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Greg Dworkin has another big raft o’ stories ™ for today’s KITM, and as always, accompanied by David Waldman’s expert and insightful nattering.

With hours to spare, Chuck Schumer says he’s ready to move forward if everyone else is, avoiding today’s crash by moving it a few weeks away. The smoke-filled room for this negotiation was of course, the annual Congressional Baseball Game. (Which ended with a FAKE score.) Ah, it’s a tale as old as time, or at least a hundred yearsCheck out your Congressional Research Service for more details.

Democrats are split on everything, because that’s how they roll. Republicans are as usual, split on rationales for obstruction. Unfortunately, good policies and popular choices don’t win elections. Kyrsten Sinema laughs at her constituents, while voters and supporters abandon her, but what does she care

This sort of thing would never happen in Canada! It’s not too late, let’s be Canada! They’re great! Unless you’re indigenous, then they’re about the same.

You know what else we’ve been doing for a long time? Vaccine mandates. We’ve had mandates for as long as we’ve had scofflaws, and visa-versa. A kick in the pants is all a lot of them really need. Vaccine mandates work, because people just want to live a normal life again and not worry about getting sick and dying. They’ll thank Joe later.

Republicans are feeling a lot more forgiving about January 6th lately. The news can barely remember that far back. The law will remember longer.

Corey Lewandowski is every bit the skeeze you’d picture him to be, unless you’re Kristi Noem or something. King skeeze, Donald Trump, asked Stephanie Grisham's boyfriend if she was "good in bed”, about the time he was assuring her that his penis was totally normal.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin use today’s KITM  to help us think through what’s happening in Congress this week. If any of us do figure it out, there’s plenty of people in DC who’d like to know, too. Well, we kind of do know what is happening there, but but it is tough to see who would want any of this to happen... 

Mitch McConnell wants everything to suck, like he always has. Joe Biden does get what progressives want to build back better, but keeps getting hung up on what Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema want to build. Manchin wants whatever is best for him, which often works out well for his constituents. Sinema hasn’t got a clue, which will become clear even to her, once the infrastructure package passes, or once she’s primaried the hell out.  Swing districts need to show results more quickly than infrastructure can provide however, to hold onto their jobs. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have the time for this. If only she were allowed to use an actual whip

Democrats are too busy to tackle fascism at the moment. Maybe later? The media might post something if it’s a slow day, once they first GPS a few pro-fascist diners to swing by. We’re lucky that most of our fascists have been morons so far.

Donald Trump didn’t want anyone making butt-stuff jokes about his colonoscopy, therefore it was kept secret, although Trump did demand to stay awake during the procedure so that he wouldn’t miss a single sensation. Donald also figured that once he was asleep, the nurses would joke about his small, toadstool shaped penis. So… just wait until you hear what Omarosa has to say!

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David Waldman showed up on time today, and completed all assignments, pretty much clinching our coveted KITM Employee of the Month plaque once again,124 months running!

Nancy Pelosi is known to be an expert in counting votes, and she must not like what she’s counting right now. So now, as the bipartisan infrastructure bill drifts away from the social funding plan, how do Democrats expect to build anything back better? Well, they could give up on leveraging Manchin and Sinema, and can certainly forget expecting Republicans to bridge the difference. How would nuking, or suspending the debt ceiling go over with the Senate parliamentarian?

Marjorie Traitor Greene just wishes she could monkey wrench government like Kyrsten Sinema. Marj can’t even beat the House prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. Kristi Noem pulled strings and berated state employees to get her daughter a job, and is now offended that people would drag her kids into charges of “nepotism”.

Speaking of, Liz Cheney tries out her old man’s trick of taking down all sides before recommending herself for the prime position. Her pal Harriet Hageman used to believe Donald Trump was racist and xenophobic, but now realizes that Donald is the greatest president of her lifetime, etc.

Facebook is rotten and awful. Let David continue to count the ways.

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David Waldman, on the mend from his bout of not-COVID-19 brings in Greg Dworkin for some not-interruptive discourse on the latest news:

Feel that shift in power? Yesterday in Germany Angela Merkel's center-right party lost to Olaf Scholz’s center-left party, sort of, as a small nudge in this rainbow of coalitions could tip it back. Here’s what all those letters and numbers stand for.

The fraudit was not an audit! It is a travelling con, and if it hasn’t officially come to your state, it’s still there, part of every election happening now, soon, or in the foreseeable future. When Donald Trump promises the US won’t survive, he plans to deliver. Take Trump literally or seriously… please.

Might America be hurtling towards a nationwide shortage of morons? Some disgruntled healthcare staff have quit, but the last thing anyone requiring healthcare needs, it’s disgruntled staff

People don’t want to get sick. They don’t need to hear the scientific/medical/government decision-making process, they really just need guidance on what to do, now. If you already suffered through a coronavirus infection, you might still get sick again.

Anonymous’ hack of Epik affected 100,000 customers. That’s a lot of Nazis, Militia, and child pornographers! And, as it turns out… a lot of Republicans, too, and a lot more to come.

Nancy Pelosi vows to pass the infrastructure bill this week. Republicans say the bill is “fake”, and therefore will not raise the debt ceiling… Ah, but what if the debt ceiling is actually the thing that’s fake?

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David Waldman squeezed out one more KITM before a weekend of recuperation. Good thing Joe lets us have weekends now!

Donald Trump is such a loser! It is so hard to believe that one person could lose in so many ways, we may need a forensic audit of the number to be completely certain…

The hand count in Maricopa AZ confirms that Trump lost to Joe Biden, just like he lost all the other times, but this time he lost by even more votes. As Trump heads to big losses in more states, he has changed his tactic to demanding audits in states he won

The House select committee on the January 6 insurrection is subpoenaing Trump aides. They won’t cooperate, Trump will invoke “executive privilege”, although he doesn’t even have the power to tweet “executive privilege” anymore.

Some Capitol police took selfies with the rioters, some did much more than that. 

A Republican crime wave is spreading unreported, because reporters can’t believe it is happening. The right wing will do and say what they want, where they want, and hackers love them for itLauren Boebert paid rent and utilities with campaign funds, because she’s too dumb to be corrupt, even with this system. 

Facebook supports thousands of scammers to help fleece their billions of saps. Mark Zuckerberg personally approved pushing pro-Facebook stories into the news feeds, and handed the FTC a $5 billion tip to not sue him personally. In his defense, Mark says he made that surfboard go by himself.

No, the debt ceiling doesn’t need to be raised, and Nancy Pelosi wishes you’d just read the constitution.

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David Waldman is still a little under the weather, but also now a little under the influence, OTC-wise, balancing out the entertainment levels in today’s KITM-NFTGreg Dworkin calls in, allowing David valuable tea-sipping time.

Winter is coming, which will increase the chances of transmitting, and being transmitted COVID. On the other hand, some projections show the pandemic declining. Unfortunately, the risk of being assaulted by an a pro-pandemic maniac keep increasing. The solution to that, and many related issues, won’t be coming from science.

Trump-fueled violence of all kinds isn’t over yet. The good news is that Donald Trump might be over soonLongtime Gop operatives have finally been charged with funneling rubles to Donald. Federal prosecutors have waited until the last moment to charge Trump, which ends up being the best moment.

Speaking of Russia, John Durham was sent out to avenge Donald Trump’s honor, and as expected, didn’t come back with much.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi announced that they have a framework for their infrastructure package, surprising Democrats. Some plan is better than none at all, which is usually the plan. Moderates always want the status quo, which no one is offering anymore.

Republican or Democrat, if you want democracy, there’s only one ticket.

Zut alors! Is this lover’s spat between France and us, our fault or theirs? You really can’t fault Australia for wandering, after how they’ve been treated.

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David Waldman might not have COVID-19. He probably doesn’t, but we will all breathe easier when when the test results are in. David did make it through the whole two hours, with a big assist from Greg Dworkin. 

Thousands are dying each day from Covid, and it’s still the well-ventilated summertime.  Laura Ingraham points out that fewer than 600 sets of parents have watched their children die so far. She and Tucker Carlson should be the GoFundMe parents should turn to.

It turns out that monopolies have disadvantages handling crises such as pandemics.

The Biden economic agenda is poised to transform caregiving in America. Things are looking a bit bleak in Washington right now, but they did for Obamacare for a while too. Some of the moderate, centrist, Democrats standing in the way are actually conservative, perhaps a little Republican. Maybe they can run that way after they lose their present jobs

Democrats consider which minute rules they might have missed which may get them through obstacles. Republicans usually consider which rules they should ignore. Cyber Ninjas should have taught us that it is past time to protect democracy. Eliminating the filibuster will help prevent future election stealing. In Oregon, Republicans are furious that they can’t shut down redistricting. Trump knew his voting machine claims were lies. We all did.

Donald Trump pretends to be president, and is thinking about a pretend Airforce One. 

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David Waldman has a touch of that thing going around, but at least it’s not THAT thing. Get well David! It also seems like I had some thing back in ‘18, forcing David to write the summary... Anyhow, tap the link above to relive one of the more annoying periods of the previous administration:


It’s not just another day of Kavanaugh craziness. It’s a Day of Kavanaugh Craziness. The bizarro theory that Brett Kavanaugh had an evil twin takes root, declares Mission Accomplished, and is then deleted. Who’s behind it? That Ed Whelan guy. Boy, I dunno.

Armando joined in the wide-ranging discussion of just how nutty this whole thing is becoming, plus other assorted sad tales of our times.

Is Trump even dumber than we thought? Or is this actually within tolerances for his stupidity? Apparently, he thinks Spain can deter migrants by building a wall. Across another continent. Seems like a fine time to have him chair a UN Security Council meeting, then.

More about that thing where Yale Law profs and/or “Tiger Moms” are said to be “grooming” clerks for Kavanaugh. That’s a loaded word. And maybe it’s the right one. But this is just the latest twist to a long-standing practice that keeps the loop closed on elite legal careers.

Trump’s team sets about gaslighting you about his confession to Lester Holt.

There was always something… not right…  about that guy who was so keen on 3-D printing guns.

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us the latest, and this weekend’s latest too!

The Justice for J6 rally demonstrates that the right can lose a battle of wits with themselves when no one brings the ammunition. Are the Dems actually killing unvaccinated Trump supporters by mandating vaccines and masks, assured that the right will kill themselves to own the left? Inconceivable! Get well from your breakthrough infection Justice Putnam — that wasn’t part of our plan!

Even Fox News polling shows non-fruitcakes strongly support many vaccine requirements. Pfizer has determined that its vaccine is safe and effective in children ages 5 to 11, which probably means self-immolation protests at school board meetings are inevitable.

Maria Butina, Russian honeypot spy here in the US for a bit, has been elected to the Russian parliament, where she is now suspected of being a US spy

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is at Trump levels of disapproval and yet could go loweralright, alright, alright!

Washington reporter for 3 decades, Andrew Taylor quits the cesspool.

While thousands die each day, DC heads toward the cliff, again.  The Senate parliamentarian dealt a crushing blow to the hope of minimum wage increases and immigration reform in the budget reconciliation bill if Democrats let her.

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David Waldman returns, atoned, rested and ready for one more KITM before the weekend.

One way to prepare for this weekend, is not to head to the Capitol for this weekend’s rally. Not many go to these things anymore, anyhow. Insurrectionists prefer more of a sense of “ambush” to their riots, and they’re just not feeling it in this one. For example, Donald Trump was really stoked only yesterday, but when he heard there would be no MAGA hats, he felt a little chill go through his Depends. 

If you did have plans to go, and are an unvaccinated idiot, instead check out your local ICU, as they are getting pretty busy! Laura Loomer now has Covid, as she should. America’s most celebrated idiot, Sarah Palin, painted a huge Covid target (surveyor mark) on herself, but for some reason Covid, and Karma, just keep missing her.

Pennsylvania’s fraudit got off to a wild, awkward, ridiculous start, as would be completely expected. Who wouldn’t give a third party their name, birth date, address, drivers license number, last four digits of their Social Security number and how they cast their vote? The FBI is looking into the woman that turned off security cameras to do a little late-night “backing up” of information. Donald Trump figures that if these people ran elections, it could fix things.

Donald better hurry. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick revealed that Democrats plan to take over the US using voting machines, and also by breeding like rabbits. Dems are already 7 million ahead, but Elise Stefanik warns that they’re always looking for more. 

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Today, David Waldman is off being meaningfully contemplative, so again KITM travels back in time, to Rosh Hashanah. Not that recent one, however, but way back to ‘73 5773

It was the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Elizabeth Warren was on her way to a win, Linda McMahon was on her way to a loss, everyone was comparing Mitt Romney to James K. Polk… or at least Mitt was, and David still was rocking his NPR voice, all while predicting the imminent retirement of past-his-prime author Bob Woodward. Here’s David’s take at the time:


Happy 5773, Earth! You don't look a day over 5750, if you ask me. It's September 17th, and Occupy Wall Street is back out on the streets, marking its anniversary. Daily Kos contributing editors Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser joined the show with their polling and punditry roundups, plus listener calls led us to discussions of the importance of your vote (especially in local elections) and the unfortunate decline in impact and value of Bob Woodward's insider journalism.

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Landslide! Gavin Newsom is not recalled, not even a little bit.

But, with 46 contenders, there was, of course a “winner”, whose “loss” was actually a “win”…  You guessed it, Frank Stallone. Also, if you listen to Kasie Hunt, Nate Silver and Chris Cillizza… Wait, if you are smart enough to listen to David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, what do you care about those idiots?

What matters is that Newsom won, by running against Trump, and Trump wasn’t even running, just like he won’t be in 2022. Donald Trump is set to be the guy all Democrats and some Republicans will be running against for a long time to come. Meanwhile, Larry Elder was caught using Republican fraud boilerplate, which so far hasn’t worked for anyone. The GQP is martialing their forces elsewhere.

The U.S. Army says active duty soldiers must be vaccinated by December 15. Once vaccinated, most people will just move on to something else they don’t want to do. Some unvaccinated people will wish they had. Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts approves of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B and chickenpox vaccine mandates...

Rioting police in Philadelphia smashed a black woman’s car windows and beat her. Later, they passed around photos of them “rescuing” her child. The city will pay this lady $2 million, in lieu of prosecuting the officers, learning a lesson, etc.

Wretched hives of scum and villainy, the Trump Towers, aren’t what they used to be. The scams are drying up, and so is the rent. In New York, about the only reliable tenants are the 15th floor, which is home of Trump’s MAGA PAC, and up to 3 employees, sometimes. 

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We rely on David Waldman to follow the news wherever it takes him to supply us important information to bring into our day. You won’t believe where he had to go today.

Veronica Wolski, who would record herself wearing a face mask (No, a “Zorro” mask, lol) to torment store employees and bring joy to her QAnon viewers, has died of Covid. Lin Wood says that’s just like Herman Cain, and he’s right. It is hard to keep up with all the anti-vaxers getting their ticket punched lately, although that pastor who mocked AIDS deaths really earned his. The GQP comes out against all vaccine…”mandates”… (wink!) Now those douche-gargling vaccine deniers are (reads notes) gargling douches! Nicki Minaj has almost completed the required epidemiologic research to be able to competently advise her 22 million Twitter followers. Nicki checked with her cousin’s friend in Trinidad and now has concerns about the size of his testicles. Minaj fan Dr. Raven the Science Maven describes how vaccines work to save your body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody (Mwah!)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went to the Met Gala, offending those who want her to stick to sackcloth and Mao tunics. Everyone pulls out their rulebooks and highlighters. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney worked very hard on her dress, let’s give her a hand.

The people most in fear of people of color end up being those most in fear about “critical race theory”.

In California, Gavin Newsom is probably going to win, Larry Elder is definitely going to whine, but we won’t know until it’s over, and they fix their dumb system.

In DC, Republicans root for Manchin and Sinema to screw everything up, but quietly, because no one wants to be seen with Manchin and Sinema.

A bad guy with a gun might have thought, in some QAnon sort of way, that he was a “good guy” when he tortured and killed a family, including a 3 month old and the family dog, while “interrogating” them to rescue a girl he had only imagined existed.

Ed Henry sued Fox News for firing him for sex trafficking, harassment, revenge porn, sexual assault and rape, but apparently handcuffing his victim and threatening her did not sit well with the judge.

Six officers might be reprimanded for playing for the wrong team January 6th.

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It’s Monday, and David Waldman, with Greg Dworkin, present to you a KITM. After that, you’re on your own.

Greg and David open the show with a remembrance of 9/11, not forgetting how it lead to the deaths of millions in the Middle East, institutionalized war crimes, destroyed US freedom and democracy, and established white nationalism and bigotry as accepted American values.

This weekend, George W. Bush said a smart thing a couple of decades too late. Donald Trump wasn’t at Ground Zero in 2001, and he wasn’t there again. Instead Donald was at the De La Hoya Holyfield vs. Some Other Guy fight, and also a Moonie shindig. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani couldn’t book the Four Seasons, but did find a place that let him run a bar tab.

Vaccination mandates make sense, medically and politically. More than half of Americans support vaccine mandates. Republicans don’t want to be vaccinated against anything they can pretend away. Their big fear is that mandates could work as well as vaccinations. Podunks catch headlines fighting the rebel cause, while most businesses prefer to get back to business. Covid rapid tests cost a lot because manufacturers like money.

Will a booster shot help? Eh, it wouldn’t hurt. However, the dangers of walking through fecal fountains and poop plumes have been well established and you should consider double, or triple masking against those incoming... or outgoing effluvia, and not just for Covid’s sake.

Californians know it’s fun talking trash about their Governor, but when it’s time to put up, they know when to shut up. Every losing Republican will still be crying fraud from now on.  Stephanie Grisham (Not Winston Wolkoff) never took questions before, but did come up with the answer on when Trumpworld was aware of the 1/6 riots.

Joe Biden might need to take Joe Manchin out behind the barn for a while.

About that dazzle of zebras — mistakes happen, that’s all David can say at this time.

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The top news of the day, of course, was President Biden’s address announcing his new federal policies to combat the continuing pandemic. And of course, the instant, reflexive opposition from Republican governors, particularly those considering running for president in the near future. Which is to say, all of them.

Naturally, all of them have terrible track records on COVID as a result. So I spent an hour or so on Twitter as well as on the air putting their failures in terms their constituents could understand. That is, given their per capita death rates, how many of the people in the stands at The Big State U. football game this weekend would die, if fans died at the same rate as COVID patients in their state. The results are startling.

Meanwhile, in the real world, there’s every indication that Biden’s plan is just what most people have been waiting for.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic, Kellyanne Conway deserves a special spot in the hot place for this supremely shitty COVID take. And speaking of Conway, she and a bunch of other Trumpniks got their asses bounced from some cushy federal advisory board positions TFG gifted to them. So they’re crying. And of course, they’re not entitled to. Oh, and by the way, one of them (like Mike Flynn) is a spy.

Have you ever admitted to wondering whether, with all these Trumpy Republicans dying from COVID, it could actually impact the outcome of the next elections?

Have you ever admitted to wondering whether, with all these Trumpy Republicans in the Senate (and some Trumpy Democrats), Democrats looking to include immigration reform in the reconciliation bill might fire the parliamentarian?

Steve Bannon is stupid. Arizona Republicans are stupid. You really shouldn’t cross the streams.

The DOJ is stepping up its game on the Texas abortion law.

Well, it was a rough day. How about we pick up everyone’s spirits with a nice obituary? No, really, you should read it.

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David Waldman allows Greg Dworkin back onto the KITM stage once Greg promised to not work so blue today. He also turned off the New Age background music, so Abby went somewhere else to downward dog.

Tennessee encouraged teens to get vaccinated. The GQP told them to shut up, and they did. Now, in Mississippi, fetal deaths have doubled among unvaccinated pregnant women with COVID-19. Red/unvaccinated states continue to die/own the libs. 

 Joe Biden is going to have pull this car over again.

Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson shares heartbreaking stories of the people oppressed by vaccines and masks. Florida’s Ron DeSantis isn’t big on masks and vaccines as he is on Regeneron. Then again, his top donors don’t make masks and vaccines… Salad tycoon Jonathan Neman figures more salads should be mandated, as thinner people are naturally free from health worries. Shopping for salad, a woman found herself oppressed by just the sight of masks on other people. She is now free of her employment. If you take Ivermectin, you can be free of birth control, forever! 

450,000 more Americans have died since Donald Trump promised free Regeneron.

Robert Mercer and a few co-workers over at Renaissance Technologies will pay about $7 billion to the IRS in fines, and probably around that price to make sure they aren’t hassled again.

Robert E. Lee, loser, went down again in Virginia, but the most interesting thing might be what was under his statue.

Barack Obama, winner, is out stumping for Gavin Newsom and against Gavin’s recall. Larry Elder is all set to be a Trump-level loser. Election truthers do what they can to take the security out of future elections.

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David Waldman finally returns with an all-new, LIVE, KITM! Well, not exactly “live”. There’s network latency... and that auditory signal traveling from your ears to your brain… What really matters is that our live shows have Greg Dworkin cussing like a trooper on them. If you’re lucky, you still might get to hear a little on the above link!

So, what’s more offensive, several dozen f-bombs or a nurse chuckling as she listens to a boy describing his grandmother dying of COVIDAnti-maskers and anti-vaxxers laugh and rage, while everything rules-followers built crumbles. Sometimes, when a friend or relative dies, they think of changing, but that doesn’t happen half as often as it should. (Them thinking of changing, that is.) Florida isn’t even thinking about changing. Meanwhile, death panels convene in Idaho, where they will pick and choose who deserves to live. Jimmy Kimmel simplifies matters.

The same number of rural conservatives take veterinary drugs as those that make church casseroles from hog feed… Unfortunately, that’s probably a non-zero number.

There is a 1 in 5,000 chance of a breakthrough infection for a vaccinated person. In 24 states there is a 1 in 500 chance you are already dead. There is a 100% chance Covid medical bills are getting bigger. Should we kill a few more grandmas to make Joe Manchin happy?

Covid’s butterfly effect, along with millions dead world-wide, are causing tsunami-sized ripples in supply chains everywhere.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announces a plan to crack down on pre-crimes, to support banning what women do about their pre-embryos.  

Cutting unemployment benefits makes no difference in job growth, and MAGA-types receive only temporary sexual gratification.

Afghanistan was botched, the media has determined after analyzing available data. They could consider it a bit more

Robert E. Lee surrendered, again, this morning in Virginia and this time was cut up into pieces. Filibusteros Steve Bannon and Jason Miller have fled into South America.

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L’Shanah tovah! David Waldman is out rockin’ in the New Year and wasn’t available for a live KITM, but he was available to record an all-new KITM!

Lunatics just don’t just end up at town halls and school board meetings on their own. National conservative groups and donors rile them, fund them and weaponize them, because they have long understood local extremists lead to national power. While Democrats fight for the procedures, norms, and rules, Republicans understand that procedure, norms and rules are whatever those in power deem them to be. Steve KG Bannon knows that a perfect complexion and white rule are only one reality away, just a snap of the finger for enough voting precincts. On the other end of the power spectrum, 5 Supreme Court justices can make the future, or the past, whatever they say it is. In fact, they don’t even have to bother to say anything.

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Back to 2012David Waldman broadcast LIVE from the 2012 Democratic National Convention with appearances by Armando, Greg Dworkin, former president Bill Clinton, Dave Grohl, and the Foo Fighters! Not all got air time, as the show was truncated to only one hour, but here is how David described it at the time:


Organized chaos this morning. That's the best description of the scene on the ground in Charlotte, as Armando & I made our way to the PPL, the blogger's home away from home during the convention, to kick things off with our abbreviated morning segment.

For chaos, things seemed to come out pretty well! We had Raven Brooks and Mary Rickles of Netroots Nation stop by for a few minutes, and they gave us a quick rundown on who's here, how many they expect, and what's in store for bloggers, new media and netroots types who choose to make the PPL their base. Be sure to check out the site, because they're streaming video from up in that place. And you know you love the video.

Greg Dworkin joined us for his regular segment, which was an accomplishment in itself. And our phone lines kinda-sorta worked, at least enough to get Bill in Portland Maine on "air" with us!


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I managed to put together an all-new, pre-recorded show for today, but I’m not exactly at the top of my game now that it’s time for a show summary. But let’s wing it, anyhow.

First, a delivery on the hint from Monday (I believe) that there was some weird story floating around out there about a high school football game featured on ESPN over the past weekend. Er, well, here is that weird story.

You know what other story is weird? Lauren Boebert’s story. But there’s a new chapter. And while it definitely ain't right, it’s actually the least weird chapter she’s got.

In other news that slipped through the cracks, Trump lost a huge court case, again. Only this time, it’ll cost him—at long last—at least some of his tax records.

In Jan. 6th news, it sounds like the investigative committee thinks that just maybe, some of their House colleagues may have left a paper trail that’s worth having a look at. Or more specifically, a paper trail about their electronic trail. But, wait! Shouldn’t we wait five minutes for Kevin McCarthy to make the situation worse? Ah, nevermind. He’s just done it. Well, surely that’s the last of… oh, wait! We forgot about Andy Biggs!

Oh, and we also forgot about the terrible lawyers who have attached themselves to the case. Some (f not all) of them were hoping we’d do that.

In pandemic news, not all of the loony birds fighting mask mandates are Foghorn Leghorn types. The problem is, they’re everywhere. And worse, Bannon the Hutt (TW: Bannon’s face) is jumping out in front of their parade.

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Want to find out stuff? Listen to today’s KITM with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, your one-stop-shop for what you need to know:

Hurricane Ida has hit the New York area. Tornadoes headed through Maryland and down the NJ turnpike into Manhattan and the Bronx last night.

Rudy Giuliani’s Hope Hicks, Christianné Allen, isn’t doing it anymore, at least for Rudy. A Hooter’s representative is doing it now, probably with less enthusiasm for all involved.

Nurses and doctors on the front lines of fighting Covid will tell you vaccines are their most important tool. The largest study of masks yet show even surgical masks can make a difference. Actually, there are scads of tests, oodles of studies, and heaps of evidence supporting mask use. Of course, none of this will make one whit of difference to a moron. Joe Rogan got Covid and took all the cures with the exception of those Democratic vaccines. If Rogan doesn’t survive, perhaps he missed out on a new fix… maybe...

Snakes. You knew it’d have to be snakes sometime with this crowd. Liberty University has more COVID-19 cases than 4 larger Virginia campuses combined, so there might not be enough pit vipers to go around. If it means getting into a ball game, people will do whatever.

COVID outcomes in Florida and Connecticut show that leadership matters, but if leadership mattered in Texas or Florida, those places would be unrecognizable. California has spotted the recall con. Robert E. Lee goes down to defeat in Virginia.

Texas showed Republican political stunts are now to be taken seriously and literally, and the Supreme Court rules us all, for as long as we let them.

Hey, remember Afghanistan? Once people started to see that Joe Biden really was doing a good job there, the media lost interest. Republicans late to slap together their publicity antics sadly, quietly return to the US.

Remember Donald Trump? So does the Trump Organization's corporate director of security Matthew Calamari Jr., and he might be talking.

Soon you won’t be able to hire the National Guard to be your mercenary squad.

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Yesterday, we traveled back in time for a little KITM, 2012-style. Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin can’t stop talking about those juiceboxes during the breaks.

Men were so sure this disaster would never happen, and shrugged off all the women who tried to sound alarms. Well, that could be just about anything, but often it is the loss of abortion rights. Again, Susan Collins was wrong, and Hillary Clinton was right, both for the millionth time. The Supreme Court didn’t have to do anything to overturn Roe, and that is exactly how they finally did it. The people who made this happen will never have a problem.

Barack Obama couldn’t control the weather as president, but he knew what to do about it, and for that we should be thankful. Similar expectations are being levied now against Joe Biden in Afghanistan. Joe isn’t promising miracles, just hard, honest, competent work. Honest people see that. Sane people too. Getting out of Afghanistan might be easier than staying out, eventually.

Joe and the Dems are becoming the tiniest bit disarrayed. Nancy and Chuck have got this.

The media will be the last know any of this, because they’re too busy watching each other to understand what is going on.

Meanwhile a Texas school district has shut down classes due to Covid outbreaks. It took a couple of teachers dying to get their attention. Perhaps Delta has peaked, but it sure wasn’t due to red states, because that isn’t part of their game plan. Sending kids back to school without a mask plays into that plan, also.

Peter Meijer says neither Joe Biden or the Pentagon tell the truth to the American people. Peter discovered this by lying to the American people.

Want to prevent another January 6th? Well, you could create more norms to violate. There are rules, then there are rules. David, through Ira Goldman, studies the procedural gambits that might be gambited.

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