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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 12, 2013

Today's media (and conservative) gripes about Obamacare boil down to this: we want to be able to criticize this complex socio-economic policy in the same way that we do horse race political contests. That is to say, poorly and without regard to reality. Greg Dworkin helps us wrap up the news and expectations (both realistic and not), the latest round of Twitter-bashing from journalists, and developments in the Virginia AG count. Following Greg's lead, discussion of the effects of Drudge and Twitter on political journalism. Then, the next filibuster showdown looms in the Senate, and the latest Richard Arenberg dispatch provides ample fodder for picking away at some standard arguments against reform: the Senate's history, the "slippery slope," etc. Follow-ups on the confrontation between Texas open carry advocates and Moms Demand Action, and the pol who won local election in an African-American district of Houston, purportedly by hiding the fact that he was white. More from "Breathless and Burdened."