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Kagro in the Morning

May 25, 2022

Today’s weather report: Under the cloud of a mass shooting. Again. Unlike some other places we could name.

Greg Dworkin, who has some experience with these things (which are not rare), helps us get through the morning with his news roundup, plus some suggestions about how to change the way the media covers these events. Or even (dare we say it?) reduce their number.

Not that Republicans can be expected to help. If anything, you should expect them to try to make things worse. The only thing that moves them—ever—is knowing the victims personally. Although Democrats aren’t exactly knocking down walls here, either. And yes, there are some ways to do that.

Meanwhile, yes, the rest of the world marches on. The Georgia primaries, for instance, featuring a win by least-worst candidate Brad Raffensperger. Also in “elections” news, the Michigan Gop’s petition fraud, and the Florida Gop’s “ghost candidate” fraud. Gosh, that’s a lot of Gop fraud! And we haven’t even finished rounding up Michigan Gop fraudsters.

Speaking of Gop frauds, there’s more action on that lawsuit to disqualify Madison Cawthorn—and yes, it might actually matter—even though he got himself disqualified just the other day. You know, by losing. Like this fake Wisconsin Elector did, back in April.

True to form, Senate Republicans grouse loudly about problems, then block solutions to them.

Lastly, Ginni Thomas: she’s no good! Let’s arrest her and then make up the crime later. You may think that’s not allowed, but it is if five Justices say so, and that’s at least as strong an argument as she’s got.