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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 22, 2013

It's our first post-nuclear show! Once again, we give you a look way, way deep under the hood, with all the information you'll need to shut up just about anybody you're likely to run into at any Thanksgiving dinner, anywhere. You might especially enjoy the "time machine paradox" that once allowed the Senate to use the nuclear option, and then erase its tracks, such that everybody spent the next 35 years thinking it had never been used. And yes, that's available to the Senate today, and always has been. Because time machine! Next, the amazing and infuriating story of police misconduct in Miami Gardens, FL. But we don't leave you hanging with that downer for the weekend. Oh, no! First, "Right-Wing Author Abandons Cultural Populism, Decries 'White Trash,'" and then the positively uplifiting story of Rolling Jubilee and Strike Debt. Thanks, Occupy!