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Today's ostensibly non-political story that's nonetheless political to us: plastic microbeads are in everything. Even toothpaste. So now they're in your water. Open carry moves to... in front of schools. And how do you tell an open carry protester from a maniac? Wait for him to start shooting. Mark Pryor toes the NRA line, but they spend millions to defeat him anyway. What's Mayday PAC doing giving money to anti-reformers? Why the shift away from an assault weapons ban? Explaining away kids' fatal GunFAILs. Witness who reported Ohio WalMart "gunman" turns out to be full of it. Congressional inaction as tacit approval of executive action. Matt Stoller gives us stuff to think about, re: ISIS.

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Still more technical difficulties kept us off the live stream, but the podcast goes on. Australian officials claim to have busted an ISIS terror plot in that country. But don't worry, Dick Morris will save you. Greg Dworkin sends us word on what he's been up to at his day job: prepping for enterovirus-68. One of the more interesting "what you don't understand" pieces about Scottish independence. Explainers explain the troop commitment to the Ebola fight. APR: Senate modeling update. Govs. Nikki Haley and Chris Christie have four local Dems bounced from a burrito joint they were visiting. More on "poverty capitalism." Trendspotting: bathroom #GunFAIL.

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Technical issues kept us off the live stream for the first few minutes of the show, but not to worry, it's all here on the podcast. Twitter and social media users help crack the case on a hate crime attack in Philadelphia. A former MA police chief is arrested on gun charges, and you won't believe the gun trouble he's been in before. Joan McCarter joins us to discuss the Philly case, an update on net neutrality actions, this fun new pope, the state of play in the elections in Kansas, Senate action on appointments, and the difficulties of getting to a vote on action against ISIS. Afterward, we reviewed the writing on the politics at play on that issue.

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No, "tort reform" isn't a serious cost-control measure in health care. Greg Dworkin wasn't with us this morning, but notes the official numbers showing a significant decrease in the numbers of uninsured. Charlie Cook lists the things that could still go wrong for the Gop this fall. Jeanne Devon of The Mudflats on the Palin Riot of 2014. The "necessity defense" for climate action civil disobedience. (Stand Your Planet?) Rosalyn MacGregor updates us on MI-GOV & SEN. War powers & national security issues are looming again. Venture capitalists are getting nervous about a new tech bubble, and with good reason: stupid stuff is happening again.

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Greg Dworkin sent us a couple worthy links today, in lieu of his usual appearance, inlcuiding Nate Cohn's "Democrats Are Seeing More Daylight in Path to Senate Control," which we pored over for a while. The article's mention of KS independent Greg Orman leads us to a discussion of what it means to caucus with one party or another in the Senate, and why it's done. And hey, aren't party caucuses a little like unions? Say, how about the somewhat clickbait-y revelations of a "secret" Senate rulebook? We take the bait so you don't have to. We also caught up on in-school teacher GunFAIL, because we had to. Someone's picking up & running with the "smart gun" ball again, and even some conservatives think it's worth doing.

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This morning's Twitter chatter: yet another "Uber, but for..." gets funded. This time, for making the house cleaning market "more efficient" by re-inserting the cash-skimming middleman. (But it might not be working out all that well.) Greg Dworkin reminds us that "makers" make money, not jobs; rounds up ISIS strategy news in advance of the president's speech, and; points to the insiders debating insularity on insider's TV talk show. Joan McCarter tells us Ted Cruz says the Citizens United amendment would outlaw Saturday Night Live. Meanwhile, Daily Kos joins in delivering three million petition signatures in support, and SF Bay Area Kossacks head to Sen. Feinstein's office to lobby for net neutrality. Reminder: you can weigh in with the FCC on net neutrality through Daily Kos, and pick up a protest day widget for your own website, too. We also discuss Daily Kos Elections coverage of yesterday's primary election results, and Republican plans for yet more Benghazi investigation, and another Obamacare repeal vote. Because new ideas!

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Twitter's still wrapped up in the Ray & Janay Rice story. Plus Condi Rice as NFL commissioner? Greg Dworkin rounds up punditry on Republicans running to the center, and Ted Cruz's Obamacare nightmare (as if he cared about "facts"). Polling on ISIS & foreign policy, generally. Senate moves ahead with Citizens United amendment. Big step forward, or not? Continued reading & discussion of Radley Balko's "How municipalities in St. Louis County, Mo., profit from poverty."

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Today's morning Twitter chatter: TMZ comes up with video of the assault by NFL player Ray Rice on his fiancée, for which he received just a 2-game suspension from the league. Greg Dworkin tells us the White House has got an ISIS strategy for us, and is employing strategery on the immigration front as well. Nate Cohn's "Why Democrats Can't Win the House." Nick Kristof wrote about Ferguson & then read the comments. Coal waste landfill workers told it's "safe enough to eat." Meanwhile, we're banning solar panels and reversing even small fracking protections? One WI town has to fight fracking even as it's revealed the fracking company's CEO is in jail on charges of child sexual assault. All these stories are about conscious decisions to stack the deck. And so's this one about the dizzying array of fines and penalties designed to soak the poor of St. Louis County, MO.

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Today's Twitter chatter included the story of a Pennsylvania perv busted by the woman he was assaulting, who just happened to be a federal marshal. Greg Dworkin's roundup gave us food for thought on the McDonnell conviction, yet another unforced conservative gaffe on slavery, and James Risen's take on ISIS (plus Risen as an issue unto himself). Texas school districts aren't missing out on the militarization bonanza. Scientists break the science fiction barrier, with brain-to-brain interfacing. If Dan Snyder gets public money for a new stadium, "it's time to shut down pro sports." Does that ever pay off for the public? Probably not. Gideon flags the "Preventing Antibiotic Resistance Act" for our attention. And for anyone who ever asked why I track GunFAIL, the answer is: Idaho State.

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Greg Dworkin notes the odd disparity in when the traditional media finds electoral questions "too close to call," and when it does not. WaPo explains its entirely routine (though somewhat silly) shift in Senate modeling. Big changes in KS-SEN. Mike Rogers offers Obama a free hand on ISIS, even as louder-mouthed hawks condemn things before he even contemplates them. And Greg notes Lieberman's conspicuous absence from the hawkish triumvirate. New on the Bridgegate front: top NJ brass silenced cops on the lane closures. Glenn Beck is: 1) still alive, and; 2) resigned to a Hillary presidency. Armando calls in with breaking news on the Halbig case. Listener Rosalyn MacGregor clues us in on MI-GOV. And Gideon has some Congressional procedure questions arising from the latest ad against Mitch McConnell.

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