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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 29, 2022

You can get the who, what, and where anywhere, but on KITM David Waldman and Greg Dworkin focus on “the why” behind the news.

Jew-ish Republican-elect George Santos, who goes under the name of George Devolder and Anthony Zabrovsky, claims to be Holocaust, 9/11, Pulse Nightclub, and cancer-adjacent, and quasi-graduated from a series of prestigious schools, becoming eventually wealthy-destitute, as well as somewhat black-ish. Even Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t shovel the BS like George can. George Santos threatens the Republican party’s reputation as a moral standard as well as their planned speakership knifings. Now it turns out that George’s crime-like behaviors might be deemed crime-actual with investigations being initiated at federal and local levels.

Buffalo drops its driving “ban” in favor of an “advisory” allowing Buffalonians the freedom to freeze where they choose. Officials finger point to stay warm, while poor and POC take the brunt as always.

In Nevada, Michele Fiore (yeah, you remember her) has no judicial experience, and yet Republicans appointed her to a judgeship in Pahrump… Pahrump? Pahrump Justice Court.