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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 24, 2016

David Waldman maybe would have decided on who to vote for in the upcoming Virginia primaries by now, if he didn’t have to produce great KITMs every day.

Trump is the big winner in Nevada, as God tosses him another victoryGreg Dworkin and David ponder what in the world is happening. Were Trump voters there all along, and it just took Donald Trump to show us this

In a success story for the primary process, Bernie Sanders’ campaign inspires/forces Hillary Clinton to re-support the “public option’ for national health care.

For even more on the health care issue, the Nevada results and delegate math heading into Super Tuesday, visit today’s Abbreviated Pundit Round-up!

Joan McCarter reports that Mitch McConnell agrees with the House Freedom Caucus crazies, and Justice Samuel Alito agrees with Mitch McConnell on avoiding agreement with Barack Obama ever, especially on approving Supreme Court nominees. Idaho Militia gut-shoots a 12 year old girl, and turns the incident into a fund-raising drive.

Tennessee finds out that as people carry guns more often, more people get shot. A Tennessee council member introduces a resolution to ask God not to smite the county over same-sex marriage. A same-sex spouse in Tennessee eventually becomes able to change her name, then she is hit in the head by a ricocheted bullet

Here is how Obama gives a victory speech vs. how Trump gives a victory speech.