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Kagro in the Morning

May 31, 2016

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On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin joins us in returning from the Memorial Day break to round up the Republican news, which is of course all about falling in behind Hairspray von Clownstick, and Democratic news, which is still about the last days of our lingering contest.

For Republicans, there’s the troubling and embarrassing dynamics of having to eat $#*t sandwiches

For Democrats, lingering questions about who we are, who our candidates are, and what things might be like once we’re in general election mode.

On the Trump front: he’s at war with the judge in the Trump “University” case; he’s at war with investors in his “businesses;” and he’s even at war with the concept of a president who’s an American first, and mindful that he’s leading a democracy.

On the Clinton front: dealing with coverage of the e-mails, and arguments over the impact of intra-Dem resistance.

Oh, and Libertarians are still a thing.

Returning to Trump, as his lies mount and become ever more ridiculous, media types posit that Trump has destroyed the interview as a tool for insight, and possibly everything else, as well.

Speaking of the destruction of everything else, there was a mass shooting spree—featuring a troubled veteran running amok with an assault rifle and making anti-gay and anti-Semitic comments, and even a good guy with a gun who tried to stop it but got shot anyway—all in the middle of Houston, TX. And we barely noticed.

And finally, some historical context for how Democratic nominating contests really end under the superdelegate system.