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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 7, 2014

It's finally officially cold, meaning that the media capitals of the East Coast have felt it. Greg Dworkin joined us to share his round-up. The next government shut-down may be avoided, as a compromise spending bill appears to be on its way. Liz Cheney drops out of the Wyoming Senate race. Brookings discovers that "trickle-down" doesn't, and both parties are moving to stake out a position on economic inequality. Jonathan Chait surprisingly finds no interest among conservatives in facts and analysis. Jamelle Bouie thinks Republicans might need to come up with besides hating Obamacare. Again. And Monte Frank joins a Connecticut delegation in The Hill in "Gun violence survivor carries a message for us all." The political Twitter chatter this morning is all about coverage accompanying the release of a new book and a documentary about the 1971 break-in at the FBI field office in Media, PA that yielded the documents proving the existence of COINTELPRO, and massive surveillance and subversion of domestic political dissent. That, and the sudden change in the FBI's "primary mission" led us to spend an awful lot of time thinking about the ground that post-Watergate reforms of all sorts have lost to reactionary Republicans.