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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 29, 2014

<strong>Greg Dworkin's</strong> morning update partly concerns something called <a href="">"Ebola,"</a> and the importance of a <a href="">"big picture" response</a>, both nationally and <a href="">internationally</a>. <a href="">Local Connecticut color</a> on <a href="">gun issues</a> in the election. Breaking news: the election is pretty close. Kaci Hickox <a href="">isn't putting up</a> with non-scientific quarantine rules. For the record: Jose Canseco's GunFAIL. How does this kind of thing happen? <strong>Armando</strong> joins us to discuss the <em>NYT</em> piece on lobbying operations <a href=" ">targeting state Attorneys General</a>. 42 mega-donors provide <a href="">nearly a third</a> of all super PAC funds. The much-discussed story of how the ACA has fared in <a href="">Mississippi</a>. More <a href="">questions</a> about Montana's <a href="">"Mailergate."</a> Must read: A pre-K teacher <a href="">reflects on lockdown drills</a>. White House <a href="">cyberattacked</a>. The inevitable <a href="">speculation</a> about Harry Reid.