

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