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Kagro in the Morning - February 13, 2015

Today's morning chatter: RBG becomes even more notorious. TX considers loosening gun laws while Texans play loose with their guns. Armando joined in for a wide-ranging discussion, including: RBG's marriage equality comments; the ongoing travesty of King v. Burwell; the curious tradition of FITN caucuses and primaries, and; journalist Murtaza Hussain's comments about the Chapel Hill murders. Chris Christie draws yet more scrutiny, this time on casinos and gaming. Post-snowpocalyptic life in Boston. FBI Dir. Comey steps out on race & policing. Things get wacky with Kitzhaber. KY's biblical theme park loses its tax breaks. NBC polling on the ISIS AUMF. And the Daily Caller is caught out, sending email solicitations for someone they once called a "fraudster."

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