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Kagro in the Morning

May 26, 2016

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David Waldman says he’s open to debating Pepe the Frog, and goes about goading him in the only way possible, by voicing reasonable, rational thought.

Greg Dworkin helps make sense of it all. Other than to destroy Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, democracy, civilization, and make a lot of money, what would be the reasoning behind a Trump vs. Sanders debate? Did the Sanders campaign stave off a bigger threat to the Democratic Party? How does Reince Priebus look at himself in the mirror each morning? There are people happy to burn down the world for you, if it would make you happy, or sad or angry or scared.

Trump ousts the Clownstick Political Director, what does that mean for Clownstick ‘16? Donald Trump signed off deal designed to deprive US of tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue.

So, Hillary Clinton has that email thing. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. It probably won’t make her less likable. “Hillary is even worse” won’t cut it.

How did a conservative law firm convince a school system to gamble on an anti-transgender policy?

A police chief, a cop, and a shooting instructor went drinking, and then decided to shoot things. Not a problem, because after all, they had three gun experts right there.