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David says he is going to “the doctors” today, so no new show. Really, he said he had a “doctor’s appointment,” “in the morning” and wouldn’t have “time”… Maybe I’m doing quotes wrong. Anyhow, here’s what I “actually” said back then and the links:


Today on KITM, David Waldman cherry-picks the data, so you don’t have to.

Greg Dworkin rounds up a bunch of newsy and pollsy things. Culture Is replacing class as the key political divide in the US as in UK, but the balance is better here. Brexit is finally figured out.

More is discovered about the Istanbul attackers. GOP national-security experts are more #ReadyForHer than for him.  

Hillary Clinton wins, Trump loses huge in June. How polling can go wrong. How can Trump punish his non-supporters? Who would want to be the Trump VP? This guy is available—and born in NYC!

Things are more complex than Donald Trump makes them. For instance, steel. Black Lives Matter would like to get more details on Hillary Clinton’s approach to civil rights.

David catches up on Donald Trump’s schemes, scams, grifts, and other flim-flams. Trump promised millions to charity, and after about seven years he has donated about 10 grand. The Trump Institute offered its get-rich schemes with plagiarized lessons. Is the Trump Network a political Ponzi scheme? Clownstick said he was forgiving over $45 million in personal loans he made to his campaign, so quit bugging him for proof.

The Bob McDonnell Supreme Court ruling makes convicting politicians of corruption almost impossible, btw.

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David Waldman opens up his KITM Tuesday tapas bar of political news delights:

Bringing back a mask mandate would be a good idea” say doctors who apparently have never met people.

Madison Cawthorn is a self-described “big history buff” who doesn’t know history, and might not understand what “buff” means.

Rex Tillerson spent 40 years climbing the ladder at Exxon, but greed, hubris, and Donald Trump are guaranteed to bring anyone to their knees.

The Arizona ballot fraudit impresses ignorant deluded people, but few others. The Department of Justice believes that the features of Georgia’s new voting laws are in actuality, bugs.

William Barr says that just because he ordered “election fraud investigations”, it doesn’t mean he believed they were valid. Donald Trump says that just because he said he’d “march with insurrectionists to the capitol”, that he was actually going. Ivanka Trump says that just because she testified that she played “no role in planning inaugural events”, that she wasn’t always in there making sure she got hers.

We kept the filibuster, so we didn’t get a $15 federal minimum wage. Rich, aka Liberal Thinking, Admin of All Daily Kos Progressives, points out there are other paths to a minimum income goal, proposing equality payments.

Joan McCarter reports on the local weather: It's HOT! Also, national politics:

The House is voting this week to toss out their old insurrectionist knick-knacks, although it’s their new ones that are really tacky.

Toyota was considering not handing money to insurrectionist lawmakers, but then realized that there are many fine people on both sides buying their cars, and one doesn’t really need a democracy to buy their cars, just a good credit score.

What would the Supreme Court know about voting access and suppression? We will find out soon, along with their thoughts on megadonor anonymity.

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Happy Monday, which is like the weekend, but with more memes, and 100% more David Waldman and Greg Dworkin!

This weekend a social media influencer at the Tour de France introduced hundreds of teeth to macadam and discovered it is possible to become too well known.

Who knows where COVID-19 came from, but where it’s going is Trump country. That’s where kids sneak out behind their parents back to get vaccinated. A booster might now be needed for the Delta variant. Don’t worry, it’s just like the flu, except with 1 in 50 dying. 

What does this mean to the Republican party? You mean, outside of a loss of voters? Not much. Donald is kind of turned on, though. The ACLU found out that whichever seat in the lunchroom you pick, that’s Trump’s seat, and a blackeye is the least of your worries. By the way, the 2nd Amendment does not prohibit ownership of an F-15. Look it up.

Americans are worried about crime, but that doesn’t mean they’re blaming Democrats. Speaking of criminals, William Barr and Donald Trump always knew that sooner or later, only one of them would be left standing. Barr drew first, but everyone knows Barr’s not a straight shooter. It’s now Donald’s turn, and soon Mitch will be gunning for Bill also.

QAnon is going the way of the John Birch Society… which is absolutely nowhere. Those people may not ever understand the words “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, but they have been the same believers for centuries. The Catholic church has been around for a while also, but hating on Joe Biden might not have been that well thought out.

Lovable Joe Biden says what he means and means what he says, but no one needs to hear all that. Infrastructure negotiations are back on track, as Joe Manchin lowers his standard for bipartisanism to mutual eye contact.

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Fridays are often about focusing on a couple big stories on our way into the weekend, and this Friday is no exception.

Tops on the list today: New details about who knew what, heading into January 6th. Speaking of which, the House select committee idea is back on, again.

Next up: New details about the mostly pretty stupid-sounding plan to totally infiltrate and totally upend Democratic politics nationwide by… giving some money to the Wyoming Democratic Party, or whatever. Like I said, it’s mostly pretty stupid-sounding. But this is what they do.

Stupid-sounding or not, sometimes you’ve gotta keep an eye on these dumbasses.

Side note: public gunplay rarely works out the way people think it will, and when it goes wrong, it often goes wrong in just the terrible ways frequently predicted.

Historian Thomas Zimmer offers an unique look at Republican resistance to the Juneteenth holiday. It reminds him of post-war German resistance (well, West German resistance, anyway) to marking May 8th as VE Day. But at least the Germans had a point. They lost World War II. But American Republicans won the Civil War. So what’s the problem? (OK, we all know what the problem is.)

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Previously on KITM:

You might have heard that Nancy Pelosi was to create a select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection upon the Capitol. Nancy wondered where you could have heard such a thing. Now we know where —  from Nancy Pelosi, today.

You’ve heard that Eric Adams is in the lead for the New York City Democratic Mayoral primary. Candidate Maya Wiley says she’s taking her ranked-choice #2 spot and is turning it into a #1. You might have heard Andrew Yang’s presidential team screwed the pooch, but they say it was the mayoral team.

And now David Waldman and Greg Dworkin with the latest:

Field trip! House Republicans get to dress like Great White Hunters with Donald Trump down by the border. If they find any Trump wall still standing they will pose in front of it. Peter Doocy asks Jen Psaki if Kamala Harris might have a secret crush on Donald.

John McAfee, founder of the McAfee antivirus software company was ”eccentric”... You know, the on a remote Belize island running a bio-lab, dozens of armed guards, neighbor turning up with a bullet hole in his headharems of under age prostitutes, admitted and suspected drugs and drug dealing sort of “eccentric”. The one thing John apparently wasn’t into was paying taxes. McAfee told friends “If I suicide myself, I didn’t. I was whackd” and, “Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine.” Anyhow, yesterday, John was found… Well, he was found in Spain. 

The Saudi operatives who killed Jamal Khashoggi received paramilitary training in the U.S., which evidently did not include “making it look like a suicide”.

Edward Snodgrass simply tried to execute ”a dying man’s wishes”, which happened to be "voter fraud”. He might get the book thrown at him, including months in jail, unlike Crystal Mason, who was unaware that she couldn’t vote on parole, and got 5 years.

There’s no jail time for the first defendant to be sentenced in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the US Capitol, but there are a lot more to come.

Donald Trump downplayed COVID-19 while hundreds of thousands of Americans died, caught it (worrying Mark Meadows sick), leveraged the power of the presidency to get himself cured, then went back to mocking people who did get sick while hundreds of thousands more Americans died.

Idiot Matt Gaetz tried to showboat on critical race theory, but General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, earned his title, and proved it with his answer to Gaetz, who probably still has his head cocked like a Labrador retriever, trying to understand it. This is not what Laura Ingraham paid Milley to do.

“Critical Race Theory” sounds like maybe you’re trying to criticize people’s racism, and there are many people out there who are proud of their racism and ready to fight you for it. David suggests that non-racists do nothing… but do nothing over at school board meetings, where taking up space can be good.

Progressive leaders and activists wonder if Joe Biden’s magic wand broke. Meanwhile, populist and fake-populist leaders in Eastern Europe are sad that no one likes them anymore. In the US, the Southern Baptist Convention had to elect new no-nothings when their old no-nothings learned too much.

Ivanka and Jared are privately appalled with the behavior of Donald Trump, or they’re just laying low until the estate sale.  

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t Italian satellites causing Donald to lose the election. Maybe it was chickens... No, those weren’t kernels of truth on the henhouse floor.

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Spider-Man and the Pope agree, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Joe Manchin probably has said this to his mirror lately, as he continues his quixotic and/or self-centered fight against most logic and public opinion. Is Manchin playing 4 dimensional chess? Does he have any game pieces to play? Even if Joe hasn’t quite got it figured out, the rest of the Democratic Senate better work out their next move if they hope to turn this “intentional” loss into a winGreg Dworkin tells us to leave Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema (and Democrats) alone! Republicans are the problem. 2022 is coming soon enough.

There’s plenty of voting going on right now. Eric Adams is in the lead for the New York City Democratic Mayoral primary, which is the long way of saying he’s probably the next NYC Mayor. He sure is doing better than Andrew Yang, who in turn is doing a lot better than Bridgeport, Connecticut’s second most famous mayor, Jasper McLevy. In Jasper’s defense, he ran on the Socialist ticket, but you don’t hear India Walton —  Buffalo, New York’s first woman mayor complaining. You can also welcome Sheriff Kimberly L. Beaty — what a sheriff now looks like. 

David Waldman can tell you that the overnight success of bringing filibuster reform into the mainstream has ten, twenty… sixty years of effort behind it. Yesterday would have been a great day to point out that any day is a good day to reform the filibuster.

The Republican-led Michigan Senate Oversight Committee found that Joe Biden won the election and Donald Trump is a nut. It doesn’t matter, because Republicans like Jim Jordan kind of like nuts, and are ready and willing to turn the world upside down on Trump’s behalf. (Ivanka and Jared are privately appalled.) Catholics and evangelicals that love Trump hate church. Georgia counties are now cashing checks covering the legal costs of protecting Trump. 

Someone said that Nancy Pelosi was forming a select committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection. Nancy Pelosi said that someone should shut their lying mouth about her.

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On today’s KITM, David Waldman tears back into the Sfogliatelle of “Italy Gate”, this time focusing on Michele Edwards, aka Michele Roosevelt Edwards, aka Michele Ballarin, aka Michele Lynn Golden, aka Michele Lynn Golden-Ballarin... heiress, struggling single mother, Ukrainian-Somalian pirate negotiator, defunct airline proprietor, realtor, mansion squatter, and Munchausen-level fabulator whose every syllable rings fake, and is of course, key to Republican’s return to respectability. Michele is due another last name and another “reinvention”, probably next as the host of The Apprentice. Remember Tareq Salahi? The guy who crashed a White House dinner in 2009? He did several stupid things after that, too. Eh, it’s a living.

Kevin McCarthy couldn’t explain how he could maintain his Trump-brown nose if Donald took his job. Donald wanted the DOJ to take out SNL. Trump is mad that Mayor Bill de Blasio would take a guy’s golf course away just for treason.

Joan McCarter calls in to explain how no one likes regressive taxation, including Joe Biden, who is taking a hard line on using popular progressive tax plans to pay for popular infrastructure projects, which would sound like a no-brainer, and exactly what the Republican Senate would fight against. Infrastructure, voting rights, you name it and Joe Manchin will be happy to pound his head against the wall over it. The Democratic Senate is just about done watching him, and Chuck Schumer is moving on. Kyrsten Sinema goes out with a bang and a curtsy, writing an op-ed presenting herself as an independent-minded Democrat who embraces Jim Crow politics and Republicanism.

Joan has some good news, describing the process and procedure of using Newt Gingrich’s tool of destruction, the Congressional Review Act, to take out onerous Trump-era rules.

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It’s SummerDavid Waldman was set to do his opening monologue while reenacting the old “Coppertone Kid” billboard with Abby, but it turns out we don’t have a video component to KITM. (He still did it.)

Greg Dworkin tells us that the introduction of a federal Juneteenth holiday at least got people to thinking, which is quite a lot to ask from some people. Are Republicans that ignorant, or is it just an act? If it is, most of them turn out Olivier/Streep level performances each day. South Carolina lawmakers allow their workers to chose between Juneteenth and Confederate Memorial Day, as some can pick between Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Robert E. Lee’s birthday, because some are just, uhm,”fans”?  Brian Kemp will decide how much the holiday really means to you.

Arizona election analysis found former Donald Trump fans moved over to Joe Biden. We’ll see how many Trump fans are true followers in the North Carolina Senate primary. Few are fans of watching Joe Manchin get owned. Perhaps even Manchin is a little tired of it.

If ranked-choice voting has anything to do with voting against the people that you think suck, it should be a good fit with New Yorkers.

The Covid Delta variant has grown to a third of all US coronavirus cases in just 11 days. On the other hand, the US is hitting encouraging milestones on virus deaths and shots according to the CDC. How can we tell what is good or bad news? David has noticed that things just aren’t adding up at Missouri suddenly started appearing at the top of their list for new cases, while Florida sometimes pops to the top of the new reported cases list, and sometimes doesn’t. Inept? Deceitful? Probably! The Trump administration hit all the bases

“Italy Gate” is not the summer special at Olive Garden, it’s much worse. Then again, even the biggest, craziest Trump election conspiracy theories are merely Republican election conspiracy theories at their core. Old-hand Hans Von Spakovsky is trotted out whenever the GQP requires expert nonsense. Mansion-squatting realtor/Somali pirate mediator/Congressional candidate/serial “re-inventor” Michele Roosevelt Edward/Michele Ballarin/Michele Golden-Ballarin could be even more expert.

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Hey, if I don’t see you, happy Juneteenth tomorrow! Happy Juneteenth today, too! David Waldman gets us all in the celebratory mood with today’s KITM lead-in to our first national Juneteenth weekend.

Darwin H.M.@Darwin_Darko on Twitter, has been celebrating since the Senate passed the bill to make Juneteenth a national holiday, and recorded some of his jubilation to share on today’s show.

Of course, we all need to thank Donald Trump. The abject ignorance and arrogance of the Trump administration “made Juneteenth very famous”, to uhm, well, people like me, who were only dimly aware of its important history. More enlightened activists fought for decades to bring awareness to Juneteenth, state by state, and a few, like Opal Lee, survived to see it happen! Certainly, there is more work to do. Many knew creating a national holiday was the least they can do, and were always interested in doing the least they can do. A few Republicans wonder if Black people would be able to tell the difference between Juneteenth and other holidays. Confusing holidays does seem to be quite the problem... Ralph Norman sees a slippery slope toward respecting Native Americans. Matt Rosendale just wants everyone to “call an ace an ace”… which is odd that he used the new woke version of the term, isn’t it?

Anyhow, Bibi Netanyahu is holed up in the PM headquarters in Israel, and they’re thinking of cutting off his Diet Coke… Sadly, back in the US things just aren’t handled that way. The Republican party itself has become an anti-democratic force and an acute threat to American democracy.  Arizona voting data has been slipped across state lines to a cabin in remote Montana so that the Cyber-Kaczynskis can put the finishing touches on their manifesto before its release.

Remember that COVID-19 lab leak theory? It doesn’t hold up.

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I don’t buy it.

Dude. Bruce Wayne is a super genius inventor, he purposely left the bottom of the Bat Cowl open for a reason, you know. And —  those big ears on top? That’s right...  for “steering”, man...  

Oh, hold on, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin have their Wednesday KITM out, I got to get back to work:

Critical Race Theory is here to stay, or at least until the money and power it brings to scammers and nutjobs begins to tap out. The beauty of CRT is that you don’t even need to know what it is to make it work for you. Kind of like an assault rifle. Tom Cotton tries aiming it at the Armed Services, who are still trying to recover from previous attacks. The only weapon that’s easier to use is religion. Any idiot can use that… Well, almost any idiot. MT Greene learned about the Holocaust, and politics, this week. The Arizona recount is however 100% foolproof.

Fox News defends America from the onslaught of critical apple-pie theory. Tucker Carlson is just asking questions —  Alex Jones’ questions. Tucker could be said to be floating incendiary balloons, but on the other hand, incendiary balloons are factual.

Speaking of facts, more on January 6 are coming out every day, and no fact has ever been a friend of Donald Trump. New emails and documents reveal many of Trump’s attempts to corrupt the DOJ into overturning the election. Donald is still working the refs in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is looking backward, not forward for their lamest talking point ever to excuse Donald Trump of his Russian sedition.

Joe did handle Vlad well today, though.

Joe Biden held up border wall funding. Well, it was a “programmatic delay”, and the last time we looked, that was less of a problem than violating an emoluments clause.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court sided with private school parents in striking down a order to close all schools in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. You remember COVID-19, don’t you? There was some thing about it last year.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema continue their Joe Liebermanification of politics. Mitch McConnell might use this to beat Democrats. Nancy Pelosi might use this to beat Republicans. That’s bipartisanship!

Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States, because that’s the American dream, to be the biggest private owner of things.

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Happy anniversary, Mrs. Waldman, wherever and whomever you are! It’s the “Silver”, so David Waldman ponied up for the traditional 24 pack of diet cola, which if you listen closely is already being enjoyed!

Critical Race Theory! Those are today’s scariest three words for three reasons, as just its name reminds White people of, gulp, ”race”... of frightening “theories” such as “evolution” and “gravity”... and worst of all, of “criticism”, which they will not ever, ever abide. As a bonus, it melds the two greatest threats their school children will face, Black people and Commies, into the curricular equivalent of “Black Lives Matter”. 

Fox News knows what to do with frightened White people — make money. But in this modern world, grifting cash is available for anyone willing to milk fear, so the CRT goldrush is on, with some slip-gibbets setting aside decades of jive to pick up their latest “scam in a box” before the best spots on the “America is a hellhole” MLM pyramid are taken. Here’s the inspirational story of Intolerance Sales Rep of the Month, Lorie (Cole) Waters.

Joan McCarter calls in with the story of local fear franchisee Janice McGeachin, in Idaho rooting out Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and Uppity Blacks. McGeachin can’t exactly define Critical Race Theory, but she knows it when she sees it… or will once Idaho cuts enough money from education budgets and hands it to her.

Let’s see, what else is happening? House Democrats have proposed $1.5 trillion spending ceiling, as a compromise to reach across the isle. Republicans propose the same idea, in order to get what they want and screw Democrats. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are under pressure to pick one of those plans quickly, before time runs out. Mitch McConnell is set to destroy democracy several ways, with or without Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema’s help. (They are probably going to help.)

Steve KG Bannon wants to lock Merrick Garland up for trying to protect voting. Donald Trump wanted to lock Jeffery Rosen up for trying to protect voting. Sure, Dana Rohrabacher posed in pictures on the wrong side of police barricades on January 6, but he didn’t go into the Capitol. After all, he already spread feces there before.

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Listen as David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deftly weave the weekend logjam of news into rafts of stories right before your ears:

We begin under the cloud of another mass shooting —  Many clouds of many mass shootings: 9 incidents with 4 or more victims, 4 mass shootings in 6 hours, 50 injured, a dozen dead. Maybe we should do something about it. Trump banned bump stocks, which didn’t mean a thing, and they’re coming back anyhow.

We also aren’t doing enough about COVID. Some of us are safe, too many are not, and variants keep coming. A Texas hospital fires its employees for not taking vaccines, and a federal judge is okay with that.

Joe Biden’s overseas at the G-7 not being a moron, disappointing no one but Vlad and the conservative media. Joe is so hard to pick on, but not Kamala Harris, as any pack of jackals will happily tell you. Kamala’s not the first VP to wade into trouble in Latin America, she just needs to better communicate with the press.

Bibi Netanyahu is Israel’s new former guy. The new boss is definitely not the same as the old boss, in fact there’s plenty of new bosses, many of them ready to work with our new bosses, just not necessarily with each other. Women in Israeli politics aren’t erased, just heavily blurred.

Some Southern Baptists aren’t southern, or Baptist enough for others, but most of them do idolize Donald Trump. Followers of the former guy sing the praises of guns and daddies, but aren’t too big on Black folk. Black folk, on the other hand have been accepting of Ralph Northam, once Northam showed that he could learn from his mistakes. QAnon is beginning to lose its flock.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are about to prove that Joe Lieberman was right all along. Or not.

If Donald Trump doesn’t pay for his crimes, we all will. At the DOJ, officials start throwing themselves under the bus, but no one will ever believe Barr and Sessions didn’t know. Apple told Don McGahn that his and his wife's records were subpoenaed by the Trump DOJ in 2018.

No one believes that Trump and Barr had nothing to do with the teargassing on Lafayette Square. People who read past the headlines understand that they did. The Oregon House expelled Mike Nearman only after a video of Nearman planning, and another video of Mike executing his plan to aid armed trespassers into the Oregon capitol were released. Republicans will tell you all of this talk about Democracy collapsing is exaggerated, especially compared to what they are planning.

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It’s Friday, the day we look forward to David Waldman pulling out his old KITM ukulele for a couple of hours of “wiki wakki wooing” us into our weekend… But, as too often happens nowadays, some heinous act of political corruption comes along, necessitating that we toss our dependable ballads and shanties and just dig back into the news:

Well, they finally got to the bottom of that wiretapping story. It turns out to be Republican projection, kind of like it always does. The Department of Justice, under Jeff Sessions, then Bill Barr, and of course Donald Trump, had directly investigated Democratic members of Congress... and their kids. The DOJ subpoenaed Apple, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and others, for phone and email records, including the phone data from at least one minor child, then placed everyone under a gag order to cover up its actions. At the time this was happening, William Barr testified that he “didn’t know” if Trump told him to do this. Today, Barr “doesn’t recall”.

There hasn’t been a worse AG than William Barr, but the question is, is Merrick Garland any better? Merrick is not casting any blame at the moment, which doesn’t make all of this “no one’s fault”, instead it increasingly is making it all Merrick Garland’s fault.
Over and over again, Donald Trump commits crimes for which he should be convicted. Democracy can not stand if Trump is not held accountable. Well, Trump and the last few Republican administrations, and probably the next few.
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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin successfully delivered the Thursday KITM, pausing only a couple of times when their boom mikes magnetically sucked onto their foreheads

Perils of Big Government: Louie Gohmert asked the Bureau of Land Management if they could move the Moon for him, and someone parked it right in front of the Sun. The government (probably Anthony Fauci) installed 5G and magnets in our vaccines, which sounds kind of nice, but has known risks.

Like Jake LaMotta with a few more concussions, Donald Trump passes out bar tickets at Mar-a-Lago funerals. Lauren Boebert hasn’t got what it takes to win The Presidential Apprentice.

If COVID would “Darwin out” only the deserving, things might be fine. Unfortunately, those unvaccinated pockets breed and release pernicious variants as if they were some kind of mismanaged virology labs. Therefore, there’s just no room for laissez-faire attitudes toward pandemics when all of our comrades are in danger. Every newly vaccinated person protects the remaining unvaccinated.

Terry McAuliffe’s primary victory in Virginia reflects the strength of the Democratic Party establishment. The Mayor’s race in NYC is a battle of progressives though. Was Bold Joe Biden a mirage? If Biden wants to hold on to what he’s got, he has no choice but to get even bolder. Kyrsten Sinema now has her chance to show us how this bipartisanism stuff works. Joe Manchin isn’t looking for bipartisan votes, because he doesn’t see his voters as being Democratic. Mitch McConnell hasn’t given up hope that someone will pull his finger just one more time.

Joe Manchin’s brand is being “unpersuadable”. You can try to persuade him, but he isn’tNonetheless, laws that mandate supermajorities/bipartisanship, such as a proposed amendment to the Electoral Count Act are logical, shame the hypocritical, and have the added benefit of perhaps fixing the unconstitutionality of the law.

The police didn’t tear gas and beat protesters just so Donald Trump could strut around Lafayette Square with a bible. That was an unintended bonus. A slow and orderly evacuation of the square for contractors wouldn’t have met Trump’s tight schedule, and the boys really would have missed their chance to crack some BLM skulls.

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That was David Waldmanprobably, under that writhing mass of cicadas behind the KITM microphone this morning... It sure sounded like him. Anyhow, all he needed to do today was introduce Greg Dworkin and Armando, and you know we’d have nothing to worry about.

Terry McAuliffe made a big decisive comeback in Virginia with enthusiastic voters. The former guy continues to make his party the former party.

Severe COVID cases and deaths plummeted this spring, except in the areas with low vaccination rates… There just might be something to those vaccines after all, beyond helping you find your car keys in the morning.

Israel’s soon-to-be-former-guy, Bibi Netanyahu, wanted to get a little insurrection Flag Marching going this Thursday, but that will be postponed until after the new government is sworn in.

The Senate report on our January 6 insurrection has Trump-sized holes in it, which is just how Republicans and Joe Manchin want to leave it. The Big Lie isn’t enough for the GQP though, they need you to eventually doubt everything. Maybe it’s working. Republicans don’t particularly like democracy, and Americans don’t particularly care. Democrats can’t quite explain why… at least not in a way that isn’t annoying to everyone else.

Democrats can’t close the gender pay gap, raise minimum wage, or stop discrimination upon L.G.B.T.Q. workers. Ron DeSantis doesn’t want any colors other than white on his bridges. Don’t expect any pride from Merrick Garland, either. The DOJ, established to defend civil rights, now seems more interested in Executive branch rights, including those of patriot-rapist Donald Trump —  So, wtf? This is just the question Armando pondered recently, and he has a few nits, big and small, to pick. For reference, check out the Federal Employees Liability Reform and Tort Compensation Act of 1988 and related cases, opinions and replies!

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Hot topics this morning included Armando’s displeasure at “old school” pro-Republican coverage of VP Harris’ Central American trip. But others were focused on the new Senate Rules committee report on the various security failures of January 6th.

The Biden DOJ continues in its traditional role as zealous guardian of executive power, this time continuing the Trump-era defense of… (alleged pervert) Trump.

The only political tradition Trump ever honored: flip-flopping on the filibuster. Speaking of tradition and the filibuster, people are for some reason interested in discerning the true legacy of Robert Byrd—Manchin’s predecessor in the Senate—on the filibuster and the sanctity of the rules. But it’s actually not all that easy to work out.

Joan McCarter knows that well. And she knows that it probably doesn’t matter, anyway. At least, not to Joe Manchin. We’re still waiting to find out what might matter to Joe Manchin. So far, we know that finding votes to prove his theories about bipartisanship doesn’t. But that’s still technically better than the absolutely nothing we know about Kyrsten Sinema.

On the other hand, we are learning things about how deep the problems are at the IRS, and how billionaires are able to slip by almost tax-free.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin present today’s KITM with flies up front and forward facing, as you’ve come to expect.

Mo Brooks has finally been served with a lawsuit filed by Eric Swalwell. Well, Mo was still hiding, but his wife, who happens to be of suitable age and discretion, took it for him. Brooks might’ve not been aware of that convention, as he was also unaware that he shouldn’t post his Gmail password and pin numbers. Mo is no ordinary stooge, but is actually paid a lot to know better.

Marjorie Traitor Greene demands that Joe Biden investigate Anthony Fauci by June 31, which is exactly when Joe should do it.

The former guy kicked off a new season of The Ex-Presidential Apprentice this weekend, along with simultaneous presidential, congressional and House Speaker campaigns, demonstrating there’s no one in American politics who could ever fill Trump’s pants like he can.  It’s a load probably few in history could carry, in fact. Many Republicans are lining up with their pails to lend a hand, however.

When will democracy die? Two years from now? Four? Will the Democrat’s effort be not enough… or even less? Donald Trump loves Joe Manchin as much as he used to love Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell in turn learned to love the Insurrection. Many hoped and planned for an insurrection before January 6th. The Militias were just waiting for Trump’s word, but should know Donald never commits to anything.  Trump expects that you’ll simply assume that he’s determined to strike in the US, and act accordingly

We aren’t the only ones in the world with a Trump. Benjamin Netanyahu hasn’t started wearing his pants backwards, but he’s starting to feel a “deep state”, and has witnessed several greatest frauds in history as well. January 6th style violence isn’t far away, and Israel has right wing militants already in the streets, just waiting for the word...

Then there’s Jair Bolsonaro.

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Happy National Donut Day! Oh, I mean… Very Somber and Reflective National Donut Memorial Day. Sorry.

Gee whiz, why aren’t people rushing back to work at low-paying jobs?

Joe Manchin still saying the same thing over and over, but not making any more sense.

There’s more detail out now from the Senate parliamentarian on the new reconciliation theory. But as usual, I’m less than thrilled with the way it’s explained in the media. As with everything, if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.

Economists say California’s stricter COVID lockdown has set them up for a stronger economic recovery.

Emptywheel says something’s happening with Rudy, and Rudy’s such a bad lawyer, he’s taking everybody around him down, too. Why? How? Well, start here, I guess.

Don’t “mess with” Texas, arrest Texas! After all, they wanted to hang Mike Pence, which he’s OK with. Just like he’s OK with the end of the “Christian Era.”

Georgia’s GQP wants in on the fraudit train.

DeSantis figures out that people like getting checks. Will he do better with them than Dems did?

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Due to a technical mishap, today’s KITM when ran backward does not reveal any QAnon directives, but instead plays a Carrot Top standup routine from 2005. We regret the error.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are here to put our outrages in context:

QAnon turns out to be a big old can of mixed nuts. Not by coincidence, so are Trump followers and Republicans. The GQP has long lost track of who’s leading or following in their party, and frankly would rather not know. Greg Gutfeld at Fox advocates for Vladimir Putin to have Joe Biden killed, as if there wasn’t a rule about saying things like that somewhere.  More than 100 scholars believe this behavior might lead to bad things in the future. Democrats have just the solution, which David brought up to Barack Obama about a dozen years ago, and now that Barack has put some thought into it, believes maybe he had a point there. 

History will not judge differently if no one judges at all today. Reality Winner marks her 4th year in prison.

Longtime fans of the From the Desk of Donald J Trump  were disappointed when the blog became yet another victim of liberal cancel culture. Trump will return to live performances while arrangements are made to relocate the desk of Donald J. Trump back into the White House. Laura Trump swears she hasn’t heard a thing, while the rest of conservative media look at their feet and try to move upwind.

Bibi Netanyahu is heading the way of The Donald, but won’t bother with a blog, as he is already aware that no one likes him. An historic coalition of non-cicada eating political leaders oppose Bibi enough to set aside some of their other differences.

The evil organization REvil joins DarkSide, and probably SPECTRE and Hydra, in their efforts to bemuse the Russian government while costing individual American companies millions of dollars through seeming unstoppable extortion. What can multi-billion dollar US businesses do? What would fictional American businessman Michael Corleone do?

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It was all smooth sailing for today’s Raft o’ Stories™ from Greg Dworkin.

Good news on unmasking the vaccinated! It doesn’t appear to have had significant spillover effects resulting in any spike in infections. Bad news (maybe) on additional reconciliation bills. The Senate parliamentarian has more thoughts.

News from the Q-ological world: a new taxonomy of Q loons has been put forward. As with the coronavirus, this illness appears to spread in church.

Elsewhere in crazy, Israel is attempting to sort out its governance, and, uh… here is a thing that people once thought, I guess, about girls and the news.

Although maybe it’s not entirely off-base, considering what some people do with the news. Like, pretend that a real thing is that there’s a park in Seattle that’s “too woke.” A park. Not a person. A park.

About that Texas voter suppression bill, was it all just one big misunderstanding, gosh darn it? If so, why is the governor—who is terrible—so determined to see it through? And speaking of terrible people trying to see things through for no particular reason, there’s more to know about that wacky  Kushner/MBS plan to “reshape the Middle East.” Specifically, what’s behind the Saud-ish interest in custodianship of Haram al-Sharif, and why they’d want Jordan out of the picture.

Finally, a quick tour of some Trump crime spree hot spots: the DC hotel is up for sale, again; Trump, caught with his pants down both literally and figuratively, has someone else thrown under the bus (again); Trump’s stupid blog, where he’s recently been inciting more sedition, is suddenly shut down because reasons.

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It was a big day for follow-ups on stories we’ve discussed earlier.

First, a new attempt at a GQP freak-out, thanks to Marjorie Traitor Greene. Then, a reminder that these outrages aren’t real. They’re just like GQP Facebook targeted ad messaging tests. Spit them out as fast as you can make them up, then see what sticks.

And about that Ryan Air flight forced down over Belarus? It still sucks, but... there’s a “but.”

And about that Texas voter suppression bill? It still sucks, but… there’s a “but.”

And about that Maricopa County fraudit? It still sucks, but… soon it will suck worse.

And about that pandemic? Some of the things that happened didn’t necessarily suck.

And about Sean Hannity? He still sucks.

And finally, about that lie that cops didn’t use tear gas to clear the way for Trump’s Lafayette Square/St. John’s photo op? It’s still a lie. But now the Biden DOJ is defending the cop riot, anyway.

Then, Joan McCarter called. And she didn’t lie once! We got the inside scoop on Idaho’s hottest story: the dueling executive orders of Gov. Brad Little and rogue Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin. Thanks to Joan, we know that this isn’t the first time Idaho’s had to deal with this f*cknuttery!

Last Friday’s filibuster of the Jan. 6th commission could’ve gone very differently. And maybe all filibusters from now on should. But in the meantime, what next for the investigation?

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