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Kagro in the Morning - January 13, 2016

David Waldman is back on line and back on the air!

Ten U.S. sailors detained by Iran, have been freed! Great news, unless you hate America and missed your opportunity to needle the President. Conservatives attack Nikki Haley instead.

Greg Dworkin brings us the latest polls and news — the race is tight in IA and NH, and Bernie Sanders is doing great, but so is Hillary Clinton. Either way, Bernie has made an impact which may be good news for Hillary as well. 

Two political reporters switched beats for a week, demonstrating what new can be seen with fresh eyes

Some may think Trump’s winning, but his primary competition doesn’t, so maybe that’s why they aren’t attacking him

Ted Cruz does not really deserve to be liked. So, right when he could use a hand, he is not finding many friends. Mitch McConnell says he’s on his own.

Joan McCarter brings us news of the SOTU. Paul Ryan won his staring contest with someone, maybe it was the Little Sisters he brought in to make his political point. Nikki Haley did OK, although maybe not the best choice for conservatives. 

Senate Republicans may appease the House Republicans with limited filibuster reform. Lobbying outfit Heritage Action calls for an end to judicial confirmations during Obama’s final year.

David reviews the gunFAILs of the new year and the in-school gunFails, along with the story of the security guard leaving a gun in a restroom.   

Virginia Delegate Mark Cole, phone and email, and Twitter, has filed a bill to require that children’s anatomical sex be verified before they use a restroom. Virginia Delegate Mark Cole either has not thought his bill out very well, or has thought it out all too well.

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