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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 28, 2022

As we approach the new year, David Waldman continues on his warm beverage adventure featuring the mulch-in-a-mug assortment I recently sent his way. Greg Dworkin drinks his tea the way God intended, British.

Glass Onion, the No. 1 movie on Netflix, has received mixed reviews, enjoyed by those who understand mysteries, comedies and movies, and disliked by the others who enjoy and understand nothing.

Jew-ish Republican-elect George Santos somehow managed to make even Fox News look “Fair and Balanced” and represents the future of the Republican party. George would be lying if he didn’t credit Donald Trump for his entire existence. The old master, however, has been off his game lately and is taking it pretty hard.

The January 6 Select Committee's Final Report continues to be condensed and distilled for better dissemination and understanding. David spends more time examining what the Jan. 6th Report says about the Fake Electors scheme, and Stefanie Lambert, a down on her luck pettifogger hitting the big time by taking down democracy.

There’s good news! The economy is still flying above the treetops, and wage inequality is dropping because of low unemployment, because of Joe Biden. Republicans don’t know what to make of it, or anything else for that matter. And in a Korean/USA holiday miracle,10 South Korean tourists stranded in a blizzard near Buffalo found refuge, and a pantry full of the ingredients for Korean cuisine!