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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 25, 2015

Morning chatter: 69% of Republicans don't think Obama loves America. GunFAIL on Fruit of the Loom Drive. Greg Dworkin rounds up the polling news on flavor-of-the-month Scott Walker. Bob Ehrlich has started showing up in New Hampshire. Hey, we're "just asking" the "Is Obama Christian?" question. Will Walker's record matter? Can Rubio sneak back into the game? Closure on the Toronto Star's HPV story. Nevada legislator infamous for "young, hot little girls" remark goes full d3Rp. CNN gives us the Glenn Beck's chalkboard version of the latest Bill O'Reilly factcheck. Joan McCarter brings us back to reality, noting Gop disarray over the looming DHS shutdown, the latest on the Netanyahu debacle, what comes after King v. Burwell, and the Senate parliamentarian says no to repeal through reconciliation.