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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 20, 2022

Happy holidays! Today, David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin to KITM’s celebration of Juneteenth (Observed) and Father’s Day (Eastern Orthodox).

That means the January 6 commission will be out until tomorrow. So far, they have been very effective. 6 in 10 Americans say Donald Trump should be held responsible for the insurrection, the scales falling from 1 out of 5 sets of Republican eyes. To date, Donald and friends have dropped enough bricks to build three Mar-a-Lagos.

And it’s only just begun. People are finally beginning to understand how and why Trump must be criminally prosecuted, probably of attempted murder… But — “What about Chappaquiddick?” demands Tucker, as Trump’s savviest aides slip out the window. The trouble is, there are no savvy left, just lunatic wannabees, locking, loading, and aiming at trans-Americans, RINOs, Democrats, their families... until they run out of bullets.

The Texas GQP capsizes to the right, assaulting lefties Dan Crenshaw, and John Cornyn, seceding from Joe Biden, and becoming officially anti-LGBTQ, testing the patience of the ever-resilient Log Cabin Republicans. Andrew Sullivan probably doesn’t see the logic in all of this, and yet thought it made sense to adore Chris “Osama bin Laden” Rufo, who will tell you right now that’s a dumb thing to do.

Democracy continues to breathe, at least shallowly, in New Mexico, with the GQP commission of Otero County deciding that this wouldn’t be the hill they died upon, as their paychecks would also stop. Cowboy for Trump Couy Griffin can hold his head high.

Extra good news: Judge Michael Luttig is not recovering from a stroke, as he never had a stroke! We can all go back to being annoyed by how incredibly slow he talks