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Kagro in the Morning - November 4, 2015

David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, Armando and Joan McCarter are back with an action, information, and wisdom-packed show:

In local news, vile homophobe and horrible person Eugene Delgaudio ousted!

Greg Dworkin looks at recent polling, as well as the dark and light spots in yesterday's voting:

Trump falls, Carson rises. So, is Donald Trump or Ben Carson winning the book grift contest? Old grifts still haunt Ben. Jeb, now minus the !, plummets. Hillary Clinton consolidates her lead.  

In Kentucky, this guy - no, not this guy - won an election. In about 6 months he'll be a RINO. Want to know more about the elections? Daily Kos Elections will tell you everything. Charlie Cook will tell you even more.

Armando calls in to discuss what the election wins means for the D's & R's, He and David name their favorite grifters running for the Gop Primary. Ben Carson is pretty good, but Ted Cruz's scams have a lot to be said for them.

Joan McCarter discusses the latest news in the last half of the show.
New Kentucky governor Matt Bevin will soon be stepping on the rake of reality. Paul Ryan just stepped on his, by admitting Planned Parenthood can't be defunded.  The House Republicans aim to gut financial reform in the upcoming highway bill.

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