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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 3, 2013

A grab bag of topics and headlines for today's show. "Cyber" Monday. Fox News tries to inject the impeachment meme again, this time over! says "At Least 1 in 4 Dark Money Dollars in 2012 Had Koch Links." Congressional negotiators are said to be close to a mini budget deal to replace at least part of sequestration's cuts. The NY train derailment's cause: the engineer fell asleep. Spotless, years-long performance record, no drugs, no alcohol, no texting. Just a bad moment. A Wisconsin voucher school is found to be in mid-collapse. By the numbers, this is one of the least productive Congresses ever. (But you knew that.) Gun control advocates are targeted by gun nuts with misogynistic, violent threats, because freedom. RWNJs of the future will one day insist the Constitution requires Republican Party membership. David Pakman's report on a horrible story out of New Mexico, in which police strip-searched a drug suspect and sprayed her vagina with mace! Fox News says swim classes for Muslim girls is Creeping Sharia! A wrap-up on the NSA sex snooping stories.