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Kagro in the Morning

Jul 7, 2016

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KITM has no guests calling in today, so David Waldman is free to roam across the internet, taking down all of the evil and stupid in his path.

Correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor helps out with a dispatch from Michigan... actually, Pennsylvania, with a story on how cash-poor cities can work together with state emergency managers.

The House Republicans didn’t catch anything with Eghazi hearings, now try to hook FBI Director James Comey. Funny, the congressman investigating Comey really liked him last month.

The press confuses Bill Clinton with Hillary Clinton with all Clintons, but they know they aren’t Kennedys.

Hillary Clinton wants to make America great again by eliminating deadbeats like Donald Trump. One of the Von Clownstick boys is driven to profane language by the (investigative) behavior of a reporter.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi can’t scrub the Trump smell off.

Donald Trump throws a fit, enraged that his presidency could be held to the same standards as Saddam Hussein & Disney DVD marketing, and he will not let it go, let it gooooo, calming down only after playing with his action figures. Trump’s warmup act asks the crowd if they feel safe around blacks: “Noooooo!”

It’s Paul Ryan vs. the Freedom Caucus again, and David delves into the details.

Campus carry laws seem designed to attract conflict, as University of Texas at Austin professors sue their university and the state.

Black citizen. legally carrying weapon, complying with police, shot dead, adding to the toll of Baton RougeFergusonBaltimore, and Cleveland.

Meanwhile another guy kills himself at a gun range, and another 3 year old kills herself with a loaded gun.