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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 16, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are here today for your KITM pre-hearing briefing.

No one lies like Georgia Republican Barry Loudermilk, at least no one innocent. Loudermilk promises to stop lying, soon, right after this one more, maybe two… The photos showing Barry leading tourists around to Capitol security points, tunnels, stairwells, exits, etc. were problematic enough, but there’s also the footage of one of those tourists on January 6 talking about assaulting members of the Congress and Senate with other, armed, tourists. Oh, you were you talking about that tour? OOPS!

The Proud Boys planned to occupy Capitol buildings on January 6. An actual written-out plan. By the way, who planted those pipe bombs?

Steve KG Bannon is a habitual criminal, who lies constantly, and has plenty to hide.

John Eastman says there was a heated fight in the Supreme Court about whether to intervene in the 2020 elections. Eastman is probably lying, after all that’s his job. One thing is true, Eastman was rooting for riots on January 6.

Staunch conservative, retired federal Judge, J. Michael Luttig is testifying today that January 6 was a “well-developed plan” by Trump

Donald Trump begs to be sworn in by the committee to testify under oath immediately. Donald did say a thing or two in the past, but is he really a criminal? David is so glad that you asked that question!

The Otero County, New Mexico Board of County Commissioners has gone off the deep end for the Big Lie, but what are they going to do, throw them in jail? If the FBI is looking for extremist ringleaders, they should check on who’s running for office. Reporters know American democracy is under threat, but don’t know where to focus their cameras

Dr. Anthony Fauci told you that stuff was contagious, didn’t he?