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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 23, 2021

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On today’s KITMDavid Waldman opens with a simple comment on banana peel gags, then proceeds to weave a discussion of bananasinsurance fraudTammany-Hall political reform, the inherent value of infrastructure, saltSALT, breathing, and the proud history of sanitation workers into it. Just like Rachel Maddow!

We’re way ahead of the Maddow curve when it comes to election reform, that is, “election systems and methods” reform. David talks with the executive director of The Center for Election ScienceAaron Hamlin about Approval Voting, covering the basics, history, and the debate around how Approval Voting compares to other methods. A real-life example of Approval Voting is its success in the St. Louis City primary election, leading to the election of Tishaura Jones, the first Black woman elected mayor of St. Louis.

It has been a year since Donald Trump said the most stupid, dangerous things he ever said during his presidency, maybe. Donald has said a lot of stupid, dangerous things. Trump hoped to deceive and humiliate the virus, but instead the virus did a number on him. This was when Trump started pushing Hydroxychloroquine, the Ivermectin of 2020, while bogarting the Remdesivir in the White House fridge. There is still time however, to claim a position on the Hydroxychloroquine MLM ladder.

Bodycam footage showed a cop punching a Black guy in the face until his arms were tired and the Black man was almost dead, but no one, including his fellow police officers, stopped him. Another video shows another cop beating another handcuffed person, but she wasn’t Black, and she was a woman, and this time the coworkers saw a line being crossed. You do have a right to film police, and police don’t have a right to shoot, beat, or arrest you for it, but as you know, things happen. Therefore, it is recommended you find a less upfront method if required. Police recently arrested a cop watcher — but then recorded themselves by accident with his equipment.