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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 4, 2013

Third Way is terrible. I say so. Greg Dworkin says so. And Joan McCarter says so. So that's three ways, right there. Greg tells us about the numbers, how Obama is running away from Obamacare by giving a speech about Obamacare, (Why won't this guy lead?), how the journamalisms on the ACA is awful, and about Tom Edsall's NYT piece "The Center Cannot Hold." Then he tried to reassure us there wouldn't be another government shutdown, but we hung up on him. So, we asked Joan about that instead! And also about the Republicans' stealthy non-i-word impeachment hearing, why Third Way is so terrible, what's up with the Detroit bankruptcy, and how Republicans are dusting off the same "$717 billion in Medicare cuts" talking point all over again. Later: the Virginia special election to fill Mark Herring's seat, and some critical background from Demos on the Detroit bankruptcy situation.