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Kagro in the Morning - March 21, 2016

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David Waldman reminds us that if you treat your purse as a holster, you always have to treat your purse as a holster. And, on playdates, consider every purse to be a holster.

Greg Dworkin has eliminated the beep that sounded as if he called in while operating a forklift, and also dispels some myths about the November Presidential election. The Cato Institute has found that old turnips still have some more blood. Old folks are not just good for the labor they provide, they vote too. Non-voters could have stopped Trump if they were less apathetic, more enthusiastic. There are not enough white voters to vote in Trump. David Brooks peers from his ivory tower, and has a hunch he may be disconnected from Trump voters. The Gop establishment has to make a big decision about Trump. By the way, there is no Gop establishment, or their candidate would have been the candidate. Meanwhile, Arizona’s tomorrow. Trump still has one big move to make. Why is this man smiling?

David looks at the Republican party’s array of desperation measures, including a delegate by delegate lobbying effort to deny Donald Trump the nomination. That doesn’t sound very fair — hey wait, look at what Bernie Sanders has got going.  People have worked long and hard to create this system, and will decide how to use it.

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