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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 30, 2015

David Waldman makes it to the middle of the week, and almost to the end of the year with the help of guests Joan & Greg: 

Greg Dworkin brings us campaign highlights and lowlights: Donald Trump’s bile is a healing balm, although Trump voters are out for revenge, and Trump’s spokeswoman is out for revenge, although she seems like a nice person.  

The experienced presidential candidates know enough to get the Hell out, leaving The Republican establishment figuring out how to tweak the system to still get what they want. The WSJ thinks the “cluster” option is still the least likely.

Chris Christie’s checkbook meets new friends at the airport. Sheldon Adelson has a journalist built to his liking.

Joan McCarter looks ahead to the pointless, symbolic fights coming in the new year.

Maniac Trio Ted Cruz, Steve King and Louie Goehmert will bring the insanity on tour for 2016.

A bruised Planned Parenthood gears up for even more attacks in the election year.

But first, The Potato Drop!