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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 30, 2012

We were joined for an extended Abbreviated APR today by Greg Dworkin, who came prepared to answer the lingering question posed yesterday: how did the Simpson-Bowles non-report treat the savings projections in the Affordable Care Act, and wouldn't we do better to wait a bit on the so-called "fiscall cliff" and see what the scope of Medicare's contribution to the issues really is? We roped in Joan McCarter to join us in talking about that and related issues for the first hour of the show. If reading Daily Kos is like getting the paper two weeks early, then Daily Kos Radio is like getting Daily Kos two hours early. In the second hour, we wondered aloud why the CEOs behind the "Fix the Debt" gang, who ordinarily busy themselves with raiding their companies' pension funds to pay themselves giant bonuses, are suddenly so concerned with curtailing and undermining the biggest pension fund out there, but which because it's public, is currently beyond their reach. Hmm... gee! And finally, as promised, more discussion of the filibuster reform fight: which Senators are still holdouts, and just where did this reform coalition come from, anyway? The answer, if you don't know it already, just might put a little spring in your step today. Listen and find out!