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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 9, 2014

Chris Christie's bridge-closing scandal remains atop the headlines today. Greg Dworkin sifts through them, thanks to TPM's roundup. We lingered on the subject, exploring the ins and out, while waiting for what became his marathon press conference. Moving on, we note NRSC staffer Brad Dayspring's purported surprise at the rival Senate Conservatives Fund's practice of making bulk book purchases, in this case of a book by wackadoodle Mark '100 Times Worse Than Watergate' Levin. (He says it a lot.) But listeners of KITM know that that's been standard operating procedure for PACs, and particularly conservative PACs, since forever. And another look at the Duck Dynasty-ing of Guns & Ammo writer, Dick Metcalf, under the title of, "Gospel of the Gun: Why the Fight for Gun Control will be Harder than We Think."