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Kagro in the Morning - June 4, 2014

Open Carry Texas' brand hijacking campaign continues, now dragging Target into the fight. Greg Dworkin rounds up multiple angles on the POW swap stories, including how Republicans scrambled to delete old expressions of support for Bergdahl. Primary election news. The reparations discussion continues. Joan McCarter makes her weekly pilgrimage to the show, giving us an Idahoan's take on the Bergdahl release. We also discussed primary election results, the Gop still at sea on Obamacare, the lineup of Daily Kos gubernatorial endorsements, the net neutrality fight, MoDo on the weed, and more about Scott Brown's super-shady sweetheart deal. GunFAIL 2014 keeps up the pace, as we compare fatal accidents among children in 2014 to last year, and discover a statistical surprise: there were four kids accidentally shot to death on this very day, last year.

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