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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 15, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin sure are some witty guys! Come for the snappy banter, stay for their sophisticated repartee.

Nice! 69% of those polled say attempting to overturn election results is a crime. It would be nicer if even more did embrace reality, but more than 100 GQP primary winners won supporting the Big Lie, and their goal is to make their fantasy reality. You and I know they’re screwballs, but so do their supporters, therefore it might not be wise to take them lightly, or to strategically support them, because we might get more than we’re asking for.

A county in New Mexico won’t certify its election results once the GQP quit liking the voting machines following displeasing results. Republicans playing with QAnon fire got burnt in Nevada. Nationwide, gangs of constitutional sheriffs threaten to kill or be killed busting up voting machines and democracy.

Somehow, there were still elections yesterday.

Meanwhile, justice and the January 6 committee march on, building a case for a criminal conspiracy, and for locking up Donald Trump. If they don’t catch him, someone will. Half of the Republican party should go to jail, while the other half should go broke supporting them. Today justice has been slightly delayed, but not denied, they’re only just building up pressure.

So… Uhm, thanks Kyrsten Sinema, for helping put together the first significant gun safety legislation in a generation through your own special brand of inscrutable magic and by pointing out red flags to those only looking to surf a red wave.

Fences are going up around the Capitol again. Could be the Supreme Court on abortion... Oh, well, we will just have to wait for the announcement, I guess.