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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 15, 2015

David Waldman returns from Rosh Hashanah, tan, rested, and ready:

Oklahoma City Bomber, in the middle of his first of 161 life sentences, would like his guns back.

Guts say Trump!! Quants and Greg Dworkin say wait a minute…!!!

Trump is unstoppable! Trump is improbable! Trump is an also-ran? Trump has been always, will be forever.  

Donald Trump is judged to be a threat. Is Ben Carson going to drag race? Hillary Clinton’s lead depends on Biden.

Scott Walker, dead man walkering, even when he promises to wreck havoc on the United States.

It’s Insiders Vs. Outsiders in the next debate.

Vexed by Greg, Armando calls in. The remainder of the show is devoted to wringing out the primary election system. They have a spirited discussion about Iowa, New Hampshire, and what alternatives could be put together that better represent the diversity of the Democratic Party. Also insurgent strategies, savvy operators, soft corruption, and good intentions.