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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 18, 2013

Another show brought to you by our fine friends at CREDO Mobile! Greg Dworkin rounds up the CW from the shutdown fallout, analysis pointing the finger at Gop "moderates," as opposed to the Tea Party, "The Truthiness of Rand Paul," the Gop donor class versus Tea Party, Virginia's bluing trend, and continuing ACA website woes. The political dynamics of earmarks and "pork." Is the Republican ban on earmarks in the House undermining leadership control? And speaking of earmarks, we dig a little deeper into that mysterious provision of the CR dealing with the dam project on the Illinois/Kentucky border. Conflicting stories, here! Plus, a guided tour of how to figure out the intentionally obscure methodologies used in earmarking. This, by the way, is the second "flavor" of transparency, without which simple data transparency is really useless. Also, Kevin Drum's "The Conservative Fundraising Racket, Part 674." And, witnessing the birth of a conservative Twitter freakout!