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Kagro in the Morning - May 12, 2016

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David Waldman reports on the first dispatch released for the Trump/Zimmerman ‘16 campaign—George’s commemorative gun can be yours. Although, Donald’s VP could be his new BFF, Paul Ryan. Or maybe if Trump got to know Tom Cotton, he’d see what he’s missing.

Another accidental discharge of a swimming pool occurs in an apartment complex, passing through a floor.

Greg Dworkin has a day job, and will be attending to that tomorrow, but shall return on Monday! How is the Republican party screwing their voters? Let Greg count the ways. Then why do their supporters still stick with them? The primary numbers have always supported a Trump nomination, the election numbers are not supporting a Trump election.

West Virginia feels the Bern in a different way. What did W. Va. say at the polls? Is Bernie Sanders’ candidacy causing havoc? Sanders’ supporters make a plan for the post-primaries.

Hillary Clinton wins the Nebraska Primary, but does not get any delegates, which were awarded in the earlier caucuses. How does that even work? David is looking into it, and will get back to you.

Bernie Sanders accuses the DNC of favoring Clinton. The DNC says Bernie Sanders doesn’t get the rules. David considers the cycle of establishing establishments, and how each new participant in an institution has the opportunity to reform it (on their way to becoming an elite).

The explosion and fire at a Texas fertilizer plant in 2013 has been ruled intentional.

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