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Kagro in the Morning

May 19, 2022

King of KITM, Local President David Waldman asks: What's next for Madison Cawthorn after his primary loss? Also: Who cares? Mads is certain to be forgotten much more quickly by Republicans than Democrats, for whom he’ll be a wistful memory like Aaron Schock, who may have a few things in common with Cawthorn, but definitely better fashion sense.

Greg Dworkin talks about the growing significance of Tuesday’s elections. We are witnessing the birth of Fettermania! Soon all Democratic candidates will be 7 feet tall. That beats the winning algorithm Republicans have chosen, as every election cycle requires them to out white Christian nationalist each other. The Big Lie playbook was everywhere as Republicans promised that once elected, they would eliminate elections. The solution for those who don’t trust democracy is of course more Electoral Colleges. Donald Trump says the vote is RIGGED, unless they stop counting votes and declare his boy the winner. GQP candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano, is so Trumpy he might embarrass Trump, but never Trump’s followers, who would rather self-destruct than give up.

Overthrow attempts of the last election are only beginning to be investigated.

9 Republicans voted against a bill that would help poor families buy baby formula. 192 voted no to help manage formula supply.

Democratic candidate for governor of New YorkTom Suozzi, had a solution ready for the Buffalo Massacre question, it just wasn’t a solution for that issue.

Tesla’s “Mike Lindell”, Elon Musk, will never vote commie again

Furrys aren’t taking over public schools. Stop it.