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Kagro in the Morning

Jun 6, 2022

Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin celebrate D-Day, the biggest Antifa holiday on the calendar! Today is a great day to punch a Nazi, even metaphorically

Meanwhile, several more mass killings by shooting happened since the last KITM. 72% of the nation believes that these deaths could be prevented, however 44% of Republicans would rather they weren’t. 5 states are already taking action. Beto O’Rourke will run on gun control, again. Marjorie Traitor Greene will run on gun neglect, again without David Hogg’s help. Joe Manchin just wishes he could do something to help, and so does Chris Jacobs, but alas, the Republican party won’t let themTrump-Endorsed Arizona candidate Blake Masters knows exactly how to fix the gun problem. Donald Trump wonders what’s on the other channel.

Don’t worry, the NRA has got this all handled, as long as your checks keep coming in.

It turns out that AR-15-style weapons aren’t “just like” hunting rifles, at least not in the opinion of the people who use, pose with, purchase or profit by them… and especially not to those who pray to them, the flag and the cross. (Even the non-religious can get a boner from them.) A guy who killed a retired judge and had a hitlist with Gretchen Whitmer’s name on it was “self-subdued”, nothing to worry about here, except from anyone similar to him.

Reporters know Kevin McCarthy Is dumb. It’s a trait so strangely common, and yet so hardly reported. In Great Britain, Boris Johnson almost got away with it, and who knows, might get away with it again.

Will Donald Trump get away with it? You know, the sedition? Happened around January 6, 2021? Maybe you heard, they’re doing a whole primetime thing about it this week! You know Democrats generally eschew promoting such things, so you might need to ask a Republican about it, or you could find more about it here. Here are five things about the January 6 panel hearings. Here are five more!