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Kagro in the Morning - November 10, 2015

Wait. What? David Waldman pops into today’s rerun with a SURPRISE Live show! So, if you were more on-the-ball than me you were rewarded with a whole new hour.  If not, you’re still lucky—we can hit a link above and catch up:

Some loon brings a gun into Starbucks, says his name is Mary Christmas, of course they misspell it on his cup. Ask your barista to write your creed on a cup today!

Students at the University of Missouri learned valuable lessons on the strength of collective bargaining this week. There is still much to learn in this story, however. Armando calls in to discuss the rights of the people in the middle of the story vs. the people on the outside looking in. Is this a collective “No comment”?  Is it the creation of a safe space?


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